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Listen to the Bill Meyer Show, weekdays 6am-9am.  With National news from Fox News Radio, and local news from NBC 5.

The Bill Meyer Show 6am-9am

Join Bill Meyer each weekday for LIVE Local Talk on southern Oregon's FM 106.3, 106.7 KMED and 99.3 KCMD in Grants Pass. Streamed on

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  • The danger we face from unaffordable housing for young people, and why home ownership is put out of the reach of many young adults. A deep dive on the issue with Brad Benningon from the Builders Association of Southern Oregon.


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  • State Senator Linthicum on Liiberty, the M113 anti-run-again lawsuit, the Crazed Vegan no meat proposal and other issues. Open phones follow.


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  • Morning news and headlines and Wheels Up Wednesday with Auto Journalist Eric Peters - a lot going on with transpo and politics, for sure.


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  • J6 attorney Ed Martin from Patriot Freedom Project digs into who is still in lockup, the unjust justice system, and where are we headed? Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger on the fire disrtict, charter changes and other news.


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  • Pebble in your shoe Tuesday and a lot of conversation about the new phone etiquette and other news.


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  • Ron Gordon has the latest financial news, then a great talk with Dr. Dennis Powers on Where Past Meets Present. We talk of the history of the OLD WOOD HOUSE on Hwy 62 near Eagle Point, and talk the other news and views, too.


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  • Karen England is president of the Capitol Resource Institute, and we discuss some good news re parental rights and schools. Open phones follow.


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  • Morning news to start the day off, your calls, and Paul Oster, a credit-fixing specialist. What do you do if you are turned down for credit by A.I.? Happens more than one might think.


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  • Ron Gordon has the market report, Jo Co GOP chair Holli Morton checks in with the changes in House leadership and other political news, open phones follow


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  • Mr. Outdoors with the outdoor report and changes for the weekend! Melissa Henson from Parents TV...Netflix has a new pervy show for the teens...parents should know about it.


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  • Mrning news and headlines and the DC swamp update with Rick Manning at Americans for Limited government...why no impeachment, shutdown, gov budget...all the intrigue free of charge for you.


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  • Ron Gordon talks tge market news, Ed Brodow, writer, author, commentator talks his new book THE WAR ON WHITES. How did we get here? Open phones follow on Conspiracy Theory Thursday.


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  • Michigan businessman Perry Johnson runs for president, R, we talk issues and his push to defend the MI electors, lookigng for your help. Open phones follow.


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  • Morning news and opinion...the error story on property taxes, why is it people refuse to call it theft? Now West Point is sued over race based admissions. Hans Von Spakovsky from Heritage has that story.


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  • Market Report with Ron Gordon at EJ, Gary Richardson, SD7 board member talks of the draft health education standards released by the state...obviously (to me) written by a bunch of pervs. Open for business with Ken from Prestige Care Sr. Arbor Place!


Download 09-19-23_TUESDAY_7AM  09-19-2023 (19.31 MB)

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  • Open phones on Pebble in your shoe Tuesday, Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger talks fires and forest policy, the upcoming hearing Thursday on what folks think of forming a new Fire District, other news.