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Download 06-11-21_FRIDAY_6AM  06-11-2021 (21.57 MB)


  • Morning news, some stories of the last couple days when I was gone, Rick Manning from ALG with this week's DC Swamp Update!

Download 06-11-21_FRIDAY_7AM  06-11-2021 (19.88 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoor, Greg Roberts at Rogue Weather Dot com with the outdoor report for this weekend. Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation - ooh, lots of discussion on the Mike Nearman expulsion.

Download 06-11-21_FRIDAY_8AM  06-11-2021 (17.58 MB)


  • UC San Diego law professor Gail Heriot co-author of A Dubious Expediency: How Race Preferences Damage Higher Education, Commissioner Dave Dotterer/Ashland Gun Club President - Open House July 10th, mark the date!

Download 06-09-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  06-10-2021 (21.21 MB)


  • News and open phones start, then Eric Peters and I talk about cars and transportation, answering listener questions, too.

Download 06-09-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  06-10-2021 (23.09 MB)


  • Open phones start, and later Jessica Gomez, local business person running for Governor. Jessica and I dig into numerous issues, economy, emergency responses to Covid, many others.

Download 06-09-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  06-10-2021 (17.62 MB)


  • Dr. Marilyn Singleton, M.D., past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeon - Covid-19 and race...good talk, then Open for Business and Chris Peyton, Owner operator of Chik-Fil-A, what it is all about, they are hiring - GREAT food!

Download 06-08-21_TUESDAY_6AM  06-08-2021 (16.17 MB)


  • Morning news, and some open phones, and later in the hour Seth Barron writes of the Last Days of New York, his latest close is Portland to this?

Download 06-08-21_TUESDAY_7AM  06-08-2021 (20.81 MB)


  • State Senator Dennis Linthicum talks the latest legislative news, Nearman, the Klamath, his vote against the bias crime bill, and later Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger on the Nearman problem and other issues of importatnce.

Download 06-08-21_TUESDAY_8AM  06-08-2021 (16.58 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 06-07-21_MONDAY_6AM  06-07-2021 (22.74 MB)


  • News and opinion starting the week, then Will Trachman, Associate General Counsel for the Mountain States Legal Foundation - He represents a Wyoming rancher denied government aid...because she is white.

Download 06-07-21_MONDAY_7AM  06-07-2021 (23.13 MB)


  • Greg Roberts has the outdoor report, then open phones

Download 06-07-21_MONDAY_8AM  06-07-2021 (17.69 MB)


  • Dr. Powers is here, profile is Palmerton Park, part of the day trip series of history. Also digging into the truth of the jobs report. Then Open for Business - Cheriesse from No Wires saving people tons on TV, internet, so much more.

Download 06-04-21_FRIDAY_6AM  06-04-2021 (21.89 MB)


  • Listener sharing concerns about illegal grows, other topics, then Rick Manning from Americans For Limited Government and the DC Swamp update...Will the GOP establishment learn to love its voters (This is the DC group, btw)

Download 06-04-21_FRIDAY_7AM  06-04-2021 (22.88 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, Mark Shaw, noted author who digs into JFK and RFK assasinations, Marilyn Monroe and more, and talk on how your smart meter might soon be pressed into time-based service...will it really save you money?

Download 06-04-21_FRIDAY_8AM  06-04-2021 (18 MB)


  • Eric Fruits PhD with the Cascade Policy Institute - Has a plan to fix PERS...big topic, good talk, open phones follow

Download 06-03-21_THURSDAY_6AM  06-03-2021 (19.5 MB)


  • Morning news, Conspiracy THeory Thursday calls and thoughts, and later it is Tom Kelly, CEO of, a cybersecurity company - we talk about the JBS meat hack, pipeline hack, the need for security of the infrastructure.

Download 06-03-21_THURSDAY_7AM  06-03-2021 (19.06 MB)


  • Open phones, the after fire report for Jackson County...not impressive from my POV, your calls on that and many other topics.

Download 06-03-21_THURSDAY_8AM  06-03-2021 (16.25 MB)


  • Cynthia Hayes, cancer survivor, patient advocate, and author of of the new #1 Best-Selling book, The Big Ordeal: Understanding and Managing the Psychological Turmoil of Cancer, Then Congressman CLIFF BENTZ talks the commission vote, Klamath water and more

Download 06-02-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  06-02-2021 (22.34 MB)


  • Catching up on the news, Dave Arrasmith story, should the assessor office be appointed? Then Eric Peters, automotive journalist, is it slow driving month? Genesis G80 review, the arrogance of one size fits all Wu Policy, too.

Download 06-02-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  06-02-2021 (23.1 MB)


  • Open phones, then Alain Burrese, author of SURVIVE A SHOOTING and the Director of Training for Reflex Protect. (A special kind of self-defense spray designed to be friendlier to the people you are NOT spraying.

Download 06-02-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  06-02-2021 (19.67 MB)


  • Open phones start, and later Randal Lee from Advanced Air with Open For Business, and we talk the deals, how they're hiring, and yep, repairs and service calls are exploding due to the heat.

Download 06-01-21_TUESDAY_6AM  06-01-2021 (19.89 MB)


  • News and commentary of the morning, and a lot of open phone conversation on the issues.

