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Download 12-06-19_FRIDAY_8AM  12-06-2019 (22.89 MB)


  • 12-06-19_FRIDAY_8AM

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  • 12-06-19_FRIDAY_7AM

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  • 12-06-19_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 12-04-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  12-04-2019 (19.78 MB)


  • Morning headlines with Shane, some humor re the Jac Jail issue, later, MIT economics professor Dr. Daron Acemoglu talks about an issue near and dear to many - Automation, Robotics, AI, is it a foregone conclusion that we're all to be replaced??

Download 12-04-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  12-04-2019 (19.71 MB)


  • Automotive journalist Eric Peters talks more delicious ridiculousness re Teslas on holiday, other news and open phones the rest of the hour

Download 12-04-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  12-04-2019 (23.42 MB)


  • Guests include Brenda Stein talking the markets, Sen. Herman Baertschiger warning businesses that the sales tax is coming, Busiess talk with the folks from Advanced Air, and suggestions on how to improve your winter comfort.

Download 12-03-19_TUESDAY_7AM  12-03-2019 (21.02 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour!

Download 12-03-19_TUESDAY_8AM  12-03-2019 (22.39 MB)


  • Alek Skarlatos is my guest, candidate for Oregon's 4th Congressional District, open phones follow

Download 12-03-19_TUESDAY_6AM  12-03-2019 (20.91 MB)


  • News and opinion starts the hour, and then it's Tom Gresham from GUN TALK, who shares his thoughts from yesterday's Supreme Court gun case, which he attended.

Download 12-02-19_MONDAY_7AM  12-02-2019 (20.48 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, later Eli Dimitru from, smart meter meeting and announcement, other subjects.

Download 12-02-19_MONDAY_8AM  12-02-2019 (24.32 MB)


  • Guest is Dr. Powers, Visiting Past and Present, some local history, and more on other topics and news of the day

Download 12-02-19_MONDAY_6AM  12-02-2019 (20.11 MB)


  • Headlines, news and opinion, and later it's Grover Norquist - Americans for Tax Reform - Bloomberg wants to be your president, and loves taxing poor people...for their own good...really.

Download 11-27-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-27-2019 (21.08 MB)


  • Guests include Rogue Weather's Greg Roberts on storm news, Anthony Silva, his remarks concerning controversial Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher, and Judy Ahrens shares impressions of the 3 rivers school district push for a 4 day school week.

Download 11-27-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-27-2019 (20.88 MB)


  • Morning news and storm breakdowns and issues, Eric Peters rejoins the show - We talk Elon Musk's electric truck debacle and other transportation issues

Download 11-27-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-27-2019 (22.04 MB)


  • Nick Smith, Healthy Forests, Health Community, talks about some groundbreaking court decisions which could lead to renewed timber production on OandC lands

Download 11-26-19_TUESDAY_7AM  11-26-2019 (19.45 MB)


  • More open phones, then a great talk with bee hobbyist Mark Johnson of Grants Pass - interesting journey to breeding bees that survive the winters, and resist colony collapse!

Download 11-26-19_TUESDAY_6AM  11-26-2019 (20.48 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 11-26-19_TUESDAY_8AM  11-26-2019 (23.42 MB)


  • XM Sirius radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger talks with me about her latest book LOVE AND LIFE Tough-Love Advice on: Dating, Marriage, Child-Rearing, Values, Faith, Resilience. Sen. Baertschigger dishes on the latest state politics, too.

Download 11-25-19_MONDAY_6AM  11-25-2019 (19.01 MB)


  • Morning news and talk, Dr. Jerome Corsi talks with me about a new MUCH mor economical method of building border fences.

Download 11-25-19_MONDAY_7AM  11-25-2019 (22.16 MB)


  • The Latest outdoor report, Dr. Arthur Keiser of Keiser University digs into the challenge of students lacking soft skills, even though they're college graduates

Download 11-25-19_MONDAY_8AM  11-25-2019 (23.43 MB)


  • Dr. Powers visiting past and present, and we also break down current politcal and financial news of the morning.

Download 11-22-19_FRIDAY_7AM  11-22-2019 (18.95 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and later it's Andrew Pollack (Who now lives in southern Oregon) and he's author of WHY MEADOW DIED - His daughter, Meadow, died in the Parkland school shootings in Florida, and he fights for school safety

Download 11-22-19_FRIDAY_8AM  11-22-2019 (23.18 MB)


  • State Sen. Linthicum talks state issues, the kickoff for the 2020 election tomorrow in Medford, other issues. Later, Michael Campbell from SisQ Cellular talks all the black Friday deals on right now in this business segment.

