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Download 08-04-20_TUESDAY_6AM  08-04-2020 (20.33 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour, your calls, my concern on how the numbers are reported lacking Covid Context and other topics

Download 08-04-20_TUESDAY_7AM  08-04-2020 (19.88 MB)


  • David House joins me from the DMV and we discuss the backlogs and challenges and complaints re getting the DMV service rolling again, then state Senator Herman Baertschiger re next week session, the Dem agenda in play, other news

Download 08-04-20_TUESDAY_8AM  08-04-2020 (21.21 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has the stock report this morning, then Andy Pollack, father of Meadow Pollack, who died in the Parkland school shootings, joins the discussion in favor of a software program to help school. grants at

Download 08-03-20_MONDAY_6AM  08-03-2020 (19.67 MB)


  • A note on the passing of Sandi Cassanelli, other news, Gregory Wrightstone, author of INCONVENIENT FACTS - He is well aware of the Cancel Culture, his work has been suppressed, too

Download 08-03-20_MONDAY_7AM  08-03-2020 (20.03 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts - Dr. Greenleaf, what happens if a president-elect dies, and drummer - guitarist Richie Onori of the rock band SWEET, time to UNITE people - his One Vision Unity Concert August 15th - more at

Download 08-03-20_MONDAY_8AM  08-03-2020 (20.78 MB)


  • Brenda Stein updates the market action, history and financial news broken down with Dr. Dennis Powers, and our open for business segment with Cherise from No Wires Media - Save on TV, internet, security and more - 541-680-5875

Download 07-31-20_FRIDAY_6AM  07-31-2020 (19.54 MB)


  • The President works to clean up PDX, some thoughts on that...perhaps 45 days ago would have been nice. Later, the swamp update with Rick Manning - the deadlock on Covid 19 relief funding

Download 07-31-20_FRIDAY_7AM  07-31-2020 (21.46 MB)


  • outdoor and fire report with Greg Roberts, open phones follow

Download 07-31-20_FRIDAY_8AM  07-31-2020 (22.2 MB)


  • Checking the markets with Brenda Stein at Seacrest Wealth Mgt, and then the push for mail in election EVERYWHERE this fall, Pete Hutchinson with the Landmark Legal Foundation has the story, Tony Johnston from Medford Railroad Park - GoFundMe to save 'em.

Download 07-30-20_THURSDAY_6AM  07-30-2020 (20.76 MB)


  • Into the news and comment, and I talk with Kirsten Tynan, Executive Director of the Fully Informed Jury Association, some good news on a jury case we dicsused FIVE YEARS ago, along with the continued fight for jury rights

Download 07-30-20_THURSDAY_7AM  07-30-2020 (20.07 MB)


  • Guests include Mr. X, we talk county policy re Gov Brown Orders, Jac Co Commissioner Rick Dyer also weighs in on that, and State Sen Baertschiger - Portland, OSHA, other follow-ups.

Download 07-30-20_THURSDAY_8AM  07-30-2020 (19.73 MB)


  • Stock report with Brenda Stein, and then Cap. William E. Simpson from N. California - some of his former property burned, but not catastrophically, teachable moment about fire prevention, wild horse policy, water, too. Open phones follow

Download 07-29-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  07-29-2020 (20.88 MB)


  • Morning news and comment, including Eric Peters, automotive journalist at - ah, the great vehicles, oh, the crappy Covid's all there

Download 07-29-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  07-29-2020 (21.29 MB)


  • Many teachers don't want to go back to class, time for a rebate? That and other topics, then Chloe Ellis, Mgr of Raineys Mkt in Sams Valley - the drama, arguments, tears and OSHA complaints over mask mandates

Download 07-29-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  07-29-2020 (20.15 MB)


  • Market report with Brenda Stein, then Allum Bokhari senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News and the author of DELETED - Big Techs Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election, currently available for preordder at Amazon

Download 07-28-20_TUESDAY_6AM  07-28-2020 (20.73 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 07-28-20_TUESDAY_7AM  07-28-2020 (20.56 MB)


  • More open phones, then into the state news with state Sen. Baertschiger

Download 07-28-20_TUESDAY_8AM  07-28-2020 (21.22 MB)


  • Stock news with Brenda Stein, Mr. X and I dig into the Gov position on masks, more, the lost opportunities of last week's county vote on this. Later, author Iain Murray and his latest THE SOCIALIST TEMPTATION

Download 07-27-20_MONDAY_6AM  07-27-2020 (19.37 MB)


  • 07-27-20_MONDAY_6AM

Download 07-27-20_MONDAY_7AM  07-27-2020 (20.04 MB)


  • Outdoor and fire report with Greg Roberts, then Sherm Simmons, an area CTE teacher, talks of the need to get the kids back in classrooms in person, and the intense union pressure pushing for keepling schools closed.