Download 06-01-21_TUESDAY_7AM  06-01-2021 (21.53 MB)


  • Greg Roberts with the Outdoor report, State Rep. Kim Wallan with the legislative update, which bills to watch out for, and Jo Co Commissioner Herman Baertschiger raises concerns about other bills in play.

Download 06-01-21_TUESDAY_8AM  06-01-2021 (17.71 MB)


  • Naturalist Capt. William E. Simpson discusses his concerns that endangered species are being threatend on the Klamath River, probably to make them go away, and not get in the way of Klamath Dam removal. Open phones follow

Download Dr Robin 05-26-21  05-28-2021 (49.95 MB)

Dr Robin 05-26-21

  • The Dr. Robin Miller show on KMED and KCMD for Wednesday 5-26-21

Download 05-27-21_THURSDAY_6AM  05-28-2021 (21.54 MB)


  • News and open phones, then a talk on growing inflation issues with David Morgan, is the Chief Editor of The Morgan Report, and Co-author of Second Chance: How to Make and Keep Big Money from the Coming Gold and Silver Shock-Wave

Download 05-28-21_FRIDAY_6AM  05-28-2021 (22.45 MB)


  • News of the morning starts, we talk about Nat Guard, should it go after the pot grows? Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government - weekly swamp update - future of GOP and other issues

Download 05-28-21_FRIDAY_7AM  05-28-2021 (21.72 MB)


  • Greg Roberts has the outdoor report, then - Dr. Andrew Myers, co-author of Simplifying the COVID Puzzle: How Two Essential Vitamins Fortify the Immune System.

Download 05-28-21_FRIDAY_8AM  05-28-2021 (17.6 MB)


  • Guest is Pedro Gonzalez, a Chronicles contributor and Senior writer of American Greatness and a Mount Vernon Fellow of the Center for American Greatness. His latest - The GOP Milks the Voters It Hates

Download 05-27-21_THURSDAY_8AM  05-27-2021 (13.11 MB)


  • Portland-based journalist Daniel Forbes joins me to discuss his thought-provoking article in the Washington Spectator - Oregon Health Authority Condemned by Scientists For Scrubbing Report on Wireless Hazards in Schools

Download 05-27-21_THURSDAY_7AM  05-27-2021 (20.69 MB)


  • Jackson County Commissioner Collen Roberts talks the board letter to Gov. Brown protesting businesses being turned into vaccine police, also other issues. Open phones follow.

Download 05-26-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-27-2021 (20.22 MB)


  • News of the morning, Auto Journalist Eric Peters at EpAutos talks Wu, latest on the EV push, other transportation news

Download 05-26-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-26-2021 (21.19 MB)


  • Open phones, later State Sen. Linthicum, the latest on the battle for liberty over medical privacy bill HB3284.

Download 05-26-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-26-2021 (18 MB)


  • Oregon FIrearms Federation head Kevin Starett - We talk the legislative news, the continued battle against gun rights, and Kevin answers questions from listeners, too.

Download 05-25-21_TUESDAY_6AM  05-25-2021 (21.23 MB)


  • Catching up on the Covid news, Randy Petersen is a senior researcher for the policing initiative at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, the hypocrisy between the Babbit shooting, and other BLM killings

Download 05-25-21_TUESDAY_7AM  05-25-2021 (20.88 MB)


  • Sen. Linthicum joins me - HB3284, huge battle over medical privacy - Fmr Sen Baertschiger, Jo Co Commissioner, Boatnik happiness, the difference between equality and equity

Download 05-25-21_TUESDAY_8AM  05-25-2021 (20.3 MB)


  • Hal Jones from MSD 549C - Fantastic job fair on, and a good year for the kids to snag a sweet summer job, later attorney Thomas Renz - Filing suit to ban Covid-19 shots for kids.

Download 05-24-21_MONDAY_6AM  05-24-2021 (21.76 MB)


  • News of the morning...I rant about disinformation about non-profits, phones for the hour.

Download 05-24-21_MONDAY_7AM  05-24-2021 (20.83 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, Hannah Petersen - Mom Fighting to, Rachel Dawson from Cascade Policy - Chance of rolling blackouts in our area increasing

Download 05-24-21_MONDAY_8AM  05-24-2021 (17.72 MB)


  • Dr. Powers with Where Past Meets Present segment, profile of Wildlife Images, other news discussed

Download 05-20-21_THURSDAY_6AM  05-20-2021 (19.84 MB)


  • Open phones, the craziness of CTT, Rick Manning, Americans for limited Government - Great DC swamp update

Download 05-20-21_THURSDAY_7AM  05-20-2021 (21.77 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, some wolf news, too, and there's a push to withdraw mineral rights from S. Oregon Lands, Jay Meredith, of American Mineral Research fights this, and we talk the new Electric Ford F150, too.

Download 05-20-21_THURSDAY_8AM  05-20-2021 (17.91 MB)


  • Jack Phillips (Christian Baker, Masterpiece Cakes) tells his story of Christian Faith, people attacking his faith and business, has written a book about this, THE COST OF MY FAITH, open phones follow

Download Dr Robin 05-19-21-podcast  05-20-2021 (27.33 MB)

Dr Robin 05-19-21-podcast

  • Dr Robin 05-19-21-podcast

Download 05-19-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-19-2021 (24.61 MB)


  • News of the morning, later a talk with Eric Peters on face fiapering, the Jeep 392, attacks on antique vehicles, and other transportation talk

Download 05-19-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-19-2021 (18.72 MB)


  • My guest for the hour is citizen activist Mr. X - How does the home rule charter work? What do WE have to do to have our voice heard and empower the commissions to do the right thing?

