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Download 12-15-17_FRI_6AM  12-15-2017 (14.43 MB)


  • Morning stories and commentary, Rachel Alexander joins me from the stream - The FBI corruption...

Download 12-15-17_FRI_7AM  12-15-2017 (15.02 MB)


  • Outdoor report and fire meeting commentary with Greg, Mr. X is with me too, breaking down the Chetco Fire meeting issues from Thursday's meeting.

Download 12-15-17_FRI_8AM  12-15-2017 (16.68 MB)


  • More fire talk from last night, Oregon Wine University puts on a champagne class at Harry and David next week - All for Asante Foundation, and some great deals from SisQCellular and Michael Campbell.

Download 12-14-17_THU_6AM  12-14-2017 (15.28 MB)


  • 12-14-17_THU_6AM

Download 12-14-17_THU_8AM  12-14-2017 (15.21 MB)


  • 12-14-17_THU_8AM

Download 12-14-17_THU_7AM  12-14-2017 (15.75 MB)


  • 12-14-17_THU_7AM

Download 12-13-17_WED_8AM  12-13-2017 (14.41 MB)


  • Open phones, and later we catch up with the Josephine County Food Bank executive director regarding fundraising and projects.

Download 12-13-17_WED_7AM  12-13-2017 (13.99 MB)


  • Cap. William E. Simpson - Wildfire horse brigade gainng congressional acceptance! Crimestoppers with Lt. Ivens.

Download 12-13-17_WED_6AM  12-13-2017 (13.81 MB)


  • Open phones, and later I talk with a new cryptocurrency CEO, the coin is designed to help refugees, and has a humanitarian mission.

Download 12-12-17_TUE_6AM  12-12-2017 (14.01 MB)


  • Swamp update with my DC buddy Rick Manning, Americans for Limited government. open phones follow

Download 12-12-17_TUE_7AM  12-12-2017 (16.33 MB)


  • Open phones, the coming battle for Medford transportation sanity! Kevin Starrett with breaks down how this concealed carry reciprocity could be a real problem for the 2ndA in general

Download 12-12-17_TUE_8AM  12-12-2017 (14.91 MB)


  • Cascade Policy institute's Kathryn Hickok details how Oregon makes it harder for people to go to work and start businesses than other states, and what needs done to lighten up. Phillp Yates talks holiday food drives at ACCESS and more.

Download 12-11-17_MON_6AM  12-11-2017 (13.09 MB)


  • Open phones and stories to start the day

Download 12-11-17_MON_7AM  12-11-2017 (16.74 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, Mr. X joins me, a focus on the transportation agenda...the green misery Medford wants to visit on you, and we will fight this.

Download 12-11-17_MON_8AM  12-11-2017 (15.92 MB)


  • Dr. Powers profiles the Rogue Valley Manor, other news, Medford City Councilman Dick Gordon talks transportation, Travel Oregon, exclusion zones, other issues moving the needle.

Download 12-08-17_FRI_7AM  12-08-2017 (15.08 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, financial planner Jeffrey Small joins me to talk about the biggest mistakes many make when planning their future. New book out Tuesday Turning Financial Planning Right-Side Up.

Download 12-08-17_FRI_6AM  12-08-2017 (13.95 MB)


  • Stories of the day, later cannabis activist Chris Hall discusses his problems with the Josephine County ordinance banning commercial grows on Rural Residential. ,

Download 12-08-17_FRI_8AM  12-08-2017 (15.76 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour.

Download 12-07-17_THU_7AM  12-07-2017 (15.13 MB)


  • US Lawshield attorney Emily Taylor talks the gun reciprocity legislation and other 2nd A news, later, Sen DeBoer and I debate the healthcare tax, pro and con.

Download 12-07-17_THU_8AM  12-07-2017 (14.91 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday...always an interesting time.

Download 12-07-17_THU_6AM  12-07-2017 (14.52 MB)


  • News of the day starts the show, I also talk with Eric Peters at about the VW engineer sent up the river for 7 years for defying the EPA gods.