Download 11-22-19_FRIDAY_6AM  11-22-2019 (20.37 MB)


  • Morning news talk, swamp update and more with Rick Manning at Americans for Limited Government

Download 11-21-19_THURSDAY_8AM  11-21-2019 (22.91 MB)


  • Luther Horsley, an original party to the Klamath Basin Takings Lawsuit, talks about the latest setback, will the irrigators keep fighting for their property rights? Open phones follow

Download 11-21-19_THURSDAY_7AM  11-21-2019 (22.55 MB)


  • I talk with the founder and CEO of, you want to hold gov accountable? Get to know this site. Open phones follow

Download 11-21-19_THURSDAY_6AM  11-21-2019 (19.42 MB)


  • News and opinion and open phones for the hour

Download 11-20-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-21-2019 (20.72 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion, transportation news with auto journo Eric Peters at

Download 11-20-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-21-2019 (20.55 MB)


  • Christine Rouselle with the Catholic news agency talks with me re the apparent caving of Chick-Fil-A to the anti-Christian Left. Open phones follow

Download 11-20-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-21-2019 (23.72 MB)


  • Will Reishman talks markets and foreign policy - Be careful of people telling you to go all in on gold, other news.

Download 11-19-19_TUESDAY_7AM  11-19-2019 (18.8 MB)


  • Steven Sable with the city of Grants Pass talks GP city council issues of concern, open phones follow

Download 11-19-19_TUESDAY_6AM  11-19-2019 (18.93 MB)


  • Morning news and comment, includine the saaaaafety culture, Phil Kerpen with American Commitment says get a transparency agreement with biased big tech.

Download 11-19-19_TUESDAY_8AM  11-19-2019 (23.02 MB)


  • Brenda Stein with the market reports live in studio, Charlotte Hays from discusses a rising NY GOP star, open phones follow.

Download 11-18-19_MONDAY_7AM  11-18-2019 (19.38 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, open phones follow

Download 11-18-19_MONDAY_8AM  11-18-2019 (23.63 MB)


  • Brenda Stein checks the markets, Dr. Powers visiting past and present, and we also break down current politcal and financial news of the morning.

Download 11-18-19_MONDAY_6AM  11-18-2019 (20.26 MB)


  • Morning news and comment start, later Dr. Bruce Hartman author of the new book, Your Faith Has Made You Well: A Radical New Way to Create Peace and Hope

Download 11-15-19_FRIDAY_6AM  11-18-2019 (20.12 MB)


  • 11-15-19_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 11-15-19_FRIDAY_8AM  11-18-2019 (20.9 MB)


  • 11-15-19_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 11-15-19_FRIDAY_7AM  11-18-2019 (19.72 MB)


  • 11-15-19_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 11-14-19_THURSDAY_6AM  11-14-2019 (19.51 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 11-14-19_THURSDAY_7AM  11-14-2019 (15.65 MB)


  • John Tamny from Freedom Works, author of THEY'RE BOTH WRONG - We discuss his take that independent thinkers are frustrated with both parties, more open phones follow

Download 11-14-19_THURSDAY_8AM  11-14-2019 (15.12 MB)


  • Activist Mr. X joins me for a breakdown of Governor Brown's wildfire action report - yep, they still want to burn the forest at taxpayer expense. Open phones later.

Download 11-13-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-13-2019 (21.29 MB)


  • eremy Johnston, YouTuber, and creator of J House Vlogs joins me to talk about Fed rules that make it tough for him to produce family-friendly shows, and make money. Open phones follow, my take on the 2nd Congressional District race.

Download 11-13-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-13-2019 (22.96 MB)


  • Dr. Steven Greenleaf joins me - Yes, the government can repudiate's happened a lot throughout history, The Adanced Air crew is here later, too, we talk new models, maitaining your system, ways to save energy, too. Oh...and they're hiring!

Download 11-13-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-13-2019 (19.38 MB)


  • Open phones start, Eric Peters and I break down the problems at Nisaan, other transportation news and issues.

Download 11-12-19_TUESDAY_6AM  11-12-2019 (20.36 MB)


  • Morning News and opinion starts, income inequality...a fix? Dr. Merrill Matthews weighs in on this.

Download 11-12-19_TUESDAY_7AM  11-12-2019 (20.85 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 11-12-19_TUESDAY_8AM  11-12-2019 (22.54 MB)


  • Immigration reform at the Supreme Court today. A breakdown with Dave Ray of Federation for American Immigration Reform, then open phones.

