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Download 01-21-22_FRIDAY_6AM  01-21-2022 (19.36 MB)


  • I dig into the morning headlines, we have open phones for a bit on the news, then Rick Manning with Americans for Limited Government, and an in-depth discussion of Ukraine and our response.

Download 01-21-22_FRIDAY_7AM  01-21-2022 (15.4 MB)


  • Guests include gubernatorial candidate Bridget Barton, Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts talks some of the Covid meeting news, public health, code enforcement issues, Ron Gordon at Edward Jones breaks down the market news, too.

Download 01-21-22_FRIDAY_8AM  01-21-2022 (16.94 MB)


  • Robert Gore, author, blogger, thinker and aggregrator at Straight Line Logic Dot Com - we talk his latest essay, the must-read THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE. Some open phone talk, we catch up with Kim Andresen at the POLAR PLUNGE, too.

Download 01-20-22_THURSDAY_6AM  01-20-2022 (18.04 MB)


  • Open phones and news for Conspiracy Theory Thursday

Download 01-20-22_THURSDAY_7AM  01-20-2022 (21.7 MB)


  • Creek Stewart, a very knowledgeable prepper, discusses his new book The Disaster-Ready Home. Open phones follow

Download 01-20-22_THURSDAY_8AM  01-20-2022 (16.03 MB)


  • More open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, a marijuana worker speaks freely about a bad experience and Matt Allen joins me for an Open for Business segment from Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC. Interest rates are going up, what will it do?

Download 01-19-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  01-19-2022 (21.44 MB)


  • Digging into the morning news, Flying Lark, other stories, and then WHEELS UP WEDNESDAY, talking cars and transportation politicis with Eric Peters at EP Autos Dot Com

Download 01-19-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  01-19-2022 (19.39 MB)


  • Mary Starrett, Yamhill County Commissioner, talks about an online meeting later this morning - The goal is to get a more balanced approach to Covid and the narrative. Josephine County Commissioner Baertschiger talks Flying Lark, politicized recall, etc.

Download 01-19-22_WEDNESDAY_8AM  01-19-2022 (21.51 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones talks with Bill about the market action, and a great talk with Robert Gore from Straight Line Logic Dot Com, He has released part one of THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE, worth your time. Open phones follow.

Download 01-14-22_FRIDAY_6AM  01-14-2022 (19.68 MB)


  • Morning news, talk of the FIRESTORM statue funding pullout by City of Medford, Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government - a very informative breakdown of the SCOTUS decisions and more

Download 01-14-22_FRIDAY_7AM  01-14-2022 (18.24 MB)


  • Greg Roberts brings on the outdoor report, Jo Co Commissioner Herman Baertschiger discusses the complexity of getting a handle on marijuana and hemp regs

Download 01-14-22_FRIDAY_8AM  01-14-2022 (24.18 MB)


  • Ron Gordon updates the market news and open phones for the hour.

Download 01-13-22_THURSDAY_6AM  01-13-2022 (22.23 MB)


  • My first guest is Anthony Sabato Jr., conservative filmaker, and we talk about his latest, GODS NOT DEAD: We the People. Anthony has paid a high price for his conservatism, but sticks to his guns! Open phones follow on Conspiracy Theory Thursday.

Download 01-13-22_THURSDAY_7AM  01-13-2022 (21.95 MB)


  • Marc Taylor, founding board member of the Southern Oregon Hemp Co-Op talks with me about the case of the Wetzels, an older couple in Eagle Point, being fined $150,000 because of pot violations from a tenant, lots of conversation about this with callers

Download 01-13-22_THURSDAY_8AM  01-13-2022 (17.69 MB)


  • More open phones on CTT, prop rights and more, Rachel Dawson from Cascade Policy - Hey, you are paying more for electricity so rich Portlanders get car chargers!!

Download 01-12-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  01-12-2022 (21.64 MB)


  • Open phones and news, public art...not a fan, Eric Peters from EP Autos Dot Com, another stellar talk on transportation, politics and more.

Download 01-12-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  01-12-2022 (20.53 MB)


  • Emails of the days then a lot of conversation and catch up with Oregon 2nd District U.S. Congressman Cliff Bentz

Download 01-12-22_WEDNESDAY_8AM  01-12-2022 (22.17 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the latest financial news and views, another ICE BUCKET CHALLANGE - in this case Kevin Starrett and I expose some horrid legislation being planned. Open for Business with Advanced Air, and some open phones, too.

Download 01-11-22_TUESDAY_6AM  01-11-2022 (20.29 MB)


  • Open phones, some thoughts on CURES rather than MANAGING disease. Later it is a great talk with Chris Bedford, CCO of RIGHT FORGE - has a great piece on the Federalist, the big tech war against US. Right Forge is a FREE SPEECH web services company

Download 01-11-22_TUESDAY_7AM  01-11-2022 (19.06 MB)


  • United Airlines Captain Sherry Walker from Airline Employees 4 Health Freedom, fighting the mandates, and we dig in. Commissioner Baertschiger talks the latest slime attacks on 2 of the Commissioners under recall, also budget, Sheriffs funding and more

Download 01-11-22_TUESDAY_8AM  01-11-2022 (17.01 MB)


  • Big fight to regain control and reinstate actual education in gov schools, my guest is Suzanne Gallagher from Parents Rights in Education. Open phones follow

Download 01-10-22_MONDAY_6AM  01-10-2022 (20.57 MB)


  • News headlines, our intelligence agency presidents...a pattern? Pastor Dave Scarlett talks of the real story of January 6th, the movie CAPITOL PUNISHMENT

Download 01-10-22_MONDAY_7AM  01-10-2022 (20.58 MB)


  • Measure 110, the rise of Bum Diversity on our streets, your calls on that and other issues in an open phone hour

Download 01-10-22_MONDAY_8AM  01-10-2022 (19.77 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones with the financial report, Dr. Powers talks the SCOTUS arguments on COVID, plus the 1997 flood history. Open phones and Open for Business with Cheriesse from No Wires Now

Download 01-07-22_FRIDAY_6AM  01-07-2022 (19.82 MB)


  • 01-07-22_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 01-07-22_FRIDAY_7AM  01-07-2022 (18.59 MB)


  • 01-07-22_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 01-07-22_FRIDAY_8AM  01-07-2022 (22.79 MB)


  • 01-07-22_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 01-06-22_THURSDAY_6AM  01-06-2022 (20.86 MB)


  • Some open phones, and then a pschiatric dig into the minds of what happened 1/6/21, guest is Dr. Carole Lieberman MD, Americas Psychiatrist. Open phones follow

Download 01-06-22_THURSDAY_7AM  01-06-2022 (23.45 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, later David Runkel from Ashland ACES, Ashland Citizens for Economic, unbelievable fees Ashland wants to charge the school district BIG bucks for permit fees on school rebuildings.

