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Download 12-08-23_FRIDAY_8AM  12-08-2023 (17.2 MB)


  • Congressman Cliff Bentz calls the show, we talk the Klamath Dam situation, the fight to save the snake river dams and other political questions. Open phones follow

Download 12-08-23_FRIDAY_7AM  12-08-2023 (25.37 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoors has the report for today and the weekend, Don McLean (American Pie) joins the show, has a new Christmas album and just a great artist. Emails of the day, market report with Ron Gordon

Download 12-08-23_FRIDAY_6AM  12-08-2023 (20.57 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines...the Library taxing district issue, is this a trend of people pulling support? DC swamp update with Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government

Download 12-07-23_THURSDAY_8AM  12-07-2023 (21.55 MB)


  • Ron Gordon with the financial update from Edward Jones and more open phones on the news, Open for Business with Stephen Johnson from QuikFix Jewelry repair in the RV mall.

Download 12-07-23_THURSDAY_7AM  12-07-2023 (21.02 MB)


  • Mike Pelfrey discusses his success at getting Josephine County to pull his property out of the library district. COuld this be a trend? Later Mark Hutto from J. Austin, Fortune Reserve Dot Com talks about the gold market trends.

Download 12-07-23_THURSDAY_6AM  12-07-2023 (20.16 MB)


  • Morning headlines and updates for conspiracy theory thursday and your calls on the issues. A rep from Parents Defending Education explains how the trans craze is fully pushed in Oregon school sleepovers. (!)

Download 12-06-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  12-06-2023 (22.92 MB)


  • Market update with Ron Gordon (sign up for his AI event tomorrow - 541-734-0070) Open phones on the issues of the day, Open for Business with John and Randal from Advanced Air...big rebates and savings and more.

Download 12-06-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  12-06-2023 (20.22 MB)


  • State Sen. Linthicum - update on the Covid grand jury case. Later I talk with computer scientist WALTER SCHEIRER - his new book A HISTORY OF FAKE THINGS ON THE INTERNET

Download 12-06-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  12-06-2023 (22.47 MB)


  • Open phones and news stories start the morning, Eric Peters at EP autos, we talk the Ford Lightning EV truck, the EU really going after old cars, we explain the plan, a lot of other news too.

Download 12-05-23_TUESDAY_8AM  12-05-2023 (20.18 MB)


  • Market news with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones - Then Joe Allen, is author of Dark Aeon: Transhumanism and the War Against Humanity. Really deep and shadowy agendas in play.

Download 12-05-23_TUESDAY_7AM  12-05-2023 (22.3 MB)


  • Open phones, more talk on the taxing district issue, Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger talks of the contract equity proposal in get a contract due to skin color only...Hmm.

Download 12-05-23_TUESDAY_6AM  12-05-2023 (20.27 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion and headlines for Pebble in your Shoe Tuesday. Mike Pelfrey joins the show later. He is petitioning the County for the ability to withdraw his property from the Josephine County Library taxing district.

Download 12-04-23_MONDAY_8AM  12-04-2023 (18.79 MB)


  • Financial and market news with Ron Gordon from Edward Jones, Dr. Dennis Powers and todays historical profile is the story of Dead Indian Memorial Road.

Download 12-04-23_MONDAY_7AM  12-04-2023 (20.97 MB)


  • I talk with Jay Beeber, Executive Director on Policy at the National Motorists Association. Later I talk Ovarian Cancer with Leo Twiggs at Aspira Womens Health, developer of a non-invasive cancer test.

Download 12-04-23_MONDAY_6AM  12-04-2023 (18.85 MB)


  • Morning news headlines...boy a violent weekend in S. Oregon. Later a check in at Dubai at COP 28 (latest climate change hissyfest) Guest is Dr. Bonner R. Cohen from CFACT dot org to break it all down.

Download 12-01-23_FRIDAY_8AM  12-01-2023 (20.93 MB)


  • The latest Market news with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, Great news from Grants Pass as the Gospel Rescue Mission is venturing to build a number of tiny houses for homeless elderly. Richard Emmons has the latest, open phones follow.

Download 12-01-23_FRIDAY_7AM  12-01-2023 (18.31 MB)


  • Greg Roberts has the outdoor report, a wet and windy next few days in our area. Open phones follow on the show.

Download 12-01-23_FRIDAY_6AM  12-01-2023 (22.43 MB)


  • Latest news and opinion, the Jac Co Fair Board does the right thing and reverses course on hiring the new EXPO mgr. Rick Manning brings the DC swamp update. New respect for Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Download 11-30-23_THURSDAY_8AM  11-30-2023 (21.58 MB)


  • Market news with Ron Gordon then Simon Wilby invented an international language translation solution called 1Voice.AI, astounding capability. Open for business and Ken from Prestige Care with suggested queries to help care for seniors!

Download 11-30-23_THURSDAY_7AM  11-30-2023 (18.33 MB)


  • Reggie Littlejohn joins the show from Sovereignty Coalition dot org and other great groups...all about the WHO/UN attack on you through emergency medical can be fought. Open phones follow.

Download 11-30-23_THURSDAY_6AM  11-30-2023 (21.77 MB)


  • Morning news and commentary, Dr. Carole Lieberman, Americas Psychiatrist talks the Israel/Hamas situaton to start then what about the latest suicide stats? A big deal, for sure.

Download 11-29-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-29-2023 (21.15 MB)


  • Ron Gordon with the financial news then Ron Smith, candidate for Josephine County Commission discusses election integrity concerns that got him sideways with a Daily Courier editorial. Open for business with Cheriesse from No Wires Now!

Download 11-29-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-29-2023 (21.05 MB)


  • An update with State Sen. Dennis Linthicum on the Grand Jury petitions - courts will not do oral arguments...hmm. Later open phones, and a lot of talk on generosity and helping people.

