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Download Dr Robin Podcast 08-04-21  08-05-2021 (29.47 MB)

Dr Robin Podcast 08-04-21

  • Dr Robin Podcast 08-04-21

Download Dr Robin Podcast 07-28-21  08-05-2021 (28.33 MB)

Dr Robin Podcast 07-28-21

  • Dr Robin Podcast 07-28-21

Download 08-04-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  08-04-2021 (25.93 MB)


  • News of the morning, pressure on unvaxxed teachers, other stories, Eric Peters at epautos dot com - many transportation and political stories to dig in.

Download 08-04-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  08-04-2021 (22.21 MB)


  • Open phones, the mistake alert, other topics. Rob Schlapfer is on from Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism - Zoom meeting next Thursday they are doing - going hard after Critical Race Theory in Schools.

Download 08-04-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  08-04-2021 (17.47 MB)


  • More Open phones, emails of the day, emergency alerts, vaccines, school reform, many others. Open For Business with Randal at Advanced Air - new zoning rules affecting HVAC, news you can use with air conditioning and heating and servicing.

Download 08-03-21_TUESDAY_6AM  08-03-2021 (20.86 MB)


  • The compassion of the Talent Mayor V the maskless women group...other news, then Attorney Thomas Renz, involved in many liberty lawsuits re Covid policy - Event on Wednesday live on Lifesite News that we discuss.

Download 08-03-21_TUESDAY_7AM  08-03-2021 (21.81 MB)


  • Open phones and emails of the day, Herma Baertschiger, Jo Co Commission - the politics of inflation.

Download 08-03-21_TUESDAY_8AM  08-03-2021 (19.04 MB)


  • The Klamath Dam removal push...nope, not a supporter of this, and after hearing my guests, Dr. William E. Simpson, and Siskiyou Water Users president Richard Marshal, facts should have EVERYONE questioning this dam removal agenda.

Download 08-02-21_MONDAY_6AM  08-02-2021 (21.14 MB)


  • I open with some talk on my experience with Vitamin D, later it is CA High School Civics Teacher Jeremy Adams, author of Hollowed Out: A Warning about America's Next Generation

Download 08-02-21_MONDAY_7AM  08-02-2021 (20.51 MB)


  • Greg Roberts and I catch up on all the overnight lightning started fires in the region, open phones follow

Download 08-02-21_MONDAY_8AM  08-02-2021 (18.8 MB)


  • Dr. Powers and I discuss Mt McLaughlin history, and legality of forced vax, Open for business, saving you money with Cheriesse from No Wires Now

Download 07-30-21_FRIDAY_6AM  07-30-2021 (21.59 MB)


  • News headlines, open phones, and then the DC Swamp update with Rick Manning, update on the January 6th Prisoners situation in DC.

Download 07-30-21_FRIDAY_7AM  07-30-2021 (20.71 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, Mike McCurty with the Greater Idaho Project, we discuss the movement, the petition drive in Grants Pass Saturday morning.

Download 07-30-21_FRIDAY_8AM  07-30-2021 (17 MB)


  • Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms Federation, big court victory 4 the 2ndA in Columbia County, Open for Business with Matt Dusty at Dustys Transmission - huge remodel almost done, $300,000 transmission dyno!

Download 07-29-21_THURSDAY_6AM  07-29-2021 (21.86 MB)


  • News and open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, Steve Milloy - Oregon goes clean energy...just like Germany, and they screwed it up big time.

Download 07-29-21_THURSDAY_7AM  07-29-2021 (21.59 MB)


  • OPen phones, then Glenn Archambault from Phoenix, elected Farm Service Agency rep for our area - what is up with all the FOOD inflation?

Download 07-29-21_THURSDAY_8AM  07-29-2021 (18.39 MB)


  • Mike G. updates us on the Britt Shows, open phones follow.

Download 07-28-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  07-28-2021 (21 MB)


  • News and opinion start the morning, then Eric Peters from EpAutos - Mini Cooper review and more on Wheels Up Wednesday!

