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Download 03-24-23_FRIDAY_8AM  03-24-2023 (21.64 MB)


  • Ron Gordon with the latest financial news, Medford City Councilor Nick Card from the 4th ward discusses having just joined the council, various issues in play including the road diets, etc.

Download 03-24-23_FRIDAY_7AM  03-24-2023 (22.09 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather dot com...oh, and we have WOLVERINES back in the state? Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms Federation. The state legislative session is, unfortunately, about as bad as it gets for the 2nd A.

Download 03-24-23_FRIDAY_6AM  03-24-2023 (22.63 MB)


  • Open phones and news lead us into the DC SWAMP update with Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government - Main topic is What are we not paying attention to that we should be??

Download 03-23-23_THURSDAY_8AM  03-23-2023 (24.09 MB)


  • Calle, market report with Ron Gordon, Marc Thielman speaks tonight at the Medford is the latest on the election integrity lawsuit Thielmen v. Fagan. Open for business with Ken McLean from Prestige - how to prevent elder falls webinar

Download 03-23-23_THURSDAY_7AM  03-23-2023 (20.32 MB)


  • Dr. Jane Orient MD from aapsonline dot org - The org calls for the WITHDRAW of the covid vaccines, and we discuss why. Opwn phone on CTT.

Download 03-23-23_THURSDAY_6AM  03-23-2023 (19.9 MB)


  • Morning news and commentary...Ok, I rant about the latest energy efficiency nag-o-gram from Pacific Power. Craig Bannister, editor from CNSnews dot com - how ESG is all about picking your retirement pocket...policy is quite the fraud.

Download 03-22-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  03-22-2023 (25.78 MB)


  • Some open phones, Market report with Ron Gordon, CA anesthesiologist discusses what states can do to lower the insane cost of healthcare.

Download 03-22-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  03-22-2023 (15.92 MB)


  • State Senator Linthicum talks of the legislative session and of course the latest outrages, huh? Gun bills are heard today, too...the latest with State Rep. Lily Morgan

Download 03-22-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  03-22-2023 (20.16 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion and some calls leading into the Wednesday WHEELS UP WEDNESDAY talk with auto journalist Eric Peters At Ep Autos dot com

Download 03-21-23_TUESDAY_8AM  03-21-2023 (17.92 MB)


  • Market news is on from Ron Gordon at Edward Jones. Later a great talk with Retired Col. Grant Newsham author of WHEN CHINA ATTACKS - A warning to America

Download 03-21-23_TUESDAY_7AM  03-21-2023 (21.76 MB)


  • The story in RV times about Jac Co Surveyor Scott Fein the other day? Scott discusses it further. Jo County COmmissioner Herman Baertschiger talks the Daily Courier editorial, the Trump Trials, the war for your kicker.

Download 03-21-23_TUESDAY_6AM  03-21-2023 (19.67 MB)


  • Morning news and commentary and open phones for the hour

Download 03-20-23_MONDAY_8AM  03-20-2023 (20.81 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the latest from the market news, Dr. Dennis Powers profiles the late sports legend Dick Fosbury, Open for business with Cheriesse, saving you big bucks at No Wires Now dot com.

Download 03-20-23_MONDAY_7AM  03-20-2023 (20.83 MB)


  • Linda SMith, Pres. Jo County Republican Women, Heritage action speaker at Tuesday meeting, worth seeing! Jac Co Commissioner Roberts talks the meeting with the Sec of Interior, 4-H meeting and controversy tonight.

Download 03-20-23_MONDAY_6AM  03-20-2023 (20.41 MB)


  • Morning news and comment...trump arrest? Then Mark Morgan Federation for AMerican Immigration Reform senior fellow and former acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection talks how the Biden admin is REROUTING immigration.

Download 03-17-23_FRIDAY_8AM  03-17-2023 (21.43 MB)


  • Ron Gordon with the market news and updates and open phones on the news and issues for the hour.

Download 03-17-23_FRIDAY_7AM  03-17-2023 (19.53 MB)


  • Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors from RogueWeather dot com with the latest Outdoor report, and then Dr. Joe Alton MD, author of THE SURVIVAL MEDICINE HANDBOOK - really interesting!

Download 03-17-23_FRIDAY_6AM  03-17-2023 (20.33 MB)


  • Morning headlines and the DC Swamp Update with Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government, bank failures, other questions needing asked.

Download 03-16-23_THURSDAY_8AM  03-16-2023 (23.57 MB)


  • Market news update with Ron Gordon, and a slew of anti-gun bills moving next week. Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms Federation informs us on what must be done. Open phones later.

Download 03-16-23_THURSDAY_7AM  03-16-2023 (22.44 MB)


  • Open phones and talk then Gordon Knight, author of the Deep 6 Diaries, The True Story of One Little Guy Trying to Defend Himself, His business, and His Elderly Father from Bullying Bureaucrats and Government Criminality.

Download 03-16-23_THURSDAY_6AM  03-16-2023 (19.67 MB)


  • Morning news on conspiracy theory Thursday and we talk education with the amazing Leigh Bortin, founder and chief visionary officer of Classical Conversations, which supports classical, Christian homeschoolers in all fifty states.