Download 11-08-19_FRIDAY_6AM  11-11-2019 (20.16 MB)


  • 11-08-19_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 11-08-19_FRIDAY_7AM  11-11-2019 (20.82 MB)


  • 11-08-19_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 11-11-19_MONDAY_6AM  11-11-2019 (19.69 MB)


  • 11-11-19_MONDAY_6AM

Download 11-08-19_FRIDAY_8AM  11-11-2019 (20.19 MB)


  • 11-08-19_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 11-11-19_MONDAY_8AM  11-11-2019 (24.48 MB)


  • 11-11-19_MONDAY_8AM

Download 11-11-19_MONDAY_7AM  11-11-2019 (20.07 MB)


  • 11-11-19_MONDAY_7AM

Download 11-07-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-07-2019 (20.14 MB)


  • My guest is Don Trumbull, EMP expert and author of the upcoming book Safe States. More at

Download 11-07-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-07-2019 (21.85 MB)


  • I talk with Horace Cooper of the National Center for Public Policy - liberal leaders in several cash-strapped cities and one state, Rhode Island, are searching for gold in the form of big cash payouts from energy companies re climate change.

Download 11-07-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-07-2019 (20.03 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion, and later in the hour Sarah Chamberlain, the President and CEO of the Republican Main Street Partnership, says we need more congressman like Cong. Walden!

Download 11-06-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-06-2019 (21.31 MB)


  • The climate scientists essentially call for communism, imagine that. War on men in this, too. Then Medford PD Chief Scottt Clauson discusses the livability team, working the homeless problem,

Download 11-06-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-06-2019 (20.64 MB)


  • Election results, I think the 911 bond was unwisely passed, my reasoning, Eric Peters talks the effort to kill your older car, plus some cool NEW reviews, too.

Download 11-06-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-06-2019 (23.17 MB)


  • It's Bill and Will Reishman's journey into the foreign policy news and more

Download 11-05-19_TUESDAY_6AM  11-05-2019 (20.12 MB)


  • News and opinion, no, you don't want fact checkers on political ads...Dan Gainor digs into the left's fevered impeachment fantasies, too.

Download 11-05-19_TUESDAY_7AM  11-05-2019 (20.45 MB)


  • I talk with geophysicist Dr. Peter Ward - he says the global warming theories are physically and scientifically impossible, and we discuss. Open phones follow

Download 11-05-19_TUESDAY_8AM  11-05-2019 (19.16 MB)


  • Oregon Firearms Federation's Kevin Starrett - we talk your PAC contribution, and an incredible example of the (hated by the commies) AR-15 saved a family in Florida, and other firearms news. Open phones follow

Download 11-04-19_MONDAY_8AM  11-04-2019 (22.54 MB)


  • Dr. Powers with Visiting Past and Present - When Hollywood moved to the Rogue valley, also is the stock market looking bubbly? Dr. Warren Farrell, author of THE BOY CRISIS talks the visit with the White House - working to solve the problem

Download 11-04-19_MONDAY_6AM  11-04-2019 (20.33 MB)


  • News and open phones and talk, and why that new Fox Poll about impeachment is SO distorted, and not to be trusted

Download 11-04-19_MONDAY_7AM  11-04-2019 (19.63 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and later it's Joe Guzzardi with Progressives for Immigration Reform - How the Senators and Congressman STILL push for H1B visas, and why it hurts American workers.

Download 11-01-19_FRIDAY_7AM  11-01-2019 (18.93 MB)


  • 11-01-19_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 11-01-19_FRIDAY_8AM  11-01-2019 (21.26 MB)


  • 11-01-19_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 11-01-19_FRIDAY_6AM  11-01-2019 (20.71 MB)


  • 11-01-19_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 10-31-19_THURSDAY_6AM  10-31-2019 (19.83 MB)


  • Morning News and Opinion, later Professor Lori Paige delves into the popularity of vampire fiction!

Download 10-31-19_THURSDAY_7AM  10-31-2019 (19.44 MB)


  • I discuss the explosive Peter W. Sage blog postings re Judge Lisa Greif, also a talk on help for juvenille diabetes, then Prof. Laurence Quinlan of the Independent Institute - Cal fires are massive gov fail!

Download 10-31-19_THURSDAY_8AM  10-31-2019 (23.99 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 10-30-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  10-30-2019 (18.97 MB)


  • David Kirby joins me, author of WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU, wow...what stories about gov overreach. Jacob Leair, GP High School Welding teacher, wins 50K in a Harbor Freight contest...great story.