Download 07-27-20_MONDAY_8AM  07-27-2020 (19.61 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has the market report, Dr. Powers on our history profile, plus Covid numbers and distortion, and later Char Hodel and Patrick Rochon discuss the new 5-county COMMUNITY EMERGENCY RESOURCE GUIDE WEBPAGE, AT EMERGGUIDE.COM

Download 07-24-20_FRIDAY_6AM  07-24-2020 (21.66 MB)


  • Morning headlines, catching up on sports with Jay Reese, Rick Manning has this week's swamp update in DC, drug price cap and more on the docket

Download 07-24-20_FRIDAY_7AM  07-24-2020 (20.79 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and we also bring some good economic news for Jo Co from Larry Graves, Jo Co Airports Director, and Jason Dudash from the Freedom Foundation goes after Gov Brown's mask requirements in court

Download 07-24-20_FRIDAY_8AM  07-24-2020 (17.75 MB)


  • Brenda Stein from Seacrest Wealth Mgt reports on the stocks and markets, and then Robert Gore, , a great blogger, thinker, author of EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT BUSINESS I LEARNED FROM THE GODFATHER, that and other topics discussed

Download 07-23-20_THURSDAY_6AM  07-23-2020 (19.63 MB)


  • Open phones and new mask and other C-19 restrictions....sigh - RJ Hauman from Federation for Immigration Reform - President says no to illegal aliens being counted to grab more political power for states harboring them

Download 07-23-20_THURSDAY_7AM  07-23-2020 (20.83 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, then a talk with GOP congressional candidate, Dist. 2, CLIFF BENTZ - more at

Download 06-11-20_THURSDAY_8AM  07-23-2020 (19.9 MB)


  • Brenda Stein with Seacrest Wealth Mgt digs into the stock numbers for the day, Jeremy Dys with First Libert Dot Org - a Christian bounced from a task in the military BECAUSE he was a Christian, other issues, then open phones

Download 07-22-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  07-22-2020 (19.2 MB)


  • News Headlines, my irritation at the continued smear job in the City of Phoenix regarding the mayor. Eric Peters from talks the Google cancel, why best to service your car NOW while you can, and other transpo news

Download 07-22-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  07-22-2020 (20.89 MB)


  • Open phones, the Jac Co decision to NOT really address the emergency law with Kate Brown. Later, Rep. Mike Nearman with, an initiative petition to stop the emergency clause abuse

Download 07-22-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  07-22-2020 (20.21 MB)


  • Dr John Lott, President of the Crime Prevention research Center, author of GUN CONTROL MYTHS, amd we also discuss Covid numbers, the Portland riot response, too. Open phones follow

Download 07-21-20_TUESDAY_6AM  07-21-2020 (20.43 MB)


  • The protests and other news in the NW, then Dr. Bryan Ardis - CEO of, who says the Covid treatment Remdesivir is Dangerous, and he can't believe that Remdesivir is the NIH demanded protocol in Hospitals

Download 07-21-20_TUESDAY_7AM  07-21-2020 (19.9 MB)


  • Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts discusses letter pushing back against Gov Brown's orders, hoping to have the board's support, then Sen. Herman Baertschiger - the upcoming session money squeeze, and it's really about PERS.

Download 07-21-20_TUESDAY_8AM  07-21-2020 (20.08 MB)


  • Brenda Stein updates market activity, then open phones for the hour

Download 07-20-20_MONDAY_6AM  07-20-2020 (18.79 MB)


  • Morning news, sports and opinion with Jay Reese, and then David Thomas Roberts, founder of 2x Monuments and - Every time a commie destroys a monument, they want to replace it with TWO

Download 07-20-20_MONDAY_7AM  07-20-2020 (20.05 MB)


  • Outdoor and fire report with Greg Roberts at Rogue Weather, then BEING ARMED, a new book for the firearms novice with local firearms trainer Greg Reeser.

Download 07-20-20_MONDAY_8AM  07-20-2020 (20.76 MB)


  • Brenda talks CCW, Brenda Stein has the market report, and then Dr. Powers profiles history, and we dig into the carnage known as gov response and shutdowns

Download 07-17-20_FRIDAY_6AM  07-17-2020 (17.96 MB)


  • FERC gives a gut punch to Gang Green re the Klam Dam scam, I share some details, then the DC Swamp update with Rick Manning at Americans for Limited Government - Rules to be changed about China investment? Truly a BIG DEAL.

