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Download 08-16-17_WED_7AM  08-16-2017 (14.5 MB)


  • I catch up with Captain William E. Simpson and the latest developments of his Wild Horse Fire Fighting Brigade plan, Crimestoppers and other issues. o get

Download 08-16-17_WED_8AM  08-16-2017 (14.61 MB)


  • Author and scholar Dinesh D'Souza joins me...we talk about who are the REAL fascists. His new book, THE BIG LIE. Open phones, and a Brittfest catchup with Mike G., too.

Download 08-16-17_WED_6AM  08-16-2017 (14.01 MB)


  • The press conference and other news of the day, your calls and more!

Download 08-15-17_TUE_6AM  08-15-2017 (14.27 MB)


  • Into the day's stories, and the rise of the American Taliban in Durham and elsewhere. Later, the push for a carbon tax, again...really?

Download 08-15-17_TUE_8AM  08-15-2017 (15.24 MB)


  • Open phones then a great talk with local B-Movie and BURN NOTICE star Bruce Campbell. Sgt. Jeff Proulx from OSP - Eclipse day preparations underway.

Download 08-15-17_TUE_7AM  08-15-2017 (17.6 MB)


  • The mortgage popaganda story in, later it's Mr. X with a post-Cory-Crebbins reexamination of local transportation policy. You will ride buses and like it...or else.

Download 08-14-17_MON_6AM  08-14-2017 (14.59 MB)


  • Charlottsville and the erasing of history, other news of the days and your calls

Download 08-14-17_MON_7AM  08-14-2017 (20.12 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, then Medford Public Works Director Cory Crebbin talks with me on the Transportation Plan, Road Diets, does it make sense?

Download 08-14-17_MON_8AM  08-14-2017 (15.69 MB)


  • Guests include Dr. Powers, later SOPTV wants to start and film a local discussion on the Vietnam War, and North Medford High School's Robert Black and Reyna Kirschel with more on the next Monday Eclipse project!

Download 08-11-17_FRI_7AM  08-11-2017 (15.85 MB)


  • 08-11-17_FRI_7AM

Download 08-11-17_FRI_8AM  08-11-2017 (16.33 MB)


  • 08-11-17_FRI_8AM

Download 08-11-17_FRI_6AM  08-11-2017 (14.18 MB)


  • 08-11-17_FRI_6AM

Download 08-10-17_THU_6AM  08-10-2017 (15.64 MB)


  • Open phones, later Dr. Matt Briggs from, writes how he believes diversity as currently practiced is NOT a strength.

Download 08-10-17_THU_7AM  08-10-2017 (14 MB)


  • Rep. and Dr. Knute Buehler talks a OHP dustup with Governor Brown, what he would do as governor, now that he's a candidate, other issue, open phones later.

Download 08-10-17_THU_8AM  08-10-2017 (15.28 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, later a talk with Sue Aikens from NatGeo's Life Below Zero, also an update on the Oregon Wine Experience.

Download 08-09-17_WED_8AM  08-09-2017 (15.52 MB)


  • Local author James DeMeo talks with me about his book detailing the bloodthirsty statements of socialist and commie founders, also we dig into the climate change issue, James is a climate scientist. Mike G. from Britt, big wrap for Orchestra season here!

Download 08-09-17_WED_7AM  08-09-2017 (14.19 MB)


  • The problem? Massive fake goods imported into the U.S. What to look for? I break it down with my CofC guest in DC, Sal blows the whistle on Gov. Brown's trashing of local projects, Crimestoppers, too.

Download 08-09-17_WED_6AM  08-09-2017 (13.5 MB)


  • Morning stories and talk including N. Korea...president going about this correctly?

Download 08-08-17_TUE_6AM  08-08-2017 (14.31 MB)


  • Stories of the morning, Road Diet, google engineer caught and fired, later the breakdown on President Trumps new RAISE immigration bill from Dan Stein at

Download 08-08-17_TUE_7AM  08-08-2017 (14.73 MB)


  • Social Justice warriors invade the hard sciences...could be a problem? Best trades for a high school grad? Rep. Esquivel weighs in on that and more later.

