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Download 10-19-18_FRI_8AM  10-19-2018 (13.87 MB)


  • I talk with Glenda Wilson, Medford City Council candidate for Ward 3, some open phones, Hilton Landscae and Supply's history...what a great story.

Download 10-19-18_FRI_6AM  10-19-2018 (13.29 MB)


  • Open phones start, swamp update and more with ALG's Rick Manning - a wrap on the weekly DC news

Download 10-19-18_FRI_7AM  10-19-2018 (15.16 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and Dr. Kevin Sabat – Founder and President of Smart Approaches to Marijuana...more drugged driving, and he's concerned that we're building another BIG TOBACCO in the cannabis world.

Download 10-18-18_THU_6AM  10-18-2018 (14.09 MB)


  • Open phones and news, I talk with two reps from Federation for American Immigration Reform about all the latest immigration news...and there is a LOT.

Download 10-18-18_THU_7AM  10-18-2018 (16.13 MB)


  • Peter Wallison, author of JUDICIAL FORTITUDE: The Last Chance to Rein in the Administrative to rein in all the alphabet soup agency abuse? We talk about it, and also profile David Orr, Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Candidate

Download 10-18-18_THU_8AM  10-18-2018 (15.89 MB)


  • State Senator Dennis Linthicum and I making the case for R votes, open phones follow.

Download 10-17-18_WED_8AM  10-17-2018 (18.23 MB)


  • We're talking the Josephine County Commissioner position 1 race with candidate Darin Fowler, Open phones, and a great talk with Steve Johnson, today's business guest from Premiere Jewelers in downtown Medford.

Download 10-17-18_WED_7AM  10-17-2018 (19.41 MB)


  • Jackson County Circuit Court judge candiate Charles Kochlacs joins me to discuss the race, Crime Stoppers and other great talk.

Download 10-17-18_WED_6AM  10-17-2018 (18.4 MB)


  • Open phones and news, your calls, my irritation with purist Republicans? Gotta' vote the cards and candidates we're dealt.

Download 10-16-18_TUE_7AM  10-16-2018 (17.12 MB)


  • Ron Smith joins me, Josephine County Commissioner candidate for Position 1, and we talk about the issues in play. Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms Federation - Kate, Knute, and 2nd A policy.

Download 10-16-18_TUE_8AM  10-16-2018 (14.99 MB)


  • My guest is GOP State Senate District 3 candidate Jessica Gomez, open phones follow.

Download 10-16-18_TUE_6AM  10-16-2018 (12.78 MB)


  • Open phones and the news for the hour.

Download 10-15-18_MON_7AM  10-15-2018 (16.08 MB)


  • Outdoor and Fire Report with Greg Roberts, and open phones follow

Download 10-15-18_MON_6AM  10-15-2018 (12.98 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines with Shane and me, Diamond and Silk join the show...Dummycrats Documentary tonight at 8p at Tinsletown, The Saudi issue...and why I think nothing happens.

Download 10-15-18_MON_8AM  10-15-2018 (14.71 MB)


  • Dr. Dennis Powers joins me, profiling Race car Driver and collector Harold Hardesty, we dig into economic news, the Sears Bankruptcy, Saudi Arabia accused of killing a WaPo reporter...there's more to the story.

Download 10-05-18_FRI_7AM  10-05-2018 (15.38 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and later in the hour, Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts discusses the work session earlier this week...let it burn policy out in the open. Time for a smoke summit.

Download 10-05-18_FRI_8AM  10-05-2018 (14.43 MB)


  • More fire, smoke, and ways to reduce wildfire danger - guest is Capt. William E. Simpson, and open phones later in the hour.

Download 10-05-18_FRI_6AM  10-05-2018 (13.52 MB)


  • Ugh, last night's debate...other news of the day, and a combo Kavanaugh and Swamp Update with Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government.

Download 10-04-18_THU_7AM  10-04-2018 (15.41 MB)


  • Mark Seligman and I dig into the RR5 zoning and cannabis controversy, later hypnotist Ron Silver - the Kavanaugh performances...what's the truth?

Download 10-04-18_THU_8AM  10-04-2018 (14.57 MB)


  • Part two with hypnotist Ron Silver, then it's fire talk with Sen. Herman Baertschiger.

Download 10-04-18_THU_6AM  10-04-2018 (13.58 MB)


  • Open phones for most of the hour, and I talk with Betty Wolf...her neighborhood suffering from cougar predation.