Download 07-17-20_FRIDAY_7AM  07-17-2020 (19.66 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, the explosive Klamath Dam news with Richard Marshall, president of Siskiyou Water Ussers Assoc, then Sec of State candidate Kim Thatcher on audits, the unemployment dept problems, other issues

Download 07-17-20_FRIDAY_8AM  07-17-2020 (21.08 MB)


  • Market Report with Brenda Stein, then a talk about the mob craziness, crazier politicians, firearms and other issues with Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation

Download 07-16-20_THURSDAY_6AM  07-16-2020 (21.04 MB)


  • Day after Mask Wednesday, other thoughts, and then a great talk with Dr Steve Turley,, about BLM being a trojan horse in the DNC and WILL destroy it.

Download 07-16-20_THURSDAY_7AM  07-16-2020 (19.5 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday followed by State Sen. Dennis Linthicum on the strange economic and political policies coming at you from the system.

Download 07-16-20_THURSDAY_8AM  07-16-2020 (18.18 MB)


  • Market update with Brenda Stein, open phones, and then we catch up with the happenings at Sanctuary One, and Casey joins me from and wants you to know more about their Saturday auction, 5/18 starting at 10am

Download 07-15-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  07-15-2020 (20.8 MB)


  • Double standards all over from local justice to big crony biz stealing tax bucks as a biz model. Daniel Betschart organizes a protest and I continue this with Eric Peters at and we review the BMW Z4, and the virtues of a MANUAL transmission

Download 07-15-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  07-15-2020 (19.23 MB)


  • Wendy Roberts from Jacksonville talks of the frustration dealing with deadbeat renters, thanks to Gov Brown's and legislative orders...your calls follow

Download 07-15-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  07-15-2020 (19.4 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has the market reports, open phones, then Joe Guzzardi from Progressives for Immigration Reform - The president going wobbly on immigration??

Download 07-14-20_TUESDAY_6AM  07-14-2020 (20.34 MB)


  • Headlines, more Covid numbers, and how I think the governor could handle more effectively, your calls, too

Download 07-14-20_TUESDAY_7AM  07-14-2020 (20.25 MB)


  • I talk with Phoenix Mayor Chris Luz about his recent clearing of charges of havig struck a BLM protestor in Medford, and we catch up on the state's issues with Sen. Baertschiger

Download 07-14-20_TUESDAY_8AM  07-14-2020 (20.3 MB)


  • The latest on the markets with Brenda Stein, then author Suzanne Silver, author of KILL THE HYPNOTIST, based on the real life events of world-renowned and southern Oregon hypnotist Tom Silver. Find out more at

Download 07-13-20_MONDAY_6AM  07-13-2020 (20.41 MB)


  • Morning headlines, a post-vaca catchup, and later a great talk with Jonathan Jakubowski author of Bellwether Blues - A Conservative Awakening of the Millennial Soul - free chapter and more at

Download 07-13-20_MONDAY_7AM  07-13-2020 (19.38 MB)


  • Outdoor report and fire talk with Greg Roberts at Rogue Weather, and open phones for the balance of the hour

Download 07-13-20_MONDAY_8AM  07-13-2020 (19.69 MB)


  • The market action gets checked with Brenda Stein, then Dr. Dennis Powers and I discuss today's historical profile...UFOs in S. Oregon, plus the latest SCOTUS rulings and you.

Download 07-08-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  07-08-2020 (18.48 MB)


  • Headlines, news and opinion start, auto journalist Eric Peters from details what he believes is an unfair EV subsidy through zoning.

Download 07-08-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  07-08-2020 (19.68 MB)


  • Dr. Jane Orient MD digs into Covid-19 hype, and the suppression of some potential treatments, open phones follow

Download 07-08-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  07-08-2020 (19.45 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has the market report, then Townhall columnist and author Kurt Schlicter joins me, his latest is THE 21 BIGGEST LIES ABOUT DONALD TRUMP. Later we talk of efforts to strengthen the trades - Randal Lee of Advanced air and Brad Benningto of BASO

Download 07-07-20_TUESDAY_6AM  07-07-2020 (19.02 MB)


  • News and headline, again, some Covid stat talk, Free Speech on campus under fire, but I talk with Nicole Neily with Speech First about their fight, suing colleges squelching unpopular opinion

Download 07-07-20_TUESDAY_7AM  07-07-2020 (20.3 MB)


  • Open phones, then Sen Baertschiger on Covid, next session, other news.