Download 11-29-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-29-2023 (21.51 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion then Wheels Up Wednesday with Eric Peters at EP Autos, a spirited talk on the attack on driving freedom, a new Buick is great because it is old and other stories from the open road.

Download 11-28-23_TUESDAY_7AM  11-28-2023 (23.39 MB)


  • Professor Jeff Paul-Fyn from Leiden University in the Netherlands. His book Not Stolen: The Truth About European Colonialism in the New World. Jo Co Comm. Baertschiger talks $ following the student, More Fair Board talk from member Marty Daniels

Download 11-28-23_TUESDAY_8AM  11-28-2023 (19.48 MB)


  • Ron Gordon and the market news update then Richard Marshall, president of the Siskiyou County Water Users Associaion - What is going on with that mitigation fund? Why does Sis Co not seem to want to help? Open phones follow

Download 11-28-23_TUESDAY_6AM  11-28-2023 (19.46 MB)


  • Open phones for the first hour and discussion of news including the EXPO manager hire of Pamela Fyock. Fair Board President J.B. Dimick calls to give the board reasons for moving forward with the hire.

Download 11-27-23_MONDAY_8AM  11-27-2023 (21.46 MB)


  • Market news with Ron Gordon and Dr. Powers talks the Danny Miles story, other news including the Oregon push to remove Donald Trump from the ballot - does it hold legal water?

Download 11-27-23_MONDAY_7AM  11-27-2023 (21.42 MB)


  • Geologist Gregory Wrightstone talks the influence of volcanos on climate (Iceland has had much incluence) upcoming book is A CONVENIENT WARMING and we discuss that. Later Diana Anderson promotes her CP Library event 4 Tues, What Medford Vision 2040 means.

Download 11-27-23_MONDAY_6AM  11-27-2023 (20.62 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion with headlines...the fair board hires a new Expo manager...kind of a troublesome history and I dig into that and the other stories including your calls.

Download 11-22-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-22-2023 (21.25 MB)


  • Market Report from Ron Gordon at Edward Jones and then the latest WOKE REPORT from Will Hild, E.D. at Consumers Research dot org...5 big companies going wokie brokie and why. Open phones follow

Download 11-22-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-22-2023 (20.94 MB)


  • Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather Dot com has the holiday outdoor report, and Kevin Starrett is back with the great news on Measure 114 being declared unconstitutional.

Download 11-22-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-22-2023 (22.1 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines and then Wheels Up Wednesday with Eric Peters at a $50,000 Passat? (because it is EV) and a lot of other car news and stories.

Download 11-21-23_TUESDAY_8AM  11-21-2023 (18.18 MB)


  • Latest stocks news with Ron Gordon and Capt. WIlliam E. Simpson of the WIld Horse Fire Brigade discusses possible issues with the Klamath Dam Removal project...are the Siskiyou County Supervisors protecting the citizens from potential abuse?

Download 11-21-23_TUESDAY_7AM  11-21-2023 (20.17 MB)


  • Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms Federation talks of the FBI about face on Measure 114, he will return Wednesday be the judge declared 114 unconstitutional! Jo County COmmissioner Baertschiger - is the Fed free ride for counties and state to end?

Download 11-21-23_TUESDAY_6AM  11-21-2023 (23.77 MB)


  • Morning news and commentary, former Music Executive Tom Werman talks the heady days of rock and roll in his latest book TURN IT UP - Open phones follow.

Download 11-20-23_MONDAY_8AM  11-20-2023 (20.47 MB)


  • Stocks report with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, then Where Past Meets Present with Dr. Dennis Powers and today a profile on the SOU womens wrestling team and other news.

Download 11-20-23_MONDAY_7AM  11-20-2023 (19.69 MB)


  • Will the Bidens ever be punished for the crimes of which they are accused. I talk about that and more with author and commentator DICK MORRIS, his latest is CORRUPT: The Inside Story of Bidens Dark Money, open phones follow.

Download 11-20-23_MONDAY_6AM  11-20-2023 (22.39 MB)


  • Morning news and commentary...uh oh, the City of Medford looking for justification to build a convention center...again. Later Michael W. Brown is the global director for counter-narcotics technology at at Rigaku Analytical Devices - China Fentanyl talk

Download 11-17-23_FRIDAY_8AM  11-17-2023 (17.01 MB)


  • Congressman Cliff Bentz discusses several votes recently made which are generating some controversy and we dig into the reasons. Your calls and opinion follow, community events and more.

Download 11-17-23_FRIDAY_7AM  11-17-2023 (20.41 MB)


  • Rogue Weather forecaster Greg Roberts is on with the outdoor report for today. Later a talk with Joe Allen, author of Dark Aeon: Transhumanism and the War Against Humanity, very thought-provoking.

Download 11-17-23_FRIDAY_6AM  11-17-2023 (21.07 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion and then the DC swamp update with Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government, The congressional votes, FBI building , etc.

Download 11-16-23_THURSDAY_8AM  11-16-2023 (20.04 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the latest market news then a really informative talk with Epoch Times Nat Security Reporter Andrew Thornbrooke on U.S. China relations and the meeting with Xi and Biden this week. Open phones follow

Download 11-16-23_THURSDAY_7AM  11-16-2023 (20.64 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour on Conspiracy Theory Thursday

Download 11-16-23_THURSDAY_6AM  11-16-2023 (20.37 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines start off, some calls, and then crime soars - are we ready to come together over fighting this? A discussion with Gabriel Nadales from Our America

Download 11-15-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-15-2023 (19.91 MB)


  • Ron Gordon digs into the Market News of the Day. Then State Rep. Christine Goodwin discusses why she is challenging State Sen. Art Robinson in the May Primary, Open Phones and Open for business with NO WIRES NOW saving you big money, Cheriesse tells all

Download 11-15-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-15-2023 (19.87 MB)


  • State Sen. Dennis Linthicum speaks on liberty and limited government and how we can become a better citizenry. Open phones and emails follow.

