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Listen to the Bill Meyer Show, weekdays 6am-9am.  With National news from Fox News Radio, and local news from NBC 5.

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  • GOP gubernatorial candidate Bruce Cuff joins the show for an issues talk, open phones follow


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  • Investigative reporter Ben Swann - he's back with independent funding, telling more truth than ever, later authentic illusionist Jay Owenhouse talks his act (at the Craterian Saturday) Life with the big cats and more.


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  • Open phones start the hour, later a talk with men's advocate Karen Straughan, a contributor to, and we discuss where the balance comes in the current MeToo culture.


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  • Ben Buchta, military vet, having trouble making a firearm purchase...a big box store problem? Later JC concerts folks are here, Steven Van Haeuwert show this Sunday - amazing pianist.


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  • Religious group in Portland is coming after the AR-15 and large capacity magazines for all, we discuss, including naysayer Cindy, who questions the need.


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  • Morning stories and news, later Julie Poner discuss reforms she thinks needs made to the Violence Against Women Act - Did you know a foreign national in a domestic case is automatically presumed a victim? Instant no deportation.


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  • Morning stories and news, Dr. Jerome Corsi joins me later in the hour, he writes of the deep state threat to the Presidency in his latest book, KILL THE DEEP STATE.


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  • Is the China world inevitable? Not so, according to financial author and reporter McMahon, author of CHINA'S GREAT WALL OF DEBT: Shadow Banks, Ghost Cities, Massive Loans, and the End of the Chinese Miracle


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  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, later, I talk the LUBA rejection of Jo County's cannabis ordinance with property rights and cannabis activist Mark Seligman


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  • Eric Windheim – EMF specialist – discussing the smart meter battle and EMF pollution, Crimestoppers with Lt. Ivens, too.


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  • GOP gubernatorial candidate Knute Buehler talks issues, answers listener questions, open phones follow


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  • Last night's 3rd SD GOP candidates talk, later author and literacy advocate Danielle Vann, author of the Whizbang Machine...literacy rates falling, what's up with this?


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  • The school protests for Wednesday...who is in charge here? Melissa Henson from has an interesting take on violence after attending a summit at the White House last week.


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  • Outdoor Report with Greg your meter already read remotely? If so, why does PacificCorp charge for an opt-out smart meter read? Later, Gregory Wrightstone, author of INCONVENIENT FACTS, the science that Al Gore doesn't want you to know.


Download 03-12-18_MON_8AM  03-12-2018 (15.85 MB)

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  • Tim D'Allasandro, Medford Council ward 1 talks issues with me, transportation, and more. John Underwood from Timber Products...they're hiring, for some really great jobs.


Download 03-09-18_FRI_6AM  03-09-2018 (16.28 MB)

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  • Stories of the morning start, Spy Guy Jason Henson discusses how to use spy skills to stay safe, open phones later


Download 03-09-18_FRI_7AM  03-09-2018 (17.5 MB)

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  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, talk on hunting, even cannabis and wild turkeys? Yep, open phones, too.