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Download 10-18-17_WED_6AM  10-18-2017 (15.4 MB)


  • Open phones, later in the hour it's Julie Gunlock from - great talk on the Scouts rollover.

Download 10-18-17_WED_8AM  10-18-2017 (15.44 MB)


  • Paul from Talent is my guest - looking for love overseas. What does he think is wrong with USA females? Ken Trautman from Peoples Bank - Good earnings, much of it due to an acquisition of Steelhead Finance - money news.

Download 10-18-17_WED_7AM  10-18-2017 (14.34 MB)


  • Open phones and stories, Crimestoppers and more

Download 10-17-17_TUE_6AM  10-17-2017 (14.15 MB)


  • Talking 'bout the news, including the burger skewer lawsuit. Hmmm, where could that lead, huh? Jim Ludwick has details of a initiative to roll back the sanctuary state law in Oregon. Emails and more.

Download 10-17-17_TUE_7AM  10-17-2017 (15.48 MB)


  • Interesting talk with Dr. Paul Nathanson, author of Spreading Misandry - The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture. Curry Co Commissioner Court Boice - Post Chetco fire update.

Download 10-17-17_TUE_8AM  10-17-2017 (16.17 MB)


  • Mark Hutto and I talk more on the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies. Yep, it's a real thing. Daniel Zene Crowe here, working to help veterans in the legal world, Alzheimer Walk people looking for your help, too.

Download 10-16-17_MON_6AM  10-16-2017 (15.36 MB)


  • Stories of the morning, I question the lack of curiousity from the MSM re witnesses to the Vegas massacre. Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government and I talk the healthcare E.O., a pretty good week for the President.

Download 10-16-17_MON_7AM  10-16-2017 (15.66 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, a Dyslexia seminar Tuesday evening in Medford. Healthcare reform Executive Order? Mixed reviews with Dr. Merrill Matthews, resident scholar at the Instititute for Policy Innovation.

Download 10-16-17_MON_8AM  10-16-2017 (15.85 MB)


  • Dr. Powers history profile os Matt Ross, Cannes Film Festival Award Winner, other news, open phones.

Download 10-13-17_FRI_8AM  10-13-2017 (14.24 MB)


  • How to fight bullies? Your calls on that and other news. Dan Skudstad from the Daily Courier - Want to profile EVERY veteran in s. Oregon, Catching up with the Antique Show this weekend and more.

Download 10-13-17_FRI_6AM  10-13-2017 (13.49 MB)


  • SOU is far do we go to help those with learning disabilities? Your calls on that and other news.

Download 10-13-17_FRI_7AM  10-13-2017 (15.9 MB)


  • Outdoor report, fire and other news with Greg Roberts, Megan Flowers updates us on Sanctuary One's situation,open phones and more.

Download 10-12-17_THU_6AM  10-12-2017 (15.77 MB)


  • Open phones...Dead Indian Mem road hearing thoughts, Eric Peters - GM travails, and car reviewers who take stuff from Tesla in exchange for referrals?

Download 10-12-17_THU_8AM  10-12-2017 (14.28 MB)


  • Patrick Wood, author of Technocracy Rising, how doctors are coming to realize that technocracy is out to destroy them, what to do. Open phones follow

Download 10-12-17_THU_7AM  10-12-2017 (14.49 MB)


  • Former Navy Seal and author Matt Bracken joins me...we talk his new novel The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun (must read) terror, Vegas, and more. State Sen. Deboer - serious about fire policy changes in Salem?

Download 10-11-17_WED_8AM  10-11-2017 (14.72 MB)


  • CApt. William E. Simpson makes a case for keeping the Klamath dams, using environmental principles. JCConcerts putting on a great Gershwin concert Sunday, and a talk with Umpqua Dairy's COO, they're up for TWO big national awards.

