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Download 04-19-24_FRIDAY_8AM  04-19-2024 (19.85 MB)


  • Capt. William E. Simpson - more on the Klamath. Saw a TV piece talking about how healthy the Klamath River this true? Bill digs into the problems with the dam and what he believes is a cover up of the truth. open phones follow.

Download 04-19-24_FRIDAY_7AM  04-19-2024 (20.92 MB)


  • Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors is on with the Friday Outdoor Report. Some open phones and discussion

Download 04-19-24_FRIDAY_6AM  04-19-2024 (22.8 MB)


  • Morning news, should the county surveyor work TWO county surveyor jobs? Rick Manning is on, American for Limited Government. Why is it so hard to get a conservative vote in Congress...Rick digs into the weeds so we understand.

Download 04-18-24_THURSDAY_8AM  04-18-2024 (18.4 MB)


  • Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms...GOOD news on M114 and we dig in...and then politics rears its pretty head. Open hones and emails of the day.

Download 04-18-24_THURSDAY_7AM  04-18-2024 (25.45 MB)


  • Dale Maharaidge, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author of AMERICAN DOOM LOOP talks about how he sees the 1980s as the start of the decline...Christine Herbert, candidate for Jackson County Circuit Court Judge position 5 talks the issues.

Download 04-18-24_THURSDAY_6AM  04-18-2024 (18.84 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday News and Kali Fontanilla, senior fellow at Capital Research Center digs into whether math guessed it...RAAAAAAAACIST.

Download 04-17-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  04-17-2024 (17.35 MB)


  • Karen Straughan joins me from Canada, She is HUGE on youtube girlwriteswhat channel and is an anti-feminist and advocate for mens rights. The Idaho transgender teen ban upheld by SCOTUS...we dig in. Open phones follow.

Download 04-17-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  04-17-2024 (17.23 MB)


  • Open phones and more, a great talk with Sec of State candidate Dennis Linthicum.

Download 04-17-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  04-17-2024 (24.79 MB)


  • Morning news headlines, the Late Great Golden State update, Wheels up Wednesday with auto journalist Eric Peters, Germany looks to ban driving because, carbon, Mercedes pulls Erics privileges, grey market vehicles that are cool, and much more.

Download 04-16-24_TUESDAY_8AM  04-16-2024 (21.77 MB)


  • Wow, caller shares how difficult it is to get paid on the state leave program. Then a talk with Dr. Noah Robinson, State Senate GOP primary candidate for SD2. D62 quiz, Open 4 Business with Cheriesse from No Wires Now, and some emails of the day, too.

Download 04-16-24_TUESDAY_7AM  04-16-2024 (21.83 MB)


  • Open phones for Pebble in your shoe Tuesday, Jo County commissioner Baertschiger digs into what are The Lobbies, and pretty surprising how small donors do not really get reps and senators elected.

Download 04-16-24_TUESDAY_6AM  04-16-2024 (17.73 MB)


  • Morning news starts, Bill Pascoe from Tea Party Patriots Action, updates the Trump Trial, Jo County Republican party chair Holli Morton responds to Rep. Christine Goodwin claims in her Monday interview.

Download 04-15-24_MONDAY_8AM_2  04-15-2024 (11.46 MB)


  • State Rep HD4 and State Senate District 2 Republican Primary Candidate Christine Goodwin talks about the race and other issues.

Download 04-15-24_MONDAY_8AM_1  04-15-2024 (8.93 MB)


  • Dr. Dennis Powers talks the Trump Trial, FISA renewal, and a big WIN in Scotus for the people and developers.

Download 04-15-24_MONDAY_7AM  04-15-2024 (20.08 MB)


  • Andrew Riddaugh, CEO of Liberation Technologies Services. Maybe freedom web hosting services like his are the future?? Open phones follow.

Download 04-15-24_MONDAY_6AM  04-15-2024 (19.09 MB)


  • Tax Day...should a free people put up with it? Melissa Hensonjoins me from ParentsTv, new study points at phones and social media making mentally ill kids.

Download 04-12-24_FRIDAY_8AM  04-12-2024 (21.87 MB)


  • Open phones for the Americans deserve to be they WANT to be Free?? That and other topics.

Download 04-12-24_FRIDAY_7AM  04-12-2024 (19.6 MB)


  • Greg Roberts with the Outdoor report, we opine on M111 and what will REALLY happen with a right to healthcare. Shady Cove Mayor Jon Ball talks the potential Kotek Veto of water system money and other property, housing, VRBO issues, too.

Download 04-12-24_FRIDAY_6AM  04-12-2024 (22.73 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion, will Congress vote to NOT spy with FISA on Americans?? Rick Manning and I talk a lot on that in the DC Swamp Update.

Download 04-11-24_THURSDAY_8AM  04-11-2024 (19.58 MB)


  • Jack Ryan, co-founder of REX homes, co-authored a book - Bringing Adam Smith into the American Home: A Case Against Home Ownership - certainly cutting against the conventional wisdom, open phones, D62 quiz, too.

Download 04-11-24_THURSDAY_7AM  04-11-2024 (19.08 MB)


  • Capt. WIlliam E. Simpson...problems at the Klamath Dam Removal site and there's concern that could hold up the Irongate Dam removal. Later Mark Jones asks for your vote for Jo Co Commissioner position 2.

Download 04-11-24_THURSDAY_6AM  04-11-2024 (24.01 MB)


  • Hey, conspiracy theory Thursday news and later in the hour is Tim Graham of the Media Research Center and Newsbusters...He has a new study out indicating BIG bias on the Politifact fact checking site.

Download 04-10-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  04-10-2024 (15.86 MB)


  • Kevin Starrett talks with me about proportionality in punishment...specifically about the parents in MI sentenced to 10-15 years in Prison for the mass shooting crime of their son (also in prison) . Open phones follow.

Download 04-10-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  04-10-2024 (19.58 MB)


  • Open phones for the first part of the hour and more from state Senator and Sec of State candidate Dennis Linthicum - we talk about the power the SOS has for good through auditing state agencies.