Download 11-15-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-15-2023 (20.65 MB)


  • Wheels up Wednesday news and views, the Cliff Bentz votes generating some GOP heartburn, other news, Auto Journalist Eric Peters brings the latest on car reviews, the war against travel and much more.

Download 11-14-23_TUESDAY_8AM  11-14-2023 (22.56 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market report and then the war against Natural Gas, Dan Kirchner, exec director of the Northwest Gas Assocation counters the lies and distortion of this very important fuel. Open for Business with Stewve Johnson - Quick Fix for XMAS!!

Download 11-14-23_TUESDAY_7AM  11-14-2023 (20.83 MB)


  • Open phones, Jo County COmmissioner Baertschiger joins the show to discuss the process for selecting a replacement for state rep Morgan, and the challenge to State Sen. Art Robinson.

Download 11-14-23_TUESDAY_6AM  11-14-2023 (20.4 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion for Pebble in your shoe Tuesday, VINCENT VARGAS, star of FXs MAYANS, ex-Border Patrol agent & author of BORDERLINE, he was there and gives his perspective on border policy.

Download 11-13-23_MONDAY_8AM  11-13-2023 (20.34 MB)


  • Ron Gordon with the latest market news, Dr. Powers and I talk some legal questions...Supreme Court Judges and other news. Emails of the day follow.

Download 11-13-23_MONDAY_7AM  11-13-2023 (20.88 MB)


  • Kerry Slone joins me from Crime Prevention Research Center. A Domestic Violence Victim, but disagrees with Red Flag Laws and we discuss it. State Rep. Lily Morgan just back from Portugal, any lesson to learn there re our Measure 110?

Download 11-13-23_MONDAY_6AM  11-13-2023 (20.33 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines, open phones...cops sideways at Target, what about reboots in Hollywood, any ideas?

Download 11-10-23_FRIDAY_8AM  11-10-2023 (18.22 MB)


  • Will Lathrop is running for state Attorney General, and we dig into the candidacy, what it would take to rebuild rule of law in OR. Will speaks at Jac Co Republicans Tuesday night 7pm. Open phones follow

Download 11-10-23_FRIDAY_7AM  11-10-2023 (20.65 MB)


  • Open phones and a talk with Richard Emmons from the Jo County Eagle, School bond goes down in E. Point...a growing trend?

Download 11-10-23_FRIDAY_6AM  11-10-2023 (20.02 MB)


  • Morning news, the MPD Intercept deal...Rick Manning has the DC SWAMP update and we talk Trump Legal, debate, Congress funds the FBI Palace??? Really??

Download 11-09-23_THURSDAY_8AM  11-09-2023 (21.1 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market news for Thursday, Diana Anderson joins me and we talk about the Progressive/Marxist principles buried in the Medford VISION 2040 plan. And Medford is not unique to this prog planning agenda.

Download 11-09-23_THURSDAY_7AM  11-09-2023 (20.3 MB)


  • Outdoor Report for Thursday with Greg Roberts, Emails of the Day, Open phones on the news and issues

Download 11-09-23_THURSDAY_6AM  11-09-2023 (19.8 MB)


  • Morning news, debate, other headlines. Kevin Stocklin joins me from Epoch Times. Bloomberg spends a billion to kill coal. Do these people know what they are doing?

Download 11-08-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-08-2023 (21.81 MB)


  • Financial news with Ron Gordon, and then former Jo County Commissioner Simon Hare with an in-depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed new county charter...Devil is in the details.

Download 11-08-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-08-2023 (18.19 MB)


  • Guest is state Sen. Linthicum, there is a brand new lawsuit he and 3 other senators have filed over the quorum denial, M113 controversy and he explains that. Open phones follow.

Download 11-08-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-08-2023 (22.36 MB)


  • Morning news and commentary...election talk, Eric Peters from EP Autos talks the plan to observe driver performance in the new other words even more SPYING on peeps, and he explains it all.

Download 11-07-23_TUESDAY_8AM  11-07-2023 (21.02 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market news then Jac Co Clerk Chris Walker and I discuss election integrity issues and audience questions.

Download 11-07-23_TUESDAY_7AM  11-07-2023 (19.3 MB)


  • John Oconnor, former fed prosecutor and author of POSTGATE. John give his take on the DJT testimony from yesterday. Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger talks the attack on residents wanting to develop property - connected with fire districts.

Download 11-07-23_TUESDAY_6AM  11-07-2023 (20.96 MB)


  • Morning News on Pebble in your shoe Tuesday, the road changes, your calls, oh...and the state university system wants your well information...Hmmm?

Download 11-06-23_MONDAY_8AM  11-06-2023 (21.54 MB)


  • Market news is on with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, Dr. Powers profiles the Memorial Gardens in N. CA, Open for business...Judy is BACK for the open house this week at Judys Flowers and Gifts in CP!

Download 11-06-23_MONDAY_7AM  11-06-2023 (18.4 MB)


  • Dr. Naomi Wolf joins the show for a great talk on cancel culture, the fight for truth. HER NEW BOOK-FACING THE BEAST - Open phones follow

Download 11-06-23_MONDAY_6AM  11-06-2023 (21.56 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines and then Steve Milloy (@junkscience on X) talks about James Hansen and the latest failed warming predictions

Download 11-03-23_FRIDAY_8AM  11-03-2023 (22.53 MB)


  • Friday market news with Ron Gordon, Open phones about all sorts of topics plus a lot of community events to know about and head to this weekend.

Download 11-03-23_FRIDAY_7AM  11-03-2023 (20.41 MB)


  • Some Emails of the Day then a talk with JOSHUA PIVEN and DAVID BORGENICHT, authors of WORST CASE SCENARIO SURVIVAL HANDBOOK - APOCALYPSE. Mr. Outdoors is on then, great hunting conditions and more...pretty intense rain coming for sure.