Download 01-06-22_THURSDAY_8AM  01-06-2022 (21.19 MB)


  • Some open phones, Karen Harned from NFIB, a plaintiff on the NO VAX MANDATE Supreme Court case, Matt from GP details sobering public ed facts, Diner 62 history question, more emails of the day.

Download 01-05-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  01-05-2022 (19.2 MB)


  • The normalization of homelessness...not a good trend, other open phones and topics. Wheels Up Wednesday with Auto Journalist Eric Peters - Much to discuss.

Download 01-05-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  01-05-2022 (20.09 MB)


  • LIstener emails segment, open phones, Carl Gould, business expert, digs into what the GREAT RESIGNATION is all about, and how workers, and businesses can best work through it.

Download 01-05-22_WEDNESDAY_8AM  01-05-2022 (21.14 MB)


  • Stock report and news with Ron Gordon, then Farm Services Agency rep and farmer Glenn Archambault discusses the soaring price of meat, what is driving it, and is the Biden Administration plan to increase competition a good one?

Download 01-04-22_TUESDAY_6AM  01-04-2022 (21.2 MB)


  • I talk more about renter and landlord problems, tired of landlord hate, but sympathetic to abused renters, where to go? Your calls and opinion, too.

Download 01-04-22_TUESDAY_7AM  01-04-2022 (18.96 MB)


  • Phil Kerpen, President of American Commitment, and we dig into the truth about how many are in the hospital WITH covid exclusively, and how many just happen to HAVE covid. Then Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger talks of Jo County concerns and politics.

Download 01-04-22_TUESDAY_8AM  01-04-2022 (20.66 MB)


  • Naturalist and Wild Horse promoter Capt. William E. Simpson II, and we discuss the paralells between Almeda and the Denver area fires, and how rebuilding the herbivory would help mitigarte fire risk. Open phones follow.

Download 01-03-22_MONDAY_6AM  01-03-2022 (20.75 MB)


  • Catching up after the vacation, headlines of the morning. What about the economy in 2022? I talk with economist Dr. Michael Busler about that and more.

Download 01-03-22_MONDAY_7AM  01-03-2022 (20.66 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts at Rogue Weather, then open phones, issues with renters and landlords and more.

Download 01-03-22_MONDAY_8AM  01-03-2022 (22.88 MB)


  • Stocks and financial news with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, then Dr. Powers and I talk the news, resolutions and other issues during the first Where Past Meets Present of 2022. Open phones follow.

Download 12-23-21_THURSDAY_6AM  12-23-2021 (22.12 MB)


  • News and open phones for CTT, Swamp update with Rick Manning at ALG - we talk the news in DC, Russia, some foreign policy issues

Download 12-23-21_THURSDAY_7AM  12-23-2021 (24.86 MB)


  • Great hour of talk, snow, weather news and more with Greg Roberts at Rogue Weather. Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms Federation - digging into the OR politics, why focusing on the county may be where we need to be to rotect gun rights.

Download 12-23-21_THURSDAY_8AM  12-23-2021 (16.65 MB)


  • I talk with education activist Judy Ahren - falsely accused of threatening a Jo Co elementary school, and we discuss it. Open phones for conspiracy theory thursday

Download 12-22-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  12-22-2021 (21.12 MB)


  • News and stories of the morning, then a wheels up Wednesday segment with Eric Peters at - new rules designed to eliminate trad cars? Yep, we dig in.

Download 12-22-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  12-22-2021 (21.67 MB)


  • OB/GYN Dr. James Thorp from Florida is totally outspoken about the Covid Vaccines - thinks doctors are gagged against speaking truth and he believes the medicines are really bad for pregnant women. Open phones follow.

Download 12-22-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  12-22-2021 (17.7 MB)


  • Mark Bauerlein joins me, author of The Dumbest Generation Grows Up: From Stupefied Youth to Dangerous Adults - Mark pulls no punches on the intergenerational conflict. Open phones follow

Download 12-21-21_TUESDAY_6AM  12-21-2021 (23.21 MB)


  • News, headline and opinion of the morning, and Nicole Neilly, President and Founder of Parents Defending Education - talks about their complaint against school systems putting on events ONLY for POC students

Download 12-21-21_TUESDAY_7AM  12-21-2021 (20.59 MB)


  • Christmas, does the culture set us up for depression over it? Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger joins me later to talk cannabis money, the recalls, other issues of county concern including the Charter Commission work.

Download 12-21-21_TUESDAY_8AM  12-21-2021 (18.46 MB)


  • Eric Fruits PhD from the Cascade Policy Institute - How outmoded thinking about the homeless has lead us to really bad policies trying to help the homeless. Matt Duste joins me later from Dustys Transmission - Open for Business deals and news

Download 12-20-21_MONDAY_6AM  12-20-2021 (21.09 MB)


  • News and headlines, Christmas lights irritation, stories big and small this hour and your calls.

Download 12-20-21_MONDAY_7AM  12-20-2021 (20.41 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoors has the latest on the weather and trends...a white Christmas possible? Rob Schlapfer from FAIR Oregon - Jackson County LIbrary Service issue and survey. Congressman Cliff Bentz talks Build Back Better and so much more!

Download 12-20-21_MONDAY_8AM  12-20-2021 (19.17 MB)


  • Dr. Powers talks of the vintage Rogue Valley Christmas celebrations, and the excess of the Neiman Marcus 2021 list. We talk the markets...a top soon? Later, Cheriesse from NO WIRES NOW is on Open for Business - Saving you money on net, tv, so much more

Download 12-17-21_FRIDAY_6AM  12-17-2021 (20.04 MB)


  • News of the morning, Freddy on strike - Rick Manning, Americans for Limited Government - why are talkers on the right trying to ignore 2020 irregularities, other political news.

Download 12-17-21_FRIDAY_7AM  12-17-2021 (19.2 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts for the weekend, then what about that 100 million buck drought package? That and other news broken down witih Farm Services rep Glenn Arcxhambault

Download 12-17-21_FRIDAY_8AM  12-17-2021 (21.59 MB)


  • Stocks and Market news start with Ron Gordon, open phones on the news, then another visit with Brad Bennington at the Builders Association of Southern Oregon - how is the labor shortage being dealt with, and other housing news and issues.

Download 12-16-21_THURSDAY_6AM  12-16-2021 (19.85 MB)


  • I talk with Tony Lyons of Skyhorse Publishing, the publisher of JFK Jrs book The Real Anthony Fauci, we talk the censorship surrounding this. Open phones follow

Download 12-16-21_THURSDAY_7AM  12-16-2021 (20.49 MB)


  • Americas Psychiatrist, Dr. Carole Lieberman, joins the show, we talk the Maxwell trial and more. Open phones later

Download 12-16-21_THURSDAY_8AM  12-16-2021 (23.31 MB)


  • More open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, later the Epoc Times Congressional Correspondent, Mark Tapscott - is there big payback coming for the politicized Dem punishments of the GOP?