Download 08-08-17_TUE_8AM  08-08-2017 (16.49 MB)


  • Down the Rabbit Hole I go with Ed, Mr. X...into the documents for the City of Medford's Transportation Plan...where did the road diets, traffic calming, restrictions on parkingm, all these incursions come from? Look in this document to start.

Download 08-07-17_MON_7AM  08-07-2017 (15.16 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, Rick Manning at Americans for Limited Government...Monday morning SWAMP UPDATE. Why hasn't the Prez fired McMasters? Road Diet, Park plan in Phoenix

Download 08-07-17_MON_8AM  08-07-2017 (14.9 MB)


  • Dr. Powers talks history of Blackstone, economic news, and open phones on this crazy Medford Road Diet plan, Phoenix Parks land...really needed?

Download 08-07-17_MON_6AM  08-07-2017 (15.68 MB)


  • Great birthday gift I received...know anyone else who is colorblind? Road diet follies, Austin Ruse joins me later, his excellent new book FAKE SCIENCE - Exposing the Left's skewed statistics, fuzzy facts and dodgy data.

Download 08-04-17_FRI_8AM  08-04-2017 (17.74 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour!

Download 08-04-17_FRI_6AM  08-04-2017 (14 MB)


  • Hope Village, other news of the days, Dr. Keith Kantor joins me...the rise of MARIJUANA MOMS, he doesn't think it's a good trend, offers nutritional program to treat addictions

Download 08-04-17_FRI_7AM  08-04-2017 (14.74 MB)


  • Outdoor and fire report with Greg Roberts, later it's Rachel Alexander, former Arizona Assistant A.G., reporting from, the Sheriff Joe Arpaio case, what's next.

Download 08-03-17_THU_6AM  08-03-2017 (15.98 MB)


  • Open phones and stories, Mike G. updates Britt, too.

Download 08-03-17_THU_7AM  08-03-2017 (14.95 MB)


  • How to fix PERS? Some interesting thoughts from George Mason University legal scholar Scott Shepard, Senator DeBoer reacts to some of Shepard's PERS thoughts, updates us on townhalls and more.

Download 08-03-17_THU_8AM  08-03-2017 (16.53 MB)


  • Chris Wick joins me from Hunter Communications for a business segment. Fiber internet, PBX hosting, keeping businesses connected FAST! Open phones follow.

Download 08-02-17_WED_8AM  08-03-2017 (21.02 MB)


  • Congressman Greg Walden in studio talking healthcare reform, the monument, other big issues. Open phones follow.the issues. Open phones follow

Download 08-02-17_WED_6AM  08-02-2017 (14.52 MB)


  • Open phones...would Kim Jong Un give up his nukes?(I don't think so) Later, we dig into the Debbie Wasserman Shultz scandal with the lead counsel at

Download 08-02-17_WED_7AM  08-02-2017 (18.08 MB)


  • Open phones, Crimestoppers and camera cop talk.

Download 08-01-17_TUE_8AM  08-01-2017 (16.26 MB)


  • Is it important or desireable for Medford to be cool...plenty of your calls on this. Meanwhile a great business talk with Advanced Air and Metal about how to keep your cooling system working better in all this heat.

Download 08-01-17_TUE_6AM  08-01-2017 (14.55 MB)


  • Dog Bite stupidity sign, other news of the morning, also the fight to restore your email privacy...This is important, more from Tom Giovanetti from

Download 08-01-17_TUE_7AM  08-01-2017 (15.21 MB)


  • The fight to bring down Oregon's Sanctuary City Status, I talk with Tom Ludwick from Oregonians for Immigration Reform, and how wild horses can help fight wildfires, another visit with No Cal's Capt William E. Simpson

Download 07-31-17_MON_8AM  07-31-2017 (15.7 MB)


  • Dr. Powers visiting past and present, we talk the true history of UFO sightings in the Rogue Valley...and then the fun begins, and your calls.

Download 07-31-17_MON_6AM  07-31-2017 (16.03 MB)


  • Open phones, some country crossing recap, classic cars, Rick Manning talks the Swamp Update from Americans for Limited Government, Kelly, the sanctions, there's a lot going on.

Download 07-31-17_MON_7AM  07-31-2017 (16.67 MB)


  • Outdoor report, fire news and more with Greg Roberts, then Charlie Fisher talks with me from Environment Oregon falling behind in renewable energy?