Download 07-07-20_TUESDAY_8AM  07-07-2020 (19.72 MB)


  • Market report with Brenda Stein, then Dr. Thomas J. DiLorenzo, author of THE PROBLEM WITH LINCOLN, Cherisse from No Wires Now Dot Com - For the first 10 people switching to Dish, a free Video Doorbell, and other savings

Download 07-06-20_MONDAY_6AM  07-06-2020 (19.8 MB)


  • News and some Covid truth talking, later it's Cornell Prof William Jacobson of the Legal Insurrection Blog - Talk truth about BLM, and out comes the long knives, and we discuss it.

Download 07-06-20_MONDAY_7AM  07-06-2020 (19.77 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and open phones for the rest of the hour

Download 07-06-20_MONDAY_8AM  07-06-2020 (20.21 MB)


  • Brenda rolls with the stock report, Dr. Powers digs into the history of State of Jeff, and later, WSJ contributeor Abigail Shrier, author of Irreversible Damage - The Trnsgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters

Download 07-02-20_THURSDAY_6AM  07-02-2020 (19.23 MB)


  • News and morning opinion, then Curtis Ellis - Policy Director with President Trump's only official Super Pac, America First Policies, on today's release of the latest Jobs Report, 4.8 million jobs added

Download 07-02-20_THURSDAY_7AM  07-02-2020 (20.83 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, Scott Anderson criticized the push for the Temp Urban Campground in Medford, Rick Martin, Director of the Constitutional Law Group - More on how to hold the elected accountable!

Download 07-02-20_THURSDAY_8AM  07-02-2020 (19.77 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has the latest stock and financial numbers, then John M. Ellis - author of The Breakdown of Higher Education: How It Happened, the Damage It Does, and What Can Be Done

Download 07-01-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  07-01-2020 (19.09 MB)


  • Newsx and headlines, the Covid numbers...what about the deaths and hospitilizations, not just cases? Eric Peters at and discuss Face Mask day in Oregon, the new AMG sportscar, too.

Download 07-01-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  07-01-2020 (20.92 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour, facemasks, other issues

Download 07-01-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  07-01-2020 (20.64 MB)


  • Brenda Stein delivers the latest market news, then a good talk with Kevin Starrett with Oregon Firearms Federation. We dig into self-defense, the risks, the realities.

Download 06-30-20_TUESDAY_6AM  06-30-2020 (19.87 MB)


  • Headlines start, then open phones on the local issues of the morning

Download 06-30-20_TUESDAY_7AM  06-30-2020 (18.17 MB)


  • More open phones, Sen. Baertschiger has a post-session wrap up and we talk what's next re the dollar problem in Salem.

Download 06-30-20_TUESDAY_8AM  06-30-2020 (19.8 MB)


  • Market report with Brenda Stein, then Donna Jackson from the Project 21 Black Leadership council, and we discuss BLM, race relations, supreme court decisions, and later it's open phones.

Download 06-29-20_MONDAY_6AM  06-29-2020 (20.13 MB)


  • Headlines of the morning, the Covid numbers...a bit of perspective. Later it's Col. Scott Caine with a talk on the Communist Party control of practically any business deal involving China.

Download 06-29-20_MONDAY_7AM  06-29-2020 (20.6 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, some open phones, then Peggy Hall with talks of the covid controverssy and what's law, and what's suggestion.

Download 06-29-20_MONDAY_8AM  06-29-2020 (19.11 MB)


  • Brenda Stein from Seacrest Wealth Mgt has the market news and numbers, Dr. Powers with Where Past Meets Present...the history includes the day when southern Oregon was a huge hops area, and then...the supreme court has a couple BIG decisios and more.

Download 06-26-20_FRIDAY_6AM  06-26-2020 (20.53 MB)


  • News and the fee abuse issue, swamp update with Rick Manning...will the President act...or just tweet?

Download 06-26-20_FRIDAY_7AM  06-26-2020 (20.66 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, are we looking at a possible escalation in protest violence this weekend? And State rep. Kim Wallan updates the legislative session activity.

Download 06-26-20_FRIDAY_8AM  06-26-2020 (19.72 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has the market activity news for the morning, then an interesting talk with scientific hypnotist and area resident Tom Silver, website - Is the news and media reporting on the riots and disorer producing MORE violence?