Download 10-03-18_WED_7AM  10-03-2018 (14.1 MB)


  • Last night's general irritation over same, open phones, later Crimestoppers with Lt. Budreau.

Download 10-03-18_WED_6AM  10-03-2018 (14.01 MB)


  • Morning news and more, later a talk Dr. Warren Farrell, author of The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It.

Download 10-03-18_WED_8AM  10-03-2018 (14.7 MB)


  • Brent Kell with Valley Immediate Care discussing the range of aesthetic services, tattoo removal, body sculpting, other treatments that they offer. Then, Congressman Greg Walden is here, updating the DC news and legislation.

Download 10-02-18_TUE_8AM  10-02-2018 (14.64 MB)


  • Jeff from the Moose Club in Gold Hill - Fundraiser for a young cancer patient this Saturday, some open phones, Brett and Randall from Advanced Air, save money, get better quality air, save energy and more. We talk about the deals!

Download 10-02-18_TUE_7AM  10-02-2018 (16.39 MB)


  • Mr. X joins the show and we do a deeper dive in Sen. Merkley's proposed fire bill withi a billion buck pile of money. Sensible? Or Not!

Download 10-02-18_TUE_6AM  10-02-2018 (11.37 MB)


  • Open phones then Dave Ray from Federation for American Immigration Reform . 11, 22, or 30 million illegal aliens? We discuss it.

Download 10-01-18_MON_7AM  10-01-2018 (14.52 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts and other news, and later we dig into the Shady Cove city council race with candidate Craig Portwood

Download 10-01-18_MON_8AM  10-01-2018 (14.65 MB)


  • Dr. Powers profiles local history in WHAT MADE SOUTHERN OREGON GREAT, we talk Kavanaugh and more, too, and later Sarah from S. Oregon Head Start - Free childcare medical classes you can sign up to attend.

Download 10-01-18_MON_6AM  10-01-2018 (12.11 MB)


  • News of the day, and then a great talk with Matt Taylor, director of the documentary The Creepy Line - Yes, High Tech is filled with lefty tyrants. Know your enemy.

Download 09-28-18_FRI_6AM  09-30-2018 (14.49 MB)


  • 09-28-18_FRI_6AM

Download 09-28-18_FRI_8AM  09-30-2018 (13.41 MB)


  • 09-28-18_FRI_8AM

Download 09-28-18_FRI_7AM  09-30-2018 (15.55 MB)


  • 09-28-18_FRI_7AM

Download 09-27-18_THU_6AM  09-27-2018 (14.5 MB)


  • 09-27-18_THU_6AM

Download 09-27-18_THU_8AM  09-27-2018 (12.84 MB)


  • 09-27-18_THU_8AM

Download 09-27-18_THU_7AM  09-27-2018 (15.41 MB)


  • 09-27-18_THU_7AM

Download 09-26-18_WED_8AM  09-26-2018 (13.78 MB)


  • Open phones start, and we wrap the show with a roads update with ODOT's Gary Leaming and John Vial, Jac Co Roads.

Download 09-26-18_WED_7AM  09-26-2018 (14.98 MB)


  • Linda Kristich, candidate for Mayor of Shady Cove, talks the race, issues facing the city, I go over the Measures for November, Crimestoppers, too, With Sgt. Denny at JCSO.

Download 09-26-18_WED_6AM  09-26-2018 (13.75 MB)


  • Morning stories and headlines, some K talk, later - Dr Elaina George - Insurance wants you to wear trackers to get life insurance? Fight Big Tech Tyranny!

Download 09-25-18_TUE_7AM  09-25-2018 (15 MB)


  • JJ Smith, nutritionist and author of THINK YOURSELF THIN, State Rep Sal Esquivel talks Measure 105 and other issues with me.

Download 09-25-18_TUE_6AM  09-25-2018 (13.29 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 09-25-18_TUE_8AM  09-25-2018 (13.69 MB)


  • The Stream's Dr. John Zmirak talks his time at Yale, Kavanaugh situation. Later, city of Medford needs your help at the new Olsrud playground at Bear Creek Park

Download 09-24-18_MON_7AM  09-24-2018 (15.54 MB)


  • 09-24-18_MON_7AM

Download 09-24-18_MON_8AM  09-24-2018 (16.03 MB)


  • 09-24-18_MON_8AM

Download 09-24-18_MON_6AM  09-24-2018 (14.08 MB)


  • 09-24-18_MON_6AM

Download 09-21-18_FRI_8AM  09-21-2018 (13.86 MB)


  • Mr. X and I explore the Klamath Dam removal propaganda, its connections to the smoke summits. Fight the frauds, okay?