Download 07-28-17_FRI_7AM  07-28-2017 (14.41 MB)


  • Outdoor report and fire talk with Greg Roberts, Pot rule controversy in JoCo - Guests are Mark Seligman and Sandra Cassenelli.

Download 07-28-17_FRI_6AM  07-28-2017 (14.98 MB)


  • Open phones, later I talk with environmental policy expert Paul Driesen from - just how sustainable are the green energy plans.

Download 07-28-17_FRI_8AM  07-28-2017 (16.68 MB)


  • Parental rights under assault? I talk with the Stream's Rachel Alexander about the Charlie Gard case, possible spread to the U.S.? Open phones, then Megan and Margaret stop in from the Springs at Anna Marie.

Download 07-27-17_THU_8AM  07-27-2017 (15.98 MB)


  • Patrick Wood, author of Technocracy Rising, how to recognize this ideology permeating our sustainable development policies, and how to fight it. Open phones later.

Download 07-27-17_THU_6AM  07-27-2017 (15.01 MB)


  • Open phones, Mat Staver at Liberty Council talks with me re the Trump Transgender ban tweet and LC's fight for religious liberty in the military.

Download 07-27-17_THU_7AM  07-27-2017 (15.06 MB)


  • Open phones then Rep. Sal Esquivel - legislative session post-mortem and what's next.

Download 07-26-17_WED_8AM  07-26-2017 (15.91 MB)


  • 07-26-17_WED_8AM

Download 07-26-17_WED_7AM  07-26-2017 (15.11 MB)


  • 07-26-17_WED_7AM

Download 07-26-17_WED_6AM  07-26-2017 (13.75 MB)


  • 07-26-17_WED_6AM

Download 07-25-17_TUE_7AM  07-25-2017 (15.45 MB)


  • open phones, would you chip for a job? What about cultural appropriation? A talk with Sen. Dennis Linthicum, too...Salem post-mortem.

Download 07-25-17_TUE_6AM  07-25-2017 (13.89 MB)


  • Open phones start, later I talk with Dave Ray from about the latest immigration amnesty proposals, where it's headed.

Download 07-25-17_TUE_8AM  07-25-2017 (16.22 MB)


  • My guest is Will Reishman - We talk the dangerous times re foreign policy for President Trump, and how the war-friendly GOP, the neoconservatives, are now buddying up to the Democratic party...once again.

Download 07-24-17_MON_6AM  07-24-2017 (13.32 MB)


  • Open phones start, later Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government - Sessions, Scaramucci, good developments?

Download 07-24-17_MON_7AM  07-24-2017 (13.99 MB)


  • Outdoor report and fire talk with Greg Roberts and myself, Robert Spencer, director of JIHAD WATCH - new book out from him today detailing the free speech attacks waged through radical jihad.

Download 07-24-17_MON_8AM  07-24-2017 (16.87 MB)


  • Dr. Powers and visiting past and present segment...the BEAVER COIN is today's topic. I talk a bit more about the MPD story.

Download 07-20-17_THU_6AM  07-20-2017 (15.51 MB)


  • Open phones, stories of the morning. Then a talk with auto journalist Eric Peters at expanding to make having a hiding cubby in your car is the same as being a criminal? Massachusetts already does this.

Download 07-20-17_THU_7AM  07-20-2017 (15.21 MB)


  • Catherine, a VA whistleblower, talks with me about her experience in the California and Florida VA system as a nurse practitioner. Catherine is holding a support group meeting for other whistelblowers Saturday at noon, the Boardroom in Grants Pass.

Download 07-20-17_THU_8AM  07-20-2017 (14.56 MB)


  • I talk with Mark Seligman in Grants Pass about the drive for more cannabis rules and regs, other calls on that and varioius topics.

Download 07-19-17_WED_6AM  07-19-2017 (13.67 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour, the dog shooting, leash laws, O-Care and more.

Download 07-19-17_WED_7AM  07-19-2017 (15.75 MB)


  • Guest is Tom Harris - Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition. What Trump is doing right and wrong re energy and climate policy. Crimestoppers and crime talk with MPD's Lt. Justin Ivens

Download 07-19-17_WED_8AM  07-19-2017 (14.87 MB)


  • Dr. Jane Orient is my guest on the latest healthcare reform repeals/replace, or are they pushing for single payer? Open phones then Mike G. with a Brittfest update.