Download 12-06-17_WED_6AM  12-06-2017 (14.73 MB)


  • Open phones and news stories for the hour

Download 12-06-17_WED_7AM  12-06-2017 (15.64 MB)


  • Todd Gaziano from the Pacific Legal Foundation - does the president have the power to shrink our monument? Crimestoppers and more.

Download 12-06-17_WED_8AM  12-06-2017 (16.02 MB)


  • Talk show host Kim Komando joins the lineup in January, and we get to know her better. Mike G. is here from Brittfest, give a membership as a gift?

Download 12-05-17_TUE_8AM  12-05-2017 (17.05 MB)


  • Open phones and later a great talk with Brent from Advanced Air and Metal...when to repair, when it's better to replace.

Download 12-05-17_TUE_7AM  12-05-2017 (16.6 MB)


  • Emails of the day and some thoughts on timber, Guest from the C of C breaks down the huge amount of counterfeit products being sold, Jim Ludwick, Oregonians for Immigration Reform - Anti-Sanctuary state law is in their sights.

Download 12-05-17_TUE_6AM  12-05-2017 (15.16 MB)


  • Morning stories and news start, I talk with Curtis Ellis about the effort to pull the U.S. out of the U.N. migrant treaty...really bad stuff.

Download 12-04-17_MON_6AM  12-04-2017 (15.07 MB)


  • Swamp update with the Flynn controversy and other issues with Rick Manning at Americans for Limited Government, open phones follow.

Download 12-04-17_MON_8AM  12-04-2017 (16.05 MB)


  • Dr. Powers and I profile local history, this time of spirits and apparitions, some other people have seen things, too. We also talk the stocks pounding tech today.

Download 12-04-17_MON_7AM  12-04-2017 (15.81 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts - later, politically motivated wildlife biologists? Looks like it, and it's affecting our wildfire police...We break that down with Capt William E. Simpson.

Download 12-01-17_FRI_6AM  12-01-2017 (15.12 MB)


  • 12-01-17_FRI_6AM

Download 12-01-17_FRI_7AM  12-01-2017 (16.63 MB)


  • 12-01-17_FRI_7AM

Download 12-01-17_FRI_8AM  12-01-2017 (14.84 MB)


  • 12-01-17_FRI_8AM

Download 11-30-17_THU_6AM  11-30-2017 (15.49 MB)


  • 11-30-17_THU_6AM

Download 11-30-17_THU_8AM  11-30-2017 (15.68 MB)


  • 11-30-17_THU_8AM

Download 11-30-17_THU_7AM  11-30-2017 (16.32 MB)


  • 11-30-17_THU_7AM

Download 11-29-17_WED_7AM  11-29-2017 (15.86 MB)


  • Open phones, later Crimestoppers with Deputy Chief Johnson

Download 11-29-17_WED_6AM  11-29-2017 (14.6 MB)


  • Stories of the morning, later Dr. Harlan Ullman talks with me about foreign policy, Trump, and the tax plans.

Download 11-29-17_WED_8AM  11-29-2017 (14.89 MB)


  • I talk with Lowell Ponte - are we suffering a birth dearth? Open phones follow, and we catch up with the Festival of Trees.

Download 11-28-17_TUE_8AM  11-28-2017 (15.33 MB)


  • Confused about net neutrality? Me Too! We break it down with Dr. Roslyn Layton, Open phones follow.

Download 11-28-17_TUE_7AM  11-28-2017 (14.17 MB)


  • I talk with Rebecca Bender, a survivor of sex trafficking - Senator Wyden holding up an internet reform that could help? More state issues with Rep. Sal Esquivel, too.

Download 11-28-17_TUE_6AM  11-28-2017 (15.75 MB)


  • Open phones start, I talk China with Stephen Mosher...his latest book the BULLY OF ASIA

Download 11-27-17_MON_6AM  11-27-2017 (14.13 MB)


  • Open phones and stories of the morning, is the election of Roy Moore more important than the accusations?

Download 11-27-17_MON_7AM  11-27-2017 (16.57 MB)


  • Waterworld Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts - later it's auto journalist Eric Peters - The push for the self-driving car, and the downside that few are discussing.

Download 11-27-17_MON_8AM  11-27-2017 (15.1 MB)


  • Dr. Powers profiles Burt Webber, other news of the day and more homeless talk.

