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Download 06-17-19_MONDAY_7AM  06-17-2019 (21.29 MB)


  • Outdoor report, and later, Netflix rewrites the history of a NYC Central Park Rape case - guest is author of Betrayal: The Democratic Party's Destruction of America's Cities.

Download 06-17-19_MONDAY_6AM  06-17-2019 (20.26 MB)


  • Open phones and news of the morning, and Dr. Vicky Alger of the Independent Women's Forum - Happy Birthday to Common Core - NOT.

Download 06-17-19_MONDAY_8AM  06-17-2019 (20.31 MB)


  • Dr. Powers History and current news segment - Much to discuss!

Download 06-12-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  06-12-2019 (20.39 MB)


  • 06-12-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM

Download 06-12-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  06-12-2019 (19.84 MB)


  • 06-12-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM

Download 06-12-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  06-12-2019 (19.98 MB)


  • 06-12-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM

Download 06-11-19_TUESDAY_8AM  06-11-2019 (19.86 MB)


  • Mr. X, how Gang Green is pushing quote - Adaptive Governance - on you, you're supposed to adapt to the fires and smoke! Later a talk with Donna Jones with Senior Animal Rescue - they foster and place older dogs and cats.

Download 06-11-19_TUESDAY_6AM  06-11-2019 (19.94 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 06-11-19_TUESDAY_7AM  06-11-2019 (20.02 MB)


  • Jim Simpson, author of The Red-Green Axis 2.0: An Existential Threat to America and the World, later I talk with Richard Marshall - Siskiyou Water Users Assoc - Saving the dams, and next Tuesday Klamath Compact Commission meets, you're needed and invited

Download 06-10-19_MONDAY_6AM  06-10-2019 (21.33 MB)


  • News and Open phones for the hour

Download 06-10-19_MONDAY_8AM  06-10-2019 (18.84 MB)


  • Open phones and later, Medford City Councilman Kevin Stine from Ward 3 talks the greenway, livability team, pool projects and more

Download 06-10-19_MONDAY_7AM  06-10-2019 (19.02 MB)


  • Greg Roberts and the Outdoor Report - Graham Hancock joins me later, author of AMERICA BEFORE - Really interesting new book, detailing the evidence of human presence in America WAY before the generally accepted historical record.

Download 06-07-19_FRIDAY_8AM  06-07-2019 (18.04 MB)


  • Open phones - what could you do as a kid that's now illegal? Later a great talk with Gary Lundren, director of Phoenix, Oregon, the movie!

Download 06-07-19_FRIDAY_7AM  06-07-2019 (19.56 MB)


  • Outdoor report and other news with Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather, and then a deep dive into the HB2020 cap and trade problems with State Rep. Christine Drazan from Canby.

Download 06-07-19_FRIDAY_6AM  06-07-2019 (19.67 MB)


  • Morning news with Shane and me and a stimulating Swamp Update with Rick Manning - tariffs, jobs report, the NRA, gun control, too.

Download 06-06-19_THURSDAY_6AM  06-06-2019 (14.15 MB)


  • 06-06-19_THURSDAY_6AM

Download 06-06-19_THURSDAY_7AM  06-06-2019 (16.48 MB)


  • 06-06-19_THURSDAY_7AM

Download 06-06-19_THURSDAY_8AM  06-06-2019 (18.92 MB)


  • 06-06-19_THURSDAY_8AM

Download 06-05-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  06-06-2019 (19.54 MB)


  • 06-05-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM

Download 06-05-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  06-06-2019 (19.9 MB)


  • 06-05-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM

Download 06-05-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  06-06-2019 (19.91 MB)


  • 06-05-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM

Download 06-04-19_TUESDAY_8AM  06-04-2019 (18.94 MB)


  • Open phones start the hour, illegal aliens in local public housing, and other issues. Later, Brent and Randall from Advanced Air,, rebates about to end, get your maintenance done, filtering smoke and more! 541-772-6866.

Download 06-04-19_TUESDAY_7AM  06-04-2019 (14.77 MB)


  • David Staudenraus of Grants Pass discusses his opinion that some area churches have undue influence in Jo County elections and government hiring issues. Open phones follow

Download 06-04-19_TUESDAY_6AM  06-04-2019 (19.18 MB)


  • Shane and I dig into the morning news, including the 140 roundabout proposal, later Dr. Frieda Birnbaum discusses whether being offended is indicative of mental illness and other issues.

Download 06-03-19_MONDAY_7AM  06-03-2019 (22.21 MB)


  • Greg Roberts joins me for Monday's outdoor report, then Mr. X and I delve into HB2020 Climate change crisis hysteria, and why you need to be at tomorrow night's meeting at the Roxy Ann Grange to Fight Back!