Download 07-14-17_FRI_8AM  07-14-2017 (15.35 MB)


  • Open Phones for the hour

Download 07-14-17_FRI_7AM  07-14-2017 (14.96 MB)


  • Open phones, later in the show Jeff Hunt from the Western Conservative Summit.

Download 07-14-17_FRI_6AM  07-14-2017 (15.76 MB)


  • 07-14-17_FRI_6AM

Download 07-13-17_THU_8AM  07-13-2017 (17.38 MB)


  • Mark Unger from Sky Lakes Media talks about his Exit 24 experience and video, open phones follow

Download 07-13-17_THU_7AM  07-13-2017 (15.69 MB)


  • Open phones, Capt. William E. Simpson later updates last week's story on his proposal to have wild horses help in wildfire suppression and helping reduce prion diseases in deer and elk, too.

Download 07-13-17_THU_6AM  07-13-2017 (15.99 MB)


  • Open phones, later it's Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center - Destruction of books and the rise of electronic information. Could our real stories and history be erased or changed without our knowledge?

Download 07-12-17_WED_8AM  07-12-2017 (16.21 MB)


  • Eagle Point girl's Babe Ruth fast pitch softball headed to the world series, needs your help. Open phones, we talk Britt with Mike G., too.

Download 07-12-17_WED_6AM  07-12-2017 (15.16 MB)


  • Open phones, Craig Richardson, Energy and Environment Legal Institutee talks with me about the big gang green money sloshing through and distorting politics.

Download 07-12-17_WED_7AM  07-12-2017 (15.33 MB)


  • Appraiser Roy Wright and I talk the hot housing markets, Crimestoppers and more.

Download 07-11-17_TUE_8AM  07-11-2017 (15.92 MB)


  • The man who died in the Exit 24 head-on, Ellis Feinstein, was an incredible man, other topics. Advanced Air and Metal Caring is Cool contest and more HVAC talk from Randal and Brent, too.

Download 07-11-17_TUE_7AM  07-11-2017 (13.64 MB)


  • More Phoenix interchange discussion and other topics, Sal Esquivel recaps the good and bad of the 2017 session.

Download 07-11-17_TUE_6AM  07-11-2017 (14.57 MB)


  • Open stories of the morning, I talk with Eric Peters about Volvo going green...NO regular engine? Corporate sepukka.

Download 07-10-17_MON_6AM  07-10-2017 (15.69 MB)


  • Runner chewed up by unleashed dogs, country club down, home prices up 12 percent, connection? Other open topics, too.

Download 07-10-17_MON_8AM  07-10-2017 (16.19 MB)


  • Visiting Past and Present with Dr. Powers, I also talk with a great N. Medford High teacher and student about the upcoming eclipse mania.

Download 07-10-17_MON_7AM  07-10-2017 (16.29 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, then Kevin Starrett and I break down the Bloombergy evilness of Senate Bill 719A...just call it the Government Gun Theft Act of 2017.

Download 07-07-17_FRI_8AM  07-07-2017 (16.66 MB)


  • SOPTV putting on a great veterans series starting Monday, Tony Cox talks with me about his push to push back against Uber.

Download 07-07-17_FRI_6AM  07-07-2017 (14.08 MB)


  • Open phones and stories, Dan Gainor joins me later from MRC, Trump's tweet blasts open the Charlie Gard story.

Download 07-07-17_FRI_7AM  07-07-2017 (15.25 MB)


  • Outdoor Report, I talk with the E.D. of Joe's Ministry re their fundraiser tomorrow, Senator DeBoer, too...last day of the session...thank goodness.

Download 07-06-17_THU_6AM  07-06-2017 (15.4 MB)


  • Awww, isn't that cute...SOU dumps Columbus Day for the Indigenous, other news, Charlie Gard talk with the Stream's Liberty McArtor.

Download 07-06-17_THU_8AM  07-06-2017 (15.53 MB)


  • Money guy Andy Gause talks with Bill re gold silver, Universal Basic phones follow.

Download 07-06-17_THU_7AM  07-06-2017 (15.79 MB)


  • I talk with Capt. William E. Simpson...makes a case for letting wild horses fight wildfire-feeding brush growth. Ambassador to Slovenia Brent Hartley - he's from Medford, and Slovenia is First Lady Trump's home country.