Download 11-03-23_FRIDAY_6AM  11-03-2023 (19.58 MB)


  • Morning news and commentary and another great dig into the DC Swamp Update, Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government.

Download 11-02-23_THURSDAY_8AM  11-02-2023 (20.73 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market report for Thu and Martha Zoller, Georgia Talk Show Host, joins me for a discussion of the GA case for President Trump. Open phones and your calls follow.

Download 11-02-23_THURSDAY_7AM  11-02-2023 (20.82 MB)


  • John Andresen, CEO of Global Grange Dot World is here talking about a project rolling out, looking for investments in a system to improve how our local farms and restaurants can connect to deliver fresher foods. Open phones follow

Download 11-02-23_THURSDAY_6AM  11-02-2023 (19.92 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines then J6 prisoner Jake Lang, in prison for more than 1000 DAYS awaiting trial. We talk his story, website is SponsorJ6 dot com to help him and other J6 prisoners with expenses.

Download 11-01-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-01-2023 (21.21 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market news, Dr. John Lott wonders why they always push new gun laws when the crazies do not have existing laws enforced. Open for Business - Advanced Air has MASSIVE rebates and incentives on HVAC for you.

Download 11-01-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-01-2023 (20.76 MB)


  • State Senator Linthicum joins me on liberty and limited government...What is the secretary of state up to? Looks like Artificial intelligence mixed with censorship on unapproved election talk. This MUST be taken down. Open phones follow.

Download 11-01-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-01-2023 (20.96 MB)


  • Morning news and open phones and a great talk with Eric Peters - EV news and truth, Jeep Renegade review and more.

Download 10-31-23_TUESDAY_8AM  10-31-2023 (18.99 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market news and then Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, author of THE SOROS AGENDA - has anyone else ever support so much evil? Open phones and emails follow.

Download 10-31-23_TUESDAY_7AM  10-31-2023 (20.71 MB)


  • Reviews are not good on the downtown Medford road diet...what was the city council thinking? How the lobbies control Oregon, more on that with Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger.

Download 10-31-23_TUESDAY_6AM  10-31-2023 (21.57 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines...California city tries to save money on firefighters...should Medford? James Cziernawski from Americans for Prosperity - he is not a fan of President Biden controlling AI and explains why.

Download 10-30-23_MONDAY_8AM  10-30-2023 (20.1 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the latest in the markets today, Dr. Powers Profiles the Shasta Stones...and is GDP a great measuring stick of the economy? Open phones, emails of the day

Download 10-30-23_MONDAY_7AM  10-30-2023 (22.4 MB)


  • Jay Meredit, Chief Financial Officer of American Mineral Research – wants to mine on jo county property. Brad Bennington - Oregon Housing summit meeting over the weekend...Oh, Boy!

Download 10-30-23_MONDAY_6AM  10-30-2023 (19.46 MB)


  • Headlines and open phones and stories for the hour

Download 10-27-23_FRIDAY_8AM  10-27-2023 (21.06 MB)


  • Ron GOrdon has the financial market news, Melissa Henson, VP for Parents TV explains the big lawsuit against Facebook and Meta and why this is needed to protect children. Open phones follow.

Download 10-27-23_FRIDAY_7AM  10-27-2023 (21.5 MB)


  • Outdoor report is on with Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather, open phones follow

Download 10-27-23_FRIDAY_6AM  10-27-2023 (20.09 MB)


  • morning news and stories start the hour then the DC swamp update with Rick Manning from Americans For Limited Government, the new speaker, the war, the budgets, how is this going to go?

Download 10-26-23_THURSDAY_8AM  10-26-2023 (18.63 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the financial and market take of the day, and then some great open phones on Conspiracy Theory Thursday, education and much more. Open for Business, Cheriesse at No Wires Now has big ways for you to save BIG money on media.

Download 10-26-23_THURSDAY_7AM  10-26-2023 (22.65 MB)


  • Former Fed Prosecutor John OConnor, his book POSTGATE - Postgate: How the Washington Post Betrayed Deep Throat - DJT attornes copping please, big deal? Richard Emmons, Jo Co Eagle - Huge costs for pub school education per student, where are the results?

Download 10-26-23_THURSDAY_6AM  10-26-2023 (19.56 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, later a quick talk with actors and diector Kevin and Sam Sorbo, their family-friendly movie MIRACLE IN EAST TEXAS. Fathom Events Dot Com for Tinseltown tix.

Download 10-25-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  10-25-2023 (17.54 MB)


  • Open phones on the education the news has Oregon eliminating reading and English and other graduation requirements. Sheryl ZImmerer from Logos Charter school says the stories aren't full accurate and we discuss it and our calls.

Download 10-25-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  10-25-2023 (24.26 MB)


  • State Senator Dennis Linthicum and our weekly talk on liberty and free markets. OR supreme court will hear the M113 case in December, other stories. Open phones and more follow.

Download 10-25-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  10-25-2023 (21.12 MB)


  • Hey, back from a couple days off, into the news, how would you like our Senators helping your access to local news? Hmm..Eric Peters talks great news in the car world...the Dodge Charger not going all EV and other auto news of the morning.

Download 10-20-23_FRIDAY_8AM  10-20-2023 (21.35 MB)


  • Ron Gordon at Edward jones...a down day in the market, he explains the Fed influence on stocks. We talk the Jo Co law enforcement levy with opponent Mark Seligman and other open phones and opinion.

Download 10-20-23_FRIDAY_7AM  10-20-2023 (19.9 MB)


  • Greg ROberts does his outdoor report out in the field! Good weekend coming for the hunters. Open phones follow.

Download 10-20-23_FRIDAY_6AM  10-20-2023 (22.18 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines...oh, and Sen. Wyden has a problem figuring out why S. Oregon has a cartel drug problem? DC swamp update with Rick Manning from Americans for LImited Government...Israel, speaker issue, much more.