Download 05-19-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-19-2021 (18.82 MB)


  • My Pebble in the shoe experience, your calls and opinion on the news, and I check in with Brad Bennington from the Builders Association talks the home show, plus how the rebuild from the fires goes.

Download 05-18-21_TUESDAY_6AM  05-18-2021 (22.68 MB)


  • News, interesting stories from SCOTUS, a win for gun rights, then Dr. Carole Lieberman - the psychiatric damage to America from the masking/lockdowns, what is next?

Download 05-18-21_TUESDAY_7AM  05-18-2021 (19.2 MB)


  • House District 6 State Rep. Kim Wallan catches us up on the latest session activity - Jo Co Commissioner Herman Baertschiger brings the news BOATNIK IS BACK , parade, too...liberal mask priivilege?

Download 05-18-21_TUESDAY_8AM  05-18-2021 (17.84 MB)


  • Capt. William E. Simpson - BLM to use motorized vehicles, helicopters to corral wild horses, has a better plan. The Crew from Prestige Arbor Place is on for OPEN FOR BUSINESS - What makes them different? We discuss.

Download 05-17-21_MONDAY_6AM  05-17-2021 (23.46 MB)


  • How will the great unmasking play out? Later, economist Dr. Michael Busler, PhD, talks of whether it is inflation yet.

Download 05-17-21_MONDAY_7AM  05-17-2021 (20.3 MB)


  • Greg Roberts has the latest outdoor report, and open phones for the hour follow

Download 05-17-21_MONDAY_8AM  05-17-2021 (16.64 MB)


  • Dr. Powers with his Where Past Meets Present profile, RV Zipline is the one for today. We also talk the Supreme Court taking on an abortion case, what about the 2nd A protection ordinances and other issues.

Download Dr Robin 05-12-21  05-14-2021 (48.8 MB)

Dr Robin 05-12-21

  • The Dr. Robin Miller Show on KMED and KCMD for Wednesday 5-12-21

Download 05-14-21_FRIDAY_6AM  05-14-2021 (23.4 MB)


  • Morning news - Pac Power tries to sell you Blue Sky renewables, but I have a proposal that is more realistic! Later, Rick Manning from Americans For Limited Government, we talk the DC swamp update, and the Biden USA...looking like 1973.

Download 05-14-21_FRIDAY_7AM  05-14-2021 (19.7 MB)


  • The Friday Outdoor report with Greg Roberts from RogueWeather Dot com, then Jac Co Commissioner Colleen Roberts discusses the board work on a 2nd Amendment Protection ordinance.

Download 05-14-21_FRIDAY_8AM  05-14-2021 (17.86 MB)


  • Very important talk with Space Force Lt. Col Matthew Lohmeier, author of Irresistible Revolution: Marxisms Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military. Open phones follow.

Download 05-13-21_THURSDAY_6AM  05-13-2021 (20.16 MB)


  • Early I talk with KINGSLEY WARD, co-founder of legendary recording studio/farm ROCKFIELD, movie out tomorrow ROCKFIELD: THE STUDIO ON THE FARM. Gregory Wrightstone is on from the CO2 Coalition, we talk the Biden Climate change craziness and more.

Download 05-13-21_THURSDAY_7AM  05-13-2021 (23.44 MB)


  • I talk with Benjamin Buchta, candidate for Medford School District 549C board, and later we dig into the POV of Kari Basset, running for Grants Pass District Seven school board position 5

Download 05-13-21_THURSDAY_8AM  05-13-2021 (16.86 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour on Conspiracy Theory Thursday

Download 05-12-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-12-2021 (21.05 MB)


  • Open phones and news, Auto Journalist Eric Peters answers listener calls on car issues, we talk about how GM and Tesla admit they can't really SELL electric vehicles.

Download 05-12-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-12-2021 (20.88 MB)


  • Open phones, then a talk with Grants Pass Mayor Sara Brisol on the sinking of Boatnik and some of the drama and controversy surrounding this.

Download 05-12-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-12-2021 (17.48 MB)


  • Robin Lee is running for Medford School District 549C board, and we discuss the issues, open phones follow.

Download 05-11-21_TUESDAY_6AM  05-11-2021 (21.24 MB)


  • News of the morning, vaccine discussion, needing new customers? Nicole Neili of Parents Defending Edication talks polling on Critical Race Theory - Parents HATE IT.

Download 05-11-21_TUESDAY_7AM  05-11-2021 (21.86 MB)


  • Open phones, ORP vice chair and Jo Co Commmissioner Herman Baertschiger on the internecine GOP war in the Senate, the death of Boatnik and other issues.

Download 05-11-21_TUESDAY_8AM  05-11-2021 (18.02 MB)


  • Community Organizer Mr. X joins me - importance of commenting to the Jackson County Board of Commission re the Reopen proclamation - Commissioner Roberts is on later, adding details to the talk on this.

Download 05-10-21_MONDAY_6AM  05-10-2021 (19.57 MB)


  • Open phones - time to bust all the unemployment cheats who never show for interviews? Dr. Ben Miller then talks with me about mental health issues in Oregon - 10 percent having problems.