Download 06-29-17_THU_6AM  06-29-2017 (19.35 MB)


  • Day 2 feet to the fire kicks off with Cong. Mo Brooks, the shooting, immigration, running for Senate now. Immigration and high tech work expert John Miano, author of SOLD OUT (w/Michelle Malkin) Michelle Root, lost her daughter to an illegal alien.

Download 06-29-17_THU_7AM  06-29-2017 (19.5 MB)


  • My guests are Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers magazine,, future and health of the 1st amendment, Congressman Steve King's push for immigration policies that enhance the economic, social, and cultural well-being of the U.S.A.

Download 06-29-17_THU_8AM  06-29-2017 (20.04 MB)


  • Chri Chmielenski of NumbersUSA, more than just immigration enforcement, they fight for, and demonstrate the case for REDUCING legal immigration to half of current levels. Later it's part 2 of my talk with Cong. Greg Walden and Cong. Trey Gowdy.

Download 06-28-17_WED_8AM  06-28-2017 (19.99 MB)


  • Former Congressman Tom Tancredo tells all on the betrayal against conservatives, how the swamp swallows even the most principled. Robert Spencer, bestselling author and director of Jihad Watch - Wow, immigration and radical Islam, great info.

Download 06-28-17_WED_7AM  06-28-2017 (19.94 MB)


  • Blogger, conservative icon Michelle Malkin with her take on the immigration story, Mary Ann Mendoza, whose son Brandon died at the hands of an illegal immigrant, Cong. Lou Barletta of PA, small town mayor rides immigration reform to Congress!

Download 06-28-17_WED_6AM  06-28-2017 (17.99 MB)


  • Live in Washington DC. Guests include Ira Melman, and the purpose of these immigration broadcasts. Part 1 of my interview with Cong. Greg Walden and Trey Gowdy. Matt O'Brien of FAIR takes a deep dive on extreme vetting. REALLY interesting.

Download 06-23-17_FRI_8AM  06-23-2017 (21.8 MB)


  • Open phones, then a talk with Meghan and Margaret from the Springs at Anna apartments there, and Jay Reese and drivers from this weekend's Rooster Crow Races in Rogue River.

Download 06-23-17_FRI_6AM  06-23-2017 (16.54 MB)


  • Morning news and stories, Dr. Merrill Matthews from about healthcare bill Version Two?

Download 06-23-17_FRI_7AM  06-23-2017 (18.09 MB)


  • Outdoor report then open phones.

Download 06-22-17_THU_6AM  06-22-2017 (15.44 MB)


  • News of the morning, the Josh Moulin 2 MILLION lawsuit against Central Point...I break down some salient points, then Jim Ludwick, Oregonians for Immigration Reform. The fight against more sanctuary cities!

Download 06-22-17_THU_7AM  06-22-2017 (14.04 MB)


  • Open phones, Red light Cams to SPEED ticket you now? Sen. DeBoer with an update on the legislative session.

Download 06-22-17_THU_8AM  06-22-2017 (15.69 MB)


  • Will Reishman and I talk the possibility of U.S. recession, other $ topics, and what's with Syria and the Russia daily hate?

Download 06-21-17_WED_6AM  06-21-2017 (13.91 MB)


  • News of the day, ban travel to N. Korea? Nah, be responsible, and free. Cybersecurity brain John Bambenek joins me, what about that GOP data breach, a danger?

Download 06-21-17_WED_7AM  06-21-2017 (12.85 MB)


  • Should we be REinstituting insanse asylums? That and other topics in our open phones segment, later Crimestoppers with Lt. Curtis

Download 06-20-17_TUE_6AM  06-20-2017 (14.16 MB)


  • Open phones, later we talk that SCOTUS offensive trademark case with Hannah Smith, senior Counsel at Becket, a non-profit group protecting religious liberty.

Download 06-20-17_TUE_7AM  06-20-2017 (14.91 MB)


  • Open phones, then a talk with Curt Hadley, local ham operator. Both amateur radio clubs putting on FIELD DAY this weekend at Science Works in Ashland. Great hobby for emergency communications.