Download 04-10-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  04-10-2024 (22.54 MB)


  • Morning news stories and opinion and a great wheels up Wednesday transportation talk with auto journalist Eric Peters at EP

Download 04-09-24_TUESDAY_8AM  04-09-2024 (20.36 MB)


  • Diane Anderson talks her evening event at CP library...the push to completely redesign your food...really. Open phones and emails of the day, too.

Download 04-09-24_TUESDAY_7AM  04-09-2024 (17.53 MB)


  • Open phones for Pebble in your Shoe Tuesday. Comm. Baertschiger on inflation, the local gov killer and other issues.

Download 04-09-24_TUESDAY_6AM  04-09-2024 (20.7 MB)


  • Morning news headlines start, Elaine Parker, president of the Job Creators Network Foundation explains the latest Joe Biden attempt to forgive student loans...yeah, this one is illegal, too.

Download 04-08-24_MONDAY_8AM  04-08-2024 (20.26 MB)


  • Some open phones and then Dr. Dennis Powers, retired professor of business law at SOU. It is a lot of discussion about how DEI has infected Oregon Law, and how you will not have to pass the bar to be a lawyer...what could go wrong here?? A lot, really.

Download 04-08-24_MONDAY_7AM_2  04-08-2024 (8.04 MB)


  • Scott Walter, founder of Capital Research Center. We discuss his new book out this week - Arabella: The Dark Money Network of Leftist Billionaires Secretly Transforming America

Download 04-08-24_MONDAY_7AM  04-08-2024 (10.54 MB)


  • Email of the day then right into a conversation with KS Wild head George Sexton and a discussion on timber policy, O and C lands and can their be economically productive publis lands?

Download 04-08-24_MONDAY_6AM  04-08-2024 (20.95 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines and open phones to start the week.

Download 04-05-24_FRIDAY_8AM  04-05-2024 (21.76 MB)


  • More on the Klamath Dam removal tragedy, reporting from Capt. William E. Simpson. More open phones wrap up the hour.

Download 04-05-24_FRIDAY_7AM  04-05-2024 (19.73 MB)


  • Greg Roberts with the Outdoor Report from Rogue Weather dot com. Open phones follow.

Download 04-05-24_FRIDAY_6AM  04-05-2024 (24.11 MB)


  • Morning news headlines and opinion - Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government. Today it is a different kind of DC Swamp update and we even delve into the possibilities of AI in the future of our republic.

Download 04-04-24_THURSDAY_8AM  04-04-2024 (19.58 MB)


  • Guest is Robert Gore of Straight Line Logic dot com, has a new novel, THE GRAY RADIANCE, a wonderful mystery detailing how long we have dealt with the Deep State. He also has an interesting trump piece on his website, open phones follow.

Download 04-04-24_THURSDAY_7AM  04-04-2024 (28.81 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday and a talk later with Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts live from the AMerican Forest Resources Council conference, what about O and C lands not getting heard by scotus, future of timber and other issue

Download 04-04-24_THURSDAY_6AM  04-04-2024 (17.78 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday! News and opinion start the hour, later a talk with Phil Kerpen of American Commitment Dot org, release of a research paper indicating how ALL gov did to intervene with Covid was WRONG...and why this matters.

Download 04-03-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  04-03-2024 (17.91 MB)


  • Open phones, emails of the day, Open for Business, Randal from Advanced air has the latest deals and tips and tricks to keep your HVAC running and healthy.

Download 04-03-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  04-03-2024 (22.03 MB)


  • Emails and open talk, I discuss the eclipse with moon expert Rebecca Boyle, author of Our Moon: How Earths Celestial Companion Transformed the Planet. State Senat Candidate Diane LInthicum talks her senate race and the issues in play.

Download 04-03-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  04-03-2024 (21.65 MB)


  • Open phones, headlines, Auto journalist Eric Peters joins me to dig into the news, Tesla stock takes a dive, Trans Day of Visibility nonsense and other stories.

Download 04-02-24_TUESDAY_8AM  04-02-2024 (19.69 MB)


  • Glenn Archambault, local farmer and Farm Services elected rep for SW Oregon talks about the reporting on whether Oregon is at war with farming...short answer, YES...we dig into that and more, open phones follow.

Download 04-02-24_TUESDAY_7AM  04-02-2024 (20.39 MB)


  • Nick Smith joins me from the American Forest Resource Council...why did SCOTUS not hear the O and C lands Monument case...and what impact will this have on the timber industry. Continued on this with Herman Baertschiger and other pol news.

Download 04-02-24_TUESDAY_6AM  04-02-2024 (19.66 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion and open phones on pebble in your shoe Tuesday

Download 04-01-24_MONDAY_8AM  04-01-2024 (18.89 MB)


  • Dr. Powers Where Past Meets Present - today a great talk on all that happened at the 1964 Crescent City Good Friday Tsunami. Open for business with Cheriesse, saving folks money at No Wires Now, and D62 quiz and some calls.

Download 04-01-24_MONDAY_7AM  04-01-2024 (25.34 MB)


  • Some open phones a talk witih Commissioner John West of Jo County, Goodwin lawsuit withdrawn, still might live another day and he explains. State Rep. Yunker...voted no on many bad bills that were sold as good bills, deception used by YES side.

Download 04-01-24_MONDAY_6AM  04-01-2024 (19.73 MB)


  • Morning Headlines, some open phones, change laws for homeless to build more houses...who benefits? A talk with Jason Issac, Founder and CEO of the American Energy Institute, Smart grid isn't so smart afterall...we need reliable energy.

Download 03-29-24_FRIDAY_8AM  03-29-2024 (16.91 MB)


  • Jeffrey Katz, expert on the teaching of Maimonides. In RULES TO LIVE BY: Maimonides Guide to a Wonderful Life, Katz shows how the strategies and advice of this medieval philosopher stands the test of time. Open phones follow.

Download 03-29-24_FRIDAY_7AM  03-29-2024 (18.22 MB)


  • Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather is on with the Outdoor report and a lot of open phones and stories follow.