Download 06-03-19_MONDAY_6AM  06-03-2019 (20.07 MB)


  • News and opinion of the day start, later it's Mighty John Marshall the record guy from - Do you have a $15,000 dollar album in your collection??

Download 06-03-19_MONDAY_8AM  06-03-2019 (18.72 MB)


  • Dr. Powers breaks down the History of Talent and the current news. Later, Dr. Michael Wall of and author of OUT THERE - there's all this talk of military pilots seeing weird about to be disclosed from extraterrestrial sources?

Download ClearConnections  05-31-2019 (27.22 MB)


  • ClearConnections

Download 05-31-19_FRIDAY_7AM  05-31-2019 (20.27 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts from, open phones follow - how long does the emergency food keep on the shelf, Uncle Mike the Infidel's brush with greatness and other stories and topics.

Download 05-31-19_FRIDAY_6AM  05-31-2019 (14.82 MB)


  • Local Headlines and morning stories, and later the Friday SWAMP UPDATE with Rick Manning - Tariffs, Trumpism, and Mueller's Exit.

Download 05-31-19_FRIDAY_8AM  05-31-2019 (19.78 MB)


  • MLK tapes reveal some sordid behaviors, should we take down the monuments? NO, explains Raynard Jackson, is Founder and Chairman of Black Americans for a Better Future, and later it's more open phones, PERS can is kicked down the road.

Download 05-30-19_THURSDAY_8AM  05-30-2019 (19.41 MB)


  • Feds pull support from Klamath Dam Removal, Richard Marshall from Siskiyou Waters Users has plenty to say about it, open phones follow

Download 05-30-19_THURSDAY_6AM  05-30-2019 (20.37 MB)


  • News starts, we catchup with soul singer George McCrae (Rock Your Baby in '74) Phil Kerpen says KILL the electric car grease from the feds

Download 05-30-19_THURSDAY_7AM  05-30-2019 (20.38 MB)


  • State Senator Linthicum on the session, the walkout, the challenges, the call to change fed vax policy, too. Open phones follow

Download 05-29-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-29-2019 (20.39 MB)


  • Open phones and news first, later, the myth of the Sustainable electric car - EP Auto's Eric Peters has more

Download 05-29-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-29-2019 (21.23 MB)


  • Bill talks with the people in New Mexico, the government shutting 'em down, but they're fighting back. Jim Ludwick from OFIR updates the HB2015 push to give illegal aliens drivers licenses and more.

Download 05-29-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-29-2019 (19.19 MB)


  • Andrew Langer from the Institute for Liberty talks to Bill about the war on property rights, and how the feds are gunning for the Hammonds...AGAIN. Open phones follow

Download 05-28-19_TUESDAY_8AM  05-28-2019 (22.03 MB)


  • Part 2 with Mr. X and the fight against HB20202, and then a talk with Brad at Titan Heating and air about the Titan advantage program, $55 maintenance special (today only) and more, call them at 541-664-2609

Download 05-28-19_TUESDAY_7AM  05-28-2019 (22.64 MB)


  • Outdoor report and more with Greg Roberts, Part one with Mr. X on the climate bullying from the legislature

Download 05-28-19_TUESDAY_6AM  05-28-2019 (19.66 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion, the bullying summit, RV saltshaker does some damage at Boatnik and other stories. Dr. Merrill Matthews joins me later from, his new book just out is ON THE EDGE: America Faces the Entitlement Cliff

Download 05-24-19_FRIDAY_6AM  05-24-2019 (20.21 MB)


  • 05-24-19_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 05-24-19_FRIDAY_8AM  05-24-2019 (19.87 MB)


  • 05-24-19_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 05-24-19_FRIDAY_7AM  05-24-2019 (20.89 MB)


  • 05-24-19_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 05-23-19_THURSDAY_8AM  05-23-2019 (18.02 MB)


  • Captain William E. Simpson is with me...more on wild horse fire brigade, can we get some action to REALLY reduce the forest fuels? Later it's Gerrin Beck from The Grants Pass Active Club, they're behind Boatnik. What a service and history!

Download 05-23-19_THURSDAY_7AM  05-23-2019 (21.91 MB)


  • Cancer, a cure? Where's the Mainstream interest? Your calls on this and other issues, Kevin Starrett is on from Oregon Firearms - still at risk for gun bills?

Download 05-23-19_THURSDAY_6AM  05-23-2019 (19.1 MB)


  • News and morning opinion get us going from GP, Jay Reese brings in a couple of Boatnik's famed racers, Roger Sanderson and Jesse Reinhart

Download 05-22-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-22-2019 (17.95 MB)


  • First Amendment Attorney Wen Fa from the Pacific Legal Foundation talks with Bill on various 1st A challenges, free speech zones and more, open phones follow.

Download 05-22-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-22-2019 (22.22 MB)


  • Open phones for much of the hour, a new crime stoppers case, too.