Download 12-15-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  12-15-2021 (21.58 MB)


  • News and opinion...why do you think the Oregon Vaccine Plan is tied to the Fusion center? Hmm, Eric Peters joins me for another great WHEELS UP WEDNESDAY

Download 12-15-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  12-15-2021 (20.47 MB)


  • Open phones, then Darin Harbick, running for U.S. Senate!

Download 12-15-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  12-15-2021 (22.47 MB)


  • Ron Gordon with the latest stock news, Dr. Jane Orient MD - Docs getting licenses threatened due to questioning the narrative? Open phones

Download 12-14-21_TUESDAY_6AM  12-14-2021 (20.26 MB)


  • News and headlines, some open phones, and then Gregory Wrightstone, geologist, CO2Coalition EO, and author of INCONVENIENT FACTS...Greg fact checks the White House re climate change causing the weekend tornadoes.

Download 12-14-21_TUESDAY_7AM  12-14-2021 (19.43 MB)


  • Open phones then specch pathologist Jean Blosser - Why it is best to give LOW TECH Christmas toys for best learning and speech development. Jo Co Comm Baertshchiger - we discuss the special session loot about to be spread around, and the politics of it.

Download 12-13-21_MONDAY_6AM  12-13-2021 (20.55 MB)


  • 12-13-21_MONDAY_6AM

Download 12-13-21_MONDAY_7AM  12-13-2021 (21.5 MB)


  • 12-13-21_MONDAY_7AM

Download 12-13-21_MONDAY_8AM  12-13-2021 (21.59 MB)


  • 12-13-21_MONDAY_8AM

Download 12-10-21_FRIDAY_6AM  12-10-2021 (20.8 MB)


  • State of Jeff and Greater Idaho...I discuss the strengths and weaknesses of both, your calls, and the 6.8%+ inflation??? Rick Manning digs in on this from Americans for Limited Government.

Download 12-10-21_FRIDAY_7AM  12-10-2021 (19.43 MB)


  • Storms are coming - Mr. Outdoor has more, then State Rep. Duane Stark from GP - Legislature taking aim at homeschoolers and other intrusions.

Download 12-10-21_FRIDAY_8AM  12-10-2021 (18.95 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the stock info today, Mr. X on a better way to comment on the OHA rules, due Tuesday. Open for Business with Builders Association of S. Oregon Brad Bennington - update on Phoenix/Talent Rebuild, unemployment problem with the trades?

Download 12-09-21_THURSDAY_6AM  12-09-2021 (18.92 MB)


  • News and opinion for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, some open phones, and then Armin Brott, AKA MR. DAD - Elon Musk warns people need to have more children to stave off societal collapse, and Armin and I discuss it.

Download 12-09-21_THURSDAY_7AM  12-09-2021 (24.31 MB)


  • Open phones on CTT, later Dr. Marilyn Singleton from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. The Dr. also has a JD, and we discuss her latest op-ed The Constitutional Cure for Covid.

Download 12-09-21_THURSDAY_8AM  12-09-2021 (19.86 MB)


  • ORP treasure and State Senator Dennis Linthium - Should the GOP walk out, the battle for liberty and more state politics are discussed. Open for business later with the great Steve Johnson from the QuikFix Jewelry Repair in the RV Mall.

Download 12-08-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  12-08-2021 (19.84 MB)


  • News headlines and open phones, then Eric Peters from with a talk on the VW Taos, a review of the Nissan Leaf, electric car talk and critique and other politics meets transportation.

Download 12-08-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  12-08-2021 (24.08 MB)


  • Kenny Xu, author of INVONVENIENT MINORITY - discussing Anti-Asian bias, success, and how Salvation Army is going down the woke path. Open phones for the rest of the hour.

Download 12-08-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  12-08-2021 (22.14 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the latest market news, Kevin Starret from Oregon Firearms Federation talks gun politics, where are the strong Republican opposition candidates, other issues. Open for Business with Randal Lee from Advanced Air and we talk the business.

Download 12-07-21_TUESDAY_6AM  12-07-2021 (17.46 MB)


  • Open Phones, Pearl Harbor Day, why it still matters today. Open phones then Mr. X discusses holding off on the latest OHA public comment on the mask rule.

Download 12-07-21_TUESDAY_7AM  12-07-2021 (24.52 MB)


  • Open phones, your GREEN CHRISTMAS LIGHTS in the cities propaganda, then Commissioner Baertschiger from Jo County talks the recall effort against he and Comm Dan DeYoung

Download 12-07-21_TUESDAY_8AM  12-07-2021 (21.78 MB)


  • Ron Gordon talks the market news this morning, GOP candidate for Governor, Bridget Barton, talks the issues, Andy Pollack from Lake Creek talks the latest MI school shooting, his daughter Meadow, died in the Parkland shooting.

Download 12-06-21_MONDAY_6AM  12-06-2021 (22.66 MB)


  • News Headlines and opinions, Peter Rex, Tech Entrepreneur joins me to talk about how the atheist bent of high tech workers is bad for the culture, and he suggests changes.

Download 12-06-21_MONDAY_7AM  12-06-2021 (17.99 MB)


  • Greg Roberts has the latest outdoor news, his 1st person take on the Sunday Plane Crash. Then State Rep. Lily Morgan digs into the health rule changes the OHA is proposing.

Download 12-06-21_MONDAY_8AM  12-06-2021 (21.54 MB)


  • Stock News with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, Dr. Powers has the history profile for today, the creation of Lost Creek Lake, other news and then Cheriesse from No Wires, Open for Business, saving big $, and some open phones

Download 12-03-21_FRIDAY_6AM  12-03-2021 (20.97 MB)


  • News headlines, and a teachers aide in southern Oregon gets sideways with a misbehaving MAGA student...then Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government - Swamp Update, where is the GOP on defending people from the mandates?

Download 12-03-21_FRIDAY_7AM  12-03-2021 (19.17 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, we talk the viral video of the teachers aide, then a take on the issue with former school board members Julie Niles Fry, and Tim Dawson

Download 12-03-21_FRIDAY_8AM  12-03-2021 (20.71 MB)


  • Stock news with Ron Gordon, and then a couiple of great talks with Richard Emmons, publisher and editor of the Josephine County Eagle, and Open for Business with Brad Bennington of the Builders Association - good time for remodel? What about supply chains

Download 12-02-21_THURSDAY_6AM  12-02-2021 (23.01 MB)


  • News and Opinion, the SCOTUS talk, what about Roe V Wade, what happens if it goes down? That and other open phones the first hour of Conspiracy Theory Thursday

Download 12-02-21_THURSDAY_7AM  12-02-2021 (20.59 MB)


  • Dr. John Lott, Crime Prevention Research Center, interesting stats on how gun control is becoming MORE not less partisan. Alek Skarlotos is on, too, DeFazio quits, and we discuss the Alek run for that 4th district seat.