Download 11-22-17_WED_7AM  11-22-2017 (15.44 MB)


  • 11-22-17_WED_7AM

Download 11-22-17_WED_6AM  11-22-2017 (14.78 MB)


  • 11-22-17_WED_6AM

Download 11-22-17_WED_8AM  11-22-2017 (17.09 MB)


  • 11-22-17_WED_8AM

Download 11-21-17_TUE_6AM  11-21-2017 (14.82 MB)


  • 11-21-17_TUE_6AM

Download 11-21-17_TUE_7AM  11-21-2017 (16.21 MB)


  • 11-21-17_TUE_7AM

Download 11-21-17_TUE_8AM  11-21-2017 (15.79 MB)


  • 11-21-17_TUE_8AM

Download 11-20-17_MON_7AM  11-20-2017 (15.83 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, and a good talk with GOP gubernatorial candidate Knute Buehler on the issues.

Download 11-20-17_MON_8AM  11-20-2017 (16.33 MB)


  • Dr. Powers profiles nove. list Con Sellers, what a great local character. We have new, stricter standards for high blood pressure. Dr. Chris Cannon, Providence Health Institute cardiologist explains.

Download 11-20-17_MON_6AM  11-20-2017 (14.25 MB)


  • Morning stories, and later in the segment Julio Rivera from tells a harrowing story of what's going on in Puerto Rico, 2 months after Hurricane Maria.

Download 11-16-17_THU_8AM  11-16-2017 (14.77 MB)


  • 11-16-17_THU_8AM

Download 11-16-17_THU_7AM  11-16-2017 (13.98 MB)


  • 11-16-17_THU_7AM

Download 11-16-17_THU_6AM  11-16-2017 (14.31 MB)


  • 11-16-17_THU_6AM

Download 11-15-17_WED_6AM  11-15-2017 (13.86 MB)


  • 11-15-17_WED_6AM

Download 11-15-17_WED_8AM  11-15-2017 (14.65 MB)


  • 11-15-17_WED_8AM

Download 11-15-17_WED_7AM  11-15-2017 (13.81 MB)


  • 11-15-17_WED_7AM

Download 11-14-17_TUE_6AM  11-14-2017 (13.83 MB)


  • 11-14-17_TUE_6AM

Download 11-14-17_TUE_8AM  11-14-2017 (14.4 MB)


  • 11-14-17_TUE_8AM

Download 11-14-17_TUE_7AM  11-14-2017 (14.7 MB)


  • 11-14-17_TUE_7AM

Download 11-13-17_MON_7AM  11-13-2017 (14.94 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, open phones later.

Download 11-13-17_MON_8AM  11-13-2017 (15.93 MB)


  • Guest for the hour is Dr. Powers - Dead Indian memorial talk and other issues.

Download 11-13-17_MON_6AM  11-13-2017 (14.1 MB)


  • Open phones and stories of the day, Bill thinks they're trying to calm the sheep down re the robot revolution, later, Kirsten Tynan from, 1980's criminals released over bad jury instructions?

Download 11-10-17_FRI_8AM  11-10-2017 (15.58 MB)


  • Capt. William E. Simpson talks wild horse fire news, prepper techs, too, Timari Davis with, new sponsor on KCMD, we talk about some of her cool experiences in the auction and real estate world.

Download 11-10-17_FRI_7AM  11-10-2017 (15.14 MB)


  • Outdoor report and fire meeting talk with Bill and Greg Roberts, open phones follow

Download 11-10-17_FRI_6AM  11-10-2017 (14.72 MB)


  • Open phones, thoughts on the fire meeting last night. AI expert Bruce Tedesco weighs in on artificial intelligence, is an optimist for the future with it.

Download 11-09-17_THU_7AM  11-09-2017 (14.42 MB)


  • State Senator Dennis Linthicum talks dams, fires, other policy with me, open phones follow.

Download 11-09-17_THU_8AM  11-09-2017 (14.35 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday...even a flat earth call or two...really!