Download 05-22-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-22-2019 (16.03 MB)


  • Election results and other news and opinion start, later it's Eric Peters with - They want self-driving cars, what replaces all the traffic ticket gov profit?

Download 05-21-19_TUESDAY_8AM.mp3  05-21-2019 (21.48 MB)


  • 5G a health hazard? Guests are Dafna Tachover, attorney and wireless injury expert from and Kelliy Marcotulli – Oregon For Safer Technology – and open phones follow

Download 05-21-19_TUESDAY_7AM.mp3  05-21-2019 (19.7 MB)


  • We discuss a new pamphlet - Khashoggi, Dynasties, and Double Standards by Saudi Arabia expert, Joseph P. Duggan reveals how, as 2018 ended, our foreign policy was taken down by a propaganda campaign. Open phones follow.

Download 05-21-19_TUESDAY_6AM.mp3  05-21-2019 (20.58 MB)


  • News and opinion start the hour, and later, Bernie attacks charter schools...a good plan? Not acording to Inez Stepman Senior Policy Analyst, Independent Women's Forum.

Download 05-20-19_MONDAY_7AM  05-20-2019 (20.25 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts at RogueWeatherdotCom, and there is a group of people uniting to recall Kate Brown from office, and we dig into the issues.

Download 05-20-19_MONDAY_6AM  05-20-2019 (21.95 MB)


  • Morning News and comment, and later in the hour it's Gregory Wrightstone aurhor of INCONVENIENT FACTS. The million species dying story from the U.N., is it real?

Download 05-20-19_MONDAY_8AM  05-20-2019 (20.98 MB)


  • Dr. Powers, What Made southern Oregon GREAT history profile, this time it's Eagle Point's history. Then it's into the other news including the misnamed (imo ) EQUALITY ACT, which Congressman Walden and the Democrats voted for.

Download 05-17-19_FRIDAY_8AM  05-17-2019 (17.94 MB)


  • 05-17-19_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 05-17-19_FRIDAY_7AM  05-17-2019 (18.95 MB)


  • 05-17-19_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 05-17-19_FRIDAY_6AM  05-17-2019 (18.86 MB)


  • 05-17-19_FRIDAY_6AM

Download CURT_ANKERBERG  05-17-2019 (10.34 MB)


  • Curt Ankerberg, Candidate for Medford School District #549C Position 7

Download DIANNE_MIHOCKO  05-17-2019 (9.74 MB)


  • Dianne Mihocko, Candidate for Eagle Point School District #9 Director Position 1

Download KEVIN_HUSTED  05-17-2019 (8.79 MB)


  • Kevin Husted, Candidate for Medford School District #549C Director, Position 4

Download JULIAN_CORDLE  05-17-2019 (10.7 MB)


  • Julian Cordle, Candidate for Eagle POint School District #9 Director, Position 4

Download JIM_HORNER  05-17-2019 (10.68 MB)


  • Jim Horner, Candidate for Medford School Distrcti #549C Director, Position 6

Download JEFF_DODGE  05-17-2019 (4.56 MB)


  • Jeff Dodge, Candidate for Eagle Point School Distrct #9, Director Position 1

Download KIMBERLY_LARSEN  05-17-2019 (9.37 MB)


  • Kimberly D Larsen, Candidate for Eagle Point School District #9 Director, Position 1

Download TOD_HUNT  05-17-2019 (10.87 MB)


  • Tod Hunt, Candidate for Medford School Distrct #549C Director, Position 5

Download JUDY_AHRENS  05-17-2019 (7.6 MB)


  • Judy Ahrens, Candidate for Three Rivers School District Director, Zone 2

Download NITA_LUNDBERG  05-17-2019 (9.29 MB)


  • Nita Lundberg, Candidate for Eagle Point School District Director, Position 4

Download 05-16-19_THURSDAY_7AM  05-16-2019 (20.36 MB)


  • Sen. Merkley says ONLY electric cars for you by 2040...We break it down with automotive guru Eric Peters at EPAutos dot com, later, are racist doctors leading to some patient deaths? AAPS president Dr. Marilyn Singleton discusses.

Download 05-16-19_THURSDAY_6AM  05-16-2019 (19.64 MB)


  • Shane and I kick arouind the headlines, I dig into some issues, and later Myron Magnet writes of CLARENCE THOMAS AND THE LOST CONSTITUTION, a MUST-READ fabulous book.

Download 05-16-19_THURSDAY_8AM  05-16-2019 (18.84 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday open phones, and later we dig into the upcoming Rogue Valley Veterans Powwow, happening 7/1 and 6/2 at the VA Dom in White City

Download 05-15-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-15-2019 (20.1 MB)


  • Early morning news and opinion start out, then a rep from APTA talks of making the case for more infrastructure investment in Public Transit.

