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Listen to the Bill Meyer Show, weekdays 6am-9am.  With National news from Fox News Radio, and local news from NBC 5.

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Download 07-19-24_FRIDAY_8AM  07-19-2024 (22.1 MB)


  • Scuba Steve, a colleague of mine at K103.5 Kool FM once dealt with Hillary Clinton and Secret Service as a limo driver...a contrast with Trump Security. Bob Hart joins me as the state Wildfire Map draft is released, and he is NOT happy and explains why

Download 07-19-24_FRIDAY_7AM  07-19-2024 (19.18 MB)


  • Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather with the morning Outdoor Report, some fire talk, too, and open phones follow for the rest of the hour.

Download 07-19-24_FRIDAY_6AM  07-19-2024 (22.86 MB)


  • Talk on the Trump RNC speech and local news headlines, and a big DC Swamp update with Americans for Limited Governemnt president Rick Manning discussing the RNC, speech, what role might Michelle O play in easing out President Joe

Download 07-18-24_THURSDAY_8AM  07-18-2024 (17.85 MB)


  • Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation, we talk the new lawsuit to fight HB2005, NOT fundied by House Republicans, also talk on last Saturday. Melissa Mlasko with the JCRP is live from the RNC, we catch up on it all.

Download 07-18-24_THURSDAY_7AM  07-18-2024 (21.95 MB)


  • What possibly drove the Trump shooter? A discussion on this with Dr. Carol Lieberman, Terrorist Therapist Dot Com, Open phones follow for conspiracy theory Thursday.

Download 07-18-24_THURSDAY_6AM  07-18-2024 (24.32 MB)


  • Morning news to start, we dig into the Wildfire Map SB762 controversy with Bob Hart of Bob Hart Consulting LLC

Download 07-17-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  07-17-2024 (14.65 MB)


  • Capt. WIlliam E. Simpson, ethologist, co-founder of Wild Horse Fire Brigade - KRRC not keeping their dam removal promises, wildlife suffers...he explains it. Open phones follow.

Download 07-17-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  07-17-2024 (22.23 MB)


  • Dr. Bonner Cohen PhD from CFACT details some amazingly ridiculous green stories, Ron Smith talks of the Wildfire Maps issues and what is next. State Senator and Secretary of State Dennis LInthicum talks about issues and the SOS race importance

Download 07-17-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  07-17-2024 (22.68 MB)


  • Morning news, we remember the late Senate President Peter Courtney, former State Senator Herman Baertschiger weighs in. Auto Journalist Eric Peters talks Trump and how the assassination attempt may have changed, other great auto topics.

Download 07-16-24_TUESDAY_8AM  07-16-2024 (20.37 MB)


  • Bob Tiernan, longtime Republican Luminary in Oregon reports on the happenings at the RNC live in Milwaukee. D62 quiz, Cheriesse drops in from No Wires, and emails and open phones.

Download 07-16-24_TUESDAY_7AM  07-16-2024 (23.25 MB)


  • Open phones on Pebble in Your Shoe Tuesday and a great talk with Jo County Comm Baertschiger, Dan DeYoung resigns, reaction to OSU 4H going away...much more.

Download 07-16-24_TUESDAY_6AM  07-16-2024 (19.77 MB)


  • Morning news, Biden interview with Lester Holt, other stories and then a breakdown of why the Monday decision to dismiss the documents case is a big deal. Guest talking about it is the excellent Michael ONeill of Landmark Legal Foundation.

Download 07-15-24_MONDAY_8AM  07-15-2024 (20.28 MB)


  • Some open calls, Dr. Dennis Powers talks the Trump case dismissal, assassination and other news. Open phones for the rest of the hour, emails of the day, too.

Download 07-15-24_MONDAY_7AM  07-15-2024 (16.64 MB)


  • Thomas J. Dilorenzo, President of the Mises Institute, talks about what has happened to our we really need the fed? Go to mises dot org for a free book, too! Then we talk the assassination attempt...your take on it all.

Download 07-15-24_MONDAY_6AM  07-15-2024 (19.57 MB)


  • We talk about the Saturday assassination attempt, some calls and dive into the security failures with former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne, author of SECRETS OF THE SECRET SERVICE: THE HISTORY AND UNCERTAIN FUTURE OF THE SECRET SERVICE

Download 07-12-24_FRIDAY_8AM  07-12-2024 (19.28 MB)


  • Richard Emmons, Oregon Eagle Editor and Publisher, talks over the listening session on homelessness at the GP City Council. What solutions might work? Open phones, D62 quiz and emails o day.

Download 07-12-24_FRIDAY_7AM  07-12-2024 (23.58 MB)


  • Some open phone, Mr. Outdoors talks fire and other outdoor news, more calls, Matt Morsa talks his experience in Florida.

Download 07-12-24_FRIDAY_6AM  07-12-2024 (22.21 MB)


  • News stories of the morning start, Biden at the presser, yikes. Rick Manning and I talk about that and more on the DC swamp update

Download 07-11-24_THURSDAY_8AM  07-11-2024 (23.57 MB)


  • Keith Hanson, CEO of QUX Technologies, has new hardware tech that could truly lock away your purchase information from government and the web...imortant topic. Mark Seligman, Democratic candidate for State HD3 in Jo County - Dems kicked him out...why?

Download 07-11-24_THURSDAY_7AM  07-11-2024 (19.38 MB)


  • Mr. X with Part 2 of our talk on the groups with all (in our opinion) undue influence pushing us to burn the lands. Captain William E. Simpson joins later - investigating arguably faulty dry fire hydrants on the Klamath Dam removal area and why it matters

Download 07-11-24_THURSDAY_6AM  07-11-2024 (21.78 MB)


  • Morning news headlines and opinion, Mr. X joins me for a Conspiracy Theory Thursday talk on the insane amount of groups and people with a vested interest in burning our landscape for so-called restoration.