Download 03-15-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  03-15-2023 (18 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market news today, and a great talk with Jens Heycke, local author of the upcoming book OUT OF THE MELTING POT, INTO THE FIRE – Multiculturalism in the Worlds Past and Americas Future - really great read

Download 03-15-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  03-15-2023 (18.74 MB)


  • State Senator Linthicum talks the latest legislative happenings and we dug into a particular bill moving that is pushing more wokeism. Open phones follow

Download 03-15-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  03-15-2023 (21.93 MB)


  • Morning headlines and news for wheels up Wednesday and then our weekly talk with auto journalist Eric Peters about the 110 thousand dollar Jeep Wagoneer, Smart Tires, wokey pokey ad marketing in the auto world.

Download 03-14-23_TUESDAY_8AM  03-14-2023 (19.82 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones with the latest in a very volatile financial news week. Brad Bennington, EO at the Builders Association of Southern Oregon talks about an explosion in state agency pushes for Diversity Equity and Inclusion.

Download 03-14-23_TUESDAY_7AM  03-14-2023 (18.58 MB)


  • State rep. Kim Wallan is all in on the latest state legislature update news, Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger talks the Fed money saving the Sheriffs Dept for now, and other issues.

Download 03-14-23_TUESDAY_6AM  03-14-2023 (24.43 MB)


  • Morning headlines, open phones on pebble in your shoe Tuesday...Also, how the feds, Oregon and maybe Pac Power are playing a cynical game of Hide The Coal Power On the Grid from you.

Download 03-13-23_MONDAY_8AM  03-13-2023 (18.94 MB)


  • Some open phones and then Dr. Powers digs into the SVB bankruptcy!

Download 03-13-23_MONDAY_7AM  03-13-2023 (21.54 MB)


  • Homelessness, drugs, crime, jail, we discuss it all with Jackson County Sheriff Nate Sickler.

Download 03-13-23_MONDAY_6AM  03-13-2023 (19.67 MB)


  • MOrning headlines and then a great talk with NEWSMAX White House Correspondent PAUL ROSEN, author of the excellent SCALIA, about Antonin Scalia, of course.

Download 03-10-23_FRIDAY_8AM  03-10-2023 (19.41 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoors has the outdoor report and then right into the BIGFOOT SUMMIT!

Download 03-10-23_FRIDAY_7AM  03-10-2023 (21.31 MB)


  • Open phones and stories for the hour!

Download 03-10-23_FRIDAY_6AM  03-10-2023 (19.46 MB)


  • Morning Headlines, DC swamp update with Rick Manning, The J6 files, FOX news takes a dive, Iran and Saudis get cozy? Uh-oh

Download 03-09-23_THURSDAY_8AM  03-10-2023 (18.29 MB)


  • Dr. John Lott from the Crime Prevention Research Center talk the fake news that the big racist murderers are conservative, also that there is very thin support for gun control when you poll HONESTLY. Open phones follow. Open

Download 03-09-23_THURSDAY_7AM  03-09-2023 (20.05 MB)


  • An in-depth email segment, lots of interesting thinking, and open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday.

Download 03-09-23_THURSDAY_6AM  03-09-2023 (21.69 MB)


  • Morning news headlines and some calls, then a great talk with Criminologist Dr. Currie Myers about crime trends and the Antifa attack in Atlanta...what can, should be done?

Download 03-08-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  03-08-2023 (20.16 MB)


  • Sandy Ficca, drummer for the rock band FIREFALL and founder of the USE YOUR GIFT FOUNDATION. We talk about how he helps local musicians get their stuff together to break into the business, great early career stories, too. Open phones follow

Download 03-08-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  03-08-2023 (20.77 MB)


  • State Senator and conservative treasure Dennis Linthicum, we catch up on the legislative news and happenings, open phones, the latest road diet in Medford and a lot more.

Download 03-08-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  03-08-2023 (20.41 MB)


  • Morning news headlines and opinions and then Wheels up Wednesday with automotive journalist Eric Peters...always a rocking good time even when the news is not so good.

Download 03-07-23_TUESDAY_8AM  03-07-2023 (15.8 MB)


  • Guests include Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation - constitutional carry ballot measure? Kevin says not a good idea at this time. Sherri Davidoff, cybersecurity guru joins me. ChatGPT - the ups....and DOWNS.

Download 03-07-23_TUESDAY_7AM  03-07-2023 (23.4 MB)


  • Ken Davis, an attorney with decades of corporate management experience in the electric and gas power industry., war on gas ranges continue. Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger - Homelessness the big topic this morning.

Download 03-07-23_TUESDAY_6AM  03-07-2023 (20.09 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines, then a great talk with Maxine Albert, widow of economic nationalist Curtis Ellis. Posthumous release of his important book Pandemonium: Chinas Global Strategy to Cripple America

Download 03-06-23_MONDAY_8AM  03-06-2023 (21.84 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the Market news for the morning. Dr. Powers where Past Meets Present segment profiles SOU President Rick Bailey, and we talk about the other news, too.