Download 05-10-21_MONDAY_7AM  05-10-2021 (21.28 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, also a talk with Mark Seligman, a Jo County community activist, candidate for 3 Rivers School District Board, and also critique of Jo County Commisioner Herman Baertschiger...we discuss it all.

Download 05-10-21_MONDAY_8AM  05-10-2021 (18.65 MB)


  • Dr. Powers and I dig into some of the latest financial news, and later it is Cheriesse from No Wires Now. Some smoking deals on phone, internet, Tv, satellite services and more. Call or text 541-680-5875 and see how much money you can save.

Download 05-07-21_FRIDAY_6AM  05-07-2021 (22.3 MB)


  • County Commission in Jac Co signs an Open Up proclamation, good for them (and us), Rick Manning at Americans for Limited Government talks the Liz Cheney mess, fighting the politicized DOJ and more.

Download 05-07-21_FRIDAY_7AM  05-07-2021 (21.25 MB)


  • Greg Roberts with the outdoor report, Cassie Wilkins, candidate for GP District 7 school board, and later, Speech Language Pathologist Christina Hunger. HOW STELLA LEARNED TO TALK: THE GROUNDBREAKING STORY OF THE WORLD'S FIRST TALKING DOG.

Download 05-07-21_FRIDAY_8AM  05-07-2021 (18.79 MB)


  • Jo Co Commissioner, former state Senator, and OR GOP Vice Chair Herman Baertschiger - the long knives are out for conservatives in state legislative leadership, and he brings that story, Boatnik issues, and other news, open phones follow.

Download 05-06-21_THURSDAY_6AM  05-06-2021 (19.96 MB)


  • News and open phones, later Restaurateur Carlos Gazitua discusses the House hearing on Tipped Wages. The goal is to END tipped jobs, Carlos says it is a bad idea, and explains.

Download 05-06-21_THURSDAY_7AM  05-06-2021 (23.17 MB)


  • State Senator Art Robinson weighs in on the passage of that horrible gun bill SB554, and the back scene nastiness. Then an OSF actress and other Southern Oregon PBS officials promote ROGUE LIVES startining tonight, 8p on KSYS.

Download 05-06-21_THURSDAY_8AM  05-06-2021 (19.84 MB)


  • Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms Federation A post-mortem on the passage of SB554 and then open phones

Download Dr Robin 05-05-21_Podcast  05-06-2021 (22.36 MB)

Dr Robin 05-05-21_Podcast

  • Dr. Robin Miller Show from Wednesday 5-05-21

Download 05-05-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-05-2021 (24.81 MB)


  • Morning news, the shutdown eases...sort of. Oregon 2nd District Congressman Cliff Bentz joins me later in the hour, and we discuss water in the Klamath Project, opposition to shutdowns, other issues.

Download 05-05-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-05-2021 (26.6 MB)


  • Two school district candidates join me, Gary Richardson from Grants Pass SD7, and later Emily Mcintire from Eagle Point District 9, Auto journalist Eric Peters talks auto sameness, much more from

Download 05-05-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-05-2021 (25.2 MB)


  • Open phones, later Open For Business with Randal from Advanced Air - Bryant rebates through May, huge savings on HVAC equipment for manufactured homes through Oregon Energy Trust, plus, they are hiring!

Download 05-04-21_TUESDAY_6AM  05-04-2021 (21.5 MB)


  • Why don't all the people that want to sue the governor look at the LAW she used? other topics, then into a talk with the Second Amendment Foundation rep Glen Caroline - surveys shows 2nd A more popular than ever, but what now?

Download 05-04-21_TUESDAY_7AM  05-04-2021 (22.19 MB)


  • Legislative report from State Rep. Kim Wallan, then the county perspective on the shutdowns and more with Jo Co Commissioner Herman Baertschiger

Download 05-04-21_TUESDAY_8AM  05-04-2021 (16.76 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 05-03-21_MONDAY_6AM  05-03-2021 (17.44 MB)


  • News of the day, myth of the Honest Rank and File DC agent, Sat Rally around the flag report, and Greg Reeser updates the issue with the homeless squatter in Ashland.

Download 05-03-21_MONDAY_7AM  05-03-2021 (22.8 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, some open phone time, the State Sen. Art Robinson digs into the latest legislative news and issues.

Download 05-03-21_MONDAY_8AM  05-03-2021 (19.11 MB)


  • john from White City - update on Hawaiian Hut resistance, Dr. Powers Where Past Meets Present, we talk the emergency laws, other news, and the Applegate Trail Interpretive Center history profile

Download 04-30-21_FRIDAY_6AM  04-30-2021 (21.32 MB)


  • 04-30-21_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 04-30-21_FRIDAY_7AM  04-30-2021 (22.08 MB)


  • 04-30-21_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 04-30-21_FRIDAY_8AM  04-30-2021 (16.26 MB)


  • 04-30-21_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 04-29-21_THURSDAY_6AM  04-29-2021 (23.74 MB)


  • 04-29-21_THURSDAY_6AM

Download 04-29-21_THURSDAY_7AM  04-29-2021 (20.95 MB)


  • 04-29-21_THURSDAY_7AM

Download 04-29-21_THURSDAY_8AM  04-29-2021 (17.32 MB)


  • 04-29-21_THURSDAY_8AM

Download 04-28-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  04-28-2021 (23.73 MB)


  • The covid back to extreme, some thoughts on that. Eric From EPAutos talks Elon Musk fake earnings, liberty attacks, many other transpo topics.