Download 05-15-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-15-2019 (20.48 MB)


  • State Senator Linthicum - the quorum denial, the going back, challenges ahead. Crime Stoppers and more with Lt. Budreau.

Download 05-15-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-15-2019 (21.9 MB)


  • Open phones start, Dr. Jay Lehr joins me the second half, and we roll through various climate change propaganda data points, digging for truth rather than propaganda.

Download 05-14-19_TUESDAY_7AM  05-14-2019 (21.47 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour~!

Download 05-14-19_TUESDAY_6AM  05-14-2019 (19.11 MB)


  • News and headllines of the morning start, and later a great talk on the Trump Tariffs with economist Dr. Michael Busler.

Download 05-14-19_TUESDAY_8AM  05-14-2019 (16.57 MB)


  • Former Phoenix-Talent school Superintendent Joe Diamond talks with me about challenges in the school systems, why it is so difficult to reform gov schools, where to go from here. Later, Gary Buck of the Siskiyou Smokejumper Base Museum near Cave Junction.

Download 05-13-19_MONDAY_8AM  05-13-2019 (21.15 MB)


  • Dr. Dennis Powers and What Made Southern Oregon Great - today's profile is the city of Shady Cove History. Later we dig in to City of Medford issues with City Councilman Michael Zarosinski.

Download 05-13-19_MONDAY_7AM  05-13-2019 (20.59 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Rogue Weather Dot Com's Greg Roberts, open phones on the issues for the rest of the hour.

Download 05-13-19_MONDAY_6AM  05-13-2019 (20.44 MB)


  • News of the morning, and later in the hour, an update with Parent Tv's Melissa Henson about the Teen Suicide and Netwflix Series 13 REASONS WHY.

Download 05-10-19_FRIDAY_6AM  05-10-2019 (19.87 MB)


  • Open phones start, the sales tax proposals, swamp update with Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government

Download 05-10-19_FRIDAY_7AM  05-10-2019 (20.26 MB)


  • Greg Roberts with today's outdoor report, Dave Kahn says go SWING Dancing, and Sen. Baertschiger breaks down the tax and tyranny battle, and the GOP walkout, denial of quorum in Salem.

Download 05-10-19_FRIDAY_8AM  05-10-2019 (21.74 MB)


  • Parent Tony Silva has a beef with local school districts - says a former coach assaulted his son, and he's pushing for accountability. Open phones, and it's Stamp Out Hunger Day tomorrow, all the details...

Download Clear Connections for 5/12/2019  05-10-2019 (24.94 MB)

Clear Connections for 5/12/2019

  • Today's guests on Clear Connections are Senator Herman Baertscheiger of GP discussing the senate GOP walkout and the fight for reasonable tax policy, and protection from bad bills.'s Carrie Lukas weighs in on trans females competing with women.

Download 05-09-19_THURSDAY_8AM  05-09-2019 (18.97 MB)


  • 05-09-19_THURSDAY_8AM

Download 05-09-19_THURSDAY_7AM  05-09-2019 (19.58 MB)


  • 05-09-19_THURSDAY_7AM

Download 05-09-19_THURSDAY_6AM  05-09-2019 (21.29 MB)


  • 05-09-19_THURSDAY_6AM

Download 05-08-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-08-2019 (21.89 MB)


  • Garth and Rosemary Harrington join me. They just finished the Citizens Academy and share their law enforcement experience there, we talk the jail, too. Fmr Sen. DeBoer weighs in on the quorum denial, other news, Crimestoppers, too!

Download 05-08-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-08-2019 (20.52 MB)


  • Morning news and stories start, later I talk with a guest about Congressman Peter DeFazio's push to crack down on payday lenders - unintended consequences?

Download 05-08-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-08-2019 (15.8 MB)


  • Education on the docket, Dianne Mihocko discusses her run for Eagle Point School District #9. Open phones follow.

Download 05-07-19_TUESDAY_7AM  05-07-2019 (22.29 MB)


  • 05-07-19_TUESDAY_7AM

Download 05-07-19_TUESDAY_8AM  05-07-2019 (21.34 MB)


  • 05-07-19_TUESDAY_8AM

Download 05-07-19_TUESDAY_6AM  05-07-2019 (19.02 MB)


  • 05-07-19_TUESDAY_6AM

Download 05-06-19_MONDAY_7AM  05-06-2019 (22.75 MB)


  • 05-06-19_MONDAY_7AM

Download 05-06-19_MONDAY_8AM  05-06-2019 (20.94 MB)


  • 05-06-19_MONDAY_8AM

Download 05-06-19_MONDAY_6AM  05-06-2019 (19.51 MB)


  • 05-06-19_MONDAY_6AM

Download 05-03-19_FRIDAY_6AM  05-03-2019 (18.47 MB)


  • 05-03-19_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 05-03-19_FRIDAY_8AM  05-03-2019 (19.9 MB)


  • 05-03-19_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 05-03-19_FRIDAY_7AM  05-03-2019 (22.2 MB)


  • 05-03-19_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 05-02-19_THURSDAY_6AM  05-02-2019 (19.87 MB)


  • Morning News stories and talk and later in the hour Greg Roberts discusses his thoughts on the ODF smoke/fire talk of a couple days ago, where we're headed this summer.