Download 09-21-18_FRI_7AM  09-21-2018 (17.17 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, later Alex Poythress, candidate for Medford City Council Ward 1

Download 09-21-18_FRI_6AM  09-21-2018 (14.39 MB)


  • Open phones and stories start, then a DC swamp update with Rick Manning with Americans for Limited Government

Download 09-20-18_THU_7AM  09-20-2018 (17.71 MB)


  • School reform and other open phones for CTT, a quick talk with Mr. X previewing Friday's discussion of Klamath Dam removal and Smoke Summit to be discerning.

Download 09-20-18_THU_6AM  09-20-2018 (14.68 MB)


  • Environmental hypocrisy re the Klamath Dam Removal and other news, later it's Heather MacDonald, author of (VERY good) THE DIVERSITY DELUSION.

Download 09-20-18_THU_8AM  09-20-2018 (14.17 MB)


  • Constitutional Attorney John Whitehead from the Rutherford Institute - Does the Constitituion restrict the government any longer? Later a business interview talk with Gastroenterologist Dr. D'Souza from Gastroenterology Consultants (GCPC) by RRMC

Download 09-19-18_WED_7AM  09-19-2018 (18.2 MB)


  • Feds are coming after MOTORCYCLES now over...wait for it...saaaaaafety. Eric Peters breaks it down with me, Crime Stoppers with Lt. Budreau, too.

Download 09-19-18_WED_8AM  09-19-2018 (16.15 MB)


  • Open phones for a good part of the hour, then Steve Johnson from Premier Jewelers in downtown Medford...Amazing deals and freebies - take a listen.

Download 09-19-18_WED_6AM  09-19-2018 (17.16 MB)


  • Open phones start, and later a talk with Rachel Bovard, who believes the pro-life movement has been destroyed as a national force due to the GOP.

Download 09-18-18_TUE_6AM  09-18-2018 (14.53 MB)


  • 09-18-18_TUE_6AM

Download 09-18-18_TUE_7AM  09-18-2018 (17.2 MB)


  • 09-18-18_TUE_7AM

Download 09-18-18_TUE_8AM  09-18-2018 (15.98 MB)


  • 09-18-18_TUE_8AM

Download 09-17-18_MON_6AM  09-17-2018 (18.78 MB)


  • Open phones start, then Gregory Wrightstone, author of Inconvenient Facts, the Science that Al Gore doesn't want you to know. Politicized hurricane and weather reports?

Download 09-17-18_MON_8AM  09-17-2018 (18.91 MB)


  • Dr. Powers here, profiling Lithia Park history, and we kick around Kavanaugh talk

Download 09-17-18_MON_7AM  09-17-2018 (19.94 MB)


  • Outdoor report, some open phones, then Margaret Valois of - Time for due process to return to college campuses re sex assault?

Download 09-14-18_FRI_8AM  09-14-2018 (13.11 MB)


  • Measure 105 breakdown with Jim Ludwick at OFIR. We also catch up with The Alzheimer's walk for next week, plus Dr. Meghan Gilroy with Gastroenterology Consultants (GCPC)– Off Barnett Road across from Asante Rogue Regional

Download 09-14-18_FRI_6AM  09-14-2018 (14.64 MB)


  • Open phones and a recap of last night's JoCo candidates debate. Rick Manning with a swamp update from Americans For Limited Government

Download 09-14-18_FRI_7AM  09-14-2018 (15.37 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoors has today's outdoor report, and then we kick it around with Curt Ankerberg, Medford Ward 1 City Council Candidate

Download 09-13-18_THU_6AM  09-13-2018 (15.67 MB)


  • Open phones start the show, and later Dr. Arthur Keiser, Chancellor and CEO of Keiser University discussing the challenge of employers needing soft skills from their younger workers.

Download 09-13-18_THU_8AM  09-13-2018 (17.46 MB)


  • Bradley J. Birzer joins me, author of IN DEFENSE OF ANDREW JACKSON. Boy, I learned a lot about AJ in this talk, and from reading the book. Later, a business interview with Dr. Mougey from the Surgery Center of Southern Oregon . Great medical info!