Download 07-28-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  07-28-2021 (20.08 MB)


  • Today a follow up on the listener call from yesterday, Selma man gets a 625 dollar bill after a non-injury accident from the Fire Dept. IV Fire Chief Holmes and Liz Alberta explain what happened - open phones follow

Download 07-28-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  07-28-2021 (15.62 MB)


  • Dr. Carole Lieberman - the psychiatric take on the coming war on the unvaccinated. Open phones follow.

Download 07-27-21_TUESDAY_6AM  07-27-2021 (22.39 MB)


  • Open phones, news, later I talk with Roberts Steskal from Selma, has an issue with getting billed by a local fire department.

Download 07-27-21_TUESDAY_7AM  07-27-2021 (20.33 MB)


  • More open phone time, Inflation, PERS, other county issues discussed with Jo Co County Commissioner Baertschiger

Download 07-27-21_TUESDAY_8AM  07-27-2021 (17.44 MB)


  • Dr. Jane Orient M.D. from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons - opposes the other medical groups pushing mandatory Covid Vax, and we discuss. Matt Allen from Reverse Mortgage Funding - we talk about what they it right for you?

Download 07-26-21_MONDAY_6AM  07-26-2021 (20.34 MB)


  • News and headlines start, and I later talk with Roger Landry, founder of TLB Talk dot com, a new free speech social media site. We dig into the mission, and he really wants it for people, TLB, Truth, Liberty, and Balance.

Download 07-26-21_MONDAY_7AM  07-26-2021 (21.51 MB)


  • FIre News, Outdoor report with Greg Roberts at Rogue Weather Dot com, open phones, emergency management talk, too.

Download 07-26-21_MONDAY_8AM  07-26-2021 (18.23 MB)


  • Dr. Powers, Where Past meets Present - history of the Medford Water Commission...very colorful. Other news of the morning, too.

Download 07-23-21_FRIDAY_6AM  07-23-2021 (22.1 MB)


  • News headlines and open phones - and then the swamp update with Rick Manning at Americans for Limited Government, today a lot of talk regarding the political prisoner status of the people imprisoned for the January 6th riots at the Capitol.

Download 07-23-21_FRIDAY_7AM  07-23-2021 (18.77 MB)


  • Some open phones, then discussion with the DAV dot org rep about getting treatment for Veteran burn pit victims, then Oregon gubernatorial candidate Dr. Bud Pierce.

Download 07-23-21_FRIDAY_8AM  07-23-2021 (20.57 MB)


  • Topic is emergency notifications, keeping people informed in emergencies, reaction to the Almeda fire event. Here to discuss are Jackson Cty Administrator Danny Jordan, and County Emergency Mgr Holly Powers.

Download 07-22-21_THURSDAY_6AM  07-22-2021 (20.68 MB)


  • Conspiracy theory Thursday calls for the hour

Download 07-22-21_THURSDAY_7AM  07-22-2021 (21.72 MB)


  • Outdoor, fire and fishing report with Greg Roberts, and later Tim Gordon from Mississippi digs into his forthcoming book, THE CASE FOR PATRIARCHY.

Download 07-22-21_THURSDAY_8AM  07-22-2021 (17.8 MB)


  • Open phones for the rest of Conspiracy Theory Thursday

Download 07-21-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  07-21-2021 (20.92 MB)


  • News and open phones start, then a wheels up Wednesday segment with automotive journalist Eric Peters at Ep Autos dot com

Download 07-21-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  07-21-2021 (16.08 MB)


  • Open phones start, then Robert Spence from Jihad Watch dot org. His New book Did Muhammad Exist? An Inquiry into Islam's Obscure Origins

Download 07-21-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  07-21-2021 (16.63 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 07-20-21_TUESDAY_6AM  07-20-2021 (19.71 MB)


  • News of the morning, the emergency alert system...still not being used by emergency managers. Ray Moore • Director and Founder of Exodus Mandate and Chairman of says conservative parents waste time trying to reform pub ed, leave it!t

Download 07-20-21_TUESDAY_7AM  07-20-2021 (22.54 MB)


  • Open phones start the hour, then another fire history talk and public policy with Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger

Download 07-20-21_TUESDAY_8AM  07-20-2021 (17.09 MB)


  • Yet MORE information on why saving the Klamath Dams matter - guest is Capt. William E. Simpson, Open for Business with the folks at Prestige Senior Care at Arbor place. Free Webinar talking about keeping cognitive ability - sign up now.