Download 05-02-19_THURSDAY_7AM  05-02-2019 (19.9 MB)


  • Is the auto industry headed for 2008 again, what about Musk and Tesla and more with Eric Peters, auto journalist at, and later it's big tax hike talk with State Rep. Kim Wallan from the legislature.

Download 05-02-19_THURSDAY_8AM  05-02-2019 (19.42 MB)


  • Robert Wilcox, author of TARGET: PATTON - The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton. THIS book is the real story, absolutely fascinating. The folks from Wildlife Images stop by - Mother's Day Brunch coming, something special!

Download 05-01-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-01-2019 (19.38 MB)


  • Open phones start, and then Dave Ray reports live from El Paso - border news with Federation for Immigration Reform

Download 05-01-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-01-2019 (20.07 MB)


  • Coal plants to be shut down, what about our energy reliability? I discuss it with Pacific Power's Scott Bolton, open phones follow

Download 05-01-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-01-2019 (20.37 MB)


  • Vaccine vote coming...when will they come for the adults? Many calls on the HB3063 issue, and Crime Stoppers, too.

Download 04-30-19_TUESDAY_8AM  04-30-2019 (19.31 MB)


  • Former state senator Alan Deboer - his thoughts on the May 8th planned teacher walkout. Our business segment is Steve Renard from SR Building Plans He does affordable building plans, helps you save BIG on contracting bidding, permits

Download 04-30-19_TUESDAY_7AM  04-30-2019 (21.81 MB)


  • Email of the day on firearms and more, Greg Roberts outdoor report, and Dave Larson, District Forester from the Oregon Department Of Forestry, in studio – how are we looking for firefighting resources this summer fire season?

Download 04-30-19_TUESDAY_6AM  04-30-2019 (19.43 MB)


  • News and headlines start, then Jennifer Lawrence from, more tan 22 million raised to build the wall on private land at the border, and she updates process...building starts in 30 days.

Download 04-25-19_THURSDAY_6AM  04-25-2019 (19.49 MB)


  • 04-25-19_THURSDAY_6AM

Download 04-25-19_THURSDAY_7AM  04-25-2019 (20.09 MB)


  • 04-25-19_THURSDAY_7AM

Download 04-25-19_THURSDAY_8AM  04-25-2019 (21.36 MB)


  • 04-25-19_THURSDAY_8AM

Download 04-24-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  04-24-2019 (18.77 MB)


  • News and opinion start off the morning, I talk with Eric Peters about the latest Tesla car which set itself on fire...what about saaaaaaafety?

Download 04-24-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  04-24-2019 (20.78 MB)


  • Greg Roberts talks with me about fire and smoke issues for the upcoming summer, is there a shortage of tanker cap? Lt. Mike Budreau in for Crime Stoppers, too.

Download 04-24-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  04-24-2019 (19.02 MB)


  • Dr. Steven Greenleaf - the census, the citizenship question, we discuss it. Open phones follow

Download 04-23-19_TUESDAY_7AM  04-23-2019 (19.46 MB)


  • Dave Ray, Federation of American Immigration Reform talks with Bill about the vigilantes on the border, policy. Wayne Standiford, filing ethics complaint against Governor Brown and other politicians, should they take most their campaign money from here?

Download 04-23-19_TUESDAY_8AM  04-23-2019 (18.51 MB)


  • Richard and Mary Ann Hartshorn talk their struggle over getting the truth behind how the GAP fire started in northern California in 2016. Tony Mendenhall is here later - Hearts With A Mission Homeless to Hopeful fun run fundraiser 5/4.

Download 04-23-19_TUESDAY_6AM  04-23-2019 (19.79 MB)


  • News and opinion starting the morning, and then Grant Haber, Founder of American Innovations - How to fight the IED.

Download 04-22-19_MONDAY_6AM  04-22-2019 (20.36 MB)


  • 04-22-19_MONDAY_6AM

Download 04-22-19_MONDAY_7AM  04-22-2019 (21.25 MB)


  • 04-22-19_MONDAY_7AM

Download 04-22-19_MONDAY_8AM  04-22-2019 (20.33 MB)


  • 04-22-19_MONDAY_8AM

Download 04-19-19_FRIDAY_6AM  04-22-2019 (18.81 MB)


  • 04-19-19_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 04-19-19_FRIDAY_7AM  04-22-2019 (22.05 MB)


  • 04-19-19_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 04-19-19_FRIDAY_8AM  04-22-2019 (20.69 MB)


  • 04-19-19_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 04-18-19_THURSDAY_6AM  04-18-2019 (20.86 MB)


  • Open phones and news starts, and then Rich Karlgaard, author of LATE BLOOMERS...time to pull away from the youth-obsessed culture?