Download 07-10-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  07-10-2024 (21.86 MB)


  • Greg Roberts breaks down the fire news at Rogue Weather Dot Com...also, what about the fire zones?? Open phones and more follow

Download 07-10-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  07-10-2024 (24.04 MB)


  • Great talk with JIM SULLIVAN, author of BACKSTAGE and BEYOND COMPLETE: 45 Years of Rock Chats & Rants - Has talked with anyone who was big in music from back in the day. Sen. Linthicuym joins in, SOS candidate - why the audit power MATTERS

Download 07-10-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  07-10-2024 (20.44 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines and commentary, Wheels Up Wednesday talk with auto journalist Eric Peters at EP Autos dot com...he had a close call we can learn from, why government safety is practically an oxymoron and other trasportation news and views

Download 07-09-24_TUESDAY_8AM  07-09-2024 (21.85 MB)


  • Greg Roberts has the latest fire report, Grants Pass councilor Dwayne Yunker talks the SCOTUS homeless case, meeting Wednesday where people can weigh in on it. He is concerned the city will go weak and not fight to return parks to city residents.

Download 07-09-24_TUESDAY_7AM  07-09-2024 (18.23 MB)


  • Open phones on Pebble in your shoe Tuesday, Jo County Herman Baertschiger - why the delay on the Pipe Fork Land sale? He explains the county POV.

Download 07-09-24_TUESDAY_6AM  07-09-2024 (24.32 MB)


  • Morning news and open phones start we wrap with Jason Sheppard, social media entrepreneur from WImkin Social Media and Date on the Right Dot Com. Jase talks SCOTUS punting on the social media censorship and other issues...he was called in by J6 and more.

Download 07-08-24_MONDAY_8AM  07-08-2024 (19.8 MB)


  • Dr. Dennis POwers with our Where Past Meets Present history segment on the Jackson County Fair, also tied into Mercy Flights history, too. Some scotus Trump analysis, too.

Download 07-08-24_MONDAY_7AM  07-08-2024 (43.15 MB)


  • State Rep. Court Boice digs into his attending the GOP Presidential Convention next week. Greg Roberts is on from Rogue Weather dot com with the latest on the Salt Fire.

Download 07-08-24_MONDAY_6AM  07-08-2024 (21.51 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines, if you were Pacific Power, would you be cutting off power? I think so. Carl Gould, entrpreneur leading authority on business. His company, 7 Stage Advisors helps business grow...Today he talks about an interesting retail trend

Download 07-03-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  07-04-2024 (25.35 MB)


  • Some open phones and a talk with Jackson County Clerk Chris Walker, who just received quite an honor from her colleagues and we talk about election integrity reforms a bit, too. Open phones, emails and more wrap the morning.

Download 07-03-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  07-04-2024 (19.15 MB)


  • Greg Roberts on for the hour with the outdoor report, heat, hurricane, other news and views.

Download 07-03-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  07-03-2024 (30.18 MB)


  • Morning news headlines and opinion for Wheels Up Wednesday...oh, that Jeff Merkley at it again protecting you from smoke...hmm. Eric Peters, EP Autos, talking independence day and how it can be once again, Great review on the Caddy CT4 and more

Download 07-02-24_TUESDAY_8AM  07-02-2024 (20.31 MB)


  • Open phones on pebble in your shoe Tuesday. A little later in the hour an open for business talk about the founding of Discount Fireworks Superstore with Pastor Ed Foresythe.

Download 07-02-24_TUESDAY_7AM  07-02-2024 (19.62 MB)


  • Michael Oneil from Landmark Legal Foundation blows up the Left wing hysteria over the supreme court decision in Trump immunity. Later a talk about the Extension Service defund and more with Jo County Commissioner Baertschieger.

Download 07-02-24_TUESDAY_6AM  07-02-2024 (21.93 MB)


  • Breaking down the news headlines of the morning and then a great talk with Catherine Englebrecht from TRUE THE VOTE dot org. How much election integrity is the U.S. system displaying? So much for polling, how secure...yep, it is a bit of hinky still.

Download 07-01-24_MONDAY_8AM  07-01-2024 (19.32 MB)


  • Part 2 of the Supreme Court Breakdown with Dr. Powers, some open phones, D62 quiz and emails of the day too.

Download 07-01-24_MONDAY_7AM  07-01-2024 (19.82 MB)


  • Open phones to start, Dr. Powers joins me at 730 for a multi-segment breakdown of all the Supreme Court action!

Download 07-01-24_MONDAY_6AM  07-01-2024 (21.79 MB)


  • Morning news and commentary and Rick Manning has the DC swamp update for this morning instead of Friday...Debate, the supreme court cases and a lot more nourishing talk.

Download 06-28-24_FRIDAY_8AM  06-28-2024 (14.66 MB)


  • RIchard Emmons, on the board of the Gospel Rescue Mission, joins to discuss the breaking news of Grants Pass v Johnson homeless case decided in favor of the City. What happens now? More calls follow.

Download 06-28-24_FRIDAY_7AM  06-28-2024 (25.33 MB)


  • Greg ROberts has the Outdoors Report for today from Rogue Weather and Oregon Truck and AUtho Authority. Back to more calls and news re the presidential debate.

Download 06-28-24_FRIDAY_6AM  06-28-2024 (22.47 MB)


  • Morning news and conversation about the Thursday night Presidential Debate. What did you think?

Download 06-27-24_THURSDAY_8AM  06-27-2024 (20.85 MB)


  • Richard Emmons joins in from the Oregon Eagle...his latest is why we all owe a debt of gratitude to Julian Assange. Open phones and emails and more follow.