Download 06-25-20_THURSDAY_6AM  06-25-2020 (20.35 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday

Download 06-25-20_THURSDAY_7AM  06-25-2020 (22.35 MB)


  • Capital Research Center President Scott Walter joins the show to discuss the background and structure of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Download 06-25-20_THURSDAY_8AM  06-25-2020 (20.85 MB)


  • Bruce Perlowin of Hemp INC discussing the state of southern Oregon's hemp industry. then Rob Schlapfer of Save America,, says the Jackson County Library Services engages in activism through squelching viewpoints it doesn't like.

Download 06-24-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  06-24-2020 (19.99 MB)


  • News headlines, a great banner performance, but then insane SJW posturing and false reporting we discuss. Auto Journo Eric Peters from talks of Do they REALLY care about the MPG's?

Download 06-24-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  06-24-2020 (20.34 MB)


  • I talk with Clay Clark, entrepreneur and host of the Thrive Time Radio Show (head to to download his Free e-book) and we talk the real story behind the Trump, Oklahoma rally. Judy Ahrens joins me to promote JoCo July 4th's event!

Download 06-24-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  06-24-2020 (19.45 MB)


  • Stock report first with Brenda Stein then Justin Danhof with the National Center for public Policy Research discussing the insidious rise of woke stakeholder capitalism.

Download 06-23-20_TUESDAY_6AM  06-23-2020 (20.8 MB)


  • Open phones and opinion for the hour

Download 06-23-20_TUESDAY_7AM  06-23-2020 (19.08 MB)


  • Dr. Jerome Corsi of - the new threat to the Presidency? False flag attacks at protests, and we discuss. Then Sen. Baertschiger delves into the session's agenda, whew boy, starts tomorrow.

Download 06-23-20_TUESDAY_8AM  06-23-2020 (19.38 MB)


  • Stock Report with Brenda Stine from Seacrest, and then a great talk with Chad Stewart of the Britfield Institute about the creativity crisis in education, and what to do about it.

Download 06-22-20_MONDAY_6AM  06-22-2020 (19.76 MB)


  • Open phones and news start, I later talk with Steve Milloy, founder of - does climate change, pollution have a disparate impacts on minority communitties?

Download 06-22-20_MONDAY_7AM  06-22-2020 (21.33 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, Egard Watches' CEO Ilan Srulovicz shared an important message on YouTube to #SPEAKTRUTH and encourage society to support the police and humanize rather than vilify each other. Phil Grammattica talks self-defense rules!

Download 06-22-20_MONDAY_8AM  06-22-2020 (19.79 MB)


  • Dr. Dennis Powers joins me for the history profile segment, and we dig into SCOTUS decisions and other news. Open phones follow

Download 06-19-20_FRIDAY_6AM  06-19-2020 (19.04 MB)


  • 06-19-20_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 06-19-20_FRIDAY_7AM  06-19-2020 (22.24 MB)


  • 06-19-20_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 06-19-20_FRIDAY_8AM  06-19-2020 (20 MB)


  • 06-19-20_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 06-18-20_THURSDAY_7AM  06-18-2020 (18.89 MB)


  • 06-18-20_THURSDAY_7AM

Download 06-18-20_THURSDAY_6AM  06-18-2020 (20.19 MB)


  • 06-18-20_THURSDAY_6AM

Download 06-18-20_THURSDAY_8AM  06-18-2020 (20.45 MB)


  • 06-18-20_THURSDAY_8AM

Download 06-17-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  06-17-2020 (19.29 MB)


  • Open phones, back from vacation, and later a talk with auto journalist Eric Peters from EP, a review of the new F250, and the unknown history of the electric car.

Download 06-17-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  06-17-2020 (18.99 MB)


  • Jennifer Braceras with the Independent Women's Forum, and we breakdown the LGBTQ Supreme Court decision, and later Sen. Baertschiger talks the upcoming special session and what's on the agenda.

Download 06-17-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  06-17-2020 (19.92 MB)


  • Is the non-profit OUR OREGON breaking the law, acting more like a PAC? That's the claim from Ben Straka with the Freedom Foundation in Salem. Later it's open phones.

Download 06-12-20_FRIDAY_6AM  06-12-2020 (19.53 MB)


  • Open phones, some listeners talk about whether the country can hold together, later, the swamp update with Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government.

Download 06-12-20_FRIDAY_7AM  06-12-2020 (20.38 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, later it's Anthony Townshend, author of GHOST ROAD, BEYOND THE DRIVERLESS CAR

Download 06-12-20_FRIDAY_8AM  06-12-2020 (19.65 MB)


  • Brenda Stein from Seacrest Wealth Mgt with the market report, open phones, and later a GP Landlord details the renters who can pay rent, but are stiffing the landlord anyway...'cuz Gov. Brown permits it.