Download 10-30-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  10-30-2019 (21.03 MB)


  • Morning news start, auto journalist Eric Peters,, and we dig into how millennials are disconnecting saaaafety devices, an amazing Mustang, and Trump gets help from several car companies to take on California!

Download 10-30-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  10-30-2019 (22.19 MB)


  • Open phones and discussion for the hour

Download 10-29-19_TUESDAY_7AM  10-29-2019 (19.1 MB)


  • Open phones, then Tom Giovenetti from, with an interesting plan to solve the college loan debt crisis.

Download 10-29-19_TUESDAY_6AM  10-29-2019 (20.31 MB)


  • Morning news and sports and Gregory Wrightstone, author of INCONVENIENT, capitalism caused the Cal fires? Silliness, for sure.

Download 10-29-19_TUESDAY_8AM  10-29-2019 (22.38 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 10-28-19_MONDAY_8AM  10-28-2019 (22.03 MB)


  • Dr. Powers Visits Past and present, and we dig into all the films and shows filmed in our area, and then into the news and opinion for the hour

Download 10-28-19_MONDAY_7AM  10-28-2019 (21.16 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, open phones follow, and I dig into a common fake news green car email...we need to share only the truth

Download 10-28-19_MONDAY_6AM  10-28-2019 (19.89 MB)


  • Open phones and morning news...Phil Klein of the Washington Examiner digs into the REAL problems of millenials, his new book is FEAR YOUR FUTURE.

Download 10-25-19_FRIDAY_7AM  10-25-2019 (20.85 MB)


  • Outdoor report, and then I talk with Rob Schlapfer about a series of talks he's giving at the Medford Library in order to help bridge the divide between left and right.

Download 10-25-19_FRIDAY_8AM  10-25-2019 (15.94 MB)


  • Fmr Sen. Richard Devlin from the NW Power Conservation Council talks with me about the power grid, and are we looking at challenges with ending coal power and going big on renewable power.

Download 10-25-19_FRIDAY_6AM  10-25-2019 (18.62 MB)


  • News of the morning and commentary, and the swamp update with Rick Manning at Americans for Limited government

Download 10-24-19_THURSDAY_6AM  10-24-2019 (18.67 MB)


  • Morning news starts, then Chris Horner of Climate Litigation Watch is to discuss a new video that illustrates how deep pocketed billionaires and special interests are funding collusion among green groups, trial lawyers, state A.G. offices, including OR.

Download 10-24-19_THURSDAY_7AM  10-24-2019 (22.43 MB)


  • We dig into the GP school bond measure with both proponents and opponents of the measure

Download 10-24-19_THURSDAY_8AM  10-24-2019 (19.64 MB)


  • Kevin Starrett with Oregon Firearms Federation, Oregon, and we dig into the massively flawed Safe Gun Storage initiative being floated. Brandon Rigaud then advocates for the fire district creation in GP.

Download 10-23-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  10-23-2019 (19.66 MB)


  • 10-23-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM

Download 10-23-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  10-23-2019 (20.7 MB)


  • 10-23-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM

Download 10-23-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  10-23-2019 (23.48 MB)


  • 10-23-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM

Download 10-22-19_TUESDAY_7AM  10-22-2019 (18.29 MB)


  • Is anti-semitism on the rise? Documentary film maker Evelyn Markus discusses that, her film on Amazon, NEVER AGAIN IS NOW. Dr. Warren Farrell, author of THE BOY CRISIS, says the new Joker movie plays into the crisis - hurting young men want to hurt you.

Download 10-22-19_TUESDAY_6AM  10-22-2019 (19.33 MB)


  • News and open phone opinion, we also dig into politics with former GOP gubernatorial candidate Sam Carpenter, who talks the recall, where Oregon conservatism is headed, etc.

Download 10-22-19_TUESDAY_8AM  10-22-2019 (22.55 MB)


  • Market report with Brenda Stein, open phones, and then Sophia from Hemp University...they're looking for entrants in the GOLDEN GROW AWARDS in December.

Download 10-21-19_MONDAY_7AM  10-21-2019 (19.34 MB)


  • Kim Strassel, WSJ columnist, author of Resistance (At All Costs): How Trump Haters Are Breaking America, Outdoor report with Greg and some pol talk, too.