Download 12-02-21_THURSDAY_8AM  12-02-2021 (19.01 MB)


  • Congressman Cliff Bentz and I dig into the crime, marijuana, political winds and other issues in the 2nd District. Then, Dr. Jane M. Oriet MD discusses the FDA, and what she says is fake impartiality re Covid and other medicines, totally captured.

Download 12-01-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  12-01-2021 (20.8 MB)


  • News and Opinion of the morning, tribal politics, and Dems flip the script on medical tyranny, then Eric Peters and I do a Wheels Up Wednesday segment from EPAutos Dot Com

Download 12-01-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  12-01-2021 (19.78 MB)


  • Jonathan Pidluzny, vice president of academic affairs, American Council of Trustees and Alumni, New report details that shocking lack of American history being taught, and we discuss it. Open phones for the rest of the hour.

Download 12-01-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  12-01-2021 (22.36 MB)


  • Morning stocks news with Ron Gordon and then author Tom Clavin, author of LIGHTNING DOWN: A World War II Story of Survival - really interesting story. Open phones follow.

Download 11-30-21_TUESDAY_6AM  11-30-2021 (23.19 MB)


  • Open phones, news and commentary, UK goes to a jab every 90 days as policy, Mr. X joins me to discuss the Oregon Vaccine Passport plan, how to comment to the state in order to fight that tyrannical plan.

Download 11-30-21_TUESDAY_7AM  11-30-2021 (19.06 MB)


  • Open phones on the news, passport issues, more on that and a political conversation with Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger

Download 11-30-21_TUESDAY_8AM  11-30-2021 (22.52 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the latest Edward Jones market news, open phones, then Portland pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas, fighting for his medical license for questioning the narrative and promoting medical freedom, needing help to mount the legal case.

Download 11-29-21_MONDAY_6AM  11-29-2021 (20.72 MB)


  • News and open phones for the hour!

Download 11-29-21_MONDAY_7AM  11-29-2021 (22.71 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and a big talk on economics with Dr. Murray Sabrin PhD

Download 11-29-21_MONDAY_8AM  11-29-2021 (20.35 MB)


  • Stock news with Ron Gordon, Dr. Powers talks history and black Friday, Rep Raquel Moore-Greene - The Vax Passport Plan, then money-saving Open for Business with Cheriess from No Wires Now -

Download 11-24-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-24-2021 (21.97 MB)


  • 11-24-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM

Download 11-24-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-24-2021 (17.34 MB)


  • 11-24-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM

Download 11-24-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-24-2021 (21.06 MB)


  • 11-24-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM

Download 11-23-21_TUESDAY_6AM  11-23-2021 (20.06 MB)


  • News stories and open phones then Adam Andrzejewski, CEO/Founder of, what a story...more than a half BILLION dollars in tax $ paid to informants!

Download 11-23-21_TUESDAY_7AM  11-23-2021 (20.03 MB)


  • OHA wants to change Covid Rules, Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts talks about a push to extend public comment on the plan, Later Commissioner Baertschiger continues the covid vax passport talk and other issues.

Download 11-23-21_TUESDAY_8AM  11-23-2021 (20.52 MB)


  • Stock news with Ron Gordon fm Edward Jones, Joe Guzzardi from Progressives for Immigration Reform - Visa holders edging out American workers, then Mr. X digs into the recently revealed vaccine passport plan...the fight begins.

Download 11-22-21_MONDAY_6AM  11-22-2021 (20.81 MB)


  • News headlines and commentary, later Dr. Merrill Matthews talks with me about the plan Nancy Pelosi has slipped into the Build Back Better Bill....if passed, defeinitely a problem.

Download 11-22-21_MONDAY_7AM  11-22-2021 (22.09 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts and then a talk with Oregon Firearms Federation head Kevin Starrett - Rittenhouse, and what it really means for Oregon self-defense issues.

Download 11-22-21_MONDAY_8AM  11-22-2021 (19.92 MB)


  • Stock news and talk with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, then Where Past Meets Present with Dr. Powers, profile is SOU alumni Fres Mossler of Zappos dot com, other news, open phones wrap for the morning.

Download 11-19-21_FRIDAY_6AM  11-19-2021 (21.63 MB)


  • Morning news headlines and comment, Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government with the DC Swamp Update - What is and should be the governing positions for the GOP?

Download 11-19-21_FRIDAY_7AM  11-19-2021 (23.37 MB)


  • Calls, Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, then open phones on numerous topics including the push to normalize sex relations with robots, ethical questions etc.

Download 11-19-21_FRIDAY_8AM  11-19-2021 (22.23 MB)


  • Ron Jones from Edward Jones, some open phones, Mike G announces Best of Britt Benefit concert lineup, open for business with Brad Bennington from the Builders Associaion, the fight for affordable housing, GP housing tax and other issues.

Download 11-18-21_THURSDAY_6AM  11-18-2021 (20.84 MB)


  • News headline and commentary and open phones including a great talk on banking problems some are having for Conspiracy Theory Thursday

Download 11-18-21_THURSDAY_7AM  11-18-2021 (20.25 MB)


  • More open phones on banking and other issues for CTT, Dr. Tim Ives, author of STONES OF CONTENTION - wow, what a story of archaeology and weaponized racism issues, must read.

Download 11-18-21_THURSDAY_8AM  11-18-2021 (21.31 MB)


  • Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD talks the Covid Bounty on your health via the Biden Administration, VERY interesting and in depth, Open phones follow

Download 11-17-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-17-2021 (22.23 MB)


  • The protests, the propaganda, and the other morning headlines. Later it is Wheels Up Wednesday with automotive journalist Eric Peters, reviews, politics and more

Download 11-17-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-17-2021 (18.92 MB)


  • Open phones, later Rachel Dawson from Cascade Policy Institute talks energy reliability on our electrical grid...Wow, they even count future electric cars as part of the energy sources...really!

Download 11-17-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-17-2021 (23.25 MB)


  • Stock news with Ron Gordon, Frank Scarlotta from the Medford Rifle and Pistol Club tells us about the Saturday TURKEY SHOOT, open phones, Matt Allen on OPEN FOR BUSINESS - Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC, how a reverse mortgage can be used to BUY a home.

Download 11-16-21_TUESDAY_6AM  11-16-2021 (22.24 MB)


  • News headlines of the morning, some open phone topics, then Chris Chiemilenski from Numbers USA, Build Back Better has a nasty immigration part, and we discuss it.

Download 11-16-21_TUESDAY_7AM  11-16-2021 (18.54 MB)


  • Tom Carter, President of American Conservative Values ETF, investing for conservative values...1 year anniversary, then Jo o COmmissioner Baertschiger - Dem Strategy, GOP counter strategy and other political news.