Download 10-11-17_WED_7AM  10-11-2017 (13.52 MB)


  • Open phones, pot talk, down with administrative tyranny, Crimestoppers with Lt. Justin Ivens, clarifying the new phone law and more.

Download 10-11-17_WED_6AM  10-11-2017 (14.46 MB)


  • Thinking of Napa and other news of the day. Activist Mark Seligman talks with me about the problem he sees with the Pot Patrol proposal from the Josephine County Commission.

Download 10-10-17_TUE_6AM  10-10-2017 (14.41 MB)


  • Open phones, later Ohio State Professor Gleb Tsipursky fights fake news, asking citizens, politicians, public and media figures to take the Pro Truth Pledge.

Download 10-10-17_TUE_7AM  10-10-2017 (14.92 MB)


  • Outdoor report and news with Greg Roberts, open phones for the rest of the hour

Download 10-10-17_TUE_8AM  10-10-2017 (14.48 MB)


  • dr. Powers history profile, today it's the Grants Pass Cavemen! Other news and topics for the rest of the hour

Download 10-06-17_FRI_6AM  10-06-2017 (14.85 MB)


  • Open phones - Say no to the BLUE ZONE, Grants Pass, Michael Daugherty talks Cyber News, the recent breaches and more.

Download 10-06-17_FRI_8AM  10-06-2017 (13.77 MB)


  • PLF attorney discusses suit Coos Bay files - fighting Marine Fisheries Agency order re no development in exchange for access to FEMA flood insurance. Open phones, email segment follows.

Download 10-06-17_FRI_7AM  10-06-2017 (18.94 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, a followup on pot and water issues, Congressman Greg Walden is here talking forests, fire, smoke, opioids, gun regs and more.

Download 10-05-17_THU_6AM  10-05-2017 (15.98 MB)


  • Open phones for CTT, lots of conspiracies to dive into...Later Professor Paul Kengor, his latest is the Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism.

Download 10-05-17_THU_7AM  10-05-2017 (16.12 MB)


  • I talk with local hypnotherapist Tom Silver - Could the Vegas killer have been hypnotized against his will to do the evil deeds? Later, a really interesting gala for redemption ridge Saturday at MillionAir!

Download 10-05-17_THU_8AM  10-05-2017 (14.52 MB)


  • Joel Skousen, editor of WORLD AFFAIRS BRIEF (email for free sample) Conspiracies that Trump is ignoring, co-opted? Joel's take on Vegas, later segment with Timber Products, great openings there.

Download 10-04-17_WED_8AM  10-04-2017 (12.7 MB)


  • Open phones, later a great talk with Robin Fuller, E.D. of the Grants Pass Pregnancy Center - gundraising gala next Thu Fri Sat - 541-479-6264 to RSVP

Download 10-04-17_WED_6AM  10-04-2017 (14.34 MB)


  • Open phones, Rick Manning is on later from Americans for Limited Government - Trump's judge picks getting slow-walked in the Senate could be a problem.

Download 10-04-17_WED_7AM  10-04-2017 (15.05 MB)


  • Are the feds to crack down on cannabis via water cutoffs? Developing story with Greg Roberts. Crimestoppers with Lt. Curtis, your calls.

Download 10-03-17_TUE_7AM  10-03-2017 (15.33 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 10-03-17_TUE_6AM  10-03-2017 (14.14 MB)


  • Bounty Hunter Jason Delgado - Vegas reax, life as a sniper, later MRC breaksdown the interesting media coverage of the tragedy.

Download 10-03-17_TUE_8AM  10-03-2017 (14.57 MB)


  • More cryptocurrency How-To with J. Austin's Mark Hutto, Advanced Air and Metal in later in the hour for their business segment. Sweet deals and more.

Download 10-02-17_MON_6AM  10-02-2017 (15.83 MB)


  • Shootings everywhere, we cover it. Eric Peters at EP Autos breaksdown CA wanting to ban the car engine...would this spread? Our own Bryce Burtner live from Las Vegas, he survives the Mandalay Massacre

Download 10-02-17_MON_7AM  10-02-2017 (17.08 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, open phones and topics.