Download 11-09-17_THU_6AM  11-09-2017 (11.27 MB)


  • Klamath thoughts...a fraud being committed against the people, unless you stand up. Col. Andrew Finlayson is with a group questioning inaccuracies in Ken Burn's VIETNAM documentary.

Download 11-08-17_WED_8AM  11-08-2017 (12.77 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 11-08-17_WED_6AM  11-08-2017 (13.6 MB)


  • Open phones, news of the day, and Curry County Commissioner Court Boice talks environmental issues, he'll be here Thursday night at the fire and smoke summit meeting at the old Carnegie Library, 6pm.

Download 11-08-17_WED_7AM  11-08-2017 (15.95 MB)


  • Dan Stein,, talks with Bill about chances for an immigration deal, will DACA go through in order to get rid of the Diversity Visa? Crimestoppers with Lt. Curtis and open phones.

Download 11-07-17_TUE_8AM  11-07-2017 (15.32 MB)


  • Open phones, later a talk with Randall and Brent from Advance air and Metal. Great deals, and they're HIRING.

Download 11-07-17_TUE_7AM  11-07-2017 (13.58 MB)


  • Marie Espinoza from the Rememberance Project, Kevin Starrett joins Bill...a breakdown of the salient issues in TX and elsewhere.

Download 11-07-17_TUE_6AM  11-07-2017 (15.16 MB)


  • Open phones and news of the day, Randy Wilson talks with Bill, He's with the Family Research Council, President says the church shooter is a mental illness issue, could it be a sickness of the spirit?

Download 11-06-17_MON_7AM  11-06-2017 (16.21 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, Claudette Moore and Theresa McGuire in promoting the Fire Smoke meeting Thursday night 6p at the old Carnegie Library, Main Street in Medford. Gathering testimony and getting folks fired up for a policy change.

Download 11-06-17_MON_6AM  11-06-2017 (17.97 MB)


  • News, local and Texas, ACLU rep joins me later in the hour. Bipartisan bill to restrict gov spying on citizens without warrants. Ron Wyden and Rand Paul are pushing it.

Download 11-06-17_MON_8AM  11-06-2017 (16.46 MB)


  • Visiting Past and Present with Dr. Powers, Rogue Valley Airport profile...later authos and blogger from Doug Giles - latest from the Texas shootings

Download 11-03-17_FRI_6AM  11-03-2017 (15.4 MB)


  • Digging into morning stories, I talk with Job Creators Network President and CEO Alfredo Ortiz for a breakdown in the new tax bill - later Eric Peters, automotive journalist from Tesla in trouble?

Download 11-03-17_FRI_8AM  11-03-2017 (15.94 MB)


  • Open phones, later a great talk with Mighty John the Record guy, and 10 records you'd be thankful to find at a garage sale, because they're worth 1000 to 20000 dollars!

Download 11-03-17_FRI_7AM  11-03-2017 (16.35 MB)


  • Outdoor report, and we have a new wolf kill, Craig Prewett, Phoenix-Talent school board chair discusses the 68 million dollar bond push.

Download 11-02-17_THU_6AM  11-02-2017 (16.29 MB)


  • Open phones for CTT, Pamela Geller joins me later. Amazing woman exposing the danger of Jihad.

Download 11-02-17_THU_7AM  11-02-2017 (16.74 MB)


  • Open phones, the Klamath Dams...why I think Gang Green is pushing a fraud. Dr. Adams joins me later - he is hoping people will join him at Medford City Council to lighten up on the chicken regulations.

Download 11-02-17_THU_8AM  11-02-2017 (16.01 MB)


  • Trent Carpenter from Southern Oregon Sanitation - Big challenges and changes in recycling...due to China. Open phones follow

Download 11-01-17_WED_8AM  11-01-2017 (16.26 MB)


  • Tara Ross, author of The Indispensable Electoral College: How the Founders' Plan Saves Our Country from Mob Rule, open phones follow

Download 11-01-17_WED_7AM  11-01-2017 (15.55 MB)


  • Open phones, discussion of Phoenix bond and more.

Download 11-01-17_WED_6AM  11-01-2017 (14.91 MB)


  • News and open phones start, Rachel Alexander from the Stream breaks down the Mueller-Trump news.