Download 11-16-21_TUESDAY_8AM  11-16-2021 (23.54 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the Edward Jones stock news, open phones follow.

Download 11-15-21_MONDAY_6AM  11-15-2021 (19.62 MB)


  • Morning headlines, student strike in GP, Affluent Effluent proposal in Ashland, other crazy stories, later Tim Winters from Parents Television Council - wants Big Hollywood to stop portraying children in porn...yes, really, it is happening.

Download 11-15-21_MONDAY_7AM  11-15-2021 (22.11 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, State Sen. Linthicum talks big picture GOP politics.

Download 11-15-21_MONDAY_8AM  11-15-2021 (21.95 MB)


  • Stock report with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, then Where Past Meets Present with Dr. Dennis Powers, plus talk on politics, what to do about the Woke library Commies, other topics.

Download 11-12-21_FRIDAY_6AM  11-12-2021 (21.51 MB)


  • Can we wait for the next election to rein in the Biden Abuse? Other news and opinion, Rick Manning with me has the Swamp Update from ALG - A good discussion on the challenge of getting the GOP to really do political battle on our behalf.

Download 11-12-21_FRIDAY_7AM  11-12-2021 (19.26 MB)


  • Outdor Report with Greg Roberts, and open phones

Download 11-12-21_FRIDAY_8AM  11-12-2021 (21.32 MB)


  • Stock report with Ron Gordon - Estrella from SO Humane - BIG adult cat adoption event tomorrow and Sunday, Open for Business with Brad Bennington from Builders Association of S. Oregon. The fight for affordable housing and other issues.

Download 11-11-21_THURSDAY_6AM  11-11-2021 (20.38 MB)


  • How should we best respect and honor veterans? Much good talk about this. Mark Mix is on discussing the big need for RIGHT TO WORK, and what that really means.

Download 11-11-21_THURSDAY_7AM  11-11-2021 (18.22 MB)


  • More discussion on veterans day and other topics, later Dr. Kathleen Brown, had a dermatology practice on the coast. We talk the gov impediments to really having great medical care and why the Sanders plan expanding O Care is a horrible idea.

Download 11-11-21_THURSDAY_8AM  11-11-2021 (21.83 MB)


  • Open phones, emails, other topics and the last half hour is a discussion with our Congressman, Cliff Bentz, the town halls, the issues, the political challenges.

Download 11-10-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-10-2021 (22.59 MB)


  • Open phones and news,, the need to involve early rather than protest late, the bum diversity push in GP, Wheels up Wednesday with Eric Peters, transportation and politics, reviews.

Download 11-10-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-10-2021 (21.54 MB)


  • A fun hour of discussion with WHAT IS THE PEBBLE IN YOUR SHOE?

Download 11-10-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-10-2021 (21.98 MB)


  • Stocks and financial news with Ron Gordon then Dr. Marilyn Singleton from Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the Fauci puppy8 cruelty, woke medicine, digging for the truth. Open for Business with Steve Johnson, QUIKFIX Jewelry Repair RV MALL

Download 11-09-21_TUESDAY_6AM  11-09-2021 (23.18 MB)


  • Morning news, headlines, opinion, Prof. Rob Natelson from the Independent Institute discusses the constitution and why the CDC and NIH should be DISBANDED, not reformed.

Download 11-09-21_TUESDAY_7AM  11-09-2021 (19.68 MB)


  • Mark Seligman declares his candidacy in the race for Jo Co Commissioner, we discuss some of his issues, later a talk with current Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger about water and marijuana, other politics including the growing tribalism of the people.

Download 11-09-21_TUESDAY_8AM  11-09-2021 (22.34 MB)


  • Stocks and financial news with Ron Gordon, Kathryn Hickok, Exec VP for Cascade Policy, how Covid had a silver lining regarding school choice. Open for business with Cheriesse from NO WIRES NOW - saving you money on internet, TV and more.

Download 11-08-21_MONDAY_6AM  11-08-2021 (21.46 MB)


  • News headlines and open phones, then Dr. John Lott from the Crime Prevention Research Center - The good Dr. breaks down the latest Supreme Court oral arguments regarding a NY 2nd amendment case - this could be REALLY important for the 2nd A right.

Download 11-08-21_MONDAY_7AM  11-08-2021 (21.25 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, then John Anthony with the Sustainable Freedom Lab - How the CDC latest report is SO flawed, and designed to support the Covid mandates.

Download 11-08-21_MONDAY_8AM  11-08-2021 (21.11 MB)


  • Ron Gordon at Edward Jones with the Financial Report, Dr. Powers with Where Past meets present, Almeda Fire lookback, more, then Open for Business - Marissa from Prestige Sr living Arbor place - caregiver seminar, free next Tuesday

Download 11-05-21_FRIDAY_6AM  11-05-2021 (21.15 MB)


  • 11-05-21_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 11-05-21_FRIDAY_7AM  11-05-2021 (21.26 MB)


  • 11-05-21_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 11-05-21_FRIDAY_8AM  11-05-2021 (18.92 MB)


  • 11-05-21_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 11-04-21_THURSDAY_6AM  11-04-2021 (19.48 MB)


  • Conspiracy theory news and headlines, Parents elated to give kids the shot? Preston Henikson from Federation for American Immigration reform - are the elections this week a repudiation of open borders and disorder?

Download 11-04-21_THURSDAY_7AM  11-04-2021 (25.13 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts (early because he is hunting tomorrow) Jac Co Library system takes aim at taking down a totem pole in Rogue River...what nonsense, then Bridget Barton, candidate for governor, talks the campaign and issues.

Download 11-04-21_THURSDAY_8AM  11-04-2021 (19.07 MB)


  • I talk with Mike McCarter of the Greater Idaho Project. Another county on board with it, what does it mean? Open phones follof for CTT.

Download 11-03-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-03-2021 (22.02 MB)


  • Elections, other news and opinion stories, Wheels Up Wheels withi ERIC PETERS - he is in VA, thrilled with the governor election, F-250 reviews, the exploding cost of new cars and other transpo news.

Download 11-03-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-03-2021 (20.82 MB)


  • Open phones, election talk, integrity, assessor should resign? Other topics including Sen Ron Johnson hearing with vaccine damaged Americans...why no coverage? Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts, 15-201 goes DOWN, and this is a good thing.

Download 11-03-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-03-2021 (16.52 MB)


  • Patrick Wood, technocracy dot news and fouinder of Citizens for Free Speech dot org - We talk the push for transhumanism with Facebook, Meta, fascinating guy. Open for business with Randal from Advanced Air - Get your season maintenance NOW!