Download 03-06-23_MONDAY_7AM  03-06-2023 (19.62 MB)


  • Open phones, President Trump at CPAC, what do you think?

Download 03-06-23_MONDAY_6AM  03-06-2023 (22.81 MB)


  • Morning news and open phones for the hour!

Download 03-03-23_FRIDAY_8AM  03-03-2023 (19.45 MB)


  • Ron Gordon with the Market Rerport and then Richard Emmons, publisher of the Josephine County Eagle and board member of the Gospel Rescue Mission in Grants Pass. We talk the GP homeless emergency declaration, his take on what really works re homeless.

Download 03-03-23_FRIDAY_7AM  03-03-2023 (20.14 MB)


  • Open phones start the hour and then Glen Archambault, Farm Services Agency rep for our area discusses what is happening with the big changes in SNAP bennies, and what about gettin aid for farmers...if you are the right color that iss.

Download 03-03-23_FRIDAY_6AM  03-03-2023 (18.53 MB)


  • Morning news and some open phones, and a great DC swamp update with Rick Manning from Americans for LImited Government live from CPAC.

Download 03-02-23_THURSDAY_8AM  03-02-2023 (19.06 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the Conspiracy THeory Thursday view of the markets. Physicist Dr. Ed Berry, author of CLIMATE MIRACLE says the good guys in the climate change lawsuits are using the wrong strategy. Open for business later with buys from NO WIRES NOW!

Download 03-02-23_THURSDAY_7AM  03-02-2023 (19.34 MB)


  • State Senator Dennis Linthicum is talking the latest crazy legislation, reparations, homeless bucks, a bunch more. Open phones follow

Download 03-02-23_THURSDAY_6AM  03-02-2023 (21.91 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday.

Download 03-01-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  03-01-2023 (21.26 MB)


  • Open phones Eric Peters from EP Autos, the New Mitsubishi is reviewed, EVs are pilloried, a good Wheels Up Wednesday

Download 03-01-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  03-01-2023 (23.29 MB)


  • Some listener phones, Jeff Bermant, founder and CEO of the TUSK BROWSER talks cancel culture, how his new browser fights for your free speech. Emails of the Day, open phones

Download 03-01-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  03-01-2023 (23.02 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market report, Novelist Steve Berry talks of his latest THE LAST KINGDOM, Diner 62 quiz, Open for Business with Randal from Advanced air.

Download 02-28-23_TUESDAY_6AM  02-28-2023 (21.56 MB)


  • VP of Numbers USA Chris Chmielenski, Biden admin doing a bait and switch when they says that sanctuary will stop. Open phones on issues, the snow, you name it.

Download 02-28-23_TUESDAY_7AM  02-28-2023 (22.23 MB)


  • Greg Roberts has a quick touch up on the weather news, State Rep. Kim Wallan talks the latest legislative action, and Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger talks politics with me, too!

Download 02-28-23_TUESDAY_8AM  02-28-2023 (19.49 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones talks the latest market action, Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms, great speech Saturday at the Patriots Conference, now what about the Reparations bill? Open phones follow.

Download 02-27-23_MONDAY_6AM  02-27-2023 (21.21 MB)


  • morning news, headlines, closures, all the interesting goodies and open phones for the hour

Download 02-27-23_MONDAY_7AM  02-27-2023 (21.21 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoors joins me for the outdoor report, snow is coming, big time. Later Scott Powerll from Rediscovering America dot net (great book info there) what do you do with an America Last Presidency?

Download 02-27-23_MONDAY_8AM  02-27-2023 (21.21 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Joines has the news on an up market day, Dr. Dennis Powers profiles Jim Wright, we talk the Pew/Dilbert it racist to notice people being racist about YOU? Your calls follow.

Download 02-24-23_FRIDAY_6AM  02-24-2023 (21.48 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines and a great DC swamp report with Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government, Ukraine, the attack on the world order, and U.S. self-inflicted gunshot wound??

Download 02-24-23_FRIDAY_7AM  02-24-2023 (20.49 MB)


  • Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors with the report for Friday, open phones .

Download 02-24-23_FRIDAY_8AM  02-24-2023 (20.56 MB)


  • Ron Gordon talks a very volatile market today, then Dr. Murray Sabrin, economist, and author of his new book From Immigrant to Public Intellectual: an American Story. We catch up with the Polar Plunge crew, too.

Download 02-23-23_THURSDAY_6AM  02-24-2023 (22.85 MB)


  • News headlines and commentary and open phones for the first hour of Conspiracy Theory Thursday.

Download 02-23-23_THURSDAY_7AM  02-24-2023 (21.47 MB)


  • Craig Bannister from CNS News Dot Com - financial ties between hudge hedgefund Black Rock and Vanguard, could be influencing coverage of the PA train disaster. Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms...gun bills moving, maybe well-intentioned, still danger.

Download 02-23-23_THURSDAY_8AM  02-24-2023 (21.97 MB)


  • Ron Gordon with the latest market news from Edward Jones, Capt. WIlliam E. Simpson, Wild Horse Fire Brigade, will be speaking at the Patriot Conference Saturday. Open phones and calls follow.