Download 06-27-24_THURSDAY_7AM  06-27-2024 (18.79 MB)


  • Capt. Bill Simpson talks of the challenge of dipping mud out of the Klamath...hmm, a firefighting issue yet to come? Mr. Outdoors digs into conspiracy theory thursday from chemtrails to halos around the sun.

Download 06-27-24_THURSDAY_6AM  06-27-2024 (23.97 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines, commentary, Oxygen Park, really?? Ilya Shapiro is on, legal fellow from the Manhattan Institute - the Murthy v. Missouri case on the feds jawboning social media and high tech against the people.

Download 06-26-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  06-26-2024 (21.29 MB)


  • Holli Morton, Jo County GOP Chair me about the challenge of moving Republican legislators to just say NO to bad Democrat Party Bills...Lying to conservatives about real intentions by candidates only works....ONCE.

Download 06-26-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  06-26-2024 (21.12 MB)


  • Open phones on various topics...GOP Secretary of State Candidate Dennis Linthicum digs into election rules, the number 1 job of a sec of state and why it is so important to have a GOP SOS on the case.

Download 06-26-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  06-26-2024 (20.87 MB)


  • Digging into the news of the day, Wheels Up Wednesday segments with Eric Peters from EP Autos Dot Com - The run amuck Tesla Truck, Land Rover Review and lots of calls and commentary.

Download 06-25-24_TUESDAY_8AM  06-25-2024 (18.51 MB)


  • Researcher Mr. X takes the Monday talk of listener Gino to the next level, why the consensus process meeting (OR Kitchen Table, Fire Meetings) are intrusions against the constitution. Open for business with Cheriess at No Wires, some calls and more.

Download 06-25-24_TUESDAY_7AM  06-25-2024 (19.15 MB)


  • Nick Fondacaro is the associate editor for the Media Research Center. CNN faces a BILLION $ lawsuit, wow! Herman Baertschiger talks the 4H extension office funding controversy, fire map meeting uselessness.

Download 06-25-24_TUESDAY_6AM  06-25-2024 (22.03 MB)


  • Morning news and why Dems are not like us. Congressman Cliff Bentz talks the funding, battle on the snake river, Ukraine (we disagree) other issues.

Download 06-24-24_MONDAY_8AM  06-24-2024 (17.87 MB)


  • 0Dr. Dennis Powers with todays history segment - all the fun of the Rooster Crow, plus talk on SCOTUS, the Trump-Biden debate and other news.

Download 06-24-24_MONDAY_7AM  06-24-2024 (21.87 MB)


  • Listener Gino talks of his experience in calling out the consensus-style meetings plaguing our public process. (Oregon Kitchen Table and the Like) Builders Association Brad Bennington shares some FED regs that could increase costs of a house by 31K, wow.

Download 06-24-24_MONDAY_6AM  06-24-2024 (21.01 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion and a fun talk with Steve Milloy, founder of Junk Science Dot Com - relax about the heatwaves, k?

Download 06-21-24_FRIDAY_8AM  06-21-2024 (21.17 MB)


  • Wild Horse Fire Brigade founder Capt. Bill Simpson talks fire treatment, the Monument, the discovery of a road beneath Iron Gate Lake - still a right of way? Thriller author Ryan Steck, his latest is OUT FOR BLOOD - a great read and we discuss

Download 06-21-24_FRIDAY_7AM  06-21-2024 (19.85 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoors with the report, talk on fire, temps and weather and where it is going! State Rep. Dwayne Yunker talks the 4H extension funding controversy in Jo County. They whole gang is woke as can be and he thinks it should be defunded.

Download 06-21-24_FRIDAY_6AM  06-21-2024 (21.72 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines of the day, a great DC swamp talk with Rick Manning, including discussion on the best VP pick for Trump...the conclusion net week.

Download 06-20-24_THURSDAY_8AM  06-20-2024 (17.25 MB)


  • Ethologist Capt. WIlliam E. Simpson joins the show from Northern California for a talk on fire treatment and the discovery of a road buried under the Irongate Lake. I catch up with Colin Mochrie, part of the hilarious comedy duo coming to the Britt 6-30.

Download 06-20-24_THURSDAY_7AM  06-20-2024 (20.97 MB)


  • Open phones and topics start the hour, Dr. John Lott Jr from the Crime Prevention Research Center talks the manifesto of the Coventry Mass Murderer - whoa, lots of white hatred and transgender.

Download 06-20-24_THURSDAY_6AM  06-20-2024 (23.74 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday headlines and calls and then Melissa Henson, VP of the Parents Children Television Council - Surgeon General wants a warning label for kids and social media.

Download 06-19-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  06-19-2024 (22.94 MB)


  • Mr. X on the Jetboat meeting, the fire meeting, oh, the to fight it. Open phones, D62 Quiz, and some emails of the day, too.

Download 06-19-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  06-19-2024 (20.12 MB)


  • Open phones, Dr. Singleton, RIP, other news and views, Prov Nurse on strike, Sec of State Candidate Dennis Linthicum is on, a discussion on the power of the audit and other matters pertaining to liberty.

Download 06-19-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  06-19-2024 (22.33 MB)


  • We said so long to our cat Chester...really touched hearts, for sure, open phones and headlines, Eric Peters Joins from Ep Autos Dot Com, review on the latest EV from Nissan, another car goes away, other news from the open road.

Download 06-13-24_THURSDAY_8AM  06-13-2024 (19.45 MB)


  • Matt, a former stockbroker, and I talk the markets and politics...just kind of a riff on the situations.