Download 11-02-21_TUESDAY_6AM  11-03-2021 (22.19 MB)


  • News headlines of the morning, the Ginny Burdick racket, Constitutional Law Attorney Jonathan W. Emord and I discuss his book THE AUTHORITARIANS, the evil administrative state, why communists and socialists constitutionally CAN NOT BE in the government.

Download 11-02-21_TUESDAY_7AM  11-03-2021 (18.37 MB)


  • Senior Editor at the STREAM, stream dot org talks with me about the supine response of mainstream religion to the Covid edicts, open phones, Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger with the latest, too.

Download 11-02-21_TUESDAY_8AM  11-03-2021 (23.14 MB)


  • DC Update witih Oregon 2nd District Congressman Cliff Bentz, open phones follow

Download 11-01-21_MONDAY_6AM  11-01-2021 (20.99 MB)


  • Open phones, news, Oregonians quitting tons of jobs with no new job...what is up there? Later, geologist Gregory Wrightstone of the CO2 Coalition, author if INCONVENIENT FACTS. The Scotland global warming shrimpfest is our topic of discusion.

Download 11-01-21_MONDAY_7AM  11-01-2021 (20.61 MB)


  • Outdoor report for today with Greg Roberts, then a talk withi Scott Miller, a Physicians Assistant from Clark County, WA. Battling for his medical license because of willingness to do early Covid treatment witih HCQ, budesonide, Ivermectin, other meds.

Download 11-01-21_MONDAY_8AM  11-01-2021 (20.61 MB)


  • Dr. Dennis Powers Where Past Meets Present, we profile Ted Adams of GP today, and dig into other news of the morning.

Download 10-29-21_FRIDAY_6AM  10-29-2021 (20.42 MB)


  • Open phones and news, why I think the gov school system must be abandoned, Rick Manning has the DC swamp update from ALG, and we dig into those latest stories

Download 10-29-21_FRIDAY_7AM  10-29-2021 (22.55 MB)


  • Outdoor report for the weekend, then Hans Von Spakovsky from Heritage talks the excellent book - Our Broken Elections: How the Left Changed the Way You Vote.

Download 10-29-21_FRIDAY_8AM  10-29-2021 (21.96 MB)


  • Financial Report with Ron Gordon, open phones, then Open For Business with Brad Bennington with the Southern Oregon Builders Association - big benefits in being a member, we talk bills increasing the cost of housing and a winning bill that passed, too.

Download 10-28-21_THURSDAY_6AM  10-28-2021 (21.02 MB)


  • Open phones and news for the hour on Conspiracy THeory Thursday

Download 10-28-21_THURSDAY_7AM  10-28-2021 (22.71 MB)


  • State Senator (and scientist) Art Robinson and I discuss his passion for scientific research, what the state of the, quote, scientific method is with Covid, and we talk changes in state senate leadership and the general political direction.

Download 10-28-21_THURSDAY_8AM  10-28-2021 (19.14 MB)


  • The focus on science continues with Jorge Contreras, author of THE GENOME DEFENSE. Inside the Epic Legal Battle to Determine Who Owns Your DNA. Open phones later.

Download 10-27-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  10-27-2021 (22.75 MB)


  • Headlines, the aquatic center fiasco of finance, Eric Peters talks cars, politics, common sense with me.

Download 10-27-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  10-27-2021 (20.44 MB)


  • Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD, President and CEO of the Truth for Health Foundation - Hospitals talking of reducing level of Covid care, we discuss, Jackson County Commissioner Dave Dotterer - favors Measure 15-201, we talk about why.

Download 10-27-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  10-27-2021 (21.41 MB)


  • Financial Report with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, and then open phones on EVERYTHING. Terry Welburn talks of the Alec Baldwin shooting issue. Terry was an armorer on movie sets and knows his stuff around this controversy.

Download 10-26-21_TUESDAY_6AM  10-26-2021 (22.85 MB)


  • Stories of the morning, the change in Senate leadership (yawn) the political retreads are back. bereavement for abortion? Other open phones, and then Ed, Mr. X - successes are happening with the vaccine affidavits.

Download 10-26-21_TUESDAY_7AM  10-26-2021 (18.67 MB)


  • More on the UO fat shaming athletes, other topics, Jo Co COmmissioner Baertschiger, the senate changes, the new code enforcement ordinance.

Download 10-26-21_TUESDAY_8AM  10-26-2021 (22.45 MB)


  • Ron Gordon with stocks, Capt. William E. SImpson - great comment on the dam removal fraud, open for business later with Matt Allen from Reverse Mortgage LLC, is it right for you? What about rising interest rates and more questions answered.

Download 10-25-21_MONDAY_6AM  10-25-2021 (22.48 MB)


  • News headlines, Asante hard core on denying exemptions...careful there? Open phones on the news, Baldwin shooting, etc.

Download 10-25-21_MONDAY_7AM  10-25-2021 (21.91 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg at, then the focus to food, supply chains, transportation bottlenecks and more affecting Ag. Guest is Glenn Archambault, elected Farm Services rep.

Download 10-25-21_MONDAY_8AM  10-25-2021 (20.9 MB)


  • Money report with Ron Gordon, Dr. Powers is on with WHERE PAST MEETS PRESENT, and we also dig into the push to erase John Muir and Kit Carson from local history. Later a open for business segment - Cheriesse from NO WIRES saving you big $$

Download 10-22-21_FRIDAY_6AM  10-22-2021 (21.75 MB)


  • News headlines, the Diversity and Inclusivity SOU story, DC swamp update with Rick Manning on this and other DC news.

Download 10-22-21_FRIDAY_7AM  10-22-2021 (20.6 MB)


  • Greg Roberts with the outdoor report, and open phones

Download 10-22-21_FRIDAY_8AM  10-22-2021 (19.63 MB)


  • Financial report with Ron Gordon, more open phones then a talk with Brad Bennington from the Builders Association of Southern Oregon, benefits of joining it, and a talk about the legislative attack on affordable housing.

Download 10-21-21_THURSDAY_6AM  10-21-2021 (17.35 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, Dr. Carole Lieberman digs into the trend of Americans dumping friends and relatives over jab status.

Download 10-21-21_THURSDAY_8AM  10-21-2021 (20.25 MB)


  • Open phones, a bit later Marissa Payne from Prestige Senior Living Arbor Place - Next Thursday is a big online seminar you can sign up for re Alzheimer and Dementia discussion. Megan Flowers from Sanctuary One - Open farm day, scavenger hunt and more!

Download Dr Robin Podcast 10-20-21 - Dr Chad Brown Guest  10-21-2021 (20.84 MB)

Dr Robin Podcast 10-20-21 - Dr Chad Brown Guest

  • Dr Robin Podcast 10-20-21 - Dr Chad Brown Guest

Download 10-20-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  10-21-2021 (18.93 MB)


  • News headlines, our southern oregon Prog Planners, Eric Peters from EP Autos with a Wheels Up Wednesday on transportation and politics.