Download 03-29-24_FRIDAY_6AM  03-29-2024 (21.98 MB)


  • Morning news stories, how we are becoming like France (in theory) Rick Manning from Americans for Limited GOvernment, and we talk the presidential race, the bridge collapse, why it is likely terrorism and much more from the Swamp.

Download 03-28-24_THURSDAY_8AM  03-28-2024 (21.54 MB)


  • Catherine Engelbrecht with True the Vote dot org - how to fight for election integrity through a 5 minute chrck you can do online, other integrity talks. Jeff from Quality Tree Service is on Open for Business - how to detect dangerous trees, what 2 do.

Download 03-28-24_THURSDAY_7AM  03-28-2024 (20.15 MB)


  • Open phones on Conspiracy Theory Thursday, always fun and interesting. Dr. David Clarke from Portland discusses a method of battling mind/body pain...a path outside of opioids, etc.

Download 03-28-24_THURSDAY_6AM  03-28-2024 (21.75 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday - The attack on small farms by Oregon...what is the water story? Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms. We talk politics, the crazy gov wife story, why principled reps like James Hieb need defended and other news.

Download 03-27-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  03-27-2024 (20.12 MB)


  • Colonel (Ret.) John Millls, and we talk the attack on Moscow from last week...Who can you trust? Other insights on this sticky wicket foreign policy blob issue. Open phones, an email of the day and more follow.

Download 03-27-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  03-27-2024 (18.54 MB)


  • Open phones for Wheels up Wednesday, more Christine Goodwin lawsuit talk, Herma B. and Holli Morton weigh in and othger issues, Sec of State candidate Dennis Linthicum talks the issues in play re electon integrity, too.

Download 03-27-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  03-27-2024 (23.72 MB)


  • Morning News and great to be back...interesting Christine Goodwin story in the Courier. Hmmm., Auto Journalist Eric Peters talks the attack on your mobility, reviews, politics, your calls on same.

Download 03-22-24_FRIDAY_8AM  03-22-2024 (18.4 MB)


  • Steve Milloy, senior legal fellow at the Energy and Environment Legal foundation talks the Biden Tailpipe emissioner standards...things they will be thrown out in Court. Capt. Bill Simpson - more on the Klamath - Emergency order meeting Tuesday.

Download 03-22-24_FRIDAY_7AM  03-22-2024 (22.04 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoors brings the latest weather and recreation news. Five for Fighting singer/songwriter John Ondrasik joins me, new tour soon, and he has a big contest to help music programs in public schools. Open phones follow.

Download 03-22-24_FRIDAY_6AM  03-22-2024 (21.42 MB)


  • Morning news headlines and commentary, Rick Manning joins me from Americans for Limited Government, folly of Green Energy and the grid stability, lots of other news going on.

Download 03-21-24_THURSDAY_8AM  03-21-2024 (19.89 MB)


  • Open phones on Conspiracy Theory Thursday Then is there scientific evidence for Near Death Experiences? Dr. Gary Habermas, Ph.D. discusses it with me, very thought-provoking.

Download 03-21-24_THURSDAY_7AM  03-21-2024 (23.97 MB)


  • Ilya Shapiro talks with me about the SCOTUS arguments on free speech. He is director of constitutional studies and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. Bill Hunker and Jim Rafferty opine on 17-116 Charter Change and more $ for animal shelter.

Download 03-21-24_THURSDAY_6AM  03-21-2024 (18.25 MB)


  • I go through the morning headlines, commentary added of course. Chad Caton, chairman of VETERANS FOR TRUMP talks the border, their new documentary BORDER CRISIS - AN AMERICAN INVASION.

Download 03-20-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  03-20-2024 (19.58 MB)


  • Diner 62 quiz into open phones, an Open For Business with Matt Duste from Dustys Transmission, expanding into other services..oh, and do not believe the claims that there is lifetime transmission fluid. Emails of the day, too.

Download 03-20-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  03-20-2024 (18.32 MB)


  • Oregon Firearm founder Kevin Starret...we dig into politics, and a fed court decision granting gun rights to an illegal alien in Chicago - what is the real agenda here? Secretary of State Candidate Dennis Linthicum - what he could accomplish if elected!

Download 03-20-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  03-20-2024 (23.68 MB)


  • Starting the show with a flip-flop, Immigration reform advocate Joey Chester reports on court again saing TX can not enforce immigration law, Eric Peters, auto journalist from EPautos, 1st amendment on trial, Mazda MX5 review, new regs coming?

Download 03-19-24_TUESDAY_8AM  03-19-2024 (21.75 MB)


  • Capt. Bill Simpson is live from the Siskiyou County Courthouse - Will the county declare an emergency over the Klamath Dam removal fiasco. Open for business with Cheriesse, saving you money at No Wires, and some open phones, too.

Download 03-19-24_TUESDAY_7AM  03-19-2024 (19.62 MB)


  • Americas Psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman has a great talk with me about a new study from Finland detailing how mentally ill are the woke. Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger talks the Christmas Tree Bill...incredible money handed out.

Download 03-19-24_TUESDAY_6AM  03-19-2024 (22.2 MB)


  • Morning news and the Supreme Court talks the 1st amendment...yikes. Kim Hector of GP is troubled by a RV park opening in his neighborhood. Councilor Dwayne Yunker weighs in, too.

Download 03-18-24_MONDAY_8AM  03-18-2024 (19.44 MB)


  • Dr. Louis Perron, is a Swiss political consultant, has lived and breathed campaigns, and we discuss the Trump/Biden race, and his new book BEAT THE INCUMBENT. Will Lathrop, GOP candidate for Attorney General...event tonight, talki the campaing, more.

Download 03-18-24_MONDAY_7AM  03-18-2024 (19.9 MB)


  • Emails of the day and then a great talk with Emmy Award winner Jeff Margolis, one of the most successful live TV event and variety special directors of all-time. He wrote a memoir, lots of fun WE*RE LIVE IN 5, Greg Roberts - OUTDOOR REPORT - warm, for now

Download 03-18-24_MONDAY_6AM  03-18-2024 (20.62 MB)


  • Congressman Cliff Bentz talks the Tik Tok bill, how the budgets actually work, Central Bank Digital Currencies...will they be forced upon us? Open phones and Holli Morton from Jo Co GOP talks a new party person election from the weekend.