Download 06-13-24_THURSDAY_7AM  06-13-2024 (20.78 MB)


  • Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather Dot com with the latest Outdoor Report. Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger responds to tell what happened with the big OSU Extrension controversy in Jo County.

Download 06-13-24_THURSDAY_6AM  06-13-2024 (22.69 MB)


  • An update on the red light camera case in Medford, the DC swamp update with Rick Manning and the latest political news and views...Big deal right now is Congress should do NOTHING in order to protect a conservative agenda.

Download 06-12-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  06-12-2024 (19.63 MB)


  • Dan Hampton joins the show, former AF pilot, loads of wartime service and he authors VANISHING ACT - about the unknown mysteries behind the WWII Doolittle Raid over Tokyo. D62 quiz and open phone, emails follow.

Download 06-12-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  06-12-2024 (21.54 MB)


  • A talk on the Biden conviction and the attack on SCOTUS with Landmark Legal Foundation VP Michael Oneil. THen on to the state issues and views with Secretary of State candidate and current State Senator Dennis Linthicum.

Download 06-12-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  06-12-2024 (21.14 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines, and our always-interesting Wheels Up Wednesday talk with Ep Authos dot com auto journalist Eric Peters.

Download 06-11-24_TUESDAY_8AM  06-11-2024 (18.48 MB)


  • Jonathan Knapp has a plan to change the Josephine County Charter IN A GOOD WAY, redifining to body politic, banning sales taxes and ranked choice voting and we dig into it. Open for Business with Cheriesse at No Wires saving you money!!

Download 06-11-24_TUESDAY_7AM  06-11-2024 (16.46 MB)


  • Randell Embertson, Jackson County Republican Party Chair is on to tell you all about MOGA, Make Oregon Great again, tons of speakers June 22nd at the Expo. Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger talks ODOT wanting more money, other news and politics.

Download 06-11-24_TUESDAY_6AM  06-11-2024 (10.03 MB)


  • Headlines and opinion and pebble in your shoe tuesday calls start...I am missing the second half of the hour, will repost tomorrow.

Download 06-10-24_MONDAY_8AM  06-10-2024 (19.64 MB)


  • Where past Meets Present segment with Dr. Powers, history of the RV Zip Line, the latest craziness coddling criminals coming out of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Dave May, co-owner of Medford Rogues talks their home stand for this week.

Download 06-10-24_MONDAY_7AM  06-10-2024 (22.66 MB)


  • Jackson County Commissioner Dave Dotterer dives into the controversy over Fed fire recovery money not making it to local businesses...politics, city of Talent playing games? Open phones follow.

Download 06-10-24_MONDAY_6AM  06-10-2024 (21.9 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines and we dig into more reasons to comment on the June 17th Monday Oregon Kitchen Table group talk on jetboats, Medford Library, 530 to 730p. Mr. X explains...

Download 06-07-24_FRIDAY_7AM  06-09-2024 (21.2 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoors with his latest report for the weekend, open phones and talk on the issues in play.

Download 06-07-24_FRIDAY_8AM  06-07-2024 (17.77 MB)


  • Gregory Wrightstone, geologist, member of the CO2 Coalition and author of a Very Convenient Warming - great talk on how CO2 is actually a HELP, not a hindrance to the planet. Greta Thuneburg is apoplectic. Open phones and emails of the day follow

Download 06-07-24_FRIDAY_6AM  06-07-2024 (24.44 MB)


  • Morning headlines and opinion and then an interesting DC Swamp update with Rick Manning, Americans 4 Limited Government president. DJT doing well with black and hispanic males, how coalitions in the GOP worked in the past. Renters and the election..

Download 06-06-24_THURSDAY_8AM  06-06-2024 (16.89 MB)


  • Calls and a talk with Capt. WIlliam E. Simpson - Wyden announces a new 300 million dollar prescribed burn plan, Bill is NOT impressed and explains why. Some open phones, emails of the day and more.

Download 06-06-24_THURSDAY_7AM  06-06-2024 (20.6 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday Open phones, Jack Cashil, independent writer and author of ASHLI - The Untold Story of the Women of January 6

Download 06-06-24_THURSDAY_6AM  06-06-2024 (20.4 MB)


  • D Day, Morning headlines and opinion and a talk with Richard Emmons, publisher and editor at the OREGON EAGLE on the challenges in print journalism. EO Media with big cutbacks at the R-V Times, Portland Tribune sold to the Carpenter Group.

Download 06-05-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  06-05-2024 (21.9 MB)


  • Steve chimes in on news, then Dr. Jane Orient MD from Association of American Physicians and Surgeons - Big win for Dr. Free speech and we discuss it. Open for business with Randal from Adanced Air, D62 quiz and more

Download 06-05-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  06-05-2024 (21.72 MB)


  • Open phones on the issues of the day, Secretary of State GOP candidate Dennis Linthicum wit more on needed reform to elections, a good dose of constitutionalism, too. Elect Dennis Dot Com

Download 06-05-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  06-05-2024 (24.35 MB)


  • News headlines and commentary, Eric Peters joins me for another great talk from EP on cars, politics, and the nanny state.

Download 06-04-24_TUESDAY_7AM  06-05-2024 (23.98 MB)


  • Charles Marino, author of TERRORISTS ON THE BORDER AND IN OUR COUNTRY. Yep, serious business there. Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger discusses why the verdict last week is so dangerous, big issues in the jo co budget, too.

Download 06-04-24_TUESDAY_8AM  06-04-2024 (16.59 MB)


  • Open phones and calls on all sorts of topics this hour.

Download 06-04-24_TUESDAY_6AM  06-04-2024 (22.01 MB)


  • Morning news and, the political texts. Also a great talk with Gregg Phillips, creator of Ground Fusion AI, a platform that revolutionizes targeted political engagement with data on 211 million voters. - to help conservatives!