Download 02-22-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  02-22-2023 (23.53 MB)


  • Morning news headlines, Eric Peters at EP Autos talks GM partnering with Netflix to push EVs, other transportation news.

Download 02-22-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  02-22-2023 (20.44 MB)


  • Open phones and stories, State Sen. Linthicum discusses the election integrity lawsuit update.

Download 02-22-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  02-22-2023 (20.81 MB)


  • Money and markets news with Ron Gordon, IPI dot org resident scholar Dr. Merrill Matthews - big push for a 4 day work week, and how would that affect the economy, workers?

Download 02-21-23_TUESDAY_6AM  02-21-2023 (22.77 MB)


  • News and morning stories to discuss, then a talk with Dr. Sal Georgianni from the Mens Health Network - Obesity a disease, not a lifestyle isse? The challenge of getting men into medical care and other issues.

Download 02-21-23_TUESDAY_7AM  02-21-2023 (19.53 MB)


  • Open phones and stories, Commissioner Herman Baertschiger talking political issues, inflation, you name it.

Download 02-21-23_TUESDAY_8AM  02-21-2023 (20.34 MB)


  • Ron Gordon and the market report leading into economist Dr. Eric Fruits from the Cascade Policy Institute - School Choice helps make pub schools better? Open phones follow.

Download 02-20-23_MONDAY_6AM  02-20-2023 (21.7 MB)


  • Morning News and Headlines then Danielle Runyan, senior counsel at First Liberty Institute discusses the end of the vax jab for the military, but they are still fighting for relieft for the SEAL team members still fighting trashed careers.

Download 02-20-23_MONDAY_7AM  02-20-2023 (20.7 MB)


  • Greg Roberts talks the Outdoor Report, the BigFoot meeting and other outdoor interests! Jackson County Commissioner Roberts discusses the trip to DC and the push to stop the Let It Burn Policy nationwide as Jackson County has.

Download 02-20-23_MONDAY_8AM  02-20-2023 (18.49 MB)


  • Dr. Powers Where Past Meets Present segment and we have the amazing story of entrepreneur Daniel Henderson, what about the SOU cuts and budget?

Download 02-17-23_FRIDAY_6AM  02-17-2023 (21.17 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines, SOU is really facing some cuts, Rick Manning from AMericans for LImited Government, how the Woke are breaking down the Left, Nikki Haley runs, other swamp news.

Download 02-17-23_FRIDAY_7AM  02-17-2023 (20.55 MB)


  • Open phones start, Farm Service Agency Rep Glenn Archambault talks the battle for the Farm Bill, Ag exports decline, and what about farm cash flow and food prices?

Download 02-17-23_FRIDAY_8AM  02-17-2023 (19.16 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market report for today, and then open phones for the hour plus a catch up with Kim Andresen from the Southern Oregon Polar Plunge.

Download 02-16-23_THURSDAY_6AM  02-16-2023 (21.03 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday - inversion of reality with ROGUE CLIMATE and KLAMATH DAM news, Kimberly Ells joins me later, author of INVINCIBLE FAMILY - Globalists want your kids, do not sell them to the cabal.

Download 02-16-23_THURSDAY_7AM  02-16-2023 (24.08 MB)


  • Some open phones, Kat Tappan, area author discusses Facebook cancelling re her book TO DEFEND A WOMAN, Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms - A lib judge unhinged and raging about 2nd A rights, yikes!

Download 02-16-23_THURSDAY_8AM  02-16-2023 (19.69 MB)


  • Ron Gordon at Edward Jones has the financial news, then how to hold elected officials accountable? Greg Schumacer and Mark Thielman discuss their lawfare plans at Restore Law Enforcement Inc

Download 02-15-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  02-15-2023 (19.5 MB)


  • Morning News headlines and then Eric Peters is ON with the car and politics news of the day, the Ford Lightning problems and more.

Download 02-15-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  02-15-2023 (22.03 MB)


  • James Czerniawski, Americans for Prosperity. A lot going on at ChatGPT. Diana Anderson talks Marxist schools, Mark Seligman - Dems forget civil liberties, Holli Morton digs into the PATRIOTS CONFERENCE and all the amazing speakers there 2/25.

Download 02-15-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  02-15-2023 (19.94 MB)


  • Stocks Report with Ron Gordon and then Kelsey Bolar from Independent Womens Forum. An in depth story about a trans woman abandoned by the system when wanting to DE-transition. Open phones, emails of the day follow.

Download 02-14-23_TUESDAY_6AM  02-14-2023 (20.36 MB)


  • Morning news, we talk of the snow and how its looking around the area, into immigration, RJ Haumann from Federation for American Immigration Reform - Biden playing a border crossing shell game with the numbers?

Download 02-14-23_TUESDAY_7AM  02-14-2023 (22.44 MB)


  • Legislative update with State Rep. Kim Wallan, and more politics with Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger - today we talk energy, Dr. Patrick Moore, etc.