Download 03-15-24_FRIDAY_8AM  03-15-2024 (14.6 MB)


  • All those people who wanted to lock the world down...what are they up to now? Mark Hutto has been hanging out on the NextDoor App and shares a thought or two on this. Open phones follow.

Download 03-15-24_FRIDAY_7AM  03-15-2024 (29 MB)


  • Journalist Annie Holmquist from Annies Attic on Substack - are graduation rates covering for academic decline in public schools. Open phones follow.

Download 03-15-24_FRIDAY_6AM  03-15-2024 (21.2 MB)


  • Into the morning news and commentary and the DC swamp update with Rick Manning at Americans for Limited Government, the Tik Tok Ban and other issues discussed.

Download 03-14-24_THURSDAY_8AM  03-14-2024 (21.59 MB)


  • State Senate Candidate Noah Robinson discusses his campaign, how the game is really played in Salem, why he thinks it is important to vote NO, not just Yes in order to get along. Open phones and emails follow, D62 quiz and more.

Download 03-14-24_THURSDAY_7AM  03-14-2024 (19.37 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday. Later Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts - the accusations from the charter change people against the county are unfounded.

Download 03-14-24_THURSDAY_6AM  03-14-2024 (21.74 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday morning commentary and I talk with 40 year financial man PAUL H. TICE, author of the excellent The Race to Zero: How ESG Investing will Crater the Global Financial System

Download 03-13-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  03-13-2024 (17.51 MB)


  • The latest from the Klamath Dam project, and the challenge getting the Siskiyou Board to declare an emergency and have the state remove the toxic sediment.

Download 03-13-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  03-13-2024 (21.61 MB)


  • Open phones and emails of the day, State Senator LInthicum talks about his just-announced run for Secretary of State.

Download 03-13-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  03-13-2024 (22.71 MB)


  • Morning news and commentary and Wheels Up Wednesday with Eric Peters at EP Autos...the Smart Car App, yikes, fake sounds for EVs, Hyundai Venue review and other news.

Download 03-12-24_TUESDAY_8AM  03-12-2024 (19.18 MB)


  • State Rep Court Boice and we talk the legislative session, the good and the bad. Open for business with Dan Drak of Drakes Paint and Supply. We discuss the history of Drakes, and expanding to a 3rd location, too.

Download 03-12-24_TUESDAY_7AM  03-12-2024 (23.25 MB)


  • State Rep Dwayne Yunker talks the last session, and what is coming next. Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger talks how not voting is NOT a no vote and why that matters. Much other conversation, too.

Download 03-12-24_TUESDAY_6AM  03-12-2024 (20.46 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines...a look back at 1972 as a young paperboy hearing Eric Carmen for the first time, your calls, and then former French Spy JACK BEAUMONT, author of Dark Arena and The Frenchman. Wrote FABULOUT spy novels to recover from PTSD.

Download 03-11-24_MONDAY_8AM  03-11-2024 (18.78 MB)


  • Dr. Dennis Powers for the hour including a historical look back at the SAMS VALLEY METEORITE history plus lots of news to discuss, too.

Download 03-11-24_MONDAY_7AM  03-11-2024 (17.56 MB)


  • Outdoor report and other discussion with Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather Dot Com. State Rep. Kim Wallan recaps the legislative session, good, the bad, and the confusing.

Download 03-11-24_MONDAY_6AM  03-11-2024 (23.34 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines and an hour of discussion regarding the Democrat charter changes being foisted upon us and why these MUST be voted down. Community researcher Mr. X is on with further insight on the intrusions we are fighting here.

Download 03-08-24_FRIDAY_8AM  03-08-2024 (17.63 MB)


  • Open phone calls and discussion for the full hour.

Download 03-08-24_FRIDAY_7AM  03-08-2024 (20.74 MB)


  • Open phones, later Richard Emmons, publisher and Editor of the Oregon Eagle talks his 2 days at the capitol for the final time at the State Legislature.

Download 03-08-24_FRIDAY_6AM  03-08-2024 (22.83 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines for Friday, State of the Union, and more on that with Rick Manning at Americans for LImited Government on the DC Swamp update.

Download 03-07-24_THURSDAY_8AM  03-07-2024 (21.08 MB)


  • Capt. WIlliam E. Simpson, latest on the Klamath Dam area issue. Some open phones later. BTW, Bill Simpson articles on Siskiyou dot news

Download 03-07-24_THURSDAY_7AM  03-07-2024 (20.39 MB)


  • Ken Braun, investigative reporter from Capitol Research Center (investigative think tank) talks his four part series on the issues with wind power. Open phones follow on CTT.

Download 03-07-24_THURSDAY_6AM  03-07-2024 (21.5 MB)


  • Morning News on Conspiracy THeory Thursday. Dr. Josh Umbehr from Witchita Kansas, founder of Atlas dot MD , direct primary practice. Great talk on practical ways to cut medical costs and some work Congress needs to do in order to help.

Download 03-06-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  03-06-2024 (19.13 MB)


  • Jackson County for all...the Democrat-pushed charter changes. We discuss the scheme with Mr. X, friend of the show and researcher. Open for Business follows with Randal at Advanced Air and we talk the deals, regulation pushing up prices, act quickly.

Download 03-06-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  03-06-2024 (19.38 MB)


  • Oregon Firearms Federations Kevin Starrett discusses a recent hearing on extreme risk protection orders...look for this gun grabbing for NEXT year. State Sen. Linthicum discusses the difficulties of having republicans govern by republican principles.

Download 03-06-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  03-06-2024 (22.52 MB)


  • Morning news headlines and talk, Eric Peters with WHEELS UP WEDNESDAY segment on cars and transportation...your calls too!