Download 06-03-24_MONDAY_8AM  06-03-2024 (16.09 MB)


  • Dr. Powers and a discussion on the Trump Verdict - can we expect legal reform? D62 quiz, some open phones and more.

Download 06-03-24_MONDAY_7AM  06-03-2024 (21.2 MB)


  • Kristen Roberts, intellectual property attorney from San Diego, digs into Artificial Intelligence and the legalities of who owns what...Law is behind the curve on tech, that's for sure. State Rep. Dwayne Yunker - Oregon economy sustainable??

Download 06-03-24_MONDAY_6AM  06-03-2024 (22.74 MB)


  • Open phone topics and news for the first hour.

Download 05-31-24_FRIDAY_8AM  05-31-2024 (15.01 MB)


  • 05-31-24_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 05-31-24_FRIDAY_7AM  05-31-2024 (23.33 MB)


  • 05-31-24_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 05-31-24_FRIDAY_6AM  05-31-2024 (20.9 MB)


  • 05-31-24_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 05-30-24_THURSDAY_8AM  05-31-2024 (48.22 MB)


  • 05-30-24_THURSDAY_8AM

Download 05-30-24_THURSDAY_7AM  05-31-2024 (20.06 MB)


  • 05-30-24_THURSDAY_7AM

Download 05-30-24_THURSDAY_6AM  05-31-2024 (21.39 MB)


  • 05-30-24_THURSDAY_6AM

Download 05-29-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-29-2024 (17.63 MB)


  • D62 quiz, always interesting...some open phones then a great talk with Front Page Mag investigative journalist DANIEL GREENFIELD - author of DOMESTIC ENEMIES: The Founding Fathers Fight Against the Left. Yep, LEFT was after even the Founders!

Download 05-29-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-29-2024 (19.44 MB)


  • open phones and topics and we dig into the Secretary of State race with GOP candidate and current state senator Dennis Linthicum

Download 05-29-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-29-2024 (19.9 MB)


  • Dr. Michael Ready M.D. joins me from Do No Harm Medicine dot org - concerned that TEXAS went all in on gender ideology. Eric Peters is in for anoher great wheels up Wednesday talk on cars and politics, new Subaru Review, Pete and the lack of chargers, etc

Download 05-28-24_TUESDAY_8AM  05-28-2024 (17.26 MB)


  • Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts...the fire map issue, the jet boats on the upper rogue, the resource management plan for the Monument...time to get those comments rolling in. Mr. X and others comment in open phones, Open for Biz with No Wires!

Download 05-28-24_TUESDAY_7AM  05-28-2024 (19.77 MB)


  • Mark Selligman runs for HD3 rep as a Democrat. What makes his candidacy different, we discuss. Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger - Economic development, what could work in SW Oregon?

Download 05-28-24_TUESDAY_6AM  05-28-2024 (22.88 MB)


  • News and open phones for the hour, all sorts of topics to reference memorial day? It is solemn, so Happy Memorial Day is no good?

Download 05-24-24_FRIDAY_8AM  05-24-2024 (17.94 MB)


  • Open phones and topics and later a talk with Capt. William E. Simpson. Is prescribed burning over-rated?

Download 05-24-24_FRIDAY_7AM  05-24-2024 (24.07 MB)


  • Greg Roberts is on from Rogue Weather Dot Com, the outdoor report, fishing news, Boatnik and more. Matt from Grants Pass and I talk the recent market moves and financial happenings. Matt is a 30-year former stockbroker and market follower.

Download 05-24-24_FRIDAY_6AM  05-24-2024 (20.23 MB)


  • Headlines and news that got lost in the shuffle and later a great talk with Rick Manning from Americans For LImited Government. We talk the Post Office Challenge and we MUST tell Congress not to mess with Sec. will break the internet.

Download 05-23-24_THURSDAY_8AM  05-23-2024 (18.65 MB)


  • State Senate GOP candidate Noah Robinson joins the show and we talk the general election plan and other news. D62 quiz, Emails of the Day, some open phones, Lucretia ties me up in knots to wrap up Conspiracy Theory Thursday :-)

Download 05-23-24_THURSDAY_7AM  05-23-2024 (21.87 MB)


  • Conspiracy THeory Thursdsay calls and topics, Mark Lippelman (attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom) fighrts for the local Youth 71-5 Ministries lawsuit in Medford earlier this week - about grant funding denied to them due to religion.

Download 05-23-24_THURSDAY_6AM  05-23-2024 (20.65 MB)


  • Morning news and commentary start and then a talk with Andrew Riddaugh, CEO of LiberationTek, a non-woke web services company and we discuss the incredible bias of Google AI Gemini...

Download 05-22-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-22-2024 (20.73 MB)


  • A rundown on the winners and losers, Kevin Starrett joins from Oregon Firearms for post-election discussion, and Oregon Gun Rights fraud, etc. Open phones and emails of the day follow.

Download 05-22-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-22-2024 (18.92 MB)


  • Breakdown of the election results, overall a pretty good night. Wheels Up Wednesday with auto journalist Eric Peters, Maverick review and other news, views and opinions of what gets us on the open road.

Download 05-22-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-22-2024 (21.84 MB)


  • More election analysis with Jo Co commissioner Baertscheiger (Former ORP chair) and a talk with both winning Linthicums - Diane, Senate-elect from District 28, and Secretary of State GOP nominee Dennis Linthicum

Download 05-21-24_TUESDAY_8AM  05-21-2024 (20.59 MB)


  • Trans Girl (in other words, biological boy) beating the tar out of biological girls at the state track meet in Eugene. State Rep. Dwayne Yunker was fair is this to the bio girls? Open phones, D62, emails ot the day, too.