Download 10-21-19_MONDAY_6AM  10-21-2019 (19.67 MB)


  • News and open phones for the hour

Download 10-21-19_MONDAY_8AM  10-21-2019 (23.71 MB)


  • Check the markets with Brenda Stein, Visiting past and present with Dr. Powers, and Measure 15-186, the 911 bond measure, Margie Moulin and Mike Moran are in to discuss it.

Download 10-11-19_FRIDAY_6AM  10-11-2019 (18.94 MB)


  • Morning headlines, a breakdown of the school sports with Jay the Bird Reese, and Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government has the swampier than usual update for the week from DC.

Download 10-11-19_FRIDAY_7AM  10-11-2019 (19.25 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg, more open phones and opinion

Download 10-11-19_FRIDAY_8AM  10-11-2019 (20.81 MB)


  • Paul Prinsen shares his travel stories, vacationing with monied, connected elite in Canada, and the Climate Kool-Aid being observed in these movers and shakers.

Download 10-10-19_THURSDAY_8AM  10-11-2019 (21.08 MB)


  • 10-10-19_THURSDAY_8AM

Download 10-10-19_THURSDAY_6AM  10-11-2019 (19.52 MB)


  • 10-10-19_THURSDAY_6AM

Download 10-10-19_THURSDAY_7AM  10-11-2019 (21.3 MB)


  • 10-10-19_THURSDAY_7AM

Download 10-09-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  10-09-2019 (21.34 MB)


  • News of the day and commentary, and Eric Peters talks auto news including how SAFETY features are turning deadly in some of the newer cars

Download 10-09-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  10-09-2019 (22.4 MB)


  • Steve Grigsby is back, and we discuss the Pacific Power resource plan - how do the lights stay on when the plan is to replace steady reliable coal power with intermittent wind and solar? Later, CK, local parent, says his child is SICK from hemp smell!

Download 10-09-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  10-09-2019 (18.14 MB)


  • Dr. Eldred Taylor and I have a great talk on hormone imbalance, functional medicine, and how good coffee really can be for you. Open phones follow.

Download 10-08-19_TUESDAY_8AM  10-08-2019 (19.03 MB)


  • Ryan Mallory of the FB crime Scanner Pages and I discuss the jail expansion plan, he's in favor, and talks about why he changed his mind. Open phones follow

Download 10-08-19_TUESDAY_7AM  10-08-2019 (19.38 MB)


  • Bobby Charles from, conservative version of AARP. He worked for W and Reagan, we dig into the impeachment hysteria and more. Later, Sen. Baertschiger weighs in on so-called adults scaring the kids over climate.

Download 10-08-19_TUESDAY_6AM  10-08-2019 (17.57 MB)


  • news and opinion and open phones for the hour

Download 10-07-19_MONDAY_7AM  10-07-2019 (19.81 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, open phones follow

Download 10-07-19_MONDAY_6AM  10-07-2019 (20.86 MB)


  • News and open phones for the hour

Download 10-07-19_MONDAY_8AM  10-07-2019 (24.25 MB)


  • Steve Kessler, NMHS Band Director - The Presiden't own Marine Band, LIVE Wednesday night at NMHS, and Kirk Mikelsen of Taz Fabrication and Rod Gates of The Gun Cleaners in to discuss a military contract that Taz in Prospect is helping fufill, open phones

Download 10-04-19_FRIDAY_6AM  10-04-2019 (18.83 MB)


  • News of the Day, sports with Jay Reese, swamp update and impeachment analysis with Rick Manning of Americans for Limited Government.

Download 10-04-19_FRIDAY_7AM  10-04-2019 (18.97 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and Mike Hogan, owner of Rosario's Restaurant, talks over the ADA lawsuit filed against his restaurant and 2 other Medford restaurants, by a self-described morbidly obese man from Florida.

Download 10-04-19_FRIDAY_8AM  10-04-2019 (22.23 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 10-03-19_THURSDAY_8AM  10-03-2019 (22.73 MB)


  • Dr. Steven Greenleaf joins me, he says the President should DEFY the subpoenas, and goes through the historical precedents. open phones follow

Download 10-03-19_THURSDAY_6AM  10-03-2019 (19.63 MB)


  • Change the's up to you, not just by voting, later it's Gregory Wrightstone,, and if you want an extinction event, do what 16-year old Greta says.