Download 04-28-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  04-28-2021 (22.18 MB)


  • Open phones, then Jo County Sheriff Dave Daniels talks illegal pot grows and the challenges, along with other law enforcement issues.

Download 04-28-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  04-28-2021 (17.68 MB)


  • Anthony Smith from NFIB digs into the Governor Brown EXTREME order and challenge to area business. Later, Open for Business with Joe Anderson from TP Trucking - Huge expansion, adding 100 trucks, need drivers, great place to work, 2500 sign-on bonus!

Download 04-27-21_TUESDAY_6AM  04-27-2021 (23.89 MB)


  • My news and opinion, OR says out of staters do not have to learn our road rules, Dr. Paul Nathanson and I discuss the pushing of misandry, man hatred in the culture.

Download 04-27-21_TUESDAY_7AM  04-27-2021 (20.06 MB)


  • Will a vaccine restore freedom? Hmm, I have some doubts, your calls, Herman Baertschiger talks political payoffs, redistricting, other issues

Download 04-27-21_TUESDAY_8AM  04-27-2021 (17.35 MB)


  • Farm Services Agency rep Glenn Archambault talks pot grows and other ag issues with me, did a fed change make the problem worse?

Download 04-26-21_MONDAY_6AM  04-26-2021 (21.76 MB)


  • A catch up on the news from over the weekend, and then a talk with Dr. Vermelle Greene, author of Please Teach Me Like I'm a Boy! Ten Steps to His Success in School and in Life. Greene is the Executive of the Boys Initiative.

Download 04-26-21_MONDAY_7AM  04-26-2021 (22.64 MB)


  • Greg Roberts with the latest Outdoor report, and then Jac Co Sheriff Nate Sickler talks law enforcement policies, and the challenge of taking on the illegal pot grows in the county.

Download 04-26-21_MONDAY_8AM  04-26-2021 (17.3 MB)


  • Dr. Powers, the Latest Where past meets present, history of Callahans Lodge, and other news and opinion in the hour.

Download 04-23-21_FRIDAY_6AM  04-23-2021 (19.36 MB)


  • News and opinion, are our elite competent? Rick Manning from Americans for LImited Government, a good talk on the weekly DC Swamp Update.

Download 04-23-21_FRIDAY_7AM  04-23-2021 (25.62 MB)


  • Greg Roberts with the latest Outdoor Report , and then more open phones for Friday

Download 04-23-21_FRIDAY_8AM  04-23-2021 (18.46 MB)


  • Should Oregon join an expanded Idaho border in order for us to divorce our tyrants? Mark McCarter is my guest from the Greater Idaho Movement.

Download 04-22-21_THURSDAY_6AM  04-22-2021 (21.07 MB)


  • The DOJ turns down Comm. Roberts request for PCR test numbers...more hinkiness? I think so. Joe Guzzardi, analyst with Progressives for Immigration Reform - Open border violates environmental laws? Yep!, says Joe...

Download 04-22-21_THURSDAY_7AM  04-22-2021 (24.02 MB)


  • I talk with Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation - whew, lots of deal-cutting, betrayal, and selling out of our rights. Later, some Jac Co Commission talk on a 2nd A protection ordinance proposal, your calls.

Download 04-22-21_THURSDAY_8AM  04-22-2021 (16.61 MB)


  • Steve Milloy, founder of Junk Science Dot Com - 50 years of fear-mongering on climate change, can we start thinking THIS Earth Day? Open phones follow.

Download 04-21-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  04-21-2021 (21.46 MB)


  • the verdict, other news and your calls. Eric Peters, automotive journalist talks the Oregon plan to tax cars that get great gas mileage MORE...other transpo news, too.

Download 04-21-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  04-21-2021 (21.65 MB)


  • Jason Snead, Honest Elections Project - what about that Jim Crow election hearing yesterday? We get the truth, and other talk on the issue. Open phones follow

Download 04-21-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  04-21-2021 (18.58 MB)


  • naturalist Capt. William E. Simpson updates the Wild Horse situation in S.Oregon/N.Cal, and his access to new historical documents from a old cowboy who lived here more than 100 years ago documenting the wild horse and wildlife presence, open phones, 2

Download 04-20-21_TUESDAY_6AM  04-20-2021 (18.34 MB)


  • News and opinion of the morning start, then later Allie Bloyd, author of Uncensored America: Thought-Provoking Poetry on Faith, Family, and Freedom...Allie is a firearms owner, marketer, really interesting person.

Download 04-20-21_TUESDAY_7AM  04-20-2021 (24.72 MB)


  • I talk with state Rep. Kim Wallan about the legislative session news and issues, later Jo Co Commissioner Herman Baertschiger - discusses the session as a former insider, what about the pot grows and county issues?

Download 04-20-21_TUESDAY_8AM  04-20-2021 (17.37 MB)


  • Community activist Mr. X talks with me about the Medford Vision 2040 project - what is driving this? Why a drive for diversity and inclusion as a goal for the city population? It is an insidious agenda, imo.