Download 06-11-20_THURSDAY_8AM  06-12-2020 (19.9 MB)


  • Community activist Mr. X and I dig into the SJW politics of Talent, it's promotion of Sustainable Development, and what is arguably treasonous behavior trying to bring Talent into a U.N. agenda.

Download 06-11-20_THURSDAY_7AM  06-12-2020 (20.13 MB)


  • Dr. Jerome Corsi of talks of his new book THE PLOT TO REMOVE DONALD TRUMP (available at his site) says the Prez needs to read this book now to save himself. Open phones follow

Download 06-11-20_THURSDAY_6AM  06-12-2020 (19.27 MB)


  • Open phones and headlines, Jason Snead joins me from the Honest Elections Project - lawsuit in MI to clean the voter roles, says it's a big national problem.

Download 06-10-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  06-10-2020 (20.96 MB)


  • Headlines, defunding the careful what you wish, Eric Peters, automotive journalist talks the state of the truck industry, politics re the recent police controversies, too.

Download 06-10-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  06-10-2020 (20.63 MB)


  • Economist and historian Lawrence W. Reed demolishes the idea that Jesus called on earthly governments to redistribute wealth or centrally plan the economy - His book - WAS JESUS A SOCIALIST? Open phones follow

Download 06-10-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  06-10-2020 (19.72 MB)


  • The stock market report with Brenda Stine, and then Ryan Mallory of the Jac Co Scanner FB group joins me to discuss anti-cop sentiment in Talent City politics. Mayor Darby Ayers-Flood joins in the talk, too. Open phones follow.

Download 06-09-20_TUESDAY_6AM  06-09-2020 (18.47 MB)


  • Headlines and opinion of the morning, later I talk with Robin Lee, Vice Chair of the Jackson County Repubican Party - Recall Kate Brown is on.

Download 06-09-20_TUESDAY_7AM  06-09-2020 (20.34 MB)


  • Open phones and later State Senator Herman Baertschiger brings news of a potential special session and other issues

Download 06-09-20_TUESDAY_8AM  06-09-2020 (20.97 MB)


  • Gemineye from KISS-FM joins me for a talk on race relations and his experience as a black man living in S. Oregon since the later 1980's...Later Cherisse has some smoking deals on internet, phone, TV, security systems and more from

Download 06-08-20_MONDAY_6AM  06-08-2020 (19.22 MB)


  • Morning headlines and opinion leading into investigative reporter Bem Bergquan, investigative journalist and Nation Field Correspondent with America's Voice News - we dig into the Antifa group...

Download 06-08-20_MONDAY_7AM  06-08-2020 (20.24 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, then Pastor Charlie Granade, co-author of JESES and MARY (Jane)

Download 06-08-20_MONDAY_8AM  06-08-2020 (19.98 MB)


  • Brenda Stine checks the market action, then Dr. Powers Visiting past and present...Elizabeth Zinser is this week's profile. There's also plenty to discuss on finance and national issues

Download 06-05-20_FRIDAY_6AM  06-05-2020 (18.65 MB)


  • Headlines and other opinion start, then Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government. We discuss the jobs report, and how the tech oligarchy loves the shutdown and crushing of small town business.

Download 06-05-20_FRIDAY_7AM  06-05-2020 (21.32 MB)


  • Ourtdoor report with Greg Roberts then open phones

Download 06-05-20_FRIDAY_8AM  06-05-2020 (19.06 MB)


  • 06-05-20_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 06-04-20_THURSDAY_6AM  06-04-2020 (20.11 MB)


  • Open phones start, later Dave Workman from the Second Amendment Center - could an Idaho lawsuit affect gun policy in Oregon on public property?

Download 06-04-20_THURSDAY_7AM  06-04-2020 (19.11 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday

Download 06-04-20_THURSDAY_8AM  06-04-2020 (18.69 MB)


  • Guest is Alex Poythress, VP of the Medford City Council, which issued a press release re George Floyd's death, we talk aquatic center politics, too, open phones follow

Download 06-03-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  06-04-2020 (19.76 MB)


  • News and opinion start the morning, Eric Peters at and I break down the war against gas mileage regulations...Oregon fights to KEEP them.

