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Listen to the Bill Meyer Show, weekdays 6am-9am.  With National news from Fox News Radio, and local news from NBC 5.

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  • Open phones, later in the hour it's Julie Gunlock from - great talk on the Scouts rollover.


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  • Paul from Talent is my guest - looking for love overseas. What does he think is wrong with USA females? Ken Trautman from Peoples Bank - Good earnings, much of it due to an acquisition of Steelhead Finance - money news.


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  • Open phones and stories, Crimestoppers and more


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  • Talking 'bout the news, including the burger skewer lawsuit. Hmmm, where could that lead, huh? Jim Ludwick has details of a initiative to roll back the sanctuary state law in Oregon. Emails and more.


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  • Interesting talk with Dr. Paul Nathanson, author of Spreading Misandry - The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture. Curry Co Commissioner Court Boice - Post Chetco fire update.


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  • Mark Hutto and I talk more on the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies. Yep, it's a real thing. Daniel Zene Crowe here, working to help veterans in the legal world, Alzheimer Walk people looking for your help, too.


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  • Stories of the morning, I question the lack of curiousity from the MSM re witnesses to the Vegas massacre. Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government and I talk the healthcare E.O., a pretty good week for the President.


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  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, a Dyslexia seminar Tuesday evening in Medford. Healthcare reform Executive Order? Mixed reviews with Dr. Merrill Matthews, resident scholar at the Instititute for Policy Innovation.


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  • Dr. Powers history profile os Matt Ross, Cannes Film Festival Award Winner, other news, open phones.


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  • How to fight bullies? Your calls on that and other news. Dan Skudstad from the Daily Courier - Want to profile EVERY veteran in s. Oregon, Catching up with the Antique Show this weekend and more.


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  • SOU is far do we go to help those with learning disabilities? Your calls on that and other news.


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  • Outdoor report, fire and other news with Greg Roberts, Megan Flowers updates us on Sanctuary One's situation,open phones and more.


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  • Open phones...Dead Indian Mem road hearing thoughts, Eric Peters - GM travails, and car reviewers who take stuff from Tesla in exchange for referrals?


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  • Patrick Wood, author of Technocracy Rising, how doctors are coming to realize that technocracy is out to destroy them, what to do. Open phones follow


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  • Former Navy Seal and author Matt Bracken joins me...we talk his new novel The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun (must read) terror, Vegas, and more. State Sen. Deboer - serious about fire policy changes in Salem?


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  • CApt. William E. Simpson makes a case for keeping the Klamath dams, using environmental principles. JCConcerts putting on a great Gershwin concert Sunday, and a talk with Umpqua Dairy's COO, they're up for TWO big national awards.


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  • Open phones, pot talk, down with administrative tyranny, Crimestoppers with Lt. Justin Ivens, clarifying the new phone law and more.


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  • Thinking of Napa and other news of the day. Activist Mark Seligman talks with me about the problem he sees with the Pot Patrol proposal from the Josephine County Commission.


Download 10-10-17_TUE_6AM  10-10-2017 (14.41 MB)

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  • Open phones, later Ohio State Professor Gleb Tsipursky fights fake news, asking citizens, politicians, public and media figures to take the Pro Truth Pledge.


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  • Outdoor report and news with Greg Roberts, open phones for the rest of the hour