Download 10-31-17_TUE_7AM  10-31-2017 (16.88 MB)


  • Open phones, then Kevin starrett from Oregon Firearms later in the hour - interesting take on Sen. Jeff Kruse's accused touchy-feely issue.

Download 10-31-17_TUE_8AM  10-31-2017 (16.31 MB)


  • Dr. Dennis Deruelle, physician and national medical director of Acute Services for IPC Healthcare, and author of Your Healthcare Playbook: Winning the Game of Modern Medicine and Two Minute Warning, Opiod addiction issue, open phones later.

Download 10-31-17_TUE_6AM  10-31-2017 (15.89 MB)


  • Morning news and stories, great talk with Chris Harelson with Students for Liberty - Libertarian students are set to gather for the Students For Liberty (SFL) Pacific Northwest Regional Conference on Saturday, November 4, 2017, at the University of Oregon

Download 10-30-17_MON_8AM  10-30-2017 (17.66 MB)


  • Dr. Powers profiles Jazz pianist Patty McCoy Moran, we dig back into the shopping cart and homeless issues and how the law approaches it, and your calls.

Download 10-30-17_MON_7AM  10-30-2017 (18.3 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, Swamp update re Manafort and more with Rick Manning, and I have a great talk with Dr. Robin Miller on more ways to stay healthy, new book!

Download 10-30-17_MON_6AM  10-30-2017 (14.9 MB)


  • Open phones, why is Halloween so popular? Going secular? National Wildlife Federation's Collin O'Meara talks with me, their latest report pointing the finger at climate change and more for increasing wildfire acreage.

Download 10-27-17_FRI_8AM  10-27-2017 (14.94 MB)


  • AIrport director Bern Case here...retirement and a great look back at his 24 years at the helm. Open phones.

Download 10-27-17_FRI_7AM  10-27-2017 (14.69 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, Swamp Update with Rick Manning at Americans for Limited Gov, the dossier, tax reform chances, more. Open phones

Download 10-27-17_FRI_6AM  10-27-2017 (14.24 MB)


  • News of the day and open phones...Medford to fine shopping cart owners? Mr. X stops by - why having ODF fight wildland fires won't change the bad state and fed policy.

Download 10-26-17_THU_6AM  10-26-2017 (15.76 MB)


  • Open phones, Eric Peters joins me later - trend is to no longer sell you a car, but RENT them by the hour.

Download 10-26-17_THU_7AM  10-26-2017 (15.7 MB)


  • Open phones for CTT, Senator Alan DeBoer talks the new car sales tax and other issues.

Download 10-26-17_THU_8AM  10-26-2017 (15.16 MB)


  • Tom Harris from the International Climate Science Coalition -

Download 10-25-17_WED_8AM  10-25-2017 (15.44 MB)


  • I talk with Cap. William E. Simpson regarding reducing fuel load in forests, reducing fire risks. Open phones later.

Download 10-25-17_WED_7AM  10-25-2017 (13.76 MB)


  • We're talking pot patrol and other issues with Jeff Thomas, a Jo County security consultant, Crimestoppers later with Lt. Kerry Curtis.

Download 10-25-17_WED_6AM  10-25-2017 (12.92 MB)


  • Open phones, later Julio Rivera from, a warning to not use Kaspersky Anti-Malware due to Russian connection and more.

Download 10-24-17_TUE_8AM  10-24-2017 (15.72 MB)


  • email segment, Mr. X is here, and we breakdown the fed and state intrusions regarding wildfire policy.

Download 10-24-17_TUE_6AM  10-24-2017 (13.57 MB)


  • Morning stories, Mike Ciandella from talks with Bill about the astounding lack of coverage for the Uranium One story. Should small cities give up on solo fire and police departments? I think so.

Download 10-24-17_TUE_7AM  10-24-2017 (14.71 MB)


  • Dr. Richard Gierach has a big list of laws broken if the Klamath dams are removed. Open phones follow.

Download 10-23-17_MON_6AM  10-23-2017 (14.78 MB)


  • Stories of the morning, we talk CRISPR tech with novelist Tom Grace (His latest is UNDENIABLE) How can we have DNA evidence when DNA can be edited and hacked so easily?