Download 03-05-24_TUESDAY_8AM  03-05-2024 (23.76 MB)


  • State Rep Dwayne Yunker explains why he is none too happy with the M110 fix, says it really grows , later Stacey Higgenbotham from Consumer Reports explains why the just passed Right to Repair Law is a good deal for Oregon.

Download 03-05-24_TUESDAY_7AM  03-05-2024 (18.58 MB)


  • Josephine County Commissioner Baertschiger talks the effects inflation will have on our counties and local governments...what will give? State Rep. Kim Wallan gives her take on the M110 fix and Gov Kotek housing package.

Download 03-05-24_TUESDAY_6AM  03-05-2024 (20.87 MB)


  • Morning news and open phones on Pebble in your shoe Tuesday. We also catch up with the sole survivor of the original Lynyrd Skynyrd band, drummer Artimus Pyle. New album out with other stars singing Skynyrd classics...oh great story re the plane crash...

Download 03-04-24_MONDAY_8AM  03-04-2024 (19.49 MB)


  • Dr. Powers Where Past Meets Present profile of Peter Britt, and we talk the Trump Scotus news, the Great Taking Book and much more.

Download 03-04-24_MONDAY_7AM  03-04-2024 (23.76 MB)


  • Greg Roberts, Rogue Weather Dot Com with the Outdoor Report, Congressman Cliff Bentz talks the budget, the deficit, Grey Wolves, State of the Union, a whole lot of other issues.

Download 03-04-24_MONDAY_6AM  03-04-2024 (22.01 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion, headlines, Laura Morgan, Chief of Staff with Do No Harm Medicine Dot Org, fighting woke ideology in medical care. Today we talk Duke School Of Medicine and the wokey brokey going on there.

Download 03-01-24_FRIDAY_8AM  03-01-2024 (21.64 MB)


  • Great talk with Scott Shumway, local author of THE INVISIBLE 4-LETTER WORD. How to Get what you Really Want. Open phones and more follow.

Download 03-01-24_FRIDAY_7AM  03-01-2024 (19.11 MB)


  • State Rep. Dwayne Yunker, votes no on HB4002 M110 Fix, explains why it is such a bad bill. Capt. WIlliam E. Simpson with the latest on the Klamath situation, wow...

Download 03-01-24_FRIDAY_6AM  03-01-2024 (21.35 MB)


  • Morning news and headline commentary, Rick Manning with the DC swamp update from AMericans for Limited Government - Deep Dive on how the Dems want your 401K!

Download 02-29-24_THURSDAY_8AM  02-29-2024 (18.49 MB)


  • Ilya Shapiro is a senior fellow and director of constitutional studies at the Manhattan Institute breaks down the Bump Stock supremee court oral arguments from Wednesday. Open phones follow for Conspiracy Theory Thursday.

Download 02-29-24_THURSDAY_7AM  02-29-2024 (19.07 MB)


  • Mitch McConnel calls it quits, what is next? Mark Tapscott, The Epoch Timess Congressional Correspondent has the story. More open phones and conversation follow.

Download 02-29-24_THURSDAY_6AM  02-29-2024 (22.06 MB)


  • MOrning news and headlines and open phones on Conspiracy Theory Thursday.

Download 02-28-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  02-28-2024 (19.8 MB)


  • Mark Tapson is the Shillman Fellow on Popular Culture for the David Horowitz Freedom Center. We talk how the Leftis normalizing taboos and the implications of same. Some open phones, open for business with Cheriesse with t load of great deals fm NO WIRES

Download 02-28-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  02-28-2024 (18 MB)


  • Open phones and topics and later state Sen. Dennis Linthicum talks politics and attitudes, the fate of Measure 110 fixing legislation, that Dennis hinks will not fix it at all.

Download 02-28-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  02-28-2024 (24.4 MB)


  • Morning news and commentary then our weekly Wheels Up Segment with auto journalist Eric Peters at EP Autos dot com and loads of listener calls and questions answered.

Download 02-27-24_TUESDAY_8AM  02-27-2024 (19.84 MB)


  • Open phones, all sorts of issues and news and we wrap with Open for Business, Denise from Prestige Senior Car Arbor Place.

Download 02-27-24_TUESDAY_7AM  02-27-2024 (20.73 MB)


  • State Rep. Dwayne Yunker on House Bill 4002, which is supposed to fix the problems with Measure 110. Buttttt there are problems. Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger and changes for some prop owners in Jo County - Daily Courier has it wrong, says Herman.

Download 02-27-24_TUESDAY_6AM  02-27-2024 (21.18 MB)


  • Morning headlines, the first lawsuit filed in the Asante drug and nurse case, Pac Power has real problems. Later Dr. Mark Mostert from Able Americans talks the FAA woke hiring policy, bad for America, insulting to the disabled.

Download 02-26-24_MONDAY_8AM  02-26-2024 (20.31 MB)


  • Some open phones, Dr. Dennis Powers talks the latest political news and the historical profile of poet-essayist and newspaper editor Ben Hur Lampmann of Gold Hill. Lisa McCleese Kelly is on and Saturday is the FIRST CRUSH fundraiser in Jo County!

Download 02-26-24_MONDAY_7AM  02-26-2024 (19.64 MB)


  • Greg Roberts has the Monday Outdoor Report then State Rep. Kim Wallan talks the reform efforts on Measure 110, and the push for campaign finance reform...Look out below.

Download 02-26-24_MONDAY_6AM  02-26-2024 (22.1 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines on the issues. Curtis Houck, managing editor for Newsbusters digs into the CBS news story about the firing of reporter Cathern Herridge, files seized. A good move??

Download 02-23-24_FRIDAY_8AM  02-23-2024 (18.31 MB)


  • Melissa Henson from Parents TV talks the increasing smut pushed from the networks to the kids, but surveys say the kids want something better. Richad Emmons from Jo Co Eagle, now the OREGON EAGLE Rogue Valley, and we discuss the change.

Download 02-23-24_FRIDAY_7AM  02-23-2024 (19.96 MB)


  • Open phones on the news and everything else on your mind today.