Download 05-21-24_TUESDAY_7AM  05-21-2024 (19.1 MB)


  • More open phones and news and then Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger joins to talk about the massive negative impact inflation will have on local government. Buckle Up!

Download 05-21-24_TUESDAY_6AM  05-21-2024 (21.31 MB)


  • News and open phones for Pebble In Your Shoe Tuesday

Download 05-20-24_MONDAY_8AM  05-20-2024 (21.74 MB)


  • Calls about the Fentanyl test guest, Dave and Lynn and others way in. Dr. Powers WHere Past meets Present history segment - Art Pollard the gentleman racer for today. Other news and some open phones and more later.

Download 05-20-24_MONDAY_7AM  05-20-2024 (18.19 MB)


  • Open phones start, Jason Sheppard (Wimkin Social Media) is back with a 5 minute Fentanyl test that is actually affordable and is the first over the counter test available. We talk how it works and why there is a need.

Download 05-20-24_MONDAY_6AM  05-20-2024 (26.52 MB)


  • Morning news stories get things started and later it's Joey Chester from chiming in on the latest outrage from the Joe Biden border group...IDs, official ID for illegals.

Download 05-17-24_FRIDAY_8AM  05-17-2024 (24.49 MB)


  • Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger talks a bit of politics and then the history of Boatnik. Open phones follow.

Download 05-17-24_FRIDAY_7AM  05-17-2024 (27.76 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoors and I talk everything from the outdoor report to fire extinguishers, other news. State Sen. Brian Boquist is on the case running for state treasure, we discuss that, potential lawsuits over hit pieces and more.

Download 05-17-24_FRIDAY_6AM  05-17-2024 (39.61 MB)


  • Morning news headline noodlings and some calls and a great DC swamp update on AOC v MTG, the Trump Trial, the attack on the 1st amendment and more - Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government

Download 05-16-24_THURSDAY_8AM  05-16-2024 (27.62 MB)


  • Open phones talk including Mr. X and Kevin Gill (Clouser Drilling) on the importance of commenting at the water meeting tonight...coming after your well. Open phones, Phil Grammatica drops by - Big Gun show this weekend!

Download 05-16-24_THURSDAY_7AM  05-16-2024 (17.56 MB)


  • David Jaques, Editor of the Roseburg Beacon, pens an incredible Editorial, Crumbling of Confidence, which really resonates. Jared Knott joins me, author of TINY BLUNDERS, BIG DISASTERS...the butterfly effect in real-life history (Very interesting book)

Download 05-16-24_THURSDAY_6AM  05-16-2024 (22.01 MB)


  • Morning headlines and commentary and a catch up with State Representative Court Boice on the political issues of the day.

Download 05-15-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-15-2024 (20.86 MB)


  • Rhyen Stayley, researcher for Parents Defending Education talks restorative justice...what it means and why is Medford 549C doing this? Open phones follow.

Download 05-15-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-15-2024 (20.85 MB)


  • Craig Whitlock, investigative reporter and author of FAT LEONARD: How One Man Bribed, Bilked and Seduced the US Navy, Secretary of State candidate Dennis Linthicum catches us up on his campaign.

Download 05-15-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-15-2024 (21.24 MB)


  • Morning news and talk starts and another great Wheels up Wednesday with auto journalist Eric Peters at EpAutos dot com

Download 05-14-24_TUESDAY_8AM  05-14-2024 (23.33 MB)


  • James Keyes, former CEO of 7-11 and Blockbuster gets passionate about sending kids to college. His book - EDUCATION IS FREEDOM. Talks the importance of national competetiveness and an educated populace is key. Open phones, D62 quiz and more.

Download 05-14-24_TUESDAY_7AM  05-14-2024 (26.2 MB)


  • I talk with Jackson County Emergency Manager Holly Powers about the Citizen Alert test being conducted today and how to sign up for them. Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger talks the Dems re-registering as GOP. A new twist on Operation Chaos??

Download 05-14-24_TUESDAY_6AM  05-14-2024 (17.09 MB)


  • Morning news and stories and Pebble in your shoe Tuesday calls for the first hour of the show. I also talk with Mr. X about the Kitchen Table Conversation group from the state - conditioning us to use that damn policy consensus process, lock up the Rogue

Download 05-13-24_MONDAY_8AM  05-13-2024 (21.45 MB)


  • Dr. Powers with Where Past Meets Present on the founding of BOATNIK. We talk Trump Trial the Twin Ray cult in Ashland and other news. Diana Anderson puts on 2 more free educational seminars in CP and Shady Cove - all new info - fighting the 15 min cities.

Download 05-13-24_MONDAY_7AM  05-13-2024 (20.48 MB)


  • Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of TRUE THE VOTE - what influence will the Biden illegal alien horde have on the elections? Captain Bill Simpson takes on another wildlife author who Bill thinks has the WIld Horse view all wrong.

Download 05-13-24_MONDAY_6AM  05-13-2024 (22.13 MB)


  • Open phones and topics for the first hour on all your news and views.

Download 05-10-24_FRIDAY_8AM  05-10-2024 (20.79 MB)


  • State Rep Dwayne Yunker talks the 2nd district Senate controversy, also rejects his endorsement from a fake endorsement site Oregon Gun rights dot org. D62 quiz, open phones, emails of the day.

Download 05-10-24_FRIDAY_7AM  05-10-2024 (20.13 MB)


  • Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather with the latest Outdoor report. Oregon Eagle publisher and editor Richard Emmons talks with me about the Three Rivers School bond...suggests a NO vote.

Download 05-10-24_FRIDAY_6AM  05-10-2024 (22.86 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion and right into the DC swamp update with RIck Manning. Dems rescue Mike Johnson, what about that snti-semitism awareness bill. Does anyone read the constitution anymore?