Download 09-13-18_THU_7AM  09-13-2018 (16.59 MB)


  • Open phones, the importance of you being a good citizen journalist, able to sniff out the B.S.-filled agendas. I also have Mr. X on to discuss the smoke summit in Ashland Saturday, why it's important to be there.

Download 09-12-18_WED_6AM  09-12-2018 (13.72 MB)


  • Headlines start the hour, and we talk about how much freer teens are driving in FRANCE of all places...guest is automotive journalist Eric Peters.

Download 09-12-18_WED_8AM  09-12-2018 (13.59 MB)


  • Dr. James Orient from says science is being taken OUT of medicine, and explains the problem here. Also, a group forms in Oregon to stop Cap and Trade.

Download 09-12-18_WED_7AM  09-12-2018 (15.07 MB)


  • Open phones, and good talks on the homeless issue, courts saying we have to go lighter on it, etc. Crime Stoppers later in the hour.

Download 09-11-18_TUE_7AM  09-11-2018 (14.77 MB)


  • Joel Skousen is my guest - Editor of and we discuss the unanswered questions of 9/11. Later, Joseph Rice of Liberty Watch of Josephine County - Candidates Debate Thursday night at the Jo Co Fairgrounds 6-8pm.

Download 09-11-18_TUE_6AM  09-11-2018 (14.61 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 09-11-18_TUE_8AM  09-11-2018 (13.51 MB)


  • The Damage done to our bodies from fire smoke - Broken down by Capt. William E. Simpson . Later Mark Kantor is pushing for Naloxone to be sold over the counter, and explains why.

Download 09-10-18_MON_6AM  09-10-2018 (15.47 MB)


  • Open phones and stories start, Dr. Gina Loudin Joins me later in the hour, author of MAD POLITICS .

Download 09-10-18_MON_7AM  09-10-2018 (16.16 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts at Rogue Weather, Patrick Wood joins me later and he's created a new social media platform - Get organized and involved...and connected.

Download 09-10-18_MON_8AM  09-10-2018 (13.62 MB)


  • Dr. Dennis Powers with me profiling Britt Festival for this week's history segment. Terry Haines from Honor Flight of Southern Oregon - New flight this week, but they need your help for next year's veterans.

Download 09-06-18_THU_6AM.mp3  09-06-2018 (21.41 MB)


  • Day 2 Hold Their Feet to the Fire in DC, we talk with Congressman Greg Walden, Sam Abed, mayor of Escondido, CA, and Matt Obrien from Federation for American Immigration Reform - Lots of good news and border issue discussion.

Download 09-06-18_THU_7AM.mp3  09-06-2018 (20.92 MB)


  • Day 2 Hold Their Feet to the Fire includes Chris Chmielinski from Numbers USA, and Sabine Durden, a legal German immigrant who lost her only child at the hands of a illegal alien who had been deported several times.

Download 09-06-18_THU_8AM.mp3  09-06-2018 (17.94 MB)


  • Day 2 of Hold their Feet to the Fire in DC, We're discussing the issues with talker Lars Larson, Former Congressman Tom Tancredo, and media stars and Trump supporters Diamond and Silk.

Download 09-05-18_WED_6AM  09-05-2018 (15.16 MB)


  • Day 1 of Hold their Feet to the Fire in Washington DC, and we discuss immigration policy with Neil Munro, a naturalized citizen from Ireland, reporter for Breitbart, and later immigration and terror w/Jeffrey Addicott Director of Center for Terrorism Law,

Download 09-05-18_WED_8AM  09-05-2018 (19.14 MB)


  • Live from DC at Hold Their Feet to the Fire - Guests are Elena Maria Lopez, victom of immigration marriage fraud, John Miano talks high tech jobs disappearing through visa policy, and then Dan Stein, president of on good immigration news.

Download 09-05-18_WED_7AM  09-05-2018 (21.7 MB)


  • Hold Their Feet to the Fire continues with guests Michael Harrison, publisher of TALKERS magazine, Border Patrol Agent Art Del Cueto, and from Pro-English, Dan Carter!