Download 02-23-24_FRIDAY_6AM  02-23-2024 (20.01 MB)


  • Morning news headlines and open talk, Rick Manning live from CPAC in DC, how the Trump case degrades rule of the country already going throuh a slow-mo breakup?

Download 02-22-24_THURSDAY_8AM  02-22-2024 (21.09 MB)


  • Some emails and calls on the news, Richard Emmons from the Josephine County Eagle reports on the Grants Pass Meals Tax vote from last night. Open phones follow.

Download 02-22-24_THURSDAY_7AM  02-22-2024 (24.78 MB)


  • Open phones and conspiracy theory Thursday calls. Gregory Wrightstone then joins me, he is autho of A CONVENIENT WARMING. In other wards, you are NOT dying from cliiiiiiiiimate change.

Download 02-22-24_THURSDAY_6AM  02-22-2024 (19.73 MB)


  • A bit hot under the collar over attacks on our Congressman...I explain why. Fred Lucas joins me from Heritage and Capital Research Center - What is the origin of WOKE in the military? He has written a 4-part series on it.

Download 02-20-24_TUESDAY_8AM  02-22-2024 (20.19 MB)


  • Reposted - Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts talks fire policy, some possible movement at the Federal level, plus the proposed county charter changes. Naturalist Capt. WIlliam E. Simpson, breaking news on the hidden report surrounding Klamath

Download 02-21-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  02-21-2024 (21.78 MB)


  • Part 2 of the Isulin Bill in the legislature with State Senator Linthicum, some open phones and Kevin Starrett - looking as if many states are starting to just ignore Supreme Court...a challenge??

Download 02-21-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  02-21-2024 (23.81 MB)


  • Open phones on Wheels Up Wednesday, a bit later in the hour state Senator Linthicum joins me to discuss the political situation plus we dig into the $35 a month insulin bill just passed, the good and bad of it.

Download 02-21-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  02-21-2024 (20.84 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion and Wheels Up Wednesday automotive talk with Eric Peters from EP Autos...the attack on former President Trump has larger implications for us all, and we discuss it.

Download 02-19-24_MONDAY_8AM  02-20-2024 (24.33 MB)


  • Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts talks fire policy, some possible movement at the Federal level, plus the proposed county charter changes. Naturalist Capt. WIlliam E. Simpson, breaking news on the hidden report surrounding Klamath dam project.

Download 02-20-24_TUESDAY_7AM  02-20-2024 (20.36 MB)


  • State Rep. Dwayne Yunker with the latest on M110 and housing policy news, and the craziness known as the Short Session in Salem. Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger digs into political news and opinion of the day, some on 17-116.

Download 02-20-24_TUESDAY_6AM  02-20-2024 (21.08 MB)


  • MOrning news and opinion on Pebble in Your Shoe Tuesday. Much to discuss!

Download 02-14-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  02-20-2024 (16.41 MB)


  • Repost from last Wednesday - Naturalist Capt. William E. Simpson II reports on the continued environmental degradation from the removal of the Klamath Dams. Open phones follow.

Download 02-19-24_MONDAY_8AM  02-19-2024 (24.33 MB)


  • Some open phones and disagreements, too. Dr. Powers talks the Trump 355 million dollar judgement. Jo County Commissioner John West on Measure 17-116.

Download 02-19-24_MONDAY_7AM  02-19-2024 (18.02 MB)


  • Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors, interesting weather and outdoor news this week, State Rep. Kim Wallan discusses the big battles of the state legislative session, Measure 110, and the Gov Kotek housing agenda.

Download 02-19-24_MONDAY_6AM  02-19-2024 (22.54 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines, some open phones, Social Media Creator Jason Sheppard discusses the Meta trend of social media downgrading political postings. He is soon launching the DOTOR app - Dating on the Right!

Download 02-16-24_FRIDAY_8AM  02-16-2024 (20.07 MB)


  • Some open phones, a great talk with 2nd District Senate candidate Noah Robertson about both the current legislation playing out in the session, but also his run for office. Kim Andresen promotes polar plunge, emails of the day wrap the show.

Download 02-16-24_FRIDAY_7AM  02-16-2024 (20.22 MB)


  • Open phones and later a talk with former Grants Pass city director of finance Jay Meredith, who believes it wise the city NOT impose a meals tax next week and he explains why.

Download 02-16-24_FRIDAY_6AM  02-16-2024 (22.21 MB)


  • Morning news, the horror known as pacific powers new 17 percent rate hike...yikes! Rick Manning has the DC swamp update, too.

Download 02-15-24_THURSDAY_8AM  02-15-2024 (19.23 MB)


  • A report from Farm Services rep for SW Oregon Glen Archambault. Is the food system in good shape? Some open phones, Diane Anderson has another event busting the globalist plot for tomorrow night, 530 at Phoenix Library.

Download 02-15-24_THURSDAY_7AM  02-15-2024 (23.07 MB)


  • Guest for the hour is Jackson County Sheriff Nate Sickler. Cartel activity, Measure 110, Fentanyl, the Jail, ECSO bond, all in there.

Download 02-15-24_THURSDAY_6AM  02-15-2024 (20.17 MB)


  • News headlines and open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday

Download 02-14-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  02-14-2024 (17.83 MB)


  • An Eagle Point school teacher files a racial discrimination suit. Pacific Legla Foundation attorney Andrew Quinio explains it. Later State Senator Linthicum talks the session, politics, lower costs for insulin but what are the downsides??

Download 02-14-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  02-14-2024 (21.36 MB)


  • Morning news opinion and stories start the day and Eric Peters from EP Autos dot com talks the right to repair, EVs are down, Elon doing fine, and the Chrysler Pacifica review and answers many questions, too.

Download 02-13-24_TUESDAY_8AM  02-13-2024 (19.17 MB)


  • Trial attorney, veteran, pundit and author Kurt Schlicter joins me for a talk about his latest novel, THE ATTACK. How would a October 7th attack play out here? VERY thought-provoking. Open for business later with Cheriess from No Wires Now.

Download 02-13-24_TUESDAY_7AM  02-13-2024 (17.99 MB)


  • State Rep Dwayne Yunker reports on and gives his observations from the 2nd week of the legislative session. Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger digs into what the new state Leave legislation will do to local government, and the good odds on tax hikes.