Download 10-02-17_MON_8AM  10-02-2017 (12.98 MB)


  • Dr. Powers with local history and other news, We also catch up with the Wildlife Images folks - Critter Car fundraiser on right now.

Download 09-22-17_FRI_7AM  09-22-2017 (16.16 MB)


  • 09-22-17_FRI_7AM

Download 09-22-17_FRI_6AM  09-22-2017 (13.89 MB)


  • 09-22-17_FRI_6AM

Download 09-22-17_FRI_8AM  09-22-2017 (15.57 MB)


  • 09-22-17_FRI_8AM

Download 09-21-17_THU_6AM  09-21-2017 (14.52 MB)


  • It's conspiracy theory Thursday! Open phones start, later a talk with Todd Gaziano with Pacific Legal Foundation. Says if the President doesn't reduce the monument expansion, the courts probably will.

Download 09-21-17_THU_7AM  09-21-2017 (14.32 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory THursday...and you have to read through the propaganda, one example Greg Roberts and I discuss from the AP, later it's an update with State Sen. Alan DeBoer.

Download 09-21-17_THU_8AM  09-21-2017 (14.54 MB)


  • Open phones for CTT, and later the guys from Wilson Equipment, the new home of Bobcat of Medford, and their grand opening is today on Hwy 62.

Download 09-20-17_WED_6AM  09-20-2017 (14.44 MB)


  • Rep. Carl Wilson of Grants Pass talks of why he's asking the JoCo Commission to hold off on additional cannabis property restriction. Great talk with Kent Hartman, author of Goodnight, L.A., The Rise and Fall of Classic Rock.

Download 09-20-17_WED_8AM  09-20-2017 (13.58 MB)


  • Open phones, later we catch up with the Medford Rogue Rotary folks, their CRUSH POLIO event is Sunday at Roxy Ann Wintery, fundraising to eliminate polio in foreign countries where it's still a problem.

Download 09-20-17_WED_7AM  09-20-2017 (15.47 MB)


  • Two tier justice system? Sure looks like it. I talk with Kristian Saucier, the sailor imprisoned for a year for taking submarine photos, while Hillary walks free. Crimestoppers and traffic ticket talk.

Download 09-19-17_TUE_6AM  09-19-2017 (14.06 MB)


  • Open phones and stories start, I later talk with Rick manning from Americans forLimited Government, Swamp Update time!

Download 09-19-17_TUE_7AM  09-19-2017 (16.85 MB)


  • Capt. William E. Simpson talks with Bill about emergency preparedness. Capt. Bill won his season of Doomsday Preppers a few years back, prepping on a boat!

Download 09-19-17_TUE_8AM  09-19-2017 (14.16 MB)


  • Mr. X and Bill dive more into the wildfire management conspiracy...yes, it really is that bad.

Download 09-18-17_MON_8AM  09-18-2017 (16.31 MB)


  • Dr. Powers breaks down the history of the Applegate Interpretive Trail Center, and why this is so important. Other stories, too, open phones.

Download 09-18-17_MON_6AM  09-18-2017 (15.17 MB)


  • Open phones start, later I talk with Brad Owens, who was security at the Benghazi Embassy 6 months before the attack. They've come forward to talk about how Hillary's State Department told security companies to SHUT UP about the security weaknesses.

Download 09-18-17_MON_7AM  09-18-2017 (15.49 MB)


  • Outdoor report and fire talk with yours truly and Greg Roberts with, later - news out that the monument will shrink - I talk about why this happened.

Download 09-15-17_FRI_8AM  09-15-2017 (14.25 MB)


  • Dr. Steven Greenleaf breaks down with me the legal principle of LACHES, and why this means the Dreamers will most likely NOT be deported. Later Logos Ex Director Sheryl Zimmerer and Julie Niles-Fry discuss the new campus, open phones follow.