Download 10-19-23_THURSDAY_8AM  10-19-2023 (22.86 MB)


  • Ron Gordon breaks down the latest financial news for this morning. Then we turn our attention to Bill Gates. U.K. Author Daniel Rupp goes deep with his latest - Gates of Hell: Why Bill Gates is the World's Most Dangerous Man

Download 10-19-23_THURSDAY_7AM  10-19-2023 (21.12 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, always interesting. Medford City Councilman Nick Card joins the show. We talk the homeless response from City of Medford, the Crossings development and funding.

Download 10-19-23_THURSDAY_6AM  10-19-2023 (21.06 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday calls on the news and views. Ammo shortage possible? The latest on that with Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation.

Download 10-18-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  10-18-2023 (19.9 MB)


  • A check of the market news with Ron Gordon from Edward jones..a deeper dive today. Nurse and educator Melinda Hudson joins me to talk about how important for your health it is to forgive. Book is The Common Denominator is Unforgiveness.

Download 10-18-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  10-18-2023 (20.9 MB)


  • On Life, Limited Government and Liberty - Great conversation with state Senator Dennis Linthicum...lots of irons in the fire and always an interesting talk.

Download 10-18-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  10-18-2023 (20.89 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion starts and Wheels Up Wednesday with regular guest Eric Peters, automotive journalist for EP Autos dot com.

Download 10-17-23_TUESDAY_8AM  10-17-2023 (19.61 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market news. Open phones on drugs, addiction, the news and Stabbin Wagon...a couple of heartbreaking calls about lost loved ones to drugs. Open for Business With Stephen Johnson, Steve the Goldsmith at QuikFix Jewelry Repair RV Mall

Download 10-17-23_TUESDAY_7AM  10-17-2023 (18.81 MB)


  • January 6th Attorney Ed Martin from Patriot Freedom Project dot com. Latest from the investigations of the J6 video, who built the Gallows, other news. Open phones and emails.

Download 10-17-23_TUESDAY_6AM  10-17-2023 (20.93 MB)


  • Daniel DiMartino from the Manhattan Institute talks with me about his new report on wanting to promote a new Americanism in our immigrants and how Congress could tweak a few things 2 make it happen. Your calls follow, Pebble in your shoe Tuesday.

Download 10-16-23_MONDAY_8AM  10-16-2023 (21.7 MB)


  • Market actions and news with Ron Gordon from Edward Jones, Dr. Powrers historical profile, this time about LOGOS charter school! Quite the story.

Download 10-16-23_MONDAY_7AM  10-16-2023 (20.77 MB)


  • Outdoor report and more with Mr. Outdoors, Greg Roberts. The Greater Idaho Project back in the news with a meeting this Thursday with OR and ID pols getting together for a discussion. Matt McCaw talks with me about it.

Download 10-16-23_MONDAY_6AM  10-16-2023 (21.26 MB)


  • Morning news and open phones for the hour!

Download 10-12-23_THURSDAY_8AM  10-12-2023 (22.06 MB)


  • Market update with Ron GOrdon, more open CTT phones, Open for business with Steve Yancey and Lynn Barton talking about the offerings and services at Skypark Insurance. Skypark INS dot com

Download 10-12-23_THURSDAY_7AM  10-12-2023 (20.45 MB)


  • Open phones for CTT then a talk with Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts talks about the County adding money and joining the AOC lawsuit to fight the Obama expansion of the Monument. The hope is the SUpreme Court will taks the case.

Download 10-12-23_THURSDAY_6AM  10-12-2023 (20.94 MB)


  • News and open phones on Conspiracy Theory Thursday, then Marie Fischer, an ambassador with Project 21 says there is a real problem with BLM openly supporting the Hamas attacks.

Download 10-11-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  10-11-2023 (21.06 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the financial update news and Steve Goreham, author of Green Breakdown: The Coming Renewable Energy Failure. Bob Krause with Fort Vannoy Farms tells us about all the fall fun for kids, young and old...The Pumpkin Chunker sure sounds fun!

Download 10-11-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  10-11-2023 (19.49 MB)


  • Another great conversation on limited government and liberty with state Sen. Linthicum. BTW you can see him live at Anne Basker Auditorium in GP this Friday night, 6pm.

Download 10-11-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  10-11-2023 (22.04 MB)


  • Morning news and Wheels up Wednesday talk and listener questions answered by Eric Peters at EP AUtos.

Download 10-10-23_TUESDAY_8AM  10-10-2023 (23.14 MB)


  • Market report with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation - Israeli attack is a real wake up call for us...yes, it could happen here. Open for Business with Cheriesse from No Wires Now, too.

Download 10-10-23_TUESDAY_7AM  10-10-2023 (19.91 MB)


  • Open phones and a lot of conversation on the Maschler interview. Smart politics to let LGBTQ politics determine a vote for former President Trump? Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger weighs in on that, and the new anti-drug county ordinance.

Download 10-10-23_TUESDAY_6AM  10-10-2023 (21.56 MB)


  • Pebble in your shoe Tuesday, can the nation be saved when we are so corrupted with free fed bucks? Later it is conservative Christian patriot Tim Maschler. His wife authored TRUMP and Sodom, Should the former Prez back away from the LGBTQ agenda?

Download 10-09-23_MONDAY_8AM  10-09-2023 (20.11 MB)


  • Markets are wild...the latest with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones...Dr. Powers and Where Past Meets Present focuses on the 100th anniversary of the Tunnel 13 Train Robbery.

Download 10-09-23_MONDAY_7AM  10-09-2023 (20.67 MB)


  • Great talk with veteran journalist CAL THOMAS, his latest book is A WATCHMAN IN THE NIGHT What I have Seen Over 50 Years Reporting on America. Open phones follow

Download 10-09-23_MONDAY_6AM  10-09-2023 (22.29 MB)


  • Morning news and catching up with things, Jeremy Beck, VP of Numbers USA has an interesting angle on the trouble with illegal immigration - is there enough water to go around...long term?