Download 02-14-23_TUESDAY_8AM  02-14-2023 (20.77 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the Edward Jones Market Update, Dwayne Yunker, Ward 3 Grants Pass city councillor talks some issues he sees, division over homeless policy. Open for business with Cheriesse at No Wires Now Dot Come, some open phones, emails follow.

Download 02-13-23_MONDAY_6AM  02-13-2023 (20.46 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines and then a great talk with Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace. We talk the east coast wind power killing the whales, and his new book Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom.

Download 02-13-23_MONDAY_7AM  02-13-2023 (20.13 MB)


  • Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather talks the upcoming snow, bigfoot and other news, open phones follow..

Download 02-13-23_MONDAY_8AM  02-13-2023 (34.82 MB)


  • Market News with Ron Gordon, Dr. Powers Where Past Meets Present segment, part 2 of the Circle of Teran profile,

Download 02-10-23_FRIDAY_6AM  02-10-2023 (26.98 MB)


  • Morning news headlines and a DC Swamp Update from Rick Manning at Americans for Limited Government, SOTU talk and stories to watch out for.

Download 02-10-23_FRIDAY_7AM  02-10-2023 (24.09 MB)


  • I talk with Matt McCaw of the Greater Idaho movement about a new study detailing how Northern Oregon could benefit from Eastern and southern Oregon leaving the state. Open phones follow

Download 02-10-23_FRIDAY_8AM  02-10-2023 (30.99 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones has the financial news du jour, then Joe Henry talks of his adult son Franklin, who is autistic. Joe shares Franklins genetic testing experiences, research being done with his genes, and more about ins and outs of autism.

Download 02-09-23_THURSDAY_6AM  02-09-2023 (21.83 MB)


  • News Headlines of the morning and then a great talk with Cynthia Fisher of Patient Rights Advocates - new report detailing how most hospitals, including Rogue Valley hospitals, are not follow the law requiring you to easily find their prices.

Download 02-09-23_THURSDAY_7AM  02-09-2023 (23.43 MB)


  • Economist Pete Earl from AIER explains with the Biden attack on corporate buybacks (In state of the union) are a lousy idea. State Rep Lily Morgan is on with what happened with the anti-paramilitary bill, and the problems with it.

Download 02-09-23_THURSDAY_8AM  02-09-2023 (22.62 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones analyzes the markets for this morning, Chad McComas, formerly of Rogue Retreat - working to house abandoned seniors. Mike G in with a Britt talk about the orchestra - and Kevin Starrett has GREAT Mz114 news...a smackdown!

Download 02-08-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  02-08-2023 (21.86 MB)


  • Morning news and commentary, wheels up Wednesday with Eric Peters, talking about the good and bad with the latest transportation news.

Download 02-08-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  02-08-2023 (20.73 MB)


  • Open phones then Terry Jeffries from CNS NEWS reports why a rising trade deficit with China matters.

Download 02-08-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  02-08-2023 (22.43 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market news, Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms, why that anti-paramilitary activity bill MUST be stopped in the legislature. Open for Business, Randal from Advanced Air, Eugene bans Nat Gas, lots to talk about this morning.

Download 02-07-23_TUESDAY_6AM  02-07-2023 (19.73 MB)


  • Pebble in your shoe Tuesday calls and stories of the morning. State Rep. Court Boice talks about his brand new appointment to the legislature. Plus a bright spot at an otherwise satanic themed Grammies.

Download 02-07-23_TUESDAY_7AM  02-07-2023 (21.86 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts and later what does the Secretary of State want from the Legislature? Commissioner Herman Baertschiger weighs in.

Download 02-07-23_TUESDAY_8AM  02-07-2023 (15.47 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones has the market news, Open phones for the rest of the hour.

Download 02-06-23_MONDAY_6AM  02-06-2023 (20.73 MB)


  • Morning news headlines and an hour of open phones on the news, the Chinese Balloon shoot down, your thoughts on it.

Download 02-06-23_MONDAY_7AM  02-06-2023 (23.67 MB)


  • More of your calls on the news, a talk with Michael Torguson, poli-sci teacher at Rogue Community College, and what is the deal with Ranked Choice Voting?

Download 02-06-23_MONDAY_8AM  02-06-2023 (20.7 MB)


  • The latest Market News with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones. Then the latest Where Past Meets Present with Dr. Dennis Powers and the profile is part 1 of the Circle of Teran in Ashland. More emails and calls wrap the day.

Download 02-03-23_FRIDAY_6AM  02-03-2023 (22.91 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines, Balloon Boy Biden, and we continue that topic with Rick Manning at Americans for Limited Government and the DC Swamp Update for the week.

Download 02-03-23_FRIDAY_7AM  02-03-2023 (20.39 MB)


  • Open phones and then a talk with Jackie Burns from the Convention of the States Action - Saturday 2pm at the Jacksonville Library the COS group meets to discuss their push to properly amend the constitution for better public policy.

Download 02-03-23_FRIDAY_8AM  02-03-2023 (22.45 MB)


  • Ron Gordon talks the latest market news for Friday. Then a thought-provoking discussion with Simone Collins, co-author of The Pragmatists Guide to Crafting Religion. They promote having more children to save cultures, Western Civ.