Download 04-19-21_MONDAY_6AM  04-19-2021 (20.31 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion, then right into going after Dr. Fauci - Guest is Todd Erzen, co-author of Faucian Bargain - The Most Powerful and Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History.

Download 04-19-21_MONDAY_7AM  04-19-2021 (19.67 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and what is this story about Sen. Art Robinson caucusing with the Independents? We discuss it...

Download 04-19-21_MONDAY_8AM  04-19-2021 (15.91 MB)


  • Dr. Powers, WHERE PAST MEETS PRESENT, and we dig into the West and Chaney families, their big Powerball win leading to their foundations - Also, the ACLU lawsuit against Ashland, another against Jac County

Download 04-16-21_FRIDAY_6AM  04-16-2021 (20.72 MB)


  • Emails and other news comment, Rick Manning has the weekly DC Swamp update - How can we be effective, and not get whipsawed by the daily news cycle?

Download 04-16-21_FRIDAY_7AM  04-16-2021 (21.02 MB)


  • Outdoor report, Mike Pelfrey has a patriot rally tomorrow he discusses, and Pedro Gonzalez, on the web has a great piece warning of the Trump plans for social media, and explains why.

Download 04-16-21_FRIDAY_8AM  04-16-2021 (18.71 MB)


  • Rachel Dawson with Cascade Policy Institute discusses WHOOSH, a win win for fish protection AND keeping hydro power dams. Open phones follow.

Download 04-15-21_THURSDAY_6AM  04-15-2021 (19.95 MB)


  • Guest is Armin Brott, aka Mr. Dad, a spokesman for the Mens Health Network. Author of The New Father: A Dads Guide to The Toddler Years - Trad dads BETTER parents? Yep, we discuss that, open phones follow.

Download 04-15-21_THURSDAY_7AM  04-15-2021 (23.07 MB)


  • Open phones, should Jackson County take its 2nd A protection proclamation and turn it into an ordinance? Patrick Wood is on later, founder of Citizens for Free Speech - Become a LOCAL citizen activist

Download 04-15-21_THURSDAY_8AM  04-15-2021 (17.95 MB)


  • Kevin Starrett with Oregon Firearms Federation - where we stand on anti-gun legislation, later Bruce tells us about the vandalism conducted upon the sole Rocky Point ambulance, people could have died! Open phones follow.

Download 04-14-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  04-14-2021 (23 MB)


  • Open phones, news, Covid news, too, Eric Peters and I talk the Mercedes E class review, comparing the new VW to the old one, how luxury cars could use an update.

Download 04-14-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  04-14-2021 (20.32 MB)


  • Open phones start, later Jo Co Commissioner Herman Baertschiger, we talk the health department investigation, other issues, and how he is tired of the lies being told abt most everything.

Download 04-14-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  04-14-2021 (17 MB)


  • The latest MN shooting and rioting, some thoughts, and later Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, author of IT TAKES A REVOLUTION - NEVER MIND THE SCANDAL INDUSTRY

Download 04-09-21_FRIDAY_6AM  04-09-2021 (20.17 MB)


  • 04-09-21_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 04-09-21_FRIDAY_7AM  04-09-2021 (23.18 MB)


  • 04-09-21_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 04-09-21_FRIDAY_8AM  04-09-2021 (16.79 MB)


  • 04-09-21_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 04-08-21_THURSDAY_6AM  04-08-2021 (19.58 MB)


  • 04-08-21_THURSDAY_6AM

Download 04-08-21_THURSDAY_7AM  04-08-2021 (20.04 MB)


  • 04-08-21_THURSDAY_7AM

Download 04-08-21_THURSDAY_8AM  04-08-2021 (19.27 MB)


  • 04-08-21_THURSDAY_8AM

Download 04-07-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  04-07-2021 (20.9 MB)


  • Open phones and news stories, auto journalist Eric Peters is on later, and we talk about the incredible Dodge RAM TRX super truck, politics and more

Download 04-07-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  04-07-2021 (19.12 MB)


  • State Rep Dwayne Stark has a legislative update, yep, it is still crazy. Open phones

Download 04-07-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  04-07-2021 (18.46 MB)


  • Glenn Archambault, Farm Services Agency elected representative...we talk hemp, and all the programs, a snap shot of food security. Open for business, and there are great deals and job openings at Advance Air.

Download 04-06-21_TUESDAY_6AM  04-06-2021 (19.27 MB)


  • Go Fund Me to buy a suit for Clay? other open phones and stories, then Attorney Thomas Renz - - Vaccine passports, legal?

Download 04-06-21_TUESDAY_7AM  04-06-2021 (23.97 MB)


  • State Rep Kim Wallan - the latest from the session, and later Joco Commissioner Herman Baertschiger gives his take on the politics of where we find ourselves.

Download 04-06-21_TUESDAY_8AM  04-06-2021 (16.7 MB)


  • Donna Briggs, President and CEO of Britt Festivals - She and other entertainment venues meet with peeps of Governor Brown...and, well, it was not what was hoped for. David Horowitz, best-selling author. THE ENEMY WITHIN is out today.

Download 04-05-21_MONDAY_6AM  04-05-2021 (20.94 MB)


  • News and opinion on same with open phones for the hour

Download 04-05-21_MONDAY_7AM  04-05-2021 (20.18 MB)


  • Outdoor report and more with Greg Roberts, Medford Mayor Randy Sparacino discusses the new homeless camping ordinance with me.