Download 09-15-17_FRI_7AM  09-15-2017 (13.98 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, more fire talk, county issues in Jac Co with County Commissioner and Board Chair Colleen Roberts

Download 09-15-17_FRI_6AM  09-15-2017 (13.4 MB)


  • Open phones start, EP school dress trouble, your calls, later the ESPN white supremacists issue broken down with Project 21's Richard Holt.

Download 09-14-17_THU_7AM  09-14-2017 (15.82 MB)


  • John C. Davis talks with me about two ballot initiatives...a tax is a tax, and keeping the promise. Interesting stuff, reforming PERS, and stopping the abuse of the three fifths majority tax rule. Open phones follow.

Download 09-14-17_THU_8AM  09-14-2017 (14.46 MB)


  • Dr. Martin Pall joins me. Saturday from 10-noon he's at the Phoenix Grange. Presentation on dangers of EMF, radio radiation from Wifi, towers, etc.

Download 09-14-17_THU_6AM  09-14-2017 (13.94 MB)


  • Conspiracy theory Thursday, news and stories for the hour.

Download 09-13-17_WED_8AM  09-13-2017 (13.19 MB)


  • Open phones, why do you like talk radio? Mike G. with a final Brittfest update.

Download 09-13-17_WED_6AM  09-13-2017 (13.37 MB)


  • Open phones, later I talk with Professor James Coleman - Jones Act...get rid of it!

Download 09-13-17_WED_7AM  09-13-2017 (13.16 MB)


  • Sen. Herman Baertschiger talks fires and forest policy with me, Later Crimestoppers!

Download 09-12-17_TUE_7AM  09-12-2017 (14.28 MB)


  • Fmr. Deputy Undersecretary of the U.S. Navy Seth Cropsey Author of Seablindness, and we discuss the shrinking of American Naval Power and how and why it should be fixed. Open phones follow.

Download 09-12-17_TUE_6AM  09-12-2017 (13.32 MB)


  • Open phones and stories for the hour. Central point KEEPS A FOUR LANE ROAD ON PINE? Good for them!

Download 09-12-17_TUE_8AM  09-12-2017 (15.08 MB)


  • Oregon Firearms Federation's Kevin Starrett...we talk the effort to repeal SB719A, UCC shooter a SATANIST? later Matt Allen digs into the hows and whys of reverse mortgages!

Download 09-11-17_MON_7AM  09-11-2017 (17.21 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, later an update on MURA, road diets, Liberty Park issues and more with City Councilors Michael Zaronsinski, and Tim Jackle.

Download 09-11-17_MON_6AM  09-11-2017 (13.65 MB)


  • Open phones start, Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, breaks down the swamp update, Trump dealings.

Download 09-11-17_MON_8AM  09-11-2017 (15.57 MB)


  • Dr. Dennis Powers profiles runner, SOU teacher/coach Dan Bulkley, we dig into other economic issues and news.

Download 09-08-17_FRI_6AM  09-08-2017 (14.68 MB)


  • 09-08-17_FRI_6AM

Download 09-08-17_FRI_7AM  09-08-2017 (15.89 MB)


  • 09-08-17_FRI_7AM

Download 09-08-17_FRI_8AM  09-08-2017 (14.9 MB)


  • 09-08-17_FRI_8AM

Download 09-07-17_THU_6AM  09-07-2017 (15.88 MB)


  • Open phones start Conspiracy Theory Thursday, Eric Peters, automotive journalist, talks the SELFDRIVEACT passed by Congress. Relaxes safety standards for self-driving cars. What could go wrong? LOTS.

Download 09-07-17_THU_8AM  09-07-2017 (17.05 MB)


  • More on the let it burn policy with Mr. X, and John Underwood, HR at Timber Products Company, LOTS of great jobs open.