Download 02-02-23_THURSDAY_6AM  02-02-2023 (23.4 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday...what was the lead up to the GP murder crime spree? Dr. Jane Orient MD from AAPS...Damar Hamlin went to a everything now okay??

Download 02-02-23_THURSDAY_7AM  02-02-2023 (20.48 MB)


  • Open phones, and later Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms - Measure 114 fight update, legislative bills to watch out for and more issues.

Download 02-02-23_THURSDAY_8AM  02-02-2023 (20.93 MB)


  • Ron Gordon - Market update and then Dr. Richard Gallagher, author of Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic is a spiritual battle. Then, attorney Ed Martin asks for Jan 6 defendant help!

Download 02-01-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  02-01-2023 (22.89 MB)


  • Morning news and comment and right into a great talk with Eric Peters from Ep Autos - Ford Paying people to NOT BUY the Maverick...which they really want. Other nutty things in politics and transportation.

Download 02-01-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  02-01-2023 (19.3 MB)


  • Open phones and later a talk with Chris Hall, Executive Director of the Water League - Big meeting on the future of our area water/ag Saturday at the Medford Library big meeting room.

Download 02-01-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  02-01-2023 (20.96 MB)


  • Market News Update with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones. Glenn Archambault, farm service agency rep, digs into food prices, food security, the coming HUGE fight over the Farm Bill and what it all means.

Download 01-31-23_TUESDAY_6AM  01-31-2023 (21.32 MB)


  • News headlines and open phones on Pebble in Your Shoe Tuesday

Download 01-31-23_TUESDAY_7AM  01-31-2023 (19.21 MB)


  • State Rep Kim Wallan has an update on the new legislative session. Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger on transparency, the new county website and political news, homeless

Download 01-31-23_TUESDAY_8AM  01-31-2023 (23.5 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the financial news from Edward Jones. Tammie and Tomas Garcia update us on their non-profit formed to get the word out on Fentanyl addiction. Their son, Alex, tragically died last year from this. Open phones follow.

Download 01-30-23_MONDAY_6AM  01-30-2023 (22.72 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines, and we talk with Curtis Houck from Newsbusters about the Paul Pelosi video...the NBC news reporter who was suspended for reporting mostly the truth. Kind of odd?

Download 01-30-23_MONDAY_7AM  01-30-2023 (20.7 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoors is on for the latest report and discussion. Thomas J Baker, 33 year veteran of the FBI talks the career and issues there. His excellent book is THE FALL OF THE FBI: How a once great agency became a threat to Democracy.

Download 01-30-23_MONDAY_8AM  01-30-2023 (21.01 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the latest news in the financial world. Dr. Powers is on this day to dig into the drama and churn at the City of Ashland, mayor and council member resigns, difficulty in recruiting. What is going on?

Download 01-27-23_FRIDAY_6AM  01-27-2023 (24.46 MB)


  • Morning news, the graduation rates are up in our schools...does that tell the whole story? Rick Manning is on with the DC Swamp update, we talk the schools, too, other news...what is really going on in Ukraine?

Download 01-27-23_FRIDAY_7AM  01-27-2023 (20.49 MB)


  • Is there a spiritual component to the culture battle with the Trans agenda? You bet there is, and Jeremy Slayden founder of Warrior MBS dot com digs in to his methods to strengthen men for this battle. Open phones follow.

Download 01-27-23_FRIDAY_8AM  01-27-2023 (21.96 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones is on with the latest market update, Jason Snead from the Honest Elections Project - the so-called Zuck Bucks election manipulation scheme is back...we talk about that. Open phones follow.

Download 01-26-23_THURSDAY_6AM  01-26-2023 (21.54 MB)


  • Morning headlines news and opinion and later Dr. Julie Gatza DC, talking toxic load in the body, enzymes, other issues.

Download 01-26-23_THURSDAY_7AM  01-26-2023 (23.39 MB)


  • Open phones for conspiracy theory Thursday, tribal casino, other issues in play

Download 01-26-23_THURSDAY_8AM  01-26-2023 (19.96 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones has the market news and views of the day on GDP. Former Antifa Activist Gabriel Nadales talks of his former membership in the movement, the Georgia dust up. Open for Business, Ken McLean at Prestige - brain health, how 2 help.

Download 01-25-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  01-25-2023 (22.95 MB)


  • Why is it impossible to get a straight cost estimate on medical? I share some experiences and discuss it some, Eric Peters from EpAutos is on for talk on the medical, the cars, the CAMARO being turned into a brand and other stories.

Download 01-25-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  01-25-2023 (18.58 MB)


  • The hypocrisy of the climate cult...guest is Dr. Sterling Burnett, director of the ART ROBINSON ctr at the Heartland Institute - State Sen. Linthicum talks Art Robinson, the session, votes for felons and other issues.

Download 01-25-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  01-25-2023 (20.53 MB)


  • Ron Gordon is on with the financial news. Open phones and topics for the rest of the hour.