Download 06-20-17_TUE_8AM  06-20-2017 (17.3 MB)


  • Donald Devine, senior scholar at The Fund for American Studies, who served as President Ronald Reagan's director of OPM. We talk evaluating the president and how intellectual conservatives should lighten up. Open phones follow.

Download 06-19-17_MON_7AM  06-19-2017 (15.49 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, other news...the war on diesels continues, THIS time on Fiat-Chrysler. Eric Peters from breaks it down.

Download 06-19-17_MON_6AM  06-19-2017 (14.14 MB)


  • Open phones and stories, later in the hour, former FBI undercover agent Marc Ruskin and his new book THE PRETENDER: MY LIFE UNDERCOVER FOR THE FBI

Download 06-19-17_MON_8AM  06-19-2017 (16.36 MB)


  • Dr. Powers history segment, Crater Lake this time, other news and views for the hour.

Download 06-16-17_FRI_7AM  06-16-2017 (14.51 MB)


  • Outdoor report and more with Greg Roberts, open phones.

Download 06-16-17_FRI_6AM  06-16-2017 (14.61 MB)


  • Open phones, then to my guest later in the hour, Steve Milloy, senior fellow with the Energy and Environment Legal Institute, and author of Scare Pollution: Why and How to Fix the EPA. Today - PM 2.5 science is NOT settled...imagine that.

Download 06-16-17_FRI_8AM  06-16-2017 (15.95 MB)


  • Dr. Robin Miller & Asante's Katie Ortlip are in studio – Next Saturday June 24th at the Smullin Center, the Health and Wellness from Start to Finish seminar. Later, Goodlette Automotive and Medford Drag Strip team to help a 5 yr old boy with liver cancer

Download 06-15-17_THU_6AM  06-15-2017 (13.17 MB)


  • Lunch shaming bill, and other news irritating me...sorry, it's Thursday ;-) Dr. Bob Arnot joins me later, author of THE COFFEE DIET. The science saying great things about coffee's health benefit.

Download 06-15-17_THU_7AM  06-15-2017 (14.31 MB)


  • I talk the DC baseball shooting with Larry Pratt at Gunowners of America, later it's Siskiyou Cty Sheriff Jon Lopey, not in favor of relaxing commercial pot grows, which the BoS discusses Tuesday.

Download 06-15-17_THU_8AM  06-15-2017 (15.19 MB)


  • What about that latest Corp gross receipts tax in Salem? Hey, it's only 2 billion a year out of the economy. Uh-Huh...Bringing clarity to this is Econmoics Professor Fruits. Open phones follow.

Download 06-14-17_WED_6AM  06-14-2017 (14.49 MB)


  • The DC shootings, the Sessions session, talking with American's for Limited Government's Rick Manning about it and more, open phones.Rick Manning with

Download 06-14-17_WED_8AM  06-14-2017 (14.56 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 06-14-17_WED_7AM  06-14-2017 (14.95 MB)


  • When can you NOT tell congress what it wants to know? (more from Sessions Testimony) We discuss it with Dr. Steven Greenleaf, Crimestoppers on, with MPD's Deputy Chief Scott Clauson.

Download 06-13-17_TUE_7AM  06-13-2017 (14.53 MB)


  • It's a Salem update hour on your taxes, Dem control, Republican resistance...first with Senator Linthicum, later with State Rep. Sal Esquivel

Download 06-13-17_TUE_8AM  06-13-2017 (14.65 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 06-13-17_TUE_6AM  06-13-2017 (12.35 MB)


  • Headlines, inspirational story of Hedrick Middle School 12-y.o. worth reading, there's propaganda not getting busted by the MSM pushing Syrian war...I discuss this with a reporter.

Download 06-12-17_MON_7AM  06-12-2017 (16.92 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, we dig into the NATO controversy with Dr. Steven Greenleaf, and Medford City Councillor Kevin Stine talks homeless, other pressing issues.

Download 06-12-17_MON_6AM  06-12-2017 (13.9 MB)


  • Headlines of the day, and then I talk with Jonathan Goldsmith, the former Dos Equis Most Interesting Man...interesting life story. Open phones follow.

Download 06-12-17_MON_8AM  06-12-2017 (16.35 MB)


  • Dr. Powers and I profile Mt. McLoughlin history segment, some open phones start, and what's up with the SOU 1.9 million gone missing?