Download 07-19-21_MONDAY_6AM  07-19-2021 (20.1 MB)


  • Open phones, the fires on the Greenway, should EAS have been used, and other topics of the morning.

Download 07-19-21_MONDAY_7AM  07-19-2021 (18.25 MB)


  • Outdoor and Fire Report, greenway talk too, with Greg Roberts at Rogue Weather dot com, and later Kenny Xu, is author of the new book, An Inconvenient Minority - The Attack on Asian American Excellence and the Fight for Meritocracy.

Download 07-19-21_MONDAY_8AM  07-19-2021 (16.16 MB)


  • Dr. Powers, Where Past Meets Present, we talk the hellgate history, plus dig into Supreme Court DACA and other courts and legal issues.

Download 07-16-21_FRIDAY_6AM  07-16-2021 (20.27 MB)


  • They fired the I RESOLVE teachers last night in GP, and we discuss it some, Swamp update with Rick Manning - high tech censorship a big topic this morning.

Download 07-16-21_FRIDAY_7AM  07-16-2021 (19.39 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, listener Matt was at the GPSD7 firing hearing, gives his take, Bridget Barton announces her run for Governor.

Download 07-16-21_FRIDAY_8AM  07-16-2021 (19.54 MB)


  • Monsignor Stephen Rossetti, discussing his new book, Diary of an American Exorcist. Then 2nd District Congressman Cliff Bentz talks Klamath Relief, Dam issues, the infrastructure bill, what can be done about the high-tech censors.

Download 07-15-21_THURSDAY_6AM  07-15-2021 (17.75 MB)


  • Open phones, news of the morning, then a thought-provoking talk with the AAPS Exec Director Dr. Jane Orient M.D. who digs into the deaths after vaccine reported on the VAERS site. Advocates that families have autopsies for cause of death in these cases.

Download 07-15-21_THURSDAY_7AM  07-15-2021 (25.91 MB)


  • Morning fire report with Greg Roberts, and Stan Pulliam, mayor of Sandy, OR talks about his exploratory run for Oregon Governor.

Download 07-15-21_THURSDAY_8AM  07-15-2021 (17.72 MB)


  • Farm Services Agency Rep Glenn Archambault - what is up with all the food inflation of late? Open phones follow

Download 07-14-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  07-14-2021 (21.59 MB)


  • Open phones and news, then Eric Peters and our Wheels on Wednesday segment on transportation, politics, and his stellar articles on Ep Autos dot com.

Download 07-14-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  07-14-2021 (22.97 MB)


  • Greg Roberts has the fire report - then Cork Graham, homesteader from Alaska – CorkGraham dot com and we talk about the Oregonians and Californians getting ripped off moving to Alaska.

Download 07-14-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  07-14-2021 (17.45 MB)


  • Mike G. from Britt Festival announces the rest of the concert lineup, then Erik Finman, first known for becoming the world's youngest Bitcoin millionaire, and he announces the Freedom Phone a smart phone that protects privacy big time.

Download 07-13-21_TUESDAY_6AM  07-13-2021 (20.84 MB)


  • It is Pebble in your Shoe Tuesday - what is bugging you? For me, the conservative host grift is one pebble, your calls, too. Jack Hanney, CEO of the Patriot Gold Group, talks the metal markets, and how nasty the new Biden economic EO is.