Download 09-07-17_THU_7AM  09-07-2017 (16.66 MB)


  • Attorney Michelle Owens,, the push for colleges trying rapists and sex abusesrs is a miserable failure. Later, Ed, Mr. X, and we dig into the bases of the Let it Burn Policy.

Download 09-06-17_WED_7AM  09-06-2017 (15.16 MB)


  • Open phones, later Crimestoppers with Lt. Curtis

Download 09-06-17_WED_8AM  09-06-2017 (16.37 MB)


  • RV Preparedness and Safety event is Sept. 16th at Rogue Valley Mall, free, lots of great info. We break it down with Medford Emergency Manager Larry Masterman, Mike G. Here from Britt with the latest, too.

Download 09-06-17_WED_6AM  09-06-2017 (15.92 MB)


  • The stories of the morning, OLCV with a shameless climate change fire fundraiser...Craig Shirley, biographer of Ronald Reagan, turns his attentions toward Newt Gingrich. it's CITIZEN NEWT.

Download 09-05-17_TUE_6AM  09-05-2017 (13.9 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour!

Download 09-05-17_TUE_7AM  09-05-2017 (18.6 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, then the ins and outs of Blockchain, Bitcoin, and all sorts of other cryptocurrencies. Big and getting bigger, we discuss with local technologist Julian Cordle

Download 09-05-17_TUE_8AM  09-05-2017 (15.56 MB)


  • Curry County Commissioner Court Boice and I, along with Mr. X, the latest on the Chetco fires and the search for accountability. Business segment with Advanced Air and Metal - how to improve INDOOR air quality. Good advice right now.

Download 09-01-17_FRI_7AM  09-01-2017 (16.21 MB)


  • 09-01-17_FRI_7AM

Download 09-01-17_FRI_8AM  09-01-2017 (16.86 MB)


  • 09-01-17_FRI_8AM

Download 09-01-17_FRI_6AM  09-01-2017 (16.05 MB)


  • 09-01-17_FRI_6AM

Download 08-31-17_THU_6AM  08-31-2017 (17.21 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday stories and open phones for the hour

Download 08-31-17_THU_7AM  08-31-2017 (16.54 MB)


  • Time to fact check the so-called fact checking journalists at the Oregonian. They butchered a story on SB719A's gun confiscation bill, Kevin Starrett with Oregon Firearms Federation breaks it down with me, open phones later.

Download 08-31-17_THU_8AM  08-31-2017 (18.65 MB)


  • Local author Marlene Wegner and I discuss Open Adoption, her new book is OPEN, an adoption story in three voices. Open phones follow.

Download 08-30-17_WED_7AM  08-30-2017 (15.44 MB)


  • Randy is my volunteer as we explore the Gang Green propaganda otherwise known as the Medford Traffic Plan Survey...they want your input, but trust us, they're full Gang Green.later Crimestoppers

Download 08-30-17_WED_6AM  08-30-2017 (16.6 MB)


  • Open phones, price gouging? Organic industry going to blazes? I talk with former USDA Organic inspector Mischa Popoff about that.

Download 08-30-17_WED_8AM  08-30-2017 (18.87 MB)


  • Christine Douglas-Williams from, Sweden deports Christian converts back to Iran for certain persecution or death, but keeps the gang raper migrants? Is the EU dead? We discuss, Open phones follow

Download 08-29-17_TUE_8AM  08-29-2017 (17.63 MB)


  • Open phones, and later we talk with Royal Standley Financial Advisor with Oregon Pacific financial advisors – He'll be joining us starting next Tuesday, reporting stocks of local interest.

Download 08-29-17_TUE_7AM  08-29-2017 (15.01 MB)


  • Talking Chetco fire and policy with Curry County Commissioner Court Boice, Dr. John Zmirak from the Stream says whites need to resist falling into the identity politics trap.