Download 10-23-17_MON_7AM  10-23-2017 (15.6 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, Brian Maloney from the break down some stories getting short shrift including Alzheimer drugs in Congress. Bryce Burtner talks with me about his Vegas shooting experience of a few weeks ago.

Download 10-23-17_MON_8AM  10-23-2017 (17.49 MB)


  • Dr. Powers joins me, we profile Kyle Singler in today's history segment, and other news of the day.

Download 10-19-17_THU_6AM  10-19-2017 (14.34 MB)


  • Open phones, later Joe Guzzardi from Californians for Population Stabilization - Time to restrict development for wildfire reasons?

Download 10-19-17_THU_7AM  10-19-2017 (15.53 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, then an interesting talk with social critic John Michael Greer, author of THE RETRO FUTURE, Looking to the Past to Reinvent the Future. What technologies are truly sustainable for the long term?

Download 10-19-17_THU_8AM  10-19-2017 (14.58 MB)


  • Open phones for CTT, later David X, TV producer looking for your UFO experiences to profile in a new tv show ALIEN CHASERS.

Download 10-18-17_WED_7AM  10-18-2017 (14.34 MB)


  • Open phones and stories, Crimestoppers and more

Download 10-18-17_WED_6AM  10-18-2017 (15.4 MB)


  • Open phones, later in the hour it's Julie Gunlock from - great talk on the Scouts rollover.

Download 10-18-17_WED_8AM  10-18-2017 (15.44 MB)


  • Paul from Talent is my guest - looking for love overseas. What does he think is wrong with USA females? Ken Trautman from Peoples Bank - Good earnings, much of it due to an acquisition of Steelhead Finance - money news.

Download 10-17-17_TUE_6AM  10-17-2017 (14.15 MB)


  • Talking 'bout the news, including the burger skewer lawsuit. Hmmm, where could that lead, huh? Jim Ludwick has details of a initiative to roll back the sanctuary state law in Oregon. Emails and more.

Download 10-17-17_TUE_7AM  10-17-2017 (15.48 MB)


  • Interesting talk with Dr. Paul Nathanson, author of Spreading Misandry - The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture. Curry Co Commissioner Court Boice - Post Chetco fire update.

Download 10-17-17_TUE_8AM  10-17-2017 (16.17 MB)


  • Mark Hutto and I talk more on the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies. Yep, it's a real thing. Daniel Zene Crowe here, working to help veterans in the legal world, Alzheimer Walk people looking for your help, too.

Download 10-16-17_MON_7AM  10-16-2017 (15.66 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, a Dyslexia seminar Tuesday evening in Medford. Healthcare reform Executive Order? Mixed reviews with Dr. Merrill Matthews, resident scholar at the Instititute for Policy Innovation.

Download 10-16-17_MON_6AM  10-16-2017 (15.36 MB)


  • Stories of the morning, I question the lack of curiousity from the MSM re witnesses to the Vegas massacre. Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government and I talk the healthcare E.O., a pretty good week for the President.

Download 10-16-17_MON_8AM  10-16-2017 (15.85 MB)


  • Dr. Powers history profile os Matt Ross, Cannes Film Festival Award Winner, other news, open phones.

Download 10-13-17_FRI_6AM  10-13-2017 (13.49 MB)


  • SOU is far do we go to help those with learning disabilities? Your calls on that and other news.

Download 10-13-17_FRI_7AM  10-13-2017 (15.9 MB)


  • Outdoor report, fire and other news with Greg Roberts, Megan Flowers updates us on Sanctuary One's situation,open phones and more.

Download 10-13-17_FRI_8AM  10-13-2017 (14.24 MB)


  • How to fight bullies? Your calls on that and other news. Dan Skudstad from the Daily Courier - Want to profile EVERY veteran in s. Oregon, Catching up with the Antique Show this weekend and more.

Download 10-12-17_THU_6AM  10-12-2017 (15.77 MB)


  • Open phones...Dead Indian Mem road hearing thoughts, Eric Peters - GM travails, and car reviewers who take stuff from Tesla in exchange for referrals?