Download 10-03-19_THURSDAY_7AM  10-03-2019 (19.68 MB)


  • Steven Griggs, former financial guy, worked wood products industry, experienced in electrical grid issues is my guest. The NW Power Council doesn't have much of a plan to replace coal...and we discuss it. open phones follow

Download 10-02-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  10-02-2019 (24.02 MB)


  • Impeachment, the War Party, and President Trump's troubles...guest is Will Reishman, Business interview with Randall from Advanced Air, and Terry Haines from the VeteRun joins me, too.

Download 10-02-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  10-02-2019 (19.61 MB)


  • Former Congressman Tom Tancredo talks the latest immigration issues, and wall progress, he's repping for open phones follow

Download 10-02-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  10-02-2019 (20.74 MB)


  • Morning news and commentary start, then Eric Peters at and Trump's fight against the Corn is a big deal, and other transportation news.

Download 10-01-19_TUESDAY_6AM  10-01-2019 (19.99 MB)


  • News starts the hour, and then Jarret Stepman, author of THE WAR ON HISTORY.

Download 10-01-19_TUESDAY_7AM  10-01-2019 (19.39 MB)


  • Open phones, pool talk, Jo Co Logo, other issues. Later, Rep. Mike Nearman details how their work is reducing paid union teacher membership...and why he thinks that's a good thing.

Download 10-01-19_TUESDAY_8AM  10-01-2019 (22.81 MB)


  • More open phones, and later saving you money with the folks from No Wires Media, saving money on your phone, internet, TV

Download 09-30-19_MONDAY_8AM  09-30-2019 (19.11 MB)


  • Dr. Powers, Visiting Past and Present, we break down current news and issues, and profile the founding of Sams Valley

Download 09-30-19_MONDAY_7AM  09-30-2019 (19.64 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts at Rogue, and we dig into various topics, including the morbidly obese Florida man suiing our local restaurants over claimed ADA violations

Download 09-30-19_MONDAY_6AM  09-30-2019 (19.31 MB)


  • News of the morning, later Brig. General Robert S. Spalding from the Hudson Institute - new book is Stealth War: How China Took Over While America's Elite Slept.

Download 09-27-19_FRIDAY_6AM  09-27-2019 (19.83 MB)


  • Garth and Rosemary Harrington hour 1 for Friday!

Download 09-27-19_FRIDAY_7AM  09-27-2019 (21.39 MB)


  • Hour 2 of Garth and Rosemary filling in for Bill

Download 09-27-19_FRIDAY_8AM  09-27-2019 (22.6 MB)


  • Garth and Rosemary Hour 3 for 9-27-19

Download 09-26-19_thursday_7am.mp3  09-26-2019 (27.66 MB)


  • Ken Cuccinelli Acting Director, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services talks the Trump Border policies, and then Brigitte Gabriel, Terrorism expert and chairman of ACT For America, the largest national security grassroots organizationin the U.S.

Download 09-26-19_thursday_6am.mp3  09-26-2019 (26.88 MB)


  • Lars Larson and I start the show off comparing DC notes, Then, Blanquita Cullum from the Alliance to End Human Trafficking, Marie Hererra Vega shares her story of the death of her son to illegals, same with angel mom Maureen Maloney.

Download 09-26-19_thursday_8am.mp3  09-26-2019 (29.1 MB)


  • More live from Capitol Hill with Stephen Guschov from Pro English, and the importance of a common language for immigrants. Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter joins me for a few minutes, and Michael Harrison, publisher of TALKERS magazine.

Download 09-25-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  09-25-2019 (20.26 MB)


  • Brenda Stine checks the markets, More Hold Their Feet to the Fire live from Capitol Hill, we talk the challenge of transnational gangs with Richard Valdemar, and the top 10 Sanctuary Cities with Dale Wilcox of Immigration Law Institute.

Download 09-25-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  09-25-2019 (20.31 MB)


  • Day 1, Hold their feeRick Manning at ALG discusses impeachment inquiry, Dave Ray from FAIR reports on the current border condition, Numbers USA's Chris Chmielinski says we need to talk MORE than just illegal aliens re immigration policy.

Download 09-25-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  09-25-2019 (19.06 MB)


  • Day 1 Live from Capitol Hill - Dan Stein is my first guest from Federation for Immigration Reform, and we talk border status, and the second half is AL Congressman Mo Brooks - Border, Impeachment talk and more.

Download 09-23-19_MONDAY_8AM  09-23-2019 (21.44 MB)


  • Dr. Powers and What Made Southern Oregon Great - today we profile Butte Falls! Other financial news, too, and then the Filmmakers of CAYO - WARBOY - What a great, inspiring story, and we talk about how you can help this film get made!