Download 02-13-24_TUESDAY_6AM  02-13-2024 (22.65 MB)


  • Open phones, news and opinion for the hour on Pebble in your Shoe Tuesday

Download 02-12-24_MONDAY_8AM  02-12-2024 (18.47 MB)


  • Dr. Powers, latesest Where Past Meets Present profile of mountaineer Jason Hardrath, also the special counsel report re President Biden. Listener Pete, a professional model photographer discusses his observations of the obesity trend from his POV.

Download 02-12-24_MONDAY_7AM  02-12-2024 (19.59 MB)


  • Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather Dot com with the latest Outdoor Report, yep, we talk some Superbowl, too. State Rep. Kim Wallan reports on the Salem Session, the push for housing and a fix for Measure 110. There is a great deal of disagreement on this.

Download 02-12-24_MONDAY_6AM  02-12-2024 (20.82 MB)


  • Morning news, the latest news lie of omission regarding Donald Trump, open phones and other news of the day to start.

Download 02-09-24_FRIDAY_8AM  02-09-2024 (20.56 MB)


  • State Senate SD2 candidate Noah Robinson, who is looking to replace his father, State Sen. Art Robinson (M113 stopped him) a good discussion on the latest in Salem and his POV on the issues. Later open phones, emails and more.

Download 02-09-24_FRIDAY_7AM  02-09-2024 (18.75 MB)


  • Open phones on the issues start the hour, Congressman Cliff Bentz is in, too, talking about Mayorkas, the other DC news, tax bill from the other week, more.

Download 02-09-24_FRIDAY_6AM  02-09-2024 (22.16 MB)


  • Oh was that a bad night for the Biden team, plus the report and some interesting prognostication from our DC Swamp guy, Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government.

Download 02-08-24_THURSDAY_8AM  02-08-2024 (23.74 MB)


  • Some open phones on issues, then Pastor Mark Biltz from Washington state, do heavenly signs indicate big challenges for America? His book - America at War 2024-2026. Austin Kiser joins Open 4 Business, Kiser CPR, we talk training cpr changes.

Download 02-08-24_THURSDAY_7AM  02-08-2024 (20.28 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday open phones, study connects RoundUp to generational obesity, Richard Emmons at Jo Co Eagle - report on the GP city council pub safety fees and taxes meeting.

Download 02-08-24_THURSDAY_6AM  02-08-2024 (20.59 MB)


  • Show opens with me talking with Joey Chester from Federation for Immigration Reform - wow, the latest from the Texas Border. Scanning your VEINS for ID? Yep, Dr. Jason Dean has that story. He is a creator and host of Brave TV dot com.

Download 02-07-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  02-07-2024 (18.09 MB)


  • Open phones on the issues, Open for business a bit later with Randal from Advanced air with the latest deals and rebates and much more on keeping you warm this winter. Open phones again follow.

Download 02-07-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  02-07-2024 (21.92 MB)


  • Daniel R. Street, attorney and author at Daniel R. Streets Fake News Exposed - talking the court saying fmr Pres. Trump is not immune from prosecution. State Sen. Linthicum talks the various bills in the latest legislative session, how to respond?

Download 02-07-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  02-07-2024 (21.52 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines start, wheels up Wednesday is on with Eric Peters at including discussuion on the EV Titani sinking as we speak, 2024 Chevy Colorado review and a lot more.

Download 02-06-24_TUESDAY_8AM  02-06-2024 (21 MB)


  • Open phones on Pebble in your shoe Tuesday and email, Dad jokes, a lot going on.

Download 02-06-24_TUESDAY_7AM  02-06-2024 (20.14 MB)


  • 8 retired doctors release a column to the RV-Times...I share the column and comment. It strikes me as a little tone-deaf. Jo County Commiccioner Baertschiger digs into day 2 of the Short Session and what to watch out for.

Download 02-06-24_TUESDAY_6AM  02-06-2024 (19.84 MB)


  • Toby Keith is gone, RIP, a listener asks why I hate RVTD. I is not hate but public transit is a flawed model. Christopher Arps is a member of the Project 21 black leadership network, we talk Black history month, pushback against prog policy.

Download 02-05-24_MONDAY_8AM  02-05-2024 (18.26 MB)


  • Dr. Powers Where Past Meets Present segment. We talk the latest news, pofil is Tucker Sno-Cat history..great story. Open phones and some emails follow.

Download 02-05-24_MONDAY_7AM  02-05-2024 (20.32 MB)


  • Some open phones, Greg Roberts has the Outdoor report, State Rep. Dwayne Yunker, HD 3, live from the session. Oooh, the attacks on his character are really something. We discuss that and other issues in play.

Download 02-05-24_MONDAY_6AM  02-05-2024 (20.05 MB)


  • Morning news and stories...should pub employees ALSO not be allowed to walk out on the job...just like M113 that the unions endosed? What about Ukraine and our foreign adventures? Author and retired military John deVerteuil weighs in.

Download 02-02-24_FRIDAY_8AM  02-02-2024 (21.03 MB)


  • Michael Letts, founder of Invest USA dot org joins the show, he is a law enforcement veteran and his org purchases the latest bulletproof vests for police departments. Open phones and an ER nurse is the email of the day...what a story.

Download 02-02-24_FRIDAY_7AM  02-02-2024 (18.77 MB)


  • The session has not even started yet but Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms Federation delivers news of at least 2 anti-gun bills ready to drop. Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger talk the M113 Supreme Court decision, and the impact.

Download 02-02-24_FRIDAY_6AM  02-02-2024 (20.81 MB)


  • Morning news and commentary and Rick Manning is on From AMericans for Limited Government. The continued fight for truth, seeing through the propaganda, and the battle between GOPe and the Trump Factions. Good conversation.

Download 02-01-24_THURSDAY_8AM  02-01-2024 (20.71 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market news, Col. Retired John Mills joins the show, says it is not Iran Proxy fighters killing Americans, ultimately all CHINA. He has other insights, too. Lisa Kelly on Wipe Out Hunger, Karen Spoontz promotes lincoln day dinner JCRP.