Download 08-29-17_TUE_6AM  08-29-2017 (14.79 MB)


  • I talk with an editor from about the seriously biased coverage of the Berkley fights, then how about scanning and downloading you into your phone as a form of government ID? Eric Peters from breaks it down with me.

Download 08-28-17_MON_6AM  08-28-2017 (14.67 MB)


  • News of the morning, and open phones for the hour

Download 08-28-17_MON_7AM  08-28-2017 (17.46 MB)


  • Outdoor report and fire news wihth Greg Roberts. Raheem Kassam, editor in chief of Breitbart London discusses NO GO ZONES. Into the fire and woods talk with Jac Co Commissioner Roberts, state and fed forest policy HOSTILE to O and C law

Download 08-28-17_MON_8AM  08-28-2017 (18.65 MB)


  • Past and Present segment with Dr. Powers, and we talk economy, news, other current events, your calls.

Download 08-24-17_THU_7AM  08-24-2017 (15.05 MB)


  • Senator Dennis Linthicum and I discuss the fire policies, later Rogue Eagles RC Club , charity air show this weekend.

Download 08-24-17_THU_6AM  08-24-2017 (16.21 MB)


  • Open phones for conspiracy theory Thursday, then the erasure of history - breaking that down with Professor Kevin Gutzman, historian,

Download 08-24-17_THU_8AM  08-24-2017 (17.25 MB)


  • Open phones, we catchup with things at Morrison Lodge , Sanctuary One's gamble for good fundraiser delayed, we talk about why.

Download 08-23-17_WED_7AM  08-23-2017 (15.68 MB)


  • Dick Morris, former presidential advisor and author of the new ROGUE SPOOKS, The Intelligence War on Donald Trump. Crimestoppers and other issues.

Download 08-23-17_WED_8AM  08-23-2017 (15.49 MB)


  • Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots...calls for the resignation of the IRS head because the discriminiation against conservative groups wanting non-profit status isn't over, open phones, and Mike G. updates Brittfest shows!

Download 08-23-17_WED_6AM  08-23-2017 (15.94 MB)


  • Open phones on the news, later a great talk with's Greg Roberts, and we discuss what happened with Chetco started at one fourth of an acre, and now is 100,000!

Download 08-22-17_TUE_6AM  08-22-2017 (14.27 MB)


  • Open phones, and a lot of discussion on the Chetco Bar Fire and other news

Download 08-22-17_TUE_8AM  08-22-2017 (16.04 MB)


  • SB719A, that gun confiscation bill, signed into law by Gov. Kate Brown. What's next? I break it down with Oregon Firearms Federation's Kevin Starrett, open phones follow.

Download 08-22-17_TUE_7AM  08-22-2017 (15.9 MB)


  • A deeper dive on our flawed firefighting policies on public land...I dig into it with former USFS and logger Mark Johnson from Grants Pass, we continue that theme with Rep. Sal Esquivel, too.

Download 08-21-17_MON_7AM  08-21-2017 (15.82 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, whew the Chetco Bar fire is looking sporty. Then a follow-up with Capt. William E. Simpson. He promotes a wild horse wildfire pre-abatement program, but are elected officials wanting MORE grazing land? Interesting theory.

Download 08-21-17_MON_6AM  08-21-2017 (14.3 MB)


  • Fire, eclipse glasses, Bannon's out, now what? I talk Bannon and Afghan war with Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government later in the hour

Download 08-21-17_MON_8AM  08-21-2017 (18.36 MB)


  • Dr. Powers joins me for the hour, Willie Illingworth of Willie Boats fame is profiled, and we discuss other news, too.