Download 07-13-21_TUESDAY_7AM  07-13-2021 (19.33 MB)


  • An hour of wildfire discussion with Greg Roberts and the fire report, then the history and politics of NW wildfire with Josephine Co Commissioner Baertschiger

Download 07-13-21_TUESDAY_8AM  07-13-2021 (18.68 MB)


  • Oregon Firearms founder Kevin Starrett - what is next for firearms owners politically, given the GOP reps largely abdicated protecting those rights? Open phones follow

Download 07-12-21_MONDAY_6AM  07-12-2021 (25.41 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion, why are they pushing vaccines and restrictions on the kids? I take a look at the local numbers...later, Melissa Henson, program manager at Parents TV - celebs coming out AGAINST the smutting up of the culture.M

Download 07-12-21_MONDAY_7AM  07-12-2021 (23.62 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoors, concentrating on the Fire Report this morning, Ken Rapoza from Coalition for a prosperous America - multinational corps lobby to kill China tariffs, open phones follow

Download 07-12-21_MONDAY_8AM  07-12-2021 (20.08 MB)


  • Dr. Powers, and we profile the history and origins of the Pacific Crest Trail, and also news and politics of the day.

Download 07-08-21_THURSDAY_6AM  07-11-2021 (24.04 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday

Download 07-08-21_THURSDAY_7AM  07-11-2021 (17.92 MB)


  • More open phones for CTT, the Gregory Wrightstone, CO2 Coalition, and author of Invonvenient Facts - he counters the Wednesday guest on the We Must Go with a Price on Carbon talk.

Download 07-08-21_THURSDAY_8AM  07-11-2021 (19.14 MB)


  • Mike McCarter from the Greater Idaho Project - we dig into the concept, joining Idaho, petittion Drive Jul 31 in Jo County, and then Daniel Greenfield from Front Page Mag - He talks about yet another disloyal military leader going woke in the Air Force.

Download Dr Robin Podcast 07-07-21  07-11-2021 (22.99 MB)

Dr Robin Podcast 07-07-21

  • Dr Robin Podcast 07-07-21

Download 07-07-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  07-07-2021 (22.22 MB)


  • Morning news and opinion, interesting calls on the push for more Vax, Eric Peters joins me for a great talk on automotive features - the privacy stripping options being included with ALEXA, other transportation talk.

Download 07-07-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  07-07-2021 (19.71 MB)


  • Whew, the big teachers unions are huge on teaching Critical Race Theory, we dig in with a Heritage action rep on the topic, then Dave Dotterer, Ashland Gun and Archery President, tells all about the Saturday open house, lots of activities, FREE.

Download 07-07-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  07-07-2021 (17.52 MB)


  • Pricing Carbon can help Business? I talk about this proposal with a rep from the Citizens Climate Lobby, open phones follow.

Download 07-06-21_TUESDAY_6AM  07-06-2021 (18.42 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour, Covid, other issues at the forefront, one is coming to save you, WE have to do it.

Download 07-06-21_TUESDAY_7AM  07-06-2021 (21.72 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, fire talk, too. Jo Co Commissioner Herman Bertschiger digs into the property rights tyranny of the recently passed SB762...all under the guise of wildfire protection.

Download 07-06-21_TUESDAY_8AM  07-06-2021 (15.54 MB)


  • Naturalist Capt. William E. Simpson talks the latest BLM plan to round up the wild horses, and why he believes this is bad policy. Listener Matt from Grants Pass has a chilling reality of Critical Race Theory being implemented in local school districts.

Download 07-02-21_FRIDAY_6AM  07-02-2021 (17.76 MB)


  • Jim McGreevy, president of the National Beer Institute, a patriotic look at the history of beer and more, plus a breakdown of the jobs report with Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government.

Download 07-02-21_FRIDAY_7AM  07-02-2021 (18.46 MB)


  • Outdoor report, fire and fireworks talk with Greg Roberts, open phones for the rest of the hour. (Feds running Oathkeepers?)