Download 10-06-23_FRIDAY_8AM  10-06-2023 (21.06 MB)


  • 10-06-23_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 10-06-23_FRIDAY_7AM  10-06-2023 (20.67 MB)


  • 10-06-23_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 10-06-23_FRIDAY_6AM  10-06-2023 (18.48 MB)


  • 10-06-23_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 10-05-23_THURSDAY_8AM  10-05-2023 (24.56 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones breaks down the market report for the morning. Diana Anderson and Gary Clark talk their book about who made schools marxist indoctrination centers...putting on 2 seminars on it and 15-minute cities. Open phones follow.

Download 10-05-23_THURSDAY_7AM  10-05-2023 (19.4 MB)


  • Dr. Jane Orient MD writes an editorial discussing the Negative Evidence, (or total lake of curiousity) to investigating neurological damage done to people from the Covid jabs. Open phones follow.

Download 10-05-23_THURSDAY_6AM  10-05-2023 (23.55 MB)


  • Open phones and news for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, always a great talk.

Download 10-04-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  10-04-2023 (21.92 MB)


  • Ron GOrdon has the financial news, Election Integrity expert Dr. Douglas Frank...interesting talk on where it has gone wrong, and how can we actually start running our elections locally? Open for business with Randal at Advanced Air, your calls, more.

Download 10-04-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  10-04-2023 (19.48 MB)


  • On limited government and liberty, my weekly talk with state Senator Dennis Linthicum, running for re-election? election integrity, the DC news, war on farmers? Open phones follow

Download 10-04-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  10-04-2023 (21.5 MB)


  • Morning headlines some open phones, Wheels up Wednesday with Eric Peters at EP Autos, we talk the sad state of DC affair, car reviews, electric insanity..the usual!

Download 10-03-23_TUESDAY_8AM  10-03-2023 (20.59 MB)


  • Market news report with Ron Gordon, Meri Haworth, the foreman on the Murphy Murder trial from last week, talks about her experience on the jury trial. Open phones and emails of the day, too.

Download 10-03-23_TUESDAY_7AM  10-03-2023 (20.17 MB)


  • Another great talk with Mike ONeil from the Landmark Legal Foundation - top 5 SCOTUS cases and why you need to know more about them. Comm. Baertschiger talks the speaker issue in DC, the ordinance to stop public drug taking.

Download 10-03-23_TUESDAY_6AM  10-03-2023 (22.19 MB)


  • Morning news and open phones and then Dr. Keith Smith from the Surgery Center of Oklahoma - says taxpayers ripped off by Medicare paying hospital doctors TWICE as much as independents...all the docs sell out to hospitals, less independence.

Download 10-02-23_MONDAY_8AM  10-02-2023 (21.23 MB)


  • Short show today (engineering to do) but Ron Gordon updates the market news then Dr. Powers - Where past meets present and a talk on the history of Erikson Air Crane, some open phones and emails of the day.

Download 09-29-23_FRIDAY_8AM  09-29-2023 (17.78 MB)


  • Kevin Starrett (Oregon Firearms Federation ) and I dig into the great news overall from the Harney County M114 trial, and a clear-eyed look at what to expect in the future with the other cases. Open phones and emails and other discussion.

Download 09-29-23_FRIDAY_7AM  09-29-2023 (22.11 MB)


  • Greg Roberts, Rogue Weather, brings the Outdoor Report, we talk the politics of the day, too. Mighty John The Record Guy at MoneyMusic dot com, most valuable Stones record and other ways to strike it big with vinyl.

Download 09-29-23_FRIDAY_6AM  09-29-2023 (22.25 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines start the day and the DC swamp update with Rick manning, the shutdown, the drama, the bad vote y Cong. Bentz?? We discuss it all.

Download 09-28-23_THURSDAY_8AM  09-28-2023 (19.59 MB)


  • Some open phones on Conspiracy THeory Thursday and then I have a talk with Dr. John Lott, 2nd A expert with the Crime Prevention Research Center - CA admits it can not do what it does re guns, wants Con Con. Open phones and emails follow up.

Download 09-28-23_THURSDAY_7AM  09-28-2023 (21.09 MB)


  • Dan Schneider, VP of the Media Research Center Free Speech America..Google turns 25, what has it done to our speech? Open phones follow.

Download 09-28-23_THURSDAY_6AM  09-28-2023 (23.84 MB)


  • Guest for a few minutes is Harold Bronson, co-founder of Rhino Records, has written a brilliant firsh-hand history of Rock and Roll in LA from the 60s through 2007. Title is TIME HAS COME TODAY. Open phones on Conspiracy Theory Thursday.

Download 09-27-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  09-27-2023 (20.55 MB)


  • The danger we face from unaffordable housing for young people, and why home ownership is put out of the reach of many young adults. A deep dive on the issue with Brad Benningon from the Builders Association of Southern Oregon.

Download 09-27-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  09-27-2023 (18.75 MB)


  • State Senator Linthicum on Liiberty, the M113 anti-run-again lawsuit, the Crazed Vegan no meat proposal and other issues. Open phones follow.

Download 09-27-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  09-27-2023 (21.76 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines and Wheels Up Wednesday with Auto Journalist Eric Peters - a lot going on with transpo and politics, for sure.

Download 09-26-23_TUESDAY_8AM  09-26-2023 (21.32 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market update and I talk to Mark Seligman, running as a Democrat for HD3 in Jo County about the issues. No Wires Now and Cheriesse saving you monday on Open For Business.

Download 09-26-23_TUESDAY_7AM  09-26-2023 (18.66 MB)


  • J6 attorney Ed Martin from Patriot Freedom Project digs into who is still in lockup, the unjust justice system, and where are we headed? Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger on the fire disrtict, charter changes and other news.