Download 06-09-17_FRI_7AM  06-09-2017 (15.56 MB)


  • Outdoor Report then Matt Whittaker from, and he's a former federal prosecutor who knew James Comey, with more analysis. Mr. X and I talk the damage to local business in Phoenix due to the traffic plan.

Download 06-09-17_FRI_8AM  06-09-2017 (17.54 MB)


  • More on fighting the state influence on local traffic problems, we also discuss fundraisers for friends of the animal shelter and Both very good causes.

Download 06-09-17_FRI_6AM  06-09-2017 (13.36 MB)


  • I talk the Comey testimony with Rachel Alexander, Senior Editor at the STREAM.ORG, open phones folllow.

Download 06-08-17_THU_8AM  06-08-2017 (13.92 MB)


  • Phoenix Road Diet pushback - guests are Mayor Chris Luz and Councilman Terry Baker.

Download 06-08-17_THU_6AM  06-08-2017 (13.98 MB)


  • Comey, other news of the day, Jim Welsh from Parents Rights in Education - More on the Social Security Number Fraud perpetrated by Oregon Health Authority

Download 06-08-17_THU_7AM  06-08-2017 (13.86 MB)


  • Legislative updates this hour from both Rep. Duane Stark and state senator Alan DeBoer

Download 06-07-17_WED_7AM  06-07-2017 (15.33 MB)


  • 06-07-17_WED_7AM

Download 06-07-17_WED_6AM  06-07-2017 (14.02 MB)


  • 06-07-17_WED_6AM

Download 06-07-17_WED_8AM  06-07-2017 (14.37 MB)


  • 06-07-17_WED_8AM

Download 06-06-17_TUE_6AM  06-06-2017 (13.77 MB)


  • Open phones and stories, later I talk with Jim Fotis Executive Director of the Law Enforcement Alliance of America, time to arm the UK cops?

Download 06-06-17_TUE_8AM  06-06-2017 (15.8 MB)


  • Dr. Power visiting past and present, we talk the travel ban, more, Business segment with Advanced Air and Metal - They're looking for people deserving of $300 prizes to help fix HVAC systems.

Download 06-06-17_TUE_7AM  06-06-2017 (14.88 MB)


  • Outdoor report and more. Jim Pasero, talk host, writes the amazing OREGON TRANSFORMATION newsletter magazine.

Download 06-02-17_FRI_7AM  06-02-2017 (17.46 MB)


  • Outdoor Report, we catch up with JoCo Community Library folks, John Charles at, more on Trump, and Mayor Chris Luz of Phoeninx - BIG meeting Monday night ...time to roll back the road diet?

Download 06-02-17_FRI_6AM  06-02-2017 (15.96 MB)


  • We're live from the Armory in Grants Pass today. Rick Manning my first guest from Americans for Limited Government, the Trump climate pullout. open phones, Miner Dave drops by - protesting at the planning meeting today in JoCo.

Download 06-02-17_FRI_8AM  06-02-2017 (14.08 MB)


  • Sheriff Dave Daniel - What's next for JoCo public safety? Open phones and more.

Download 06-01-17_THU_6AM  06-01-2017 (14.24 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, I talk with Lauren Fix the Car Coach...a bipartisan bill might unshackle car companies from the gang green handcuffs.

Download 06-01-17_THU_8AM  06-01-2017 (15.96 MB)


  • Open phones, later Chris Dennett and crew from Medford Beer Week. It starts today, YAAA!

Download 06-01-17_THU_7AM  06-01-2017 (14.64 MB)


  • Jim Welsh returns from Parents Rights in Education - followup on Tuesday's story. Now the OHA admits they helped teens commit fraud on the health system. Tom Harris from International Climate Science Coalition - the Trump climate announcement.

Download 05-31-17_WED_6AM  05-31-2017 (13.86 MB)


  • Kathy Griffin's joke falls flat, should there be a penalty? Your calls on the news of the day. I talk with the Stream's Dr. John Zmirak about cultural appropriation controversy...will it lead to cultural separatism?

Download 05-31-17_WED_7AM  05-31-2017 (14.29 MB)


  • State Senator Dennis Linthicum - SB28 passes, a stealth tax increase. How can this be, given that money measures are to come from the HOUSE? Crimestoppers and homeless talk with Lt. Kerry Curtis.