Download 06-03-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  06-04-2020 (20.9 MB)


  • Dr. Anne Hendershott, Professor of Sociology at Franciscan University talks with me about her investigation that the claim that outsiders are causing the riots isn't backed up by facts. Kevin Christy joins me later - ran into the Mob in Medford Monday

Download 06-03-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  06-04-2020 (19.94 MB)


  • Open phones, then open for Business with Randall Lee at Advanced Air, and we talk keeping cool and saving big bucks on your summer indoor climate needs.

Download 06-02-20_TUESDAY_6AM  06-03-2020 (18.37 MB)


  • Was the protest Monday all that peaceful, really? Other headlines, Eric Peters, automotive journalist, and the regulatory Karens sue the President over rolling back O's CAFE standards.

Download 06-02-20_TUESDAY_7AM  06-03-2020 (19.29 MB)


  • Sociologist Dr. Anne Hendershott discusses the protests and riots, and are many of them really coming from outside the areas? Open phones then Kevin Christy, the man who was attacked (along with his truck) trying to drive through the street protestors.

Download 06-02-20_TUESDAY_8AM  06-03-2020 (20.25 MB)


  • Brenda Stein breaks down the market news and action for the day, open phones, then Open for Business with Randall from Advanced Air, great deals and suggestions to save money and stay cool this summer.

Download 06-02-20_TUESDAY_6AM  06-02-2020 (18.37 MB)


  • News and headlines, we discuss saaaaafety concerns, the protests, the hypocrisy

Download 06-02-20_TUESDAY_7AM  06-02-2020 (19.29 MB)


  • More open phones, Sen. Baertschiger talks how Gov Kate plans cap and trade via administrative rule, the Covid shutdowns and more

Download 06-02-20_TUESDAY_8AM  06-02-2020 (20.25 MB)


  • Brenda Stein updates the market news, Jeremy Dys of the First Liberty Foundation discusses how the Bill of Rights has no pandemic exception, then I talk with Mike McCoy from - they're looking for skilled workers, BIG $$ for that

Download 06-01-20_MONDAY_6AM  06-01-2020 (19 MB)


  • 06-01-20_MONDAY_6AM

Download 06-01-20_MONDAY_7AM  06-01-2020 (20.2 MB)


  • 06-01-20_MONDAY_7AM

Download 06-01-20_MONDAY_8AM  06-01-2020 (20 MB)


  • 06-01-20_MONDAY_8AM

Download 05-29-20_FRIDAY_8AM  06-01-2020 (20.71 MB)


  • 05-29-20_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 05-29-20_FRIDAY_7AM  06-01-2020 (20.89 MB)


  • 05-29-20_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 05-29-20_FRIDAY_6AM  06-01-2020 (19.45 MB)


  • 05-29-20_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 05-28-20_THURSDAY_6AM  05-28-2020 (19.21 MB)


  • 05-28-20_THURSDAY_6AM

Download 05-28-20_THURSDAY_7AM  05-28-2020 (18.14 MB)


  • 05-28-20_THURSDAY_7AM

Download 05-28-20_THURSDAY_8AM  05-28-2020 (21.1 MB)


  • 05-28-20_THURSDAY_8AM

Download 05-27-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-27-2020 (18.02 MB)


  • 05-27-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM

Download 05-27-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-27-2020 (20.43 MB)


  • 05-27-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM

Download 05-27-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-27-2020 (18.21 MB)


  • 05-27-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM

Download 05-26-20_TUESDAY_6AM  05-26-2020 (19.17 MB)


  • 05-26-20_TUESDAY_6AM

Download 05-26-20_TUESDAY_7AM  05-26-2020 (19.03 MB)


  • 05-26-20_TUESDAY_7AM

Download 05-26-20_TUESDAY_8AM  05-26-2020 (19.96 MB)


  • 05-26-20_TUESDAY_8AM

Download 05-20-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-20-2020 (22.1 MB)


  • Election updates and news, Eric Peters, automotive journalist joins me for Covid Fear talk, transportation reviews, too, I also discuss the pool center, and what to do next.

Download 05-20-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-20-2020 (21.79 MB)


  • Cliff Bentz, GOP nominee for U.S. Congress District 2 joins me, we discuss the race for Congress, later Dr. Jane Orient MD cautions to be careful with a hurry-up Covid vaccine.

Download 05-20-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-20-2020 (21.39 MB)


  • markets with Brenda Stein, some open phones, Open for Business with Cherisse from NO WIRES NOW, and later Kevin Mannix from the Common Sense for Oregon Foundation - update on the lawsuit they've filed against Gov Brown's orders

Download 05-19-20_TUESDAY_7AM  05-19-2020 (18.57 MB)


  • Open phones start, later, State Sen. Baertschiger on the 3 BILLION dollar state money problem and more

Download 05-19-20_TUESDAY_6AM  05-19-2020 (21.37 MB)


  • News headlines, the head fake re constitution, administrative law, administrative rules, and later Dave Ray with the Federation for American Immigration Reform, mass amnesty planned in the HEROES act?