Download 09-23-19_MONDAY_6AM  09-23-2019 (18.78 MB)


  • Morning news and commentary, and then Judge Jeanine Pirro from Fox News Channel talks with me about the issues.

Download 09-23-19_MONDAY_7AM  09-23-2019 (20.66 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, later, a DC visit update with Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts

Download 09-20-19_FRIDAY_7AM  09-20-2019 (19.77 MB)


  • Outdoor report, wolf, cattle mutiliations??? Open phones follow

Download 09-20-19_FRIDAY_6AM  09-20-2019 (18.92 MB)


  • News and open phones for the hour

Download 09-20-19_FRIDAY_8AM  09-20-2019 (19.89 MB)


  • 09-20-19_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 09-19-19_THURSDAY_6AM  09-19-2019 (18.96 MB)


  • Open Phones, then Professor Stephen Halbrook of the Independent Institute, author of GUN CONTROL IN THE 3rd REICH - Yes, history is repeating...if you let it.

Download 09-19-19_THURSDAY_8AM  09-19-2019 (19.35 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, many topics

Download 09-19-19_THURSDAY_7AM  09-19-2019 (21.16 MB)


  • Open phones, and then a talk with the CEO of the Boy Scouts of America Crater Lake Council re signing up for scouting, and the changes in the organization.

Download 09-18-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  09-18-2019 (20.26 MB)


  • Michelle Malkin joins me, author of OPEN BORDERS INCORPORATED - She names names on who is making money on the Open Border policy, open phones follow

Download 09-18-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  09-18-2019 (19.88 MB)


  • State Rep Kim Wallan reports from Legislative Days in Salem...what's happening, and what about the new GOP leader, and losing State Rep. Carl Wilson, open phones follow

Download 09-18-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  09-18-2019 (18.45 MB)


  • Morning news coverage, and then Eric Peters, automotive journalist...The Trump EPA and Cal regulations, and is the free ride on electric cars about gone?

Download 09-17-19_TUESDAY_7AM  09-17-2019 (18.49 MB)


  • My guest for the hour is Joel Skousen, editor at (subscribe, you'll love it) Did the communists fake their demise in the former Soviet Union? Joel and I dig into this question.

Download 09-17-19_TUESDAY_6AM  09-17-2019 (19.03 MB)


  • News headlines and morning news...and then how to fight the leftist bias of the Millenial generation. My guest from AMAC is Bobby Charles.

Download 09-17-19_TUESDAY_8AM  09-17-2019 (22.38 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 09-16-19_MONDAY_7AM  09-17-2019 (19.9 MB)


  • Greg Roberts with the Outdoor Report, Water park report and other open phones

Download 09-16-19_MONDAY_6AM  09-17-2019 (18.96 MB)


  • Open phones and news start, then Joe Flynn, brother of embattled General Michael T. Flynn. We're discussing the Russia case, and the need for your help for legal defense

Download 09-16-19_MONDAY_8AM  09-17-2019 (21.83 MB)


  • Dr. Dennis Powers, What made southern Oregon great segment, Sherm and Wanda Olsrud profiled today, and then into the news of the morning

Download 09-13-19_FRIDAY_6AM  09-13-2019 (19.04 MB)


  • Headlines, Sports with Jay Reese, Swamp news with Rick Manning!

Download 09-13-19_FRIDAY_7AM  09-13-2019 (21.07 MB)


  • Outdoor report, some open phones, Dr. Brian Hooker, he's at the vaccine ed seminar tomorrow, 5-7:30p at the Medford library

Download 09-13-19_FRIDAY_8AM  09-13-2019 (19.02 MB)


  • Brenda Stein breaks down the financial markets, Terry Haines talks with me about veteran suicides, Grange Co-op here too discussing Saturday's big sale, and Stan's live broadcast

Download 09-12-19_THURSDAY_7AM  09-12-2019 (16.42 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour, much talk on 9/11 and other issues.

Download 09-12-19_THURSDAY_6AM  09-12-2019 (19.58 MB)


  • Will Ruger, VP of Research and Policy at the Chales Kock Institute discusses National Security Advisor John Bolton's dismissal, open phones follow

Download 09-12-19_THURSDAY_8AM  09-12-2019 (21.01 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 09-11-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  09-11-2019 (20.59 MB)


  • Judge Jeanine Pirro talks (then doesn't) and other topics later.

Download 09-11-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  09-11-2019 (19.56 MB)


  • Sam Anderson, retired educator, talks with me about the Medford Educational Institute symposium of 1996...when the Commies came for our schools.