Download 07-02-21_FRIDAY_8AM  07-02-2021 (15.37 MB)


  • Joe Guzzardi, Progressives for Immigration Reform, sure, we talk immigrationm, but turn a Patriot Spotlight on baseball great Jerry Coleman. I also talk Medford Rogues Baseball for the weekend with local head coach and baseball great Bill Rowe

Download 07-01-21_THURSDAY_6AM  07-01-2021 (16.97 MB)


  • Open phones, is there more damage than we think to the economy from the lockdowns, and it is Conspiracy Theory Thursday calls!

Download 07-01-21_THURSDAY_7AM  07-01-2021 (17.96 MB)


  • More open phones, talk on DJT, growing threats against the unvaccinated, later it is State Rep Lily Morgan digging into the Hemp/marijuana regulatory bill just passed, HB3000.

Download Dr Robin Podcast 06-30-21  07-01-2021 (23.62 MB)

Dr Robin Podcast 06-30-21

  • Dr Robin Podcast 06-30-21

Download 07-01-21_THURSDAY_8AM  07-01-2021 (15.82 MB)


  • Dr. John Lott, author of Gun Control Myths: How politicians, the media, and botched studies have twisted the facts on gun control. A gun control group also conducts an amazing fraud against Dr. Lott, and we discuss it.

Download 06-30-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  06-30-2021 (22.24 MB)


  • 06-30-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM

Download 06-30-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  06-30-2021 (18.45 MB)


  • 06-30-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM

Download 06-30-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  06-30-2021 (18.45 MB)


  • 06-30-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM

Download 06-29-21_TUESDAY_6AM  06-29-2021 (20.63 MB)


  • Yaaaa, Dems say no coal power in 19 much do we use here? A HUGE AMOUNT, other news and issues - the GP teachers questioning the LGBTQ+ agenda...should they be fired?

Download 06-29-21_TUESDAY_7AM  06-29-2021 (20.05 MB)


  • Guests are State Sen. Linthicum live from the Arizona election audit, and we talk that and state politics, Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger talks equity in energy? Yep, other news.

Download 06-29-21_TUESDAY_8AM  06-29-2021 (17.27 MB)


  • Capt. Bill Simpson, the Klamath Dam removal, why it matters, why it is wrong, and why the 450 million dollar price tag is wrong.

Download 06-28-21_MONDAY_6AM  06-28-2021 (20.15 MB)


  • News and open phones start, Phoenix Mayor Terry Baker talks the rebuilding, fire recovery, funding for a new public safety building and other issues.

Download 06-28-21_MONDAY_7AM  06-28-2021 (20.75 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, State Sen. Art Robinson - a real attack on property rights passed the legislature last week, and later Stephen C. Meyer, author of Return of the GOD Hypothesis: Three Discoveries that Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe.

Download 06-28-21_MONDAY_8AM  06-28-2021 (17.27 MB)


  • I talk politics, supreme court action and financial news with Dr. Powers, then OPEN FOR BUSINESS - Randall from Advanced Air - tips to stay cool, state of the business, really busy, other advice.

Download 06-25-21_FRIDAY_6AM  06-28-2021 (19.57 MB)


  • 06-25-21_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 06-25-21_FRIDAY_7AM  06-25-2021 (19.16 MB)


  • 06-25-21_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 06-25-21_FRIDAY_8AM  06-25-2021 (19.13 MB)


  • 06-25-21_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 06-24-21_THURSDAY_6AM  06-24-2021 (22.68 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday talk and topics - Dr. Jane Orient MD is on discussing unanswered Covid questions and suppression of credible information.

Download 06-24-21_THURSDAY_7AM  06-24-2021 (17.42 MB)


  • Transgenders in sports discussion and other open topics, and Dave Ray from Federation for American Immigration Reform reports live from the border on the latest news there.

Download 06-24-21_THURSDAY_8AM  06-24-2021 (19.63 MB)


  • Educator Glenn Sacks joins me for a talk on Russia, and the push for war, and why. Commissioner Roberts updates us on the hearings, 2nd A ordinance, other news.