Download 01-24-23_TUESDAY_6AM  01-24-2023 (20.47 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines, later Rob Monts co-founder and CEO of Good Kid Productions. His latest online documentary is The Broken Boys of Kenosha - the truth about what happened in the BLM riots, Kyle Rittenhouse, etc.

Download 01-24-23_TUESDAY_7AM  01-24-2023 (19.47 MB)


  • A legislative update from state Rep. Lily Morgan, and more political talk on energy this time with Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger.

Download 01-24-23_TUESDAY_8AM  01-24-2023 (20.12 MB)


  • Financial news with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones and then Capt. William E. Simpson talks the new plan to essentially burn 50 million acres of public land to treat the forest. Yikes. Open phones follow.

Download 01-23-23_MONDAY_6AM  01-23-2023 (20.32 MB)


  • Headlines and more and then it is Ed Bartlett, President of the Coalition to End Domestic Violence - Matriarchy WORSE than the quote EVIL patriarchy?

Download 01-23-23_MONDAY_7AM  01-23-2023 (23.93 MB)


  • Outdoor reporet, bigfoot talk and other goodies from Mr. Outdoors, Larry Correia, author of the EXCELLENT - IN DEFENSE OF THE 2nd AMENDMENT.

Download 01-23-23_MONDAY_8AM  01-23-2023 (21.91 MB)


  • Markets are up today, Ron Gordon from Edward Jones digs is, then Where Past Meets Present - Dr. Powers, today a history of UFO!

Download 01-20-23_FRIDAY_6AM  01-20-2023 (21.71 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines, DC swamp update with Rick Manning at Americans for Limited Government

Download 01-20-23_FRIDAY_7AM  01-20-2023 (21.41 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, Kevin Starrett with Oregon Firearms Federation - sued by one of its lawyers? Kevin tells the story the MSM is distorting/lying about.

Download 01-20-23_FRIDAY_8AM  01-20-2023 (22.41 MB)


  • Financial news report with Ron Gordon from Edward Jones, and then open phones, emails, fun D62 quiz and more.

Download 01-19-23_THURSDAY_6AM  01-19-2023 (20.37 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines, the Daily Courer Jo County debacle. Dr. Jane Orient M.D. joins me later in the hour and we talk about why the Damar Hamlin case really matters.

Download 01-19-23_THURSDAY_7AM  01-19-2023 (24.3 MB)


  • Open phones, why I think Medford residents should get some freebies out of the Rogue X project. Retired oil and energy attorney Ken Davis from Richmond VA talks about the war on natural gas...why it can not work.

Download 01-19-23_THURSDAY_8AM  01-19-2023 (20.88 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones has the market news for the morning. How deep does George Soros influence go in the media - I talk with Joseph Vazquez, associate editor for the Media Research Centers Free Speech America. Open phones follow.

Download 01-18-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  01-18-2023 (23.8 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines including 130 million for homeless programs...but NONE for we rural counties. Wheels Up Wednesday with AUto journalist Eric Peters, we talk the EV charge issue, the WEF after your wheels and a lot more.

Download 01-18-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  01-18-2023 (21.82 MB)


  • Jackson County Sheriff Nate Sickler is on and we talk the grows, the jails, homeless, cartel action, drug addiction response and a lot more county concerns.

Download 01-18-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  01-18-2023 (21.32 MB)


  • The Wednesday Market report from Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, Richard Emmons Jo Co Eagle, and the meeting from last night over WOKE 4-H policy in Jo Co, Open for business with Cheriesse from No Wires Now, saving many listeners BIG bucks.

Download 01-17-23_TUESDAY_6AM  01-17-2023 (21.98 MB)


  • Into the morning news of the day and later a talk with famed conservative thinker and author DAVID HOROWITZ about his new book FINAL BATTLE: The Next Election Could Be The Last

Download 01-17-23_TUESDAY_7AM  01-17-2023 (20.75 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoors is on for the latest outdoor and weather news, Jo Co Commissioner Herman Baertschiger talks the attack he think is coming for your Kicker!!

Download 01-17-23_TUESDAY_8AM  01-17-2023 (22.04 MB)


  • ROn Gordon has the financial market news, Kevin Starrett talks the new legislative session and the big challenge facing firearms owners because of the session. Open phones and emails of the day follow.

Download 01-13-23_FRIDAY_6AM  01-13-2023 (22.12 MB)


  • Friday starts the show with Dr. Merrill Matthews and a talk about where all the workers went? Rick Manning joins later with the DC Swamp update and a talk on the new Congress.

Download 01-13-23_FRIDAY_7AM  01-13-2023 (19.68 MB)


  • Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors, has the latest weather and outdoor report for this weekend. The Mail Tribune closes, what is the future of news here? Jo County Eagle publisher and editor Richard Emmons joins for a discussion on this.

Download 01-13-23_FRIDAY_8AM  01-13-2023 (21.2 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the latest market news and information, open phones and emails.

Download 01-12-23_THURSDAY_6AM  01-12-2023 (23.42 MB)


  • News of the morning and your calls, the Mail Tribune will be GONE...whoah. John OConnor, lawyer for Deep Throat talks his book POSTGATE and the current Biden-Trump classified docs issue, how watergate destroyed journalism.