Download 08-18-17_FRI_6AM  08-18-2017 (14.42 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 08-18-17_FRI_8AM  08-18-2017 (16.87 MB)


  • Creative $$ for cities? PLF attorney tells us story of a CA farmer the feds wanted to take down for 40 MILLION bucks for plowing his field. Hwy 62 update and more with ODOT's Gary Leaming

Download 08-18-17_FRI_7AM  08-18-2017 (15.14 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and then...don't relax about EMP preps just because N. Korea appears quiet, guest is Dr. William Forschten, author of the ONE SECOND AFTER series

Download 08-17-17_THU_8AM  08-17-2017 (15.85 MB)


  • 08-17-17_THU_8AM, Open Phones, later we catch up on the Oregon Wine Experience, also Rick Carson from Etymotic Research, talking about in-ear hearing protection for shooters and musicians.

Download 08-17-17_THU_6AM  08-17-2017 (13.95 MB)


  • open phones for conspiracy theory Thursday, later it's author Jenny Cote, her latest is The Voice, The Revolution and The Key...she's getting great reviews on this book

Download 08-17-17_THU_7AM  08-17-2017 (14.53 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 08-16-17_WED_8AM  08-16-2017 (14.61 MB)


  • Author and scholar Dinesh D'Souza joins me...we talk about who are the REAL fascists. His new book, THE BIG LIE. Open phones, and a Brittfest catchup with Mike G., too.

Download 08-16-17_WED_7AM  08-16-2017 (14.5 MB)


  • I catch up with Captain William E. Simpson and the latest developments of his Wild Horse Fire Fighting Brigade plan, Crimestoppers and other issues. o get

Download 08-16-17_WED_6AM  08-16-2017 (14.01 MB)


  • The press conference and other news of the day, your calls and more!

Download 08-15-17_TUE_6AM  08-15-2017 (14.27 MB)


  • Into the day's stories, and the rise of the American Taliban in Durham and elsewhere. Later, the push for a carbon tax, again...really?

Download 08-15-17_TUE_8AM  08-15-2017 (15.24 MB)


  • Open phones then a great talk with local B-Movie and BURN NOTICE star Bruce Campbell. Sgt. Jeff Proulx from OSP - Eclipse day preparations underway.

Download 08-15-17_TUE_7AM  08-15-2017 (17.6 MB)


  • The mortgage popaganda story in, later it's Mr. X with a post-Cory-Crebbins reexamination of local transportation policy. You will ride buses and like it...or else.

Download 08-14-17_MON_8AM  08-14-2017 (15.69 MB)


  • Guests include Dr. Powers, later SOPTV wants to start and film a local discussion on the Vietnam War, and North Medford High School's Robert Black and Reyna Kirschel with more on the next Monday Eclipse project!

Download 08-14-17_MON_7AM  08-14-2017 (20.12 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, then Medford Public Works Director Cory Crebbin talks with me on the Transportation Plan, Road Diets, does it make sense?

Download 08-14-17_MON_6AM  08-14-2017 (14.59 MB)


  • Charlottsville and the erasing of history, other news of the days and your calls

Download 08-11-17_FRI_6AM  08-11-2017 (14.18 MB)


  • 08-11-17_FRI_6AM

Download 08-11-17_FRI_8AM  08-11-2017 (16.33 MB)


  • 08-11-17_FRI_8AM

Download 08-11-17_FRI_7AM  08-11-2017 (15.85 MB)


  • 08-11-17_FRI_7AM

Download 08-10-17_THU_7AM  08-10-2017 (14 MB)


  • Rep. and Dr. Knute Buehler talks a OHP dustup with Governor Brown, what he would do as governor, now that he's a candidate, other issue, open phones later.

Download 08-10-17_THU_8AM  08-10-2017 (15.28 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, later a talk with Sue Aikens from NatGeo's Life Below Zero, also an update on the Oregon Wine Experience.

Download 08-10-17_THU_6AM  08-10-2017 (15.64 MB)


  • Open phones, later Dr. Matt Briggs from, writes how he believes diversity as currently practiced is NOT a strength.

Download 08-09-17_WED_7AM  08-09-2017 (14.19 MB)


  • The problem? Massive fake goods imported into the U.S. What to look for? I break it down with my CofC guest in DC, Sal blows the whistle on Gov. Brown's trashing of local projects, Crimestoppers, too.