Download 09-11-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  09-11-2019 (19.98 MB)


  • News headlines and more start, Eric Peters with EPAutos talks the latest car news and gov abuse

Download 09-10-19_TUESDAY_7AM  09-10-2019 (20.95 MB)


  • Aquatic Center is Back...again, Do we need it, not just want it. Suzanne Gallagher from Parents Rights in Education has a lot to say about the hot prog trend of Drag Queen Storytime for the kids in pub schools and libraries.

Download 09-10-19_TUESDAY_6AM  09-10-2019 (18.74 MB)


  • Open phones and news of the morning. Constitutional Attorney Rita Dunaway talks with me about the culture battle, and the value in a Convention of States.

Download 09-10-19_TUESDAY_8AM  09-10-2019 (19.04 MB)


  • Open phones, later a talk with Michael Campbell at SisQCellular of their upcoming concert and 30th Anniversary celebration.

Download 09-09-19_MONDAY_7AM  09-09-2019 (19.64 MB)


  • Outdoor report, fire and wolf talk, too, with Greg Roberts at, later more open phones.

Download 09-09-19_MONDAY_8AM  09-09-2019 (23.06 MB)


  • Dr. Powers history segment, on southern Oregon Bigfoots! Later I mix it up with Robert w. Penny, host of, sponsor Shane Reed, and the interesting legal cases on the show.

Download 09-09-19_MONDAY_6AM  09-09-2019 (18.83 MB)


  • Open phones and news start, I talk later with Julie Gunlock from about the misplaced hysteria re the vaping epidemic.

Download 09-06-19_FRIDAY_7AM  09-06-2019 (23.84 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and other open phones, and later there is a breakdown of the new public records rule policy passed by Jo County Board of Commissioners. Commissioner Lily Morgan has the details

Download 09-06-19_FRIDAY_6AM  09-06-2019 (20.69 MB)


  • Morning news and rants :-) and Rick Manning breaks down the Trump Job News report this morning and other issues.

Download 09-06-19_FRIDAY_8AM  09-06-2019 (17.45 MB)


  • State Senator Dennis Linthicum breaks down the latest state issues including the special session Gov. Brown wants to there a danger that ALL the bad legislation gets brought back? We discuss that, open phones follow, too.

Download 09-05-19_THURSDAY_6AM  09-05-2019 (18.91 MB)


  • Open phones, later, a change for food stamp benefits - Sarah Lauffer, Senior Research Programmer at Mathematica Policy Research details a new Trump Administration policy which would tighten Oregon Trail Card benefits for more than 100,000 Oregonians

Download 09-05-19_THURSDAY_8AM  09-05-2019 (18.47 MB)


  • Open phones for the start of the hour, and later Curtis Houck, managing editor of details the craziness known as the climate change townhalls on CNN last night.

Download 09-05-19_THURSDAY_7AM  09-05-2019 (21.91 MB)


  • SNAP benefit abuses and other issues, open phones, and later Kevin Starrett with Oregon Firearms Federation on red flag laws, the destruction of rule of law, watching your social media posting and other 2nd A issues.

Download 08-28-19_WEDNESDAY_6AM  09-05-2019 (20.56 MB)


  • News and headlines start, later it's Auto Journalist Eric Peters from, how Ford plans to make money on automatied cars, the death of car culture and more.

Download 08-28-19_WEDNESDAY_8AM  09-05-2019 (20.65 MB)


  • Open phones start, Matt Allen joins me later with a great business interview talk on Reverse Mortgages, he's with Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC (541) 897-4464, and later it's Mike G. with a Brittfest update.

Download 08-28-19_WEDNESDAY_7AM  09-05-2019 (19.95 MB)


  • Ron Gibson joins Bill for a strong critique against changing public record policies. joCharles Hernick, Director of Policy and Advocacy for Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, details how crazy it would be to go full renewable energy

Download 09-03-19_TUESDAY_7AM  09-03-2019 (21.87 MB)


  • Outdoor report, then Jac Co Sheriff Nate Sickler - Jail and law enforcement issues

Download 09-03-19_TUESDAY_6AM  09-03-2019 (19.7 MB)


  • News Headline, the shooting incident in Medford, open phones for the hour

Download 09-03-19_TUESDAY_8AM  09-03-2019 (19.56 MB)


  • Capt. William E. Simpson - DOI wants let it burn? Says Wild Horse Fire Brigade is a better policy, open phones, and we talk some super deals at Advanced Air with Randall and Brent

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  • ClearConnections