Download 02-01-24_THURSDAY_7AM  02-01-2024 (25.99 MB)


  • Open phones on Conspiracy Theory Thursday, a news clip from 12 years ago demonstrates the fraud of the Klamath Dam removal, State Sen. Linthicum talks about the upcoming session and the battle for TRUTH in our lives being front and center.

Download 02-01-24_THURSDAY_6AM  02-01-2024 (19.4 MB)


  • Back after a night at Prov ER with my mother...interesting experience and I share that. Eric Peters from EP Autos is on, review Nissan Altima for 2024, the weakening EV demand if California...pretty big deal and other transporation news.

Download 01-30-24_TUESDAY_8AM  01-30-2024 (22.32 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones has the Market Report. Capt. William E. Simpson reports on the atrocious environmental destruction on the Klamath Dam sites. Your calls follow.

Download 01-30-24_TUESDAY_7AM  01-30-2024 (18.4 MB)


  • Open phones on Pebble in your Shoe do you best petition the gov for a redress, other topics. Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger talks politics and the changing country.

Download 01-30-24_TUESDAY_6AM  01-30-2024 (22.02 MB)


  • Morning News including Stabbin Wagon sues Medford...Please fight it...btw Medford. Tim Rivers from J6 Patriot News dot com talks of his Gulag book and how do we best protest? We have a difference of opinion...

Download 01-29-24_MONDAY_8AM  01-29-2024 (20.6 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market report, Dr. Powers with the historical profile of Steffanie Leigh, star of Broadway, we talk the Trump 83 million dollar judgement, too.

Download 01-29-24_MONDAY_7AM  01-29-2024 (22.46 MB)


  • Greg Roberts with the Outdoor Report, Kevin Starret from Oregon Firearms, politicized prosecutions, a good coach resigns rather than let trans on the girl team, other political issues in play.

Download 01-29-24_MONDAY_6AM  01-29-2024 (22.16 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines, an email about the Asante nurse...sounds legit. Mark Mix from the National Right to Work federation - unions go for Biden, will they actually VOTE 4 him, also how you can retain ur rights in a union, Oregon situtation.

Download 01-26-24_FRIDAY_8AM  01-26-2024 (20.44 MB)


  • Ron Gordon, Edward Jones analyst with the market report, then Jo Co Eagle Publisher and Editor Richard Emmons reports on he Thursday public meeting on Grants Pass public safety and to pay for it. Open phones and emails follow.

Download 01-26-24_FRIDAY_7AM  01-26-2024 (22.45 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, Dr. Merrill Matthews at IPI dot org wonders if we need to confront the trend of illegal aliens voting in our elections?

Download 01-26-24_FRIDAY_6AM  01-26-2024 (20.7 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion, open phones for Friday!

Download 01-25-24_THURSDAY_8AM  01-25-2024 (20.23 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones has the market report and then southern Oregon resident and businessman Mark Hutto talk his concerns about the siting of 5G cell towers. Who is in charge of this? Can citizens have more input?

Download 01-25-24_THURSDAY_7AM  01-25-2024 (21.81 MB)


  • Dr. John Lott digs into the Uvalde shooting report and how the media distorts gun stats with these stories. Congressman Cliff Bentz in studio talking the budget, the slim majority, the border issues and what can be done, and what to look for soon.

Download 01-25-24_THURSDAY_6AM  01-25-2024 (22.28 MB)


  • MOrning news and opinion and open phones on conspiracy theory Thursday. Mitch McConnell says no border deal because President Trump supposedly says he wants to run on that issue. Do you believe it? Good idea?

Download 01-24-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  01-24-2024 (23.07 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market report from Edward Jones. Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearsms. we talk the attempt at bribin Kari Lake, and help needed for the Harney County WINNING lawsuit against the state and Measure 114.

Download 01-24-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  01-24-2024 (18.36 MB)


  • Emails of the day and other commentary. CHARLIE SPIERING, author of AMATEUR HOUR: Kamala Harris in the White House, Sen Linthicum talks more on election integrity and how to achieve it.

Download 01-24-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  01-24-2024 (23.1 MB)


  • Morning news stories, M110 changes? Eric Peters on from EP Autos dot com. Tesla news not all that good, great review on the new Honday, many questions from listeners answered.

Download 01-23-24_TUESDAY_8AM  01-23-2024 (20.55 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market report from Edward Jones and Open phones on Pebble in Your Shoe Tuesdaiy. drug addict opinion, trash on the public lands fix, lots of important topics of discussion.

Download 01-23-24_TUESDAY_7AM  01-23-2024 (19.6 MB)


  • Capt. William E. Simpson of the Wild Horse Fire Brigade reports from the Klamath Dam Removal - river fenced off from wildlife, what about their water? Jo County Comm. Baertschiger, trash on pub lands, library district update, other news.

Download 01-23-24_TUESDAY_6AM  01-23-2024 (19.8 MB)


  • Morning news headliines, your calls, Jason Worcester, politics reporter at the Epoch Timesa is live from New Hampshire reporting on the primary election and concerns of the electorate.

Download 01-22-24_MONDAY_8AM  01-22-2024 (20.93 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market report, Dr. Powers profiles WW2 dog TWO BIT in the historical profils today and we talk the homeless ordinance just going into effect in Ashland among other stories.

Download 01-22-24_MONDAY_7AM  01-22-2024 (21.79 MB)


  • Will Hild, Executive Director of Consumers Research dot org talks of how the WEF is renaming ESG...interesting story. Dr. Glenn Gumaer has an update on the Red LIght Camera lawsuits against the city of Medford - claims MANY people unjustly fined.

Download 01-22-24_MONDAY_6AM  01-22-2024 (20.98 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion, DeSantis calls it quits, your calls, Kevin Stocklin is a writer and documentary filmmaker at Epoch Times - we talk the 20 State AGs (including Oregon) wanting 5.56 ammo from Lake City no longer sold to civilians.