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  • Local author James DeMeo talks with me about his book detailing the bloodthirsty statements of socialist and commie founders, also we dig into the climate change issue, James is a climate scientist. Mike G. from Britt, big wrap for Orchestra season here!

Download 08-09-17_WED_6AM  08-09-2017 (13.5 MB)


  • Morning stories and talk including N. Korea...president going about this correctly?

Download 08-08-17_TUE_6AM  08-08-2017 (14.31 MB)


  • Stories of the morning, Road Diet, google engineer caught and fired, later the breakdown on President Trumps new RAISE immigration bill from Dan Stein at

Download 08-08-17_TUE_7AM  08-08-2017 (14.73 MB)


  • Social Justice warriors invade the hard sciences...could be a problem? Best trades for a high school grad? Rep. Esquivel weighs in on that and more later.

Download 08-08-17_TUE_8AM  08-08-2017 (16.49 MB)


  • Down the Rabbit Hole I go with Ed, Mr. X...into the documents for the City of Medford's Transportation Plan...where did the road diets, traffic calming, restrictions on parkingm, all these incursions come from? Look in this document to start.

Download 08-07-17_MON_7AM  08-07-2017 (15.16 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, Rick Manning at Americans for Limited Government...Monday morning SWAMP UPDATE. Why hasn't the Prez fired McMasters? Road Diet, Park plan in Phoenix

Download 08-07-17_MON_6AM  08-07-2017 (15.68 MB)


  • Great birthday gift I received...know anyone else who is colorblind? Road diet follies, Austin Ruse joins me later, his excellent new book FAKE SCIENCE - Exposing the Left's skewed statistics, fuzzy facts and dodgy data.

Download 08-07-17_MON_8AM  08-07-2017 (14.9 MB)


  • Dr. Powers talks history of Blackstone, economic news, and open phones on this crazy Medford Road Diet plan, Phoenix Parks land...really needed?

Download 08-04-17_FRI_6AM  08-04-2017 (14 MB)


  • Hope Village, other news of the days, Dr. Keith Kantor joins me...the rise of MARIJUANA MOMS, he doesn't think it's a good trend, offers nutritional program to treat addictions

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  • Open phones for the hour!

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  • Outdoor and fire report with Greg Roberts, later it's Rachel Alexander, former Arizona Assistant A.G., reporting from, the Sheriff Joe Arpaio case, what's next.

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  • Open phones and stories, Mike G. updates Britt, too.

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  • How to fix PERS? Some interesting thoughts from George Mason University legal scholar Scott Shepard, Senator DeBoer reacts to some of Shepard's PERS thoughts, updates us on townhalls and more.

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  • Chris Wick joins me from Hunter Communications for a business segment. Fiber internet, PBX hosting, keeping businesses connected FAST! Open phones follow.

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  • Congressman Greg Walden in studio talking healthcare reform, the monument, other big issues. Open phones follow.the issues. Open phones follow

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  • Open phones...would Kim Jong Un give up his nukes?(I don't think so) Later, we dig into the Debbie Wasserman Shultz scandal with the lead counsel at

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  • Open phones, Crimestoppers and camera cop talk.

Download 08-01-17_TUE_8AM  08-01-2017 (16.26 MB)


  • Is it important or desireable for Medford to be cool...plenty of your calls on this. Meanwhile a great business talk with Advanced Air and Metal about how to keep your cooling system working better in all this heat.

Download 08-01-17_TUE_7AM  08-01-2017 (15.21 MB)


  • The fight to bring down Oregon's Sanctuary City Status, I talk with Tom Ludwick from Oregonians for Immigration Reform, and how wild horses can help fight wildfires, another visit with No Cal's Capt William E. Simpson

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  • Dog Bite stupidity sign, other news of the morning, also the fight to restore your email privacy...This is important, more from Tom Giovanetti from