Download 04-05-21_MONDAY_8AM  04-05-2021 (18.92 MB)


  • Dr. Dennis Powers, Where Past Meets Present - today, the 1964 Tsunami at Crescent City story, other news, Open for Business with Cheriesse at No Wires Now - save big on cable, sat, internet, security and more

Download 04-02-21_FRIDAY_6AM  04-02-2021 (8.51 MB)


  • Open phones and stories, news of the morning

Download 04-02-21_FRIDAY_6AM_2  04-02-2021 (13.7 MB)


  • Congressman Cliff Bentz disdcusses Capitol actions and issues, the proposed infrastructure plan, vaccine concerns, other issues.

Download 04-02-21_FRIDAY_7AM  04-02-2021 (18.11 MB)


  • Friday outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and the Swamp update with Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government

Download 04-02-21_FRIDAY_8AM  04-02-2021 (20.65 MB)


  • Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts is on to discuss the SARS CoV-2 stats, has asked for a FOIA to get more specifics on the positive cases problem. Open phones follow

Download 04-01-21_THURSDAY_6AM  04-01-2021 (20.38 MB)


  • News and opinion of the early morning stories, and later I talk with a representative from an industry group in charge of distributing the Covid vaccines nationwide.

Download 04-01-21_THURSDAY_7AM  04-01-2021 (20.26 MB)


  • Open phones and conversation, later I talk with Eric Fruits, PhD, with the Cascade Policy Institute - Eric says beware the 4-day school week.

Download 04-01-21_THURSDAY_8AM  04-01-2021 (17.81 MB)


  • Joel Skousen, editor of World Affairs Brief, discusses the deep state and what he believes are actual Satanic influences in the U.S. system. Also we discuss the need to encourage and listen to the still small voice of conscience.

Download Dr Robin 03-31-21  04-01-2021 (48.36 MB)

Dr Robin 03-31-21

  • Dr. Robin Miller Show from Wednesday, 3-31-21

Download 03-31-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  03-31-2021 (22.69 MB)


  • Was up in the hills yesterday, still seeing more trash on the public lands, and we discuss, then Eric Peters, automotive journalist digs into pay per mile and many other transportation issues.

Download 03-31-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  03-31-2021 (22.49 MB)


  • State Rep Lily Morgan - do we need to more closely regulate industrial hemp growns here? Tom Homan, former Dep of Border Control, joins me from, with a report from the border.

Download 03-31-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  03-31-2021 (18.2 MB)


  • Kevin Starrett with Oregon Firearms Federation - an hour on getting rights restored, the incredible attacks on your rights at the legislature, deranged libs and so much more.

Download 03-30-21_TUESDAY_6AM  03-30-2021 (20.32 MB)


  • open phones, the importance of supporting truth and beauty with your dollars...I share one example from Astoria. John Vecchio sues over CDC claiming power to stop evictions and foreclosures, and he tells us more.

Download 03-30-21_TUESDAY_7AM  03-30-2021 (23.42 MB)


  • Firearms trainer Phil Grammatica and I dig into the latest dustup between Antifa and the Right at the state Capitol, when to draw a gun...and when NOT. Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger talks the apparent cave on gun rules, some on hemp rules.

Download 03-30-21_TUESDAY_8AM  03-30-2021 (17.22 MB)


  • Mr. X and I discuss the finer points of commenting against the proposed OSHA Covid rules being made permanent

Download 03-29-21_MONDAY_6AM  03-29-2021 (19.76 MB)


  • News stories of the morning, later Dr. John Lott from the Crime Prevention Research Center - voting irregularities, more of them, this time in Montana.

Download 03-29-21_MONDAY_7AM  03-29-2021 (23.45 MB)


  • Outdoor report, and later, Matt Roberts, organizer of the Greenway Recovery Project discusses the fight for a clean, safe, greenway

Download 03-29-21_MONDAY_8AM  03-29-2021 (17.04 MB)


  • Dr. Powers, Where Past Meets Present, and we talk about news stories, Floyd murder trial, other issues.

Download 03-26-21_FRIDAY_6AM  03-26-2021 (19.99 MB)


  • Open phones, Rick Manning on later with the DC swamp update

Download 03-26-21_FRIDAY_7AM  03-26-2021 (21.78 MB)


  • Outdoor report, psychiatrist Dr. Carol Lieberman digs into gun attack psychiatry, and President Biden troubles. Open phones follow

Download 03-26-21_FRIDAY_8AM  03-26-2021 (21.53 MB)


  • Open phones, Sam Jacobs joins me from, and we talk How Big Tech and Corporate America Help Subvert the 1st and 2nd Amendments

Download 03-25-21_THURSDAY_6AM  03-25-2021 (21.47 MB)


  • News and open phones start, later in the hour, Noel Paul Stookey, best known as Paul from Peter Paul and Mary, talks of his career legacy, new album JUST CAUSES

Download 03-25-21_THURSDAY_7AM  03-25-2021 (21.06 MB)


  • I talk with Perry Atkinson on The Dove about their cancelling from youtube, 15000+ videos and reports GONE, what an injustice. Dr. Wayne Winegarden from the Pacific Research Institute - how to fight the homeless crisis.