Download 05-09-24_THURSDAY_8AM  05-09-2024 (19.32 MB)


  • Dr. Noah Robinson, state senate candidate for district 2 is in studio. Hit piece from Vikki Iverson Pac...hmm, some open phones, D62 quiz and emails of the day.

Download 05-09-24_THURSDAY_7AM  05-09-2024 (19.3 MB)


  • Open phones on Conspiracy Theory Thursday. Zen Honeycutt from Moms Across America talks states going after cancer-causing chemicals in snacks and candies.

Download 05-09-24_THURSDAY_6AM  05-09-2024 (21.71 MB)


  • News and headlines, later Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, Chairman of medical watchdog group Do No Harm talks MIT having eliminated DEI statements of new hires. Are we past Peak woke??

Download 05-08-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-08-2024 (19.69 MB)


  • SD 28 State Senate candidate Diane Linthicum on talking the race and the lobby influences. Open phones, emails of the day.

Download 05-08-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-08-2024 (19.43 MB)


  • Open phones a bit, conversation with Sec of State candidate Dennis Linthicum

Download 05-08-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-08-2024 (19.81 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion takes us into WHEELS UP WEDNESDAY talk with auto journalist Eric Peters and loads of listener questions, too.

Download 05-07-24_TUESDAY_8AM  05-07-2024 (18.49 MB)


  • What does it look like to REALLY defend your people from the lobbyists and special interests in Salem? Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms and I engage on that and other political topics. Some open phones and emails of the day, too.

Download 05-07-24_TUESDAY_7AM  05-07-2024 (25.63 MB)


  • Open phones and stories, later Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger talks the sale of the Lark property, a dismissal of a county employee, and the undue influence of the lobbyists in the current PRIMARY elections.

Download 05-07-24_TUESDAY_6AM  05-07-2024 (19.47 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion start, Joey Chester joins me from Federation for Immigration Reform - Joe wants Gazan refugees here! Later it is film critic Glenn Kenney, author of THE WORLD IS YOURS - THE STORY OF SCARFACE.

Download 05-06-24_MONDAY_8AM  05-06-2024 (16.28 MB)


  • Dr. Powers with Where Past Meets Present, History profile of Patty McCoy Moran, jazz pianist! DIscussion on DA and judicial candidates in the May 21st election.

Download 05-06-24_MONDAY_7AM  05-06-2024 (27.3 MB)


  • AN hour of news and open phones!

Download 05-06-24_MONDAY_6AM  05-06-2024 (18.88 MB)


  • Morning hews and headlines first and then a great talk with actor and producer NICK SEARCY (Judgement) who has a new documentary out May 17th, The WAR ON TRUTH about J6 and the injustice of it all.

Download 05-03-24_FRIDAY_8AM  05-03-2024 (19.29 MB)


  • Open phones start the hour, then Richard Emmons, publisher and editor of the OREGON EAGLE is on discussing the county charter changes in both counties.

Download 05-03-24_FRIDAY_7AM_2  05-03-2024 (8.78 MB)


  • A talk with Ron Smith, Candidate for Josephine County Commission position 3 on various issues.

Download 05-03-24_FRIDAY_7AM_1  05-03-2024 (9.04 MB)


  • The Outdoor report and more with Greg Roberts From Rogue Weather!

Download 05-03-24_FRIDAY_6AM  05-03-2024 (21.12 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines, some calls, and the DC Swamp update with Rick Manning - Great talk on the 3 factions which divide the Republican Party, and the governing plan for 2025, why nothing will really get done this year.

Download 05-02-24_THURSDAY_8AM  05-02-2024 (19.84 MB)


  • A 43-year experienced former lineman for Pacific Power, Mr. Z., joins wth Brad Bennington of the Builders Association of Southern Oregon - How resilient and reliable is our power grid?

Download 05-02-24_THURSDAY_7AM_2  05-02-2024 (9.49 MB)


  • Alyssa Bartholomew, Candidate for Jackson County District Attorney is on to discuss the issues, asking for your vote.

Download 05-02-24_THURSDAY_7AM  05-02-2024 (9.24 MB)


  • Open phones and news for Conspiracy Theory Thursday

Download 05-02-24_THURSDAY_6AM_2  05-02-2024 (11.66 MB)


  • Congressman Cliff Bentz joins the show and discusses the push to delist the Gray Wolf from the ESA, the votes on FISA, Foreign Aid, will the speaker be kicked out of the position next week?

Download 05-02-24_THURSDAY_6AM  05-02-2024 (7.02 MB)


  • Morning news and calls for Conspiracy Theory Thursday

Download 05-01-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-01-2024 (19.24 MB)


  • Open phones on various topics to start and an Open for Business from Advanced Air, only 80 bucks gets you a second opinion on a repair today...big credits available on new units and more.

Download 05-01-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-01-2024 (17.08 MB)


  • Mark Seligman is running as a Democrat for HD3 state rep and we talk the issues, State Rep and Sec of State candidate Dennis Linthicum is on, we talk the BLOBBY voter turnout push from the incumbent, what he would do with this weirdness and more.

Download 05-01-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-01-2024 (22.24 MB)


  • A recap of the no on 224-225-226 meeting, a report from Jackson County For All, and other news. Eric Peters is on for WHEELS UP WEDNESDAY - Pete BootyGig drops a rule that mandates your car will brake FOR you. Hmm.

Download 04-30-24_TUESDAY_8AM  04-30-2024 (21.15 MB)


  • Pebble in your Shoe Tuesday calls on various topics. Later an Open For Business Segment with Royal Stanley from OPFA and and Todd Tippin from TMT Business SVC - Next 3 Thursdays presentations on how to sell a business and make money last in retirement!