Download 04-18-19_THURSDAY_7AM  04-18-2019 (19.95 MB)


  • Open phones for most of the hour, late bloomers and other topics. Mark Seligman looks to have a Jo County Commissioner unseated.

Download 04-18-19_THURSDAY_8AM  04-18-2019 (18.98 MB)


  • Researcher MR X and I discuss the various discussion groups formed to get the Right and Left talking...yep, there's a connection to the university system, the taxpayers, and looks like it's more about controlling the right.

Download 04-17-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  04-17-2019 (20.05 MB)


  • 04-17-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM

Download 04-17-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  04-17-2019 (20.65 MB)


  • 04-17-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM

Download 04-17-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  04-17-2019 (19.37 MB)


  • 04-17-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM

Download 04-16-19_TUESDAY_6AM  04-16-2019 (20.89 MB)


  • 04-16-19_TUESDAY_6AM

Download 04-16-19_TUESDAY_7AM  04-16-2019 (20.03 MB)


  • 04-16-19_TUESDAY_7AM

Download 04-16-19_TUESDAY_8AM  04-16-2019 (21.58 MB)


  • 04-16-19_TUESDAY_8AM

Download 04-15-19_MONDAY_6AM  04-15-2019 (19.89 MB)


  • News and tax talk, then Mike Stewart, co-founder of RW Arms LTD, at one time, one of the biggest sellers of bump-stocks in the nation, until Trump's bump-stock ban. They are suiing the Feds for $20 million over the ban and lost property.

Download 04-15-19_MONDAY_7AM  04-15-2019 (22.67 MB)


  • Greg Roberts with the Waterworld Boat and Powersport outdoor report, some 2nd A talk, then Judy Ahren, candidate for Three Rivers School Board Zone 2.

Download 04-15-19_MONDAY_8AM  04-15-2019 (20.86 MB)


  • Dr. Powers with What Made Southern Oregon Great - Grants Pass is the profile today, then Sofia Branton - - 5/4 at SOU. Learn all about growing hemp properly, markets, etc. Today is the FINAL DAY of earlybird registration, only $125

Download 04-12-19_FRIDAY_6AM  04-12-2019 (19.64 MB)


  • Morning news starts, we also discuss the great value of volunteer labor, Rick Manning with this week's Swamp Update, Assange analysis

Download 04-12-19_FRIDAY_8AM  04-12-2019 (19.07 MB)


  • Open phones, and then we talk medical solutions for you that are more personalized, much more one-on-one, Bronwen Erickson and Therese Holliday with Origins Functional Wellness in Jacksonville

Download 04-12-19_FRIDAY_7AM  04-12-2019 (19.27 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and later it's Dr. Jerome Corsi, author of Silent No More: How I Became a Political Prisoner of Mueller's Witch Hunt

Download 04-11-19_THURSDAY_8AM  04-11-2019 (16.3 MB)


  • Open phones for conspiracy Theory Thursday

Download 04-11-19_THURSDAY_6AM  04-11-2019 (19.4 MB)


  • News and opinion of the day, the GP road work is CRUSHING some local businesses on Willow Ln, and later, what's a conservative to do when Leftist Cult Google decides you are BadThought?

Download 04-11-19_THURSDAY_7AM  04-11-2019 (20.47 MB)


  • Raise the cig tax 2 bucks a pack? That's the proposed plan, American Cancer Society Action Network's Christopher Friend discusses it with Bill, open phones follow

Download 04-10-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  04-10-2019 (21.1 MB)


  • Open phones - reparations, who should get them, and other topics. Crime Stoppers, too!

Download 04-10-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  04-10-2019 (20.39 MB)


  • Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms Federation, SB978 passes out of Committee, what to do now? Open phones and then the latest from HEMP UNIVERSITY, sign up and find out more on

Download 04-10-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  04-10-2019 (20.54 MB)


  • Open phones and news start, EPAutos' Eric Peters talks Musk's mulcting of taxpayers, and is an auto slowdown coming?

Download 04-09-19_TUESDAY_6AM  04-09-2019 (19.69 MB)


  • Morning news and stories start out, and then my irritation at the Kevin Husted pullout from the election.

Download 04-09-19_TUESDAY_7AM  04-09-2019 (22.83 MB)


  • Open phones, some Husted commentary, then on to Greg Reeser's interesting trip back to Vietnam, 50 years after he served in the U.S. Army there, interesting trip and culture...