Download 10-20-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  10-20-2021 (21.73 MB)


  • U.S. Congressman Cliff Bentz discusses issues affecting the 2nd District, open phones follow.

Download 10-20-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  10-20-2021 (20.72 MB)


  • Mark Johnson of Grants Pass discusses his experience in gettiing a religious exemption against the vaccine mandate with his employer, and later a talk with MODERN GENTLEMAN vocalist Brian Brigham, the concert next Friday 10/29 at the Craterian.

Download 10-19-21_TUESDAY_6AM  10-19-2021 (20.8 MB)


  • News and open phones for the hour on all sorts of topics

Download 10-19-21_TUESDAY_7AM  10-19-2021 (26.29 MB)


  • Mr. X and I talk about the progress on affidavits produced to help people assert their medical freedom re the vax mandates. Conversation continues on these mandates and more with Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger

Download 10-19-21_TUESDAY_8AM  10-19-2021 (18.02 MB)


  • Kerry McQuisten, mayor of Baker City, running for Oregon Governor, and we kick around some of the issues. Open phones follow.

Download 10-18-21_MONDAY_6AM  10-18-2021 (22.27 MB)


  • Great to be back from vacation and into the news of the morning, Rick Manning from ALG, what is the REAL story of the supply shortages?

Download 10-18-21_MONDAY_7AM  10-18-2021 (22.42 MB)


  • Outdoor report from Rogue Weathers Greg Roberts, and later David Horowitz taks of the left and his new book I Cant Breathe - How a Racial Hoax is Killing America. (cant misspelled...apostrophes screw up the podcast feed)

Download 10-18-21_MONDAY_8AM  10-18-2021 (17.81 MB)


  • Dr. Powers, retired professor of business law at southnern Oregon University with another WHERE PAST MEETS PRESENT - never knew about the Living Memorial Sculpture Garden, not far from Weed! Open for business with Cheriesse at NO WIRES NOW - saving you $$

Download 10-08-21_FRIDAY_6AM  10-08-2021 (20.36 MB)


  • News and headlines, Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government, new jobs report and DC swamp analysis

Download 10-08-21_FRIDAY_7AM  10-08-2021 (20.38 MB)


  • The outdoor report with Greg Roberts for today, then a talk with Dr. Richard Amerling MD from Americas Frontline Doctors, and how Evidence-based medicine leads to medical tyranny, Covid and much more.

Download 10-08-21_FRIDAY_8AM  10-08-2021 (21.15 MB)


  • Ron Gordon and the market report, Mr. X and I discuss the Oregon State Board of Nurse meeting for wants mandatory jab for a nursing license, and if you object to this change, join the meeting and comment, let them know.

Download 10-07-21_THURSDAY_6AM  10-07-2021 (20.12 MB)


  • Open phones and news headlines, then Dr. Murray Sabrin, economist, and author of Universal Medical Care from Conception to End of Life - The Case for a Single-Payer System. (not government, btw)

Download 10-07-21_THURSDAY_7AM  10-07-2021 (18.83 MB)


  • Jackson County Commissioner Rick Dyer talks the recent emergency declarations from the board. Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger responds to the Daily Courier article about a Sneak Previews ad and op-ed.

Download 10-07-21_THURSDAY_8AM  10-07-2021 (20.39 MB)


  • Larry Salzman, Pacific Legal Foundation Director of Litigation. We talk of all the big Supreme Court cases worth watching.

Download 10-06-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  10-06-2021 (20.7 MB)


  • Open phones and news headlines, do NOT fall for the Facebook whistleblower...I explain that, and also a talk with Sharri Markson, author of - What Really Happened in Wuhan

Download 10-06-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  10-06-2021 (23.87 MB)


  • Eric Peters, auto journalist at EP Autos dot com, all sorts of issues we discuss, epidemic of bad driving, how a motorcycle might be your best emergency vehicle, too. Open phones follow.

Download 10-06-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  10-06-2021 (17.86 MB)


  • rickson, Pacific Legal Foundation Strategic Research Director. Hospital beds in OR are short, Certificate of Need laws here make it WORSE. Randal at Advanced Air on Open for business, Mike G. From Britt, too...last concert Thursday!

Download 10-05-21_TUESDAY_6AM  10-05-2021 (20.31 MB)


  • Digging through the news stories, some open phones, also a talk with Brad Tolinski and Chris Gill, co-authors of ERUPTION - Conversations with Eddie Van Halen

Download 10-05-21_TUESDAY_7AM  10-05-2021 (27.16 MB)


  • Open phones, Jo Co Commissioner Herman Baertschiger and I talk the illegal grows challenge and other issues, Daily Courier not a fan, etc.

Download 10-05-21_TUESDAY_8AM  10-05-2021 (16.06 MB)


  • Show contributor Mr. X joins me with an update on the legal fight for medical freedom, the Oregon State Board of Nursing proposed rule to mandate jabs to be a nurse, meeting on the 13th that you need to join or comment on. open phones follow

Download 10-04-21_MONDAY_6AM  10-04-2021 (23.78 MB)


  • Catching up on the news from over the weekend, and some open phone time this hour

Download 10-04-21_MONDAY_7AM  10-04-2021 (18.72 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts from rogue weather dot com, and then a great talk with Brad Ricca, author of TRUE RAIDERS, The Untold Story of the 1909 Expedition to Find the Legendary Ark of the Covenant

Download 10-04-21_MONDAY_8AM  10-04-2021 (17.85 MB)


  • Dr. Powers and the Where Past Meets Present segment, today we profile Crater Lake History, and then into the economic news. later OPEN FOR BUSINESS - Cheriesse from No Wires Now - call or text 1-541-680-5875, save big on TV net, so much more

Download 10-01-21_FRIDAY_6AM  10-03-2021 (23.78 MB)


  • Open phones and news headlines, and then into the DC Swamp Update with Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Goverment!

Download 10-01-21_FRIDAY_7AM  10-03-2021 (23.69 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg at Rogue Weather Dot com for the weekend, then Mighty John Marshall the Record Guy, we talk about the most valuable records out there for Halloween and October.

Download 10-01-21_FRIDAY_8AM  10-03-2021 (17.98 MB)


  • Capt. William E. Simpson is my guest, we catch up on the flawed effort to blow the Klamath dams, some Wild Horse Fire Brigade discussion. Later, Steve Johnson, The goldsmith, opens QWIK FIX Jewelry Repair, RV Mall lower level by Macys. Opens TUESDAY!

Download 09-30-21_THURSDAY_6AM  09-30-2021 (21.35 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday news headlines, the war against the I drug, what Leftist corruptos, Mr. X and listener Lynn have differing takes on some Sen Golden issues, open phones

Download 09-30-21_THURSDAY_7AM  09-30-2021 (23.62 MB)


  • Open phones on various issues, then Eric Fruits PhD from the Cascade Policy Institute - should your kicker check go away?