Download 10-12-17_THU_8AM  10-12-2017 (14.28 MB)


  • Patrick Wood, author of Technocracy Rising, how doctors are coming to realize that technocracy is out to destroy them, what to do. Open phones follow

Download 10-12-17_THU_7AM  10-12-2017 (14.49 MB)


  • Former Navy Seal and author Matt Bracken joins me...we talk his new novel The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun (must read) terror, Vegas, and more. State Sen. Deboer - serious about fire policy changes in Salem?

Download 10-11-17_WED_7AM  10-11-2017 (13.52 MB)


  • Open phones, pot talk, down with administrative tyranny, Crimestoppers with Lt. Justin Ivens, clarifying the new phone law and more.

Download 10-11-17_WED_6AM  10-11-2017 (14.46 MB)


  • Thinking of Napa and other news of the day. Activist Mark Seligman talks with me about the problem he sees with the Pot Patrol proposal from the Josephine County Commission.

Download 10-11-17_WED_8AM  10-11-2017 (14.72 MB)


  • CApt. William E. Simpson makes a case for keeping the Klamath dams, using environmental principles. JCConcerts putting on a great Gershwin concert Sunday, and a talk with Umpqua Dairy's COO, they're up for TWO big national awards.

Download 10-10-17_TUE_6AM  10-10-2017 (14.41 MB)


  • Open phones, later Ohio State Professor Gleb Tsipursky fights fake news, asking citizens, politicians, public and media figures to take the Pro Truth Pledge.

Download 10-10-17_TUE_8AM  10-10-2017 (14.48 MB)


  • dr. Powers history profile, today it's the Grants Pass Cavemen! Other news and topics for the rest of the hour

Download 10-10-17_TUE_7AM  10-10-2017 (14.92 MB)


  • Outdoor report and news with Greg Roberts, open phones for the rest of the hour

Download 10-06-17_FRI_7AM  10-06-2017 (18.94 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, a followup on pot and water issues, Congressman Greg Walden is here talking forests, fire, smoke, opioids, gun regs and more.

Download 10-06-17_FRI_8AM  10-06-2017 (13.77 MB)


  • PLF attorney discusses suit Coos Bay files - fighting Marine Fisheries Agency order re no development in exchange for access to FEMA flood insurance. Open phones, email segment follows.

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  • Open phones - Say no to the BLUE ZONE, Grants Pass, Michael Daugherty talks Cyber News, the recent breaches and more.

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  • Open phones for CTT, lots of conspiracies to dive into...Later Professor Paul Kengor, his latest is the Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism.

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  • I talk with local hypnotherapist Tom Silver - Could the Vegas killer have been hypnotized against his will to do the evil deeds? Later, a really interesting gala for redemption ridge Saturday at MillionAir!

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  • Joel Skousen, editor of WORLD AFFAIRS BRIEF (email for free sample) Conspiracies that Trump is ignoring, co-opted? Joel's take on Vegas, later segment with Timber Products, great openings there.

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  • Are the feds to crack down on cannabis via water cutoffs? Developing story with Greg Roberts. Crimestoppers with Lt. Curtis, your calls.

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  • Open phones, later a great talk with Robin Fuller, E.D. of the Grants Pass Pregnancy Center - gundraising gala next Thu Fri Sat - 541-479-6264 to RSVP

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  • Open phones, Rick Manning is on later from Americans for Limited Government - Trump's judge picks getting slow-walked in the Senate could be a problem.

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  • Open phones for the hour

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  • Bounty Hunter Jason Delgado - Vegas reax, life as a sniper, later MRC breaksdown the interesting media coverage of the tragedy.

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  • More cryptocurrency How-To with J. Austin's Mark Hutto, Advanced Air and Metal in later in the hour for their business segment. Sweet deals and more.

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  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, open phones and topics.

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  • Dr. Powers with local history and other news, We also catch up with the Wildlife Images folks - Critter Car fundraiser on right now.

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  • Shootings everywhere, we cover it. Eric Peters at EP Autos breaksdown CA wanting to ban the car engine...would this spread? Our own Bryce Burtner live from Las Vegas, he survives the Mandalay Massacre