Download 03-25-21_THURSDAY_8AM  03-25-2021 (21.64 MB)


  • Stocks and Info with Ron Gordon, open phones, then State Sen. Art Robinson - the GOP betrayal by those who stayed at the Capitol.

Download Dr Robin 03-24-21  03-25-2021 (48.36 MB)

Dr Robin 03-24-21

  • The Doctor Robin Miller Show for Wednesday 3-24-21

Download 03-24-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  03-24-2021 (21.4 MB)


  • 03-24-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM

Download 03-24-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  03-24-2021 (25.48 MB)


  • 03-24-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM

Download 03-24-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  03-24-2021 (19.78 MB)


  • 03-24-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM

Download 03-23-21_TUESDAY_6AM  03-23-2021 (22.14 MB)


  • Response to emails, other news, aquatic center, more stories. Then it is Senior Consul for the Pacific Legal Foundation, they argued at SCOTUS yesterday, fighting to allow California businesses to be able to trespass union reps off the property.

Download 03-23-21_TUESDAY_7AM  03-23-2021 (22.79 MB)


  • It's an hour of updates on the state legislature, walkouts, policy and more. First is State Rep. Kim Wallan, and later current JoCo Commissioner and former state senator Herman Baertschiger

Download 03-23-21_TUESDAY_8AM  03-23-2021 (18.99 MB)


  • State Sen. Art Robinson, the rumors, the walkouts, the future, where is it going? Open phones continue.

Download 03-22-21_MONDAY_6AM  03-22-2021 (21.17 MB)


  • Covid news update and thoughts, later a talk on domestic violence against MEN with Hampton Conway III, is the Executive Director of the Movement Ministries.

Download 03-22-21_MONDAY_7AM  03-22-2021 (25.79 MB)


  • The mask masquerade...outdoor report with Greg Roberts, open phones follow, Stock info with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones.

Download 03-22-21_MONDAY_8AM  03-22-2021 (17.41 MB)


  • Guest is Dr. Dennis Powers, with the latest Where Past Meets Present rofile, this time of the Wolf Creek Inn, then a dig into interest rates and economy...where is it headed.

Download 03-19-21_FRIDAY_6AM  03-19-2021 (22.53 MB)


  • Open phones and news, Gov Brown goes to the non-existent racism re the Georgia murders, Rick Manning and I dig into the Swamp Update from DC

Download 03-19-21_FRIDAY_7AM  03-19-2021 (25.11 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and open phones for the rest of the hour

Download 03-19-21_FRIDAY_8AM  03-19-2021 (18.22 MB)


  • Kevin Starrett with Oregon Firearms Federation talks with me about the legislature, the lack of walk out, the surreal atmosphere surrounding OR politics right now, open phones follow

Download 03-18-21_THURSDAY_6AM  03-18-2021 (19.73 MB)


  • Open phones, thoughts on Atlanta, the push for racism being behind everything. Later Gregory Wrightstone, executive director of the CO2 Coalition - Joe is all in on Green policy, but many enviros changing their minds.

Download 03-18-21_THURSDAY_7AM  03-18-2021 (24.48 MB)


  • Open phones, then later it's a talk with Brad Fay from southern Oregon PBS and Klamath Tribal Chair Don Gentry, and Dr. Alex Gonway, Sr Fish Biologist for the tribe, and we dig into the documentary KILLING THE KLAMATH.

Download 03-18-21_THURSDAY_8AM  03-18-2021 (17.55 MB)


  • Michael Calder is my guest. At Berkeley, pouring over government documents, Calder wrote his thesis which became his book, JFK vs. CIA: The Central Intelligence Agency Assassination Of The President. Available at Barnes and Noble and indy booksellers.

Download 03-17-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  03-17-2021 (11.25 MB)


  • Open phones and news start - fighting the lefty cancellers, Eric Peters from EpAutos digs into Ford partnering with GOOGLE to sell your data, other transpo issues

Download 03-17-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  03-17-2021 (21.25 MB)


  • Open phones, later a discussion on wildfire prevention with Jim Pauley, President and CEO of the National Fire Protection Association

Download 03-17-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  03-17-2021 (22.57 MB)


  • Stocks with Ron Gordon, then psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman - your cellphone is making your anxious, open phones follow

Download 03-16-21_TUESDAY_6AM  03-16-2021 (23.21 MB)


  • How do you talk about the virtues of conservatism with the younger generation? Summer Porter with  The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) says the CBS Grammys broadcast contributed to the sexual exploitation of women.

Download 03-16-21_TUESDAY_7AM  03-16-2021 (24.54 MB)


  • Open phones then a talk of potential walkout and the covid strain with Jo Co Commissioner Herman Baertschiger

Download 03-16-21_TUESDAY_8AM  03-16-2021 (17.06 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 03-15-21_MONDAY_6AM  03-15-2021 (20.9 MB)


  • Open phones and topics for the hour, Covid news, how to de-trash the public lands, any ideas?

Download 03-15-21_MONDAY_7AM  03-15-2021 (25.08 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and we catch up with State Senator Art Robinson - the danger some Democrats are trying to work with one party rule and more

Download 03-15-21_MONDAY_8AM  03-15-2021 (19.15 MB)


  • Open phones, Ron Gordon from Edward Jones talks stocks, Dr. Powers profiles GOLDEN, Oregon and we dig into some financial news, too.