Download 08-31-18_FRI_8AM  08-31-2018 (13.8 MB)


  • Captain William E. Simpson and I kick around wildfire issues, how to reduce fuel load. Later - have you had your colonoscopy? We talk the importance with Dr. Peter Adesman of Gastroenterology Consultants in Medford

Download 08-31-18_FRI_7AM  08-31-2018 (15.7 MB)


  • We're breaking down the outdoor report and more with Greg Roberts, and's CTE on the front burner. New tech training and more with Oregon Connections Academy. We get all the details with OCA's John

Download 08-31-18_FRI_6AM  08-31-2018 (15.27 MB)


  • Open phones, FEMA smoke vacations and other topics. Rick Manning with a Swamp Update, and the true legacy of Sen. McCain

Download 08-30-18_THU_7AM  08-30-2018 (14.48 MB)


  • Time for a convention of the States? I talk with Mark Meckler, the President of Citizens for Self-Governance about that, later it's Herb Miller, the OLCC agent in Canyonville. He believes the state is trying to push him out of business.

Download 08-30-18_THU_6AM  08-30-2018 (15.6 MB)


  • Open phones start, I talk with Tim Winter at Parents TV about how he believes Netflix has fooled parents into thinking it is protecting children from bad content.

Download 08-30-18_THU_8AM  08-30-2018 (13.65 MB)


  • David Thomas Roberts, author of a really interesting novel PURGE ON THE POTOMAC. What happens when your government goes to war against your state?

Download 08-29-18_WED_6AM  08-29-2018 (14.51 MB)


  • 08-29-18_WED_6AM

Download 08-29-18_WED_8AM  08-29-2018 (13.21 MB)


  • 08-29-18_WED_8AM

Download 08-29-18_WED_7AM  08-29-2018 (15.01 MB)


  • 08-29-18_WED_7AM

Download 08-28-18_TUE_8AM  08-28-2018 (13.77 MB)


  • 08-28-18_TUE_8AM

Download 08-28-18_TUE_6AM  08-28-2018 (14.05 MB)


  • 08-28-18_TUE_6AM

Download 08-28-18_TUE_7AM  08-28-2018 (15.06 MB)


  • 08-28-18_TUE_7AM

Download 08-27-18_MON_7AM  08-27-2018 (15.29 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts at RogueWeather Dot com, Mr. X and I talk the 1995 Let It Burn Docs, and the smoke management meeting you need to be at Wednesday night, 7pm at the Smullin Center.

Download 08-27-18_MON_6AM  08-27-2018 (14.46 MB)


  • Open phones and stories, McCain, later it's Cody Wilson from Defense Distributed, author of COME and TAKE IT. We discuss the lawsuits against his 3d printed firearms software.

Download 08-27-18_MON_8AM  08-27-2018 (14.22 MB)


  • 08-27-18_MON_8AM Dr. Powers - We profile Peter Britt's life, dig into some other news and views of the day.

Download 08-24-18_FRI_7AM  08-24-2018 (15.03 MB)


  • 08-24-18_FRI_7AM

Download 08-24-18_FRI_8AM  08-24-2018 (13.76 MB)


  • 08-24-18_FRI_8AM

Download 08-24-18_FRI_6AM  08-24-2018 (14.69 MB)


  • 08-24-18_FRI_6AM

Download 08-23-18_THU_7AM  08-23-2018 (14.57 MB)


  • Families against Mandatory Minimum talk sentencing reform with me, later State Senator Baertschiger talks a plan to fight fire and smoke misery.

Download 08-23-18_THU_6AM  08-23-2018 (14.55 MB)


  • Open phones start, Warren's bad gaff on CNN re Tibbetts and more, later a talk with James Rafferty - is he getting a raw deal from Jo Co?

Download 08-23-18_THU_8AM  08-23-2018 (12.24 MB)


  • Eagle Point Mayor Bob Russell, former owner of the Butte Creek Mill, talks with me about the push for public funding for a rebuild and other issues in connection with it. Open phones follow.

Download 08-22-18_WED_8AM  08-22-2018 (13.13 MB)


  • Author and blogger Ilana Mercer, author of INTO THE CANNIBAL'S POT. We discuss the white genocide being conducted in South Africa. Could it come to America some day? Open phones follow, a Britt Update with Mike G., too.

Download 08-22-18_WED_6AM  08-22-2018 (14.73 MB)


  • open phones start, Dr. Keith Smith, a member of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, discusses the false promise of Medicare For All.