Download 01-12-23_THURSDAY_7AM  01-12-2023 (18.28 MB)


  • Open phones on conspiracy theory Thursday, and Tom, a homeless listener, talks his struggle in the camps. Your calls and opinion on the issues, too.

Download 01-12-23_THURSDAY_8AM  01-12-2023 (22.95 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market news, the new inflation numbers. Open phones for the hour on it all.

Download 01-11-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  01-11-2023 (21.97 MB)


  • Open phones, Grants Pass goes to the dark side and entertains a HUGE public safety fee for residents. Look out. Eric Peters from EP Autos talks cars, politics and more on Wheels Up Wednesday.

Download 01-11-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  01-11-2023 (21.2 MB)


  • Robert Spencer, director of JihadWatch dot org, author of The Sumter Gambit: How the Left Is Trying to Foment a Civil War. Continuing that theme, Sen. Dennis Linthicum talks the Greater Idaho Movement - is there a chance for it in the Legislature here?

Download 01-11-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  01-11-2023 (22.59 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the latest market news, open phones on lots of topics, Open for Business with Randal from Advanced Air!

Download 01-10-23_TUESDAY_6AM  01-10-2023 (21.91 MB)


  • 01-10-23_TUESDAY_6AM

Download 01-10-23_TUESDAY_7AM  01-10-2023 (21.52 MB)


  • 01-10-23_TUESDAY_7AM

Download 01-10-23_TUESDAY_8AM  01-10-2023 (22.61 MB)


  • 01-10-23_TUESDAY_8AM

Download 01-09-23_MONDAY_6AM  01-09-2023 (21.23 MB)


  • News of the morning, the latest on the Sunday transition to FM 106.3 FM and HD, and what it means to you. Jeff Hays joins me from the Real Anthony Fauci Movie, which is updated, view it for FREE now through Jan, what about Fauci/Twitter files?

Download 01-09-23_MONDAY_7AM  01-09-2023 (22.65 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoors is on with the Outdoor and Weather news for the next few days then open phones.

Download 01-09-23_MONDAY_8AM  01-09-2023 (21.31 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market news with Edward Jones, Dr. Powers and Where Past Meets Present, a profile on the late Art Dubs, open phones follow.

Download 01-06-23_FRIDAY_6AM  01-06-2023 (21.68 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion of the day and then a stellar swamp update with Rick Manning from AMericans for Limited Government - we dig into the arcane rules and what you need to know about the hunt for a new Speaker of the House.

Download 01-06-23_FRIDAY_7AM  01-06-2023 (19.09 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoors from Rogue Weather Dot Com with the outdoor report and a talk on climate - could we be seeing some old weather patterns making a re-appearance? Open phones follow.

Download 01-06-23_FRIDAY_8AM  01-06-2023 (23.87 MB)


  • Ron Gordon talks the wild upward push on the markets today, then open phones on everything for the rest of the hour.

Download 01-05-23_THURSDAY_6AM  01-05-2023 (21.09 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday on the news, Chris Chmielinski from Numbers USA talks about a immigration reform bill that just might make it through this new Congress and other issues.

Download 01-05-23_THURSDAY_7AM  01-05-2023 (22.13 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday. Later, a civil rights complaint lodged against the Ashland School District. Nicole Neily, President of Parents Defending Education is on to tell us all about this.

Download 01-05-23_THURSDAY_8AM  01-05-2023 (21.76 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the latest financial news, Dr. Carole Lieberman gives a great analysis of the accused Idaho murderer, and compulsive liar-congressman George Santos. Marco Fontana from Fontana Roofing is on for Open for Business, talking their new services

Download 01-04-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  01-04-2023 (24.17 MB)


  • News and open phones to start, automotive journalist Eric Peters is on...he just got the 705HP RAM trx, and we talk about that, the war on big trucks in California and other issues.

Download 01-04-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  01-04-2023 (21.94 MB)


  • Open phones, the McCarthy debacle and other issues and your calls. Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms - Measure 114 update, more good news from the Harney Co Judge.

Download 01-04-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  01-04-2023 (22.37 MB)


  • Ron Gordon and the market update for today, Jac Co Commissioner Colleen Roberts discusses a concerning anti-Christian bias coming from the state U. system re 4-H, later Jan McGowan from Jo County shares her experience with this same issue.

Download 01-03-23_TUESDAY_6AM  01-03-2023 (20.56 MB)


  • Catching up on the news and later CO2 coalition founder GREGORY WRIGHTSTONE author of INVONVENIENT FACTS. Is all this wild weather human-caused?

Download 01-03-23_TUESDAY_7AM  01-03-2023 (19.92 MB)


  • Greg Roberts is back on from Rogue Weather Dot Com for the latest outdoor report. Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger is on for a go round on area politics including why he believes cap and trade is a foregone conclusion in the next legislative session.

Download 01-03-23_TUESDAY_8AM  01-03-2023 (22.3 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the first market report of the year, Dr. Powers and I talk the political news, McCarthy quest for speaker, and a historical look at resolutions. Open phones follow.