Download 05-19-20_TUESDAY_8AM  05-19-2020 (18.99 MB)


  • Brenda Stein updates the market news, Mr. X talks Kate's orders and the lawsuits...into the consensus process.

Download 05-18-20_MONDAY_6AM  05-18-2020 (19.42 MB)


  • news headlines and opinion open the show, then Documentary director and producer Michael Packs joins me...IN HIS OWN WORDS, about Clarence Thomas, tonight at 10 on S. Oregon Public TV

Download 05-18-20_MONDAY_7AM  05-18-2020 (19.89 MB)


  • Some open phones, outdoor report and more, later, talk host Roger Fredinberg weighs in on an interesting trend, registered republicans having party affiliations changed, getting non-partisan ballots, too.

Download 05-18-20_MONDAY_8AM  05-18-2020 (19.89 MB)


  • Brenda Stein delivers the market news, then Dr. Powers and I profile local history, and the craziness known as the U.S. economy and other news

Download 05-15-20_FRIDAY_6AM  05-15-2020 (20.83 MB)


  • 05-15-20_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 05-15-20_FRIDAY_7AM  05-15-2020 (19.42 MB)


  • 05-15-20_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 05-15-20_FRIDAY_8AM  05-15-2020 (18.31 MB)


  • 05-15-20_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 05-14-20_THURSDAY_6AM  05-14-2020 (22.93 MB)


  • News and opinion and later it's Dr. Dean Hart, expert in microbiology and published author on the transmission of viruses and diseases. We talk about the inflammatory disease in some kids with Covid...mask, no mask, gloves??

Download 05-14-20_THURSDAY_7AM  05-14-2020 (18.69 MB)


  • Who do you like in CD2? Later it's Canby attorney Tyler Smith - He and James Buchael sue Governor Brown and the OHA over business shutdowns.

Download 05-14-20_THURSDAY_8AM  05-14-2020 (18.65 MB)


  • Brenda Stein breaks down the market report, Nick Cook joins me to promote Saturday's Faith and Freedom festival 11am, Jac Co Courthouse, lots of speakers there. Open phones follow.

Download 05-13-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-13-2020 (18.89 MB)


  • Shane's back! Open phones and news start, Eric Peters talks the crazy Corona Cattle tagged people, freedome, car reviews.

Download 05-13-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-13-2020 (20.82 MB)


  • Open phones start, later Dr. Jerome Corsi talks getting access to Covid meds, and has info on on ways to bypass the Oregon state ban on this.

Download 05-13-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-13-2020 (18.79 MB)


  • Republican Congressional Candidate Jimmy Crumpacker talks the issues and race with me, open phones follow

Download 05-12-20_TUESDAY_6AM  05-12-2020 (20.2 MB)


  • Yaaa, Shane's Back! Masks could be a problem? Steve Milloy from details Michael Moore's explosive documentary taking down the Gang Green types.

Download 05-12-20_TUESDAY_7AM  05-12-2020 (18.94 MB)


  • Lord of the Flies...would it happen today? I share a story of a positive castaway experience...later Sen. Baertschiger talks the shutdown and the Gov. playing hide the money with counties.

Download 05-12-20_TUESDAY_8AM  05-12-2020 (18.19 MB)


  • Brenda Stein explains the Market activity, followed by Congressional Candidate Cliff Bentz

Download 05-11-20_MONDAY_6AM  05-11-2020 (18.7 MB)


  • Open phones and opinion, later it's a talk with Jake Ward, President of the Connected Commerce Council, a membership organization for small businesses empowered by digital tools and technology. Free membership, www

Download 05-11-20_MONDAY_7AM  05-11-2020 (18.05 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and then Jac Co Commission Chair Colleen Roberts - we talk the pay raises, the Covid reopening, frustration holding the Governor accountable to the law.

Download 05-11-20_MONDAY_8AM  05-11-2020 (17.33 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has the latest market action with Seacrest Wealth Mgt, then What Made S. Oregon Great with Dr. Dennis Powers, today's profile is the late Sen. Lenn Hannon.

Download Clear Connections 03-29-20  03-30-2020 (27 MB)

Clear Connections 03-29-20

  • Clear Connections Public Affair Show for March 29, 2020