Download 09-26-23_TUESDAY_6AM  09-26-2023 (21.68 MB)


  • Pebble in your shoe Tuesday and a lot of conversation about the new phone etiquette and other news.

Download 09-25-23_MONDAY_8AM  09-25-2023 (23.14 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the latest financial news, then a great talk with Dr. Dennis Powers on Where Past Meets Present. We talk of the history of the OLD WOOD HOUSE on Hwy 62 near Eagle Point, and talk the other news and views, too.

Download 09-25-23_MONDAY_7AM  09-25-2023 (18.29 MB)


  • Karen England is president of the Capitol Resource Institute, and we discuss some good news re parental rights and schools. Open phones follow.

Download 09-25-23_MONDAY_6AM  09-25-2023 (17.54 MB)


  • Morning news to start the day off, your calls, and Paul Oster, a credit-fixing specialist. What do you do if you are turned down for credit by A.I.? Happens more than one might think.

Download 09-22-23_FRIDAY_8AM  09-22-2023 (20.71 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market report, Jo Co GOP chair Holli Morton checks in with the changes in House leadership and other political news, open phones follow

Download 09-22-23_FRIDAY_7AM  09-22-2023 (20.38 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoors with the outdoor report and changes for the weekend! Melissa Henson from Parents TV...Netflix has a new pervy show for the teens...parents should know about it.

Download 09-22-23_FRIDAY_6AM  09-22-2023 (22.04 MB)


  • Mrning news and headlines and the DC swamp update with Rick Manning at Americans for Limited government...why no impeachment, shutdown, gov budget...all the intrigue free of charge for you.

Download 09-21-23_THURSDAY_8AM  09-21-2023 (22.45 MB)


  • Ron Gordon talks tge market news, Ed Brodow, writer, author, commentator talks his new book THE WAR ON WHITES. How did we get here? Open phones follow on Conspiracy Theory Thursday.

Download 09-21-23_THURSDAY_7AM  09-21-2023 (19.83 MB)


  • Michigan businessman Perry Johnson runs for president, R, we talk issues and his push to defend the MI electors, lookigng for your help. Open phones follow.

Download 09-21-23_THURSDAY_6AM  09-21-2023 (19.16 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion...the error story on property taxes, why is it people refuse to call it theft? Now West Point is sued over race based admissions. Hans Von Spakovsky from Heritage has that story.

Download 09-20-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  09-20-2023 (20.66 MB)


  • 09-20-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM

Download 09-20-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  09-20-2023 (18.42 MB)


  • 09-20-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM

Download 09-20-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  09-20-2023 (22.71 MB)


  • 09-20-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM

Download 09-19-23_TUESDAY_8AM  09-19-2023 (20.73 MB)


  • Market Report with Ron Gordon at EJ, Gary Richardson, SD7 board member talks of the draft health education standards released by the state...obviously (to me) written by a bunch of pervs. Open for business with Ken from Prestige Care Sr. Arbor Place!

Download 09-19-23_TUESDAY_7AM  09-19-2023 (19.31 MB)


  • Open phones on Pebble in your shoe Tuesday, Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger talks fires and forest policy, the upcoming hearing Thursday on what folks think of forming a new Fire District, other news.

Download 09-19-23_TUESDAY_6AM  09-19-2023 (22.87 MB)


  • Morning news headlines and opinion, Mr. X is on with me and we talk about the MASTICATOR and how if it were used more, maybe less smoke from controlled burnes in the valley.

Download 09-18-23_MONDAY_8AM  09-18-2023 (20.63 MB)


  • Dr. Dennis Powers, Where Past Meets Present and today is the 101st Anniversary of KMED! We talk about some of the history and other news.

Download 09-18-23_MONDAY_7AM  09-18-2023 (19.59 MB)


  • So much of what ails Oregon can be laide at the actions of George Soros...the drug addiction, the breaking down of society. Measure 110 was pushed by him. I discuss this with Dr. Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, author of The Soros Agenda. Open phones follow

Download 09-18-23_MONDAY_6AM  09-18-2023 (23.72 MB)


  • Morning News Headlines and open phones start the day!

Download 09-15-23_FRIDAY_8AM  09-15-2023 (21.66 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the latest market news from Edward Joones, Jo County Eagle publisher Richard Emmons explains why the state leave law can not work, oopen phones and more wrap uyp the show.

Download 09-15-23_FRIDAY_7AM  09-15-2023 (20.95 MB)


  • Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather has the Outdoor report, latest on the fires and smoke this weekend, too. Todd Farcaus was on a Zoom meeting with a promoter of Measure 110, interesting observations.

Download 09-15-23_FRIDAY_6AM  09-15-2023 (22.76 MB)


  • Morning news headlines and comments, DC Swamp update with Rick Manning, and a LOT of impeachment and budget analysis.

Download 09-14-23_THURSDAY_8AM  09-14-2023 (18.8 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the financial report for the day, Epoch Times congressional correspondent Mark Tapscott, impeachment and budget analysis. Matt Allen on from American Senior - reverse mortgage news, Terry from Veterun looking 4 ur support

Download 09-14-23_THURSDAY_7AM  09-14-2023 (23.3 MB)


  • Researcher Mr. X is with me for the hour...we go into the history of how countties in Oregon were tricked into giving up power via being defined as AGENCY OF THE STATE. We also talk about the state official who helped implement this and how to fight it.

Download 09-14-23_THURSDAY_6AM  09-14-2023 (20.91 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour on COnspiracy THeory Thursday, climate kids in Ashland and other news and stories.

Download 09-13-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  09-13-2023 (21.87 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the latest market news, Michael ONeill with the Landmark Legal Foundation explains the impeachment inquiry ins and outs,, Open for Business today with Randal from Advanced Air...we talk importance of maintenance, repair or replace??