Download Dr Robin 06-23-21 Podcast  06-24-2021 (21.89 MB)

Dr Robin 06-23-21 Podcast

  • Dr Robin 06-23-21 Podcast

Download 06-23-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  06-23-2021 (20.43 MB)


  • Open phones then a talk with Eric Peters on loads of automotive news and stories from

Download 06-23-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  06-23-2021 (17.74 MB)


  • State Rep Kim Wallan updates the last minute action in the legislative session, then open phones

Download 06-23-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  06-23-2021 (17.16 MB)


  • Charles Murray—Hayek Emeritus Scholar at theAmerican Enterprise Institute and author of FACING REALITY - Two Truths about Race in America,

Download 06-22-21_TUESDAY_6AM  06-22-2021 (20.43 MB)


  • It is Pebble in Your Shoe Tuesday - what is bugging you? Noodling through the news, too.

Download 06-22-21_TUESDAY_7AM  06-22-2021 (24.12 MB)


  • Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts - Klamath Dam talk, 2 important public hearings tomorrow and how to comment. Then Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger talks the You Tube trashing of their channel, and problems in the GOP

Download 06-22-21_TUESDAY_8AM  06-22-2021 (19.13 MB)


  • Oregon Firearms Federation chief Kevin Starrett and I discuss what is looking like the worst legislative session EVER for lack of GOP standing up for firearms rights, later it is more open phones.

Download 06-21-21_MONDAY_6AM  06-21-2021 (21.16 MB)


  • News and open phones start the show, some fathers day thoughts re my children, former State Senator DeBoer checks in, we talk uniting the GOP, Jessica Gomez gubernatorial candidate and other issues.

Download 06-21-21_MONDAY_7AM  06-21-2021 (18.74 MB)


  • Outdoor and fire report with Greg Roberts, and news on springer salmon returns. Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeaece discusses his break with the old guard, and his EXCELLENT new Book Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom.

Download 06-21-21_MONDAY_8AM  06-21-2021 (18.02 MB)


  • Dr. Powers with the Monday historical profile - Jackson County Fair, and we talk the SCOTUS big decisions. Capt. William E. Simpson, digging into the fight to save the Klamath dams and why they NEED to stay.

Download 06-11-21_FRIDAY_6AM  06-11-2021 (21.57 MB)


  • Morning news, some stories of the last couple days when I was gone, Rick Manning from ALG with this week's DC Swamp Update!

Download 06-11-21_FRIDAY_7AM  06-11-2021 (19.88 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoor, Greg Roberts at Rogue Weather Dot com with the outdoor report for this weekend. Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation - ooh, lots of discussion on the Mike Nearman expulsion.

Download 06-11-21_FRIDAY_8AM  06-11-2021 (17.58 MB)


  • UC San Diego law professor Gail Heriot co-author of A Dubious Expediency: How Race Preferences Damage Higher Education, Commissioner Dave Dotterer/Ashland Gun Club President - Open House July 10th, mark the date!

Download 06-09-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  06-10-2021 (21.21 MB)


  • News and open phones start, then Eric Peters and I talk about cars and transportation, answering listener questions, too.

Download 06-09-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  06-10-2021 (23.09 MB)


  • Open phones start, and later Jessica Gomez, local business person running for Governor. Jessica and I dig into numerous issues, economy, emergency responses to Covid, many others.

Download 06-09-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  06-10-2021 (17.62 MB)


  • Dr. Marilyn Singleton, M.D., past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeon - Covid-19 and race...good talk, then Open for Business and Chris Peyton, Owner operator of Chik-Fil-A, what it is all about, they are hiring - GREAT food!

Download 06-08-21_TUESDAY_6AM  06-08-2021 (16.17 MB)


  • Morning news, and some open phones, and later in the hour Seth Barron writes of the Last Days of New York, his latest close is Portland to this?

Download 06-08-21_TUESDAY_7AM  06-08-2021 (20.81 MB)


  • State Senator Dennis Linthicum talks the latest legislative news, Nearman, the Klamath, his vote against the bias crime bill, and later Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger on the Nearman problem and other issues of importatnce.