Download 04-30-24_TUESDAY_7AM  04-30-2024 (17.54 MB)


  • State Rep Dwayne Yunker at the border with other GOP folks, gives observations...Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger talks inflation...what it is really doing to our gov and personal economy.

Download 04-30-24_TUESDAY_6AM  04-30-2024 (19.44 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines...are you prepped for a 22 perccent power bill hike? Yikes. Dr. Jane Orient MD from Assoc Of American Physicians and Surgeons poses questions of rising, not lowering deaths after V19 vax introduced.

Download 04-29-24_MONDAY_8AM  04-29-2024 (22.51 MB)


  • Dr. Powers with Where Past Meets Present and story behind Dagoba Chocolate, and then Trump Trial Talk, SCOTUS and Immunity arguments, what about the Native AMerican Studies Prof being outed at SOU for not being Native AMerican?

Download 04-29-24_MONDAY_7AM  04-29-2024 (17.39 MB)


  • Jackson County COmmissioner COlleen Roberts and Joyce Mchelangelo discuss the badness of Measures 15-224, 225, and 226. Event tonight 6pm in Eagle Point, Medford Tuesday at 6pm. Chris Barnett wants your vote for Jo County Commissioner!

Download 04-29-24_MONDAY_6AM  04-29-2024 (21.57 MB)


  • MOrning news and opinion, Dr. Currie Meyers, retired sheriff and criminologist talks the rise of FERAL MAN (Name of his new book) and why we might try an old drug war tactic to go after Fentanyl

Download 04-26-24_FRIDAY_8AM  04-26-2024 (22.02 MB)


  • Open phones start the hour and what is the deal with all these fake endorsement sites...including Oregon Gun Rights. Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms weighs in with his perspective

Download 04-26-24_FRIDAY_7AM  04-26-2024 (19.88 MB)


  • Greg Roberts is on for the outdoor report and the wolf report...and the shot mountain lion report, too. Jackson County Deputy DA Patrick Greene talks the race for DA, Asante Case, the judges issue, more info.

Download 04-26-24_FRIDAY_6AM  04-26-2024 (21.89 MB)


  • Into the morning news and a dive into the Trump VP pick possibilities...oh, and the collapse on foreign aid funding. That and more with Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government

Download 04-25-24_THURSDAY_8AM  04-25-2024 (21.59 MB)


  • Brad Fay with southern Oregon PBS is on with others connected with a brand new documentary premiering tonight on SOPBS - OTHER SIDE OF THE HILL - there is a big Gold RUsh for renewable energy money in E. OR. Open phones follow.

Download 04-25-24_THURSDAY_7AM  04-25-2024 (17.16 MB)


  • Todd Farcau was at a recent JACKSON COUNTY FOR ALL meeting on those horrid charter changes and shares his thoughts. Later, former GA Congressman Jody Hice, founding member of the Freedom Caucus. We talk election integrity, his book SACRED TRUST.

Download 04-25-24_THURSDAY_6AM  04-25-2024 (23.06 MB)


  • Morning news and open phones on Conspiracy Theory Thursday, Dr. Steven Greenleafe joins me later regarding the Trump Immunity hearing at SCOTUS. Open phones follow.

Download 04-24-24_WEDNESDAY_8AM  04-24-2024 (18.36 MB)


  • Open phones, a lot of immigration and homeless case discussion. Later I talk with Don Powers, at this Saturday PATRIOT CONFERENCE in Grants Pass - What is REALLY going on with human trafficking at the southern border?

Download 04-24-24_WEDNESDAY_7AM  04-24-2024 (20.88 MB)


  • Mark Miller, attorney with Pacific Legal Foundation - Supreme Court hears arguments in City of Grants Pass v. Johnson and Miller explains it all. State Senator Dennis Linthicum is running for Sec of State, we break more of that race down.

Download 04-24-24_WEDNESDAY_6AM  04-24-2024 (20.87 MB)


  • The charter them ALL down, Wheels Up Wednesday with Eric Peters at EP Autos dot com, Toyota Corolla Review, the attack on Toyota and more.

Download 04-23-24_TUESDAY_8AM  04-23-2024 (19.28 MB)


  • Johan Pietila, running for Jackson County Circuit Court Judge, Seat 9...we talk the justice system and what he would bring to the position. Trevor Loudon, author, speaker, filmmaker at Saturday Patriot Conference in Jo Co - He brings it...

Download 04-23-24_TUESDAY_7AM  04-23-2024 (21.32 MB)


  • Open phones on Pebble in Your Shoe Tuesday, Commissioner Baertschiger talks our politics, always interesting discussion.

Download 04-23-24_TUESDAY_6AM  04-23-2024 (18.11 MB)


  • Morning News and opinion, Any jurors on the Trump Trial who might vote to NOT convict? That and more with Dr. Carole Lieberman M.D.

Download 04-22-24_MONDAY_8AM  04-22-2024 (19.63 MB)


  • Dr. Dennis POwers discusses the GP Scotus Case, the Trump trial and a lot more news with me. D62 quiz, open phones, email of the day re the charter changes.

Download 04-22-24_MONDAY_7AM  04-22-2024 (19.56 MB)


  • Loren gets back from Phoenix AZ with a take on homelessness there. Jo Co GOP chair Holli Morton talks the Friday Senate candidates debate and the upcoming PATRIOTS CONFERENCE this Saturday. State Rep Yunker talks Title IX and the cancellers coming for him

Download 04-22-24_MONDAY_6AM  04-22-2024 (22.37 MB)


  • Hey, happy Earth Day...whatever. SCOTUS hears the Grants Pass Case and we talk about that and more later in the hour with Epoch Times Reporter Matt Vadum. Open phones follow.