Download 09-30-21_THURSDAY_8AM  09-30-2021 (19.55 MB)


  • Thomas Spence, Publisher of Regnery Publishing, famed conservative publishing house. We talk about why Banned Books Week is really Banned CONSERVATIVE books, but the MSM ignores it. Open phones follow.

Download Dr Robin Podcast for 09-29-21 Guest Kelly Birch  09-30-2021 (19.68 MB)

Dr Robin Podcast for 09-29-21 Guest Kelly Birch

  • Dr Robin Podcast for 09-29-21 Guest Kelly Birch

Download 09-29-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  09-29-2021 (23.08 MB)


  • News headlines and opinion, some open phones, Wheels Up Wednesday with Eric Peters at EP Autos dot com, and always a rollicking talk on cars, poliics, and...more politics!

Download 09-29-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  09-29-2021 (21 MB)


  • First guest is Amber Richardson of White City, a GOP candidate for Oregon Governor! Then a talk with Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts - information on state of emergency they will vote on Thursday.

Download 09-29-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  09-29-2021 (19.78 MB)


  • Dr. Keith Smith MD, CEO and founder of the Surgery Center in Oklahoma - we talk about how his firm does surgery for 1/6th or less of many hospitals, we talk Covid, other issues. Open phones follow.

Download 09-28-21_TUESDAY_6AM  09-28-2021 (22.59 MB)


  • News headlines start the show, then Tracy Beanz, editor of Uncover DC Dot Com, what you really need to know about the Maricopa audit.

Download 09-28-21_TUESDAY_7AM  09-28-2021 (23.31 MB)


  • Hayden Ludwig is a senior investigative researcher at the Capital Research Center, how the Left spreads global warming alarmism to the Right, later Jo Co Commissioner Herman Baertschiger, redistricting, politics, plague and panic news.

Download 09-28-21_TUESDAY_8AM  09-28-2021 (20.59 MB)


  • Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms Federation...the Starrett Ice Bucket Challenge, gun news not good due to lack of GOP fight in his opinion. Open for Business, Matt Allen from Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC.

Download 09-27-21_MONDAY_6AM  09-27-2021 (24.18 MB)


  • Open phones, the contradictory nature of the news, no wonder we are whipsawed if you listen or watch MSM, later Scott Shephard from the National Center - Mind Your Own Business Act Would Subdue Corporate Policy Czars.

Download 09-27-21_MONDAY_7AM  09-27-2021 (21.4 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, then John Perazzo details the The Leftist Strategy to Radically Transform America Through the Border Crisis Revealed in New Booklet.

Download 09-27-21_MONDAY_8AM  09-27-2021 (13.76 MB)


  • Dr. Dennis Powers, and the history profil of Dutch Bros, and we dig into other news of the day, too.

Download 09-27-21_MONDAY_8AM_Open4Business  09-27-2021 (4.15 MB)


  • Open for Business with Marisa Payne, Celebrations Product Manager with Prestige Senior Living at Arbor Place - free webinar coming up about the subject of brain health on Tuesday, September 28 at 1030 AM - more at mom and dad deserve the best dot com

Download 09-24-21_FRIDAY_6AM  09-24-2021 (21.91 MB)


  • News headlines and open phones, then the DC swamp update with Rick Manning. It is a more introspective talk, because Rick and I dig into that feeling that everything is amiss right now.

Download 09-24-21_FRIDAY_7AM  09-24-2021 (20.08 MB)


  • Greg Roberts with the Outdoor Report, then Patrick Wood, founder of Citizens for Free Speech, and Technocracy dot news. Out talk revolves around why you can not ignore the dictator-like power grabs happening now.

Download 09-24-21_FRIDAY_8AM  09-24-2021 (17.14 MB)


  • Ryan Mallory promotes the Saturday Do Not Comply rally for medical freedom, Terry Haines with more on the 10/2 Veterun, and Open for Business with Brad Bennington from the Builders Association of S. Oregon - Rules to working with contractors and more.

Download 09-23-21_THURSDAY_6AM  09-23-2021 (26.08 MB)


  • News headlines, Conspiracy Theory Thursday talk, media bias re Grand Jury CDC covid request, I also talk with CHAD KUSHINS author of BEAST: John Bonham and the Rise of Led Zeppelin, and what about this new woke school policy at TRSD?

Download 09-23-21_THURSDAY_7AM  09-23-2021 (24.51 MB)


  • More on the TRSD policy, other issues, later John Charles, Cascade Policy Institute, and we dig into the Pac Power push for renewable energy, could be a BIG power problem in the near future.

Download 09-23-21_THURSDAY_8AM  09-23-2021 (18.55 MB)


  • Open for Business with Michael Campbell from Sis Q Cellular, Iphone Rollout, some hot deals for new AND current customers, open phones follow on Conspiracy Theory Thursday

Download 09-22-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  09-22-2021 (20.1 MB)


  • Morning news headlines, there is a lot, Eric Peters from EP Autos dot come with a Wheels Up Wednesday segment - Toyota Tundra loses the V8, Supra is back, Uncle Sam keeps the regular engine, you have to have electric??

Download 09-22-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  09-22-2021 (23.25 MB)


  • Open phones, some car talk and questions after the EP Autos segment, Jac Co Commissioner Colleen Roberts, and the vaccine mandate - time for an emergency resolution?

Download 09-22-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  09-22-2021 (23.07 MB)


  • Open phones and later an update with Journalist and Naturalist Capt. William E. Simpson II with an update on getting the news out about the REAL history of natural dams having blocked Klamath River fish passage.

Download 09-21-21_TUESDAY_6AM  09-21-2021 (17.93 MB)


  • News headlines and open phones, then WAYNE ALLEN ROOT and his hot new book - The Great Patriot Protest and Boycott Book. Get it at Root 4 America Dot Com

Download 09-21-21_TUESDAY_7AM  09-21-2021 (14.95 MB)


  • I talk with Jerry Flores, Oregon Employment Department Veterans Employer Representative. Huge job fair Tuesday 9-28 at Seven Feathers, great for vets, military, their families. Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger, the plague, politics, the panic!

Download 09-21-21_TUESDAY_8AM  09-21-2021 (14.19 MB)


  • Asserting your rights if you are affected by the vax mandates - a conversation with Mr. X, and more information and affidavits at www dot jrpcc dot com, look under affidavits.

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  • Morning news headlines, more on the smear against Ivermectin, then State Sen. Dennis Linthicum, special session starts today on redistricting, and he and Sen. Thatcher petition the courts for a Grand Jury investigation of CDC re Covid records.

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  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, open phones follow

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  • Dr. Dennis Powers and Where Past Meets Present segment, talking about coach Andy Maurer, also the Aussie sub deal, other news.