Download 05-31-17_WED_8AM  05-31-2017 (13.29 MB)


  • Former DEA/DOJ investigator Thomas Martin joins me, author of Seeing Life through Private Eyes: Secrets from America's Top Investigator to Living Safer, Smarter, and Saner. Later I catch up on BrittFest with Mike G.!

Download 05-26-17_FRI_7AM  05-31-2017 (15.4 MB)


  • 05-26-17_FRI_7AM

Download 05-26-17_FRI_6AM  05-31-2017 (14.17 MB)


  • 05-26-17_FRI_6AM

Download 05-26-17_FRI_8AM  05-31-2017 (14.72 MB)


  • 05-26-17_FRI_8AM

Download 05-30-17_TUE_6AM  05-30-2017 (13.04 MB)


  • Morning news of the day, the MAX train attack and more, open phones.

Download 05-30-17_TUE_7AM  05-30-2017 (14.38 MB)


  • Jim Welsh joins me from Parents Rights in Education, is the Oregon Health Authority encouraging teens to commit fraud in order to get birth control for free that they're not entitled to? Open phones follow.

Download 05-30-17_TUE_8AM  05-30-2017 (12.96 MB)


  • Airport Director Bern Case joins me to talk the American Airlines addition to Medford International, open phones, then Caleb LePlant from GP rotary, their balloon and kite fest this weekend!

Download 04-28-17_FRI_6AM  05-26-2017 (17.45 MB)


  • 04-28-17_FRI_6AM

Download 04-28-17_FRI_8AM  05-26-2017 (18.29 MB)


  • 04-28-17_FRI_8AM

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  • 04-28-17_FRI_7AM

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  • 05-22-17_MON_7AM

Download 05-25-17_THU_6AM  05-26-2017 (14.49 MB)


  • 05-25-17_THU_6AM

Download 05-22-17_MON_8AM  05-26-2017 (18.83 MB)


  • 05-22-17_MON_8AM

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  • 05-25-17_THU_8AM

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  • 05-22-17_MON_6AM

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  • 05-02-17_TUE_6AM

Download 05-24-17_WED_6AM  05-26-2017 (14.29 MB)


  • 05-24-17_WED_6AM

Download 05-23-17_TUE_8AM  05-26-2017 (14.11 MB)


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Download 05-25-17_THU_7AM  05-25-2017 (15.24 MB)


  • 05-25-17_THU_7AM

Download 05-24-17_WED_6AM  05-24-2017 (14.21 MB)


  • Open phones and stories, the homeless issue, other stories. Dave Ray joins me from, Pres. Trump's budget only 1.6 billion for the wall? What's happening here, amigo?

Download 05-24-17_WED_7AM  05-24-2017 (15.03 MB)


  • Open phones, Crimestoppers and more.

Download 05-24-17_WED_8AM  05-24-2017 (15.07 MB)


  • Dr. matthews from, we talk about the fired Ford CEO...sacrificed on Obama's Utopian green agenda? Open phones follow.

Download 05-23-17_TUE_6AM  05-23-2017 (13.36 MB)


  • News of the day, terror attacks, more. Rick Manning from ALG - Trump's budget a good deal, if Congress let's it happen!

Download 05-23-17_TUE_7AM  05-23-2017 (14.75 MB)


  • Equal Pay we really need an Oregon version? Later it's Rep. Esquivel reporting on the salem session, taxes on hold, Republicans united.

Download 05-23-17_TUE_8AM  05-23-2017 (14.29 MB)


  • I talk with Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms - Big Omnibus is a Big Gun Grab on the second amendment, and we discuss the fight, open phones follow.

Download 05-22-17_MON_7AM  05-22-2017 (16.02 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and then I get the AZURE farm side of the story with David Cross, who is their marketing director. Azure is an organic farm in Sherman Cty, having troubles with noxious weeds, they don't want sprayed.

Download 05-22-17_MON_6AM  05-22-2017 (13.43 MB)


  • Morning stories, later Dan Perkins talks the Trump middle east trip, terror concerns.

Download 05-22-17_MON_8AM  05-22-2017 (18.76 MB)


  • Dr. Powers visiting past and present on the history of our zip line, and then it's news and economics@!