Download 08-22-18_WED_7AM  08-22-2018 (14.66 MB)


  • Open phones, Trump, Butte Creek Mill proposal for Jac Co and more on open phones, later Crimestoppers with Lt. Justin Ivens

Download 08-21-18_TUE_7AM  08-21-2018 (15.17 MB)


  • 08-21-18_TUE_7AM

Download 08-21-18_TUE_6AM  08-21-2018 (15.02 MB)


  • 08-21-18_TUE_6AM

Download 08-21-18_TUE_8AM  08-21-2018 (13.35 MB)


  • 08-21-18_TUE_8AM

Download 08-20-18_MON_8AM  08-20-2018 (17.31 MB)


  • 08-20-18_MON_8AM

Download 08-20-18_MON_7AM  08-20-2018 (16.49 MB)


  • 08-20-18_MON_7AM

Download 08-20-18_MON_6AM  08-20-2018 (13.65 MB)


  • 08-20-18_MON_6AM

Download 08-17-18_FRI_6AM  08-17-2018 (13.71 MB)


  • Open phone and calls, later a swamp update...we talk about President Trump's issues with poor personell decisions. Guest is Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government.

Download 08-17-18_FRI_7AM  08-17-2018 (15.11 MB)


  • This weekend's Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, and we dig into helping your body thrive in spite of the fire smoke. Advice from Dr. McLane Duncan from Siskiyou Vital Medicine weighs in.

Download 08-17-18_FRI_8AM  08-17-2018 (13.26 MB)


  • Robert Spencer, the founder of, and author of Author Of the new book, T.he History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS. Open phones follow

Download 08-16-18_THU_8AM  08-16-2018 (14.15 MB)


  • 08-16-18_THU_8AM

Download 08-16-18_THU_7AM  08-16-2018 (17.07 MB)


  • 08-16-18_THU_7AM

Download 08-16-18_THU_6AM  08-16-2018 (14.39 MB)


  • 08-16-18_THU_6AM

Download 08-15-18_WED_7AM  08-15-2018 (14.51 MB)


  • Transgender candidate called a historic win for women...What do biological women think about this? We discuss along with other news, Crimestoppers with a cold case profiled by Sgt. Denny, too.

Download 08-15-18_WED_6AM  08-15-2018 (13.33 MB)


  • Open phones start and the news, and Dems now lean heavily socialist. We break that down with Dr. Merrill Matthews.

Download 08-15-18_WED_8AM  08-15-2018 (16.21 MB)


  • Fire update and more, and Curry Co Commissioner Boice promotes a fire meeting with Merv George on Friday, Steve Johnson is back for Premier Jewelers on our business segment and a Britt update, too, with Mike G.

Download 08-14-18_TUE_6AM  08-14-2018 (14.87 MB)


  • 08-14-18_TUE_6AM

Download 08-14-18_TUE_7AM  08-14-2018 (17.85 MB)


  • 08-14-18_TUE_7AM

Download 08-14-18_TUE_8AM  08-14-2018 (14.79 MB)


  • 08-14-18_TUE_8AM

Download 08-13-18_MON_7AM  08-13-2018 (16.66 MB)


  • 08-13-18_MON_7AM

Download 08-13-18_MON_8AM  08-13-2018 (13.2 MB)


  • 08-13-18_MON_8AM

Download 08-13-18_MON_6AM  08-13-2018 (13.57 MB)


  • 08-13-18_MON_6AM

Download 08-03-18_FRI_8AM  08-03-2018 (15.81 MB)


  • 08-03-18_FRI_8AM

Download 08-03-18_FRI_7AM  08-03-2018 (16.87 MB)


  • 08-03-18_FRI_7AM

Download 08-03-18_FRI_6AM  08-03-2018 (16.12 MB)


  • 08-03-18_FRI_6AM

Download 08-02-18_THU_6AM  08-02-2018 (16.18 MB)


  • Open phones start, later we dig into the issue of bias in school history books.

Download 08-02-18_THU_7AM  08-02-2018 (15.85 MB)


  • Fire report with Greg Roberts, Capt. Bill Simpson challenges yesterday's wild horse sterilizers on the policy.

Download 08-02-18_THU_8AM  08-02-2018 (15.81 MB)


  • Congressman Greg Walden in studio talks the issues important to southern Oregon, open phones, and an Oregon Wine Experience update, too.

Download 08-01-18_WED_6AM  08-01-2018 (14.55 MB)


  • Stories and open phones start the morning, MRCTV's rep later in the hour breaks down the cluelessness of Ocasio-Cortez

Download 08-01-18_WED_7AM  08-01-2018 (15.08 MB)


  • An attorney from an equine rescue group says they're protesting surgically sterilizing wild horses, and we dig into the issues, crimestoppers and more with Lt Budreau

Download 08-01-18_WED_8AM  08-01-2018 (14.56 MB)


  • Fire report from's Greg Roberts, other calls and topics, and a Britt update, too.