Download 09-13-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  09-13-2023 (21.44 MB)


  • State Senator Dennis Linthicum and we talk connecting the dots from our life problems to gov action, election integrity too. Open phones follow.

Download 09-13-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  09-13-2023 (19.34 MB)


  • Morning news and calls open the show, wheels up Wednesday with auto journalist Eric Peters...The Browning of the Green Agenda and a lot of other issues we dig into.

Download 09-12-23_TUESDAY_8AM  09-12-2023 (22.01 MB)


  • Rn Gordon from Edward Jones has the latest market update, Jac Co Commissioner Robets talks the importance of your comment, fire and smoke issue. Pauline and Melanie from NO PET LEFT BEHIND, great story, and Open for Business with Cheriesse from No Wiress

Download 09-12-23_TUESDAY_7AM  09-12-2023 (28.88 MB)


  • Open phones on Pebble in your shoe Tuesday - Josephine County Commissioner Baertshchiger talks Gov hinkey with the state trust lands, the new state leave law and other issues.

Download 09-12-23_TUESDAY_6AM  09-12-2023 (17.13 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion starts the day and Bill talks with Ira Mehlman from the Federation for American Immigration Reform about a new report - immigrant workers gaining jobs, native born Americans LOSING their jobs.

Download 09-11-23_MONDAY_8AM  09-11-2023 (20.87 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones has the Mon Market Report, Dr. Powers...we talk the 9-11 pol scene, profile of the Oregon Vortex. Another talk with ED DOWD, author of CAUSE UNKNOWN. What is the truth about excess deaths and disability post Covid Vaxx?

Download 09-11-23_MONDAY_7AM  09-11-2023 (21.16 MB)


  • DIana Anderson and Gary Clark are in studio, author of WHO MADE AMERICAN SCHOOLS MARXIST TRAINING CENTERS. Tomorrow 9-12 they put on a FREE Seminar 5-7pm at the Central Point Library, topic of 20 MINUTE CITIES...they are here, how to fight it.

Download 09-11-23_MONDAY_6AM  09-11-2023 (21.85 MB)


  • 9-11 thought...boy we REALLY stopped trusting our institutions, huh? Then a great talk with ANdy Ross, CEO and Founder of American Rebel - He makes gun safes, Liberty Safe turned over the unlock codes to one of their safes to Feds, what does he think?

Download 09-08-23_FRIDAY_8AM  09-08-2023 (21.38 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the Friday market report from Edward Jones. Folk Musician Bob Haworth of the Kingston Trio talks his career life story in his latest book TALES FROM THE ROAD. Local boy made very good indeed.

Download 09-08-23_FRIDAY_7AM  09-08-2023 (19.36 MB)


  • Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather and the Outdoor Report plus a remembrance of the Almeda Fires. State Rep. Lily Morgan weighs in on the M110 trip to Portugal, Matt Morsa focuses on the Sex Ed Health standards slithering out of the OR Deportment of Ed.

Download 09-08-23_FRIDAY_6AM  09-08-2023 (21.02 MB)


  • Morning news, a remembrance of Almeda Fire...any lessons learned? Rick Manning is on from Americans for Limited Government. The swamp update focuses a lot on Sen. Tommy Tuberville's brave hold on milirtary promotions...for good reason.

Download 09-07-23_THURSDAY_8AM  09-07-2023 (19.56 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the financial news, GP councilor Dwayne Yunker has the OD stats and more re homeless. Open phones and then Open for Business with Lisa McClease Kelly and an event for business people TUESDAY we discuss.

Download 09-07-23_THURSDAY_7AM  09-07-2023 (21.15 MB)


  • Open phones, a celeb is okay with directing his daughter in sex scenes, what do you think, oh, will the oceans be scorching hot? State rep. Kim Wallan talks Stabbin Wagon 1.5 million grant. How to get some accountability?

Download 09-07-23_THURSDAY_6AM  09-07-2023 (21.55 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines, RVTD and other news, Laura Morgan, a registered nurse of 40 years experience and director at Do No Harm Medicine dot org discusses how even hallowed institutions such as MAYO CLINIC are going woke, and what this portends.

Download 09-06-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  09-06-2023 (21.82 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the financial news report, Brian Walsh is a Student Loan expert at SoFi and we dig into what happens now that the payments are restarting. Linda calls in - Stabbin Wagon 1.5 million funding? Oh boy!

Download 09-06-23_WEDNESDAY_7AM  09-06-2023 (19.44 MB)


  • Jason Thomas Gordon joins me (grandson of Danny Thomas) and his new book is THE SINGERS TALK: The Greatest Singers of Our Time Discuss the One Thing They're Never Asked About- Their Voices, then Sen Dennis Linthicum on the M113 fight, election integrity!

Download 09-06-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  09-06-2023 (20.45 MB)


  • Yeah, the J6 latest sentencings...5 banana republic, K? Eric Peters from EP Autos, EV's blow up in FL salt water, reviews of the 2023 Tundra and other talks.

Download 09-05-23_TUESDAY_8AM  09-05-2023 (22.38 MB)


  • Holli Morton responds to mayor recall controversy, Ron Gordon has the market report with Edward Jones, Oregon Firearms Federation Kevin Starrett on the 2 major gun rights cases going on, the importance of keeping them well-funded.

Download 09-05-23_TUESDAY_7AM  09-05-2023 (18.77 MB)


  • Community Researcher Mr. X and today we dig into how the collaboratives are now attempting to profit from forest restoration (burning) then Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger - what could the mayor recal accomplish?

Download 09-05-23_TUESDAY_6AM  09-05-2023 (20.56 MB)


  • Back from vacation, read Dr. Pierre Kory's book the War on Ivermectin...why this is SO important. State Representative Court Boice talks the improving fire situation, Hwy 199 reopening, and where our state politics are heading.