Download 04-09-19_TUESDAY_8AM  04-09-2019 (21.56 MB)


  • We talk education policy with Curt Ankerberg, 549C school board candidate position 7, and open phones follow

Download 04-08-19_MONDAY_6AM  04-08-2019 (18.92 MB)


  • Open phones and news start the morning, Former Congressman Bob Barr talks about the nastiness of all these propsed Red Flag Laws regarding 2nd Amendment rights.

Download 04-08-19_MONDAY_7AM  04-08-2019 (20.81 MB)


  • Outdoor and weather reporting with Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather dot com, and later Dave Ray from breaks down the exit of DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and other immigration reform news.

Download 04-08-19_MONDAY_8AM  04-08-2019 (21.88 MB)


  • Dr. Dennis Powers and What Made Southern Oregon Great. We profile the origins of Jacksonville, and discuss other financial news of the day and some open phone time, too.

Download 04-05-19_FRIDAY_7AM  04-05-2019 (22.05 MB)


  • 04-05-19_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 04-05-19_FRIDAY_6AM  04-05-2019 (18.94 MB)


  • 04-05-19_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 04-05-19_FRIDAY_8AM  04-05-2019 (18.95 MB)


  • 04-05-19_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 04-04-19_THURSDAY_8AM  04-04-2019 (19.6 MB)


  • Kevin Husted is here, running for 549C school board position 4, open phones follow

Download 04-04-19_THURSDAY_7AM  04-04-2019 (20.65 MB)


  • Fisherman sue the oil companies for climate change damage - Todd Shepard from the Washington Free Beacon takes apart this jackpot justice scam, we also start digging into the affordable home problem - C'mon gov, let up on the regulations!

Download 04-04-19_THURSDAY_6AM  04-04-2019 (20.52 MB)


  • Open phones and news, later a talk with attorney Ethan Blevens from Pacific Legal Foundation - beware the perils of rent control, and we are THERE, baby.

Download 04-03-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  04-03-2019 (18.03 MB)


  • Professor Wilfred Reilly joins me, author of HATE CRIME HOAX - How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War, good conversation with the Prof, also Bill Gallagher putting on a Divorce Recovery workshop at Trail fellowship, he explains what's going on there.

Download 04-03-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  04-03-2019 (21.66 MB)


  • State Senator Dennis Linthicum talks SB978 and the tyranny right in your face from the Salem ruling class, later Crime Stoppers with Lt. Mike Budreau, and introducing Lt. DJ Graham.

Download 04-03-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  04-03-2019 (20.18 MB)


  • The news, the appeal of bad boys in the hearts of young women...then First Liberty Institute's Associate Counsel Keisha Russell talks the attack on Chick Fil-A by anti-religion government.

Download 04-02-19_TUESDAY_7AM  04-02-2019 (23.88 MB)


  • Mr X and I talk the SB 798 gun grabbing bill, comments on HB 2020 carbon cap and trade. The importance of getting involved.

Download 04-02-19_TUESDAY_6AM  04-02-2019 (19.59 MB)


  • News of the morning, Bev Clarno as the new SOS is a clear indicator of corrupto politics, later NumbersUSA's Chris Chmielinski updates the crises on the border.

Download 04-02-19_TUESDAY_8AM  04-02-2019 (20.57 MB)


  • Automotive journalist Eric Peters - another airbag death, and more are coming. Advanced Air's Randal and Brent talk Bryant factory rebates, saving energy, they're hiring, more!

Download 04-01-19_MONDAY_8AM  04-01-2019 (21.19 MB)


  • Dr Powers and What Made Southern Oregon Great, and it's Medford on profile today, we also check into Sanctuary One, looking for volunteer help this weekend, and Ben McReynolds has a great story to tell at Knox Classical Academy - great education work!

Download 04-01-19_MONDAY_6AM  04-01-2019 (19.48 MB)


  • News and opinion start the show, and Dr. Jerome Corsi (Yes, Mueller went after him) Tells his story, and the injustice visited upon him by an out of control Fed gov.

Download 04-01-19_MONDAY_7AM  04-01-2019 (21.01 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and later , Kevin Starrett with OregonFirearms. SB978 is a MONSTER of anti-gun rights. Time to FIGHT!

Download 03-29-19_FRIDAY_8AM  03-29-2019 (20.2 MB)


  • The 2nd Amendment issues on tap this hour. Mr. X is my guest

Download 03-29-19_FRIDAY_7AM  03-29-2019 (21.3 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and later it's Eric Peters talking the electronic neutering of future new cars

Download 03-29-19_FRIDAY_6AM  03-29-2019 (20.07 MB)


  • Open phones and news and later a swamp update from the White House with Rick Manning from Americans For Limited Government

Download 03-28-19_THURSDAY_6AM  03-28-2019 (18.24 MB)


  • Jay Reese and I discuss Oregon's chances in March Madness, AND the corruption afflicting Adidas/Nike/etc - later I talk with David Morriso, representing Radiation Free Schools - Wants wifi out of gov schools for health reasons.