Download 07-31-18_TUE_8AM  07-31-2018 (14.1 MB)


  • I talk with Jennifer Braceras at the Independent Women's Forum about the lawsuits over opioids, Fire Update with Greg Roberts at, too.

Download 07-31-18_TUE_7AM  07-31-2018 (17.1 MB)


  • Open phones start, Mr. X joins me later for Dam Removal/Smart Meter talk. Yes, the two are related.

Download 07-31-18_TUE_6AM  07-31-2018 (14.73 MB)


  • Open phones start, later Theresa Payton, CEO of Fortelice, talks privacy, the selling of your DNA info to pharma and more.

Download 07-30-18_MON_6AM  07-31-2018 (18.94 MB)


  • 07-30-18_MON_6AM

Download 07-30-18_MON_8AM  07-31-2018 (18.89 MB)


  • 07-30-18_MON_8AM

Download 07-30-18_MON_7AM  07-31-2018 (18.67 MB)


  • 07-30-18_MON_7AM

Download 07-27-18_FRI_6AM  07-27-2018 (14.61 MB)


  • Open phones and news start the show, and later I get the update on D.C. news with Rick Manning from Americans For Limited Government.

Download 07-27-18_FRI_7AM  07-27-2018 (14.42 MB)


  • Steve Richie with the Jackson County Republicans promotes an exclusive showing of Dinesh D'Souza's DEATH OF A NATION next Wednesday. Rachel Alexander of breaks down a recently leaked memo from the ACLU - not all rights are important to them.

Download 07-27-18_FRI_8AM  07-27-2018 (12.98 MB)


  • Fire Report with Greg Roberts at Rogue, Wayne Duma from MRPC talks a Full Bore competition Saturday morning and more.

Download 07-26-18_THU_8AM  07-26-2018 (13.82 MB)


  • Oregon Firearms Federation's Kevin Starret - New proposed 2nd amendment PROTECTION ballot measure he's working on. We check in with Hildton Landscape and supply for discussion on reducing water use with soil treatments, Oregon Wine Experience soon, too!

Download 07-26-18_THU_6AM  07-26-2018 (14.76 MB)


  • Open phones start, later Eric Peters, automotive journalist breaks down Pres. Trump's push to relax mileage standards and return some freedom to cars.

Download 07-26-18_THU_7AM  07-26-2018 (8.99 MB)


  • More emails of the day, Pastor Michael Anthony talks values, and the need for Courageous Humility in his new book A CALL FOR COURAGE.

Download 07-25-18_WED_8AM  07-25-2018 (13.25 MB)


  • Open phones and stories, and a Britt update with Mike G!

Download 07-25-18_WED_7AM  07-25-2018 (15.37 MB)


  • Fire and smoke report and more with Greg Roberts of Rogue, then Jackson County Sheriff Nate Sickler - looking for who set the deadly Penninger fire, and talk on homeless sweeps.

Download 07-25-18_WED_6AM  07-25-2018 (15.76 MB)


  • Open phones start, Tom DeWeese from American Policy Center discusses the President's court Kavanaugh protective of property rights? Property rights, smart meters and sustainable development, all inter-related, too.

Download 07-24-18_TUE_6AM  07-24-2018 (14.27 MB)


  • 07-24-18_TUE_6AM

Download 07-24-18_TUE_8AM  07-24-2018 (14.38 MB)


  • 07-24-18_TUE_8AM

Download 07-24-18_TUE_7AM  07-24-2018 (15.74 MB)


  • 07-24-18_TUE_7AM

Download 07-23-18_MON_7AM  07-23-2018 (15.92 MB)


  • Judge Janine Pirro from FOX news, author of LIARS, LEAKERS, AND LIBERALS, the case against the Trump Conspiracy. We later delve into fire and outdoor news with Greg Roberts, plus some interesting smart meter docs.

Download 07-23-18_MON_6AM  07-23-2018 (15.21 MB)


  • Open phones and stories for the hour

Download 07-23-18_MON_8AM  07-23-2018 (16.06 MB)


  • Dr. Dennis Powers, Visiting past and present, today's profile CAMP WHITE, plus more open phones, and smart meter social engineering? Sure looks like it.