Download 03-28-19_THURSDAY_8AM  03-28-2019 (18.33 MB)


  • Jo Co Commissioner Lily Morgan talks the economy, fire/smoke, smart meters, other county issues, and Tamra Martin, Josephine County Fair Director – Here to discuss Bacon, Brews, and Broncs – 4/20

Download 03-28-19_THURSDAY_7AM  03-28-2019 (18.75 MB)


  • State Rep Kim Wallan joins in for a legislative update, open phones follow

Download 03-27-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  03-27-2019 (21.82 MB)


  • I talk with Tom Kelly, President and CEO of ID Experts - how to protect yourself from FB data breaches, protecting identities of childre online, too. Later it's a cold case Crime Stoppers from Jo County with OSP Sgt. Jeff Proulx.

Download 03-27-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  03-27-2019 (19.94 MB)


  • Open phones and news of the morning, and we later catch up on the whole border debacle with Dave Ray, communications director with the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Download 03-27-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  03-27-2019 (14.25 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 03-25-19_MONDAY_6AM  03-25-2019 (20.2 MB)


  • News and opinion, Mueller report, about a diversity of VIEWPOINT, not just a diversity of race or ethnicity. I talk about that with attorney Justin Danhoff.

Download 03-25-19_MONDAY_8AM  03-25-2019 (20.91 MB)


  • What Made Southern Oregon Great with Dr. Dennis Powers, Ashland is the profile today, and we dig into other news and takes on everything Mueller.

Download 03-25-19_MONDAY_7AM  03-25-2019 (21.97 MB)


  • Outdoor report and other news with Greg Roberts, more Mueller report reax with Women for Trump spokesperson Amy Kremer

Download 03-14-19 Roxy Ann Grange 2ndA meeting  03-22-2019 (48.57 MB)

03-14-19 Roxy Ann Grange 2ndA meeting

  • Here is the 3/14 meeting at the Roxy Ann Grange when we discuss 2nd amendment issues, comment strategies, where we're headed.

Download 03-22-19_FRIDAY_6AM  03-22-2019 (19.76 MB)


  • News of the morning, and later it's the week's DC swamp update with Rick Manning from AMericans for Limited Government

Download 03-22-19_FRIDAY_7AM  03-22-2019 (20.56 MB)


  • Waterworld Boat and Power Sport outdoor report - we also talk some tick news, and then Richard Marshal (Siskiyou County Water Users Assoc) and former Klamath Co Commissioner Tom Mallams discuss lawsuit filed, might block the Klamath dam removal?

Download 03-22-19_FRIDAY_8AM  03-22-2019 (20.05 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 03-21-19_THURSDAY_6AM  03-21-2019 (19.9 MB)


  • News and opinion of the morning start it off, we also have an update on the push to get the feds to crack down on the TV rating system...guest is Melissa Henson from

Download 03-21-19_THURSDAY_8AM  03-21-2019 (19.5 MB)


  • Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms - the gun bills move starting 4/2, and we break that down, open phones follow.

Download 03-21-19_THURSDAY_7AM  03-21-2019 (22.36 MB)


  • Chronic Marijuana use=5 times the rate of psychosis? We talk about this with Luke Niforatos from SAM, and then into the property rights struggle in GP over eminent domain and the water treatment plant - Copeland's Jennifer Ausland has more.

Download 03-20-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  03-20-2019 (20.6 MB)


  • H.D. 6 state rep Kim Wallan joins me for a legislative update. Some open phones, and a crime stoppers case with Lt. Julie Denny, and a theft in White City is being investigated.

Download 03-20-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  03-20-2019 (19.46 MB)


  • Open phones and news start the show, Eric Pratt, Executive Director at Gunowners of America, Next week President Trump's bumpstock ban goes into effect. It's his first gun control push.

Download 03-20-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  03-20-2019 (19.55 MB)


  • Open phones start, later a Supreme Court Case breaks in President Trump's favor...Jim Ludwick from Oregonians for Immigration Reform has the latest.

Download 03-19-19_TUESDAY_7AM  03-19-2019 (20.97 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, some open phones, Jackson County Commissioner Roberts - recent action at the National Association of Counties re smoke and fire, other issues

Download 03-19-19_TUESDAY_8AM  03-19-2019 (18.47 MB)


  • Tom Clavin joins me, author of WILD BILL, the true story of the American Frontier's First Gunfighter, later, we catch up with the Sparrow Blub folks and their important projects...and how you can help.

Download 03-19-19_TUESDAY_6AM  03-19-2019 (19.23 MB)


  • Open phones and news start, later automotive journalist Eric Peters - How they're working around the A.S.S. button (automatic start stop on the cars now)