Download 06-08-21_TUESDAY_8AM  06-08-2021 (16.58 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour

Download 06-07-21_MONDAY_6AM  06-07-2021 (22.74 MB)


  • News and opinion starting the week, then Will Trachman, Associate General Counsel for the Mountain States Legal Foundation - He represents a Wyoming rancher denied government aid...because she is white.

Download 06-07-21_MONDAY_7AM  06-07-2021 (23.13 MB)


  • Greg Roberts has the outdoor report, then open phones

Download 06-07-21_MONDAY_8AM  06-07-2021 (17.69 MB)


  • Dr. Powers is here, profile is Palmerton Park, part of the day trip series of history. Also digging into the truth of the jobs report. Then Open for Business - Cheriesse from No Wires saving people tons on TV, internet, so much more.

Download 06-04-21_FRIDAY_6AM  06-04-2021 (21.89 MB)


  • Listener sharing concerns about illegal grows, other topics, then Rick Manning from Americans For Limited Government and the DC Swamp update...Will the GOP establishment learn to love its voters (This is the DC group, btw)

Download 06-04-21_FRIDAY_7AM  06-04-2021 (22.88 MB)


  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts, Mark Shaw, noted author who digs into JFK and RFK assasinations, Marilyn Monroe and more, and talk on how your smart meter might soon be pressed into time-based service...will it really save you money?

Download 06-04-21_FRIDAY_8AM  06-04-2021 (18 MB)


  • Eric Fruits PhD with the Cascade Policy Institute - Has a plan to fix PERS...big topic, good talk, open phones follow

Download 06-03-21_THURSDAY_6AM  06-03-2021 (19.5 MB)


  • Morning news, Conspiracy THeory Thursday calls and thoughts, and later it is Tom Kelly, CEO of, a cybersecurity company - we talk about the JBS meat hack, pipeline hack, the need for security of the infrastructure.

Download 06-03-21_THURSDAY_7AM  06-03-2021 (19.06 MB)


  • Open phones, the after fire report for Jackson County...not impressive from my POV, your calls on that and many other topics.

Download 06-03-21_THURSDAY_8AM  06-03-2021 (16.25 MB)


  • Cynthia Hayes, cancer survivor, patient advocate, and author of of the new #1 Best-Selling book, The Big Ordeal: Understanding and Managing the Psychological Turmoil of Cancer, Then Congressman CLIFF BENTZ talks the commission vote, Klamath water and more

Download 06-02-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  06-02-2021 (22.34 MB)


  • Catching up on the news, Dave Arrasmith story, should the assessor office be appointed? Then Eric Peters, automotive journalist, is it slow driving month? Genesis G80 review, the arrogance of one size fits all Wu Policy, too.

Download 06-02-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  06-02-2021 (23.1 MB)


  • Open phones, then Alain Burrese, author of SURVIVE A SHOOTING and the Director of Training for Reflex Protect. (A special kind of self-defense spray designed to be friendlier to the people you are NOT spraying.

Download 06-02-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  06-02-2021 (19.67 MB)


  • Open phones start, and later Randal Lee from Advanced Air with Open For Business, and we talk the deals, how they're hiring, and yep, repairs and service calls are exploding due to the heat.

Download 06-01-21_TUESDAY_6AM  06-01-2021 (19.89 MB)


  • News and commentary of the morning, and a lot of open phone conversation on the issues.

Download 06-01-21_TUESDAY_7AM  06-01-2021 (21.53 MB)


  • Greg Roberts with the Outdoor report, State Rep. Kim Wallan with the legislative update, which bills to watch out for, and Jo Co Commissioner Herman Baertschiger raises concerns about other bills in play.

Download 06-01-21_TUESDAY_8AM  06-01-2021 (17.71 MB)


  • Naturalist Capt. William E. Simpson discusses his concerns that endangered species are being threatend on the Klamath River, probably to make them go away, and not get in the way of Klamath Dam removal. Open phones follow

Download Dr Robin 05-26-21  05-28-2021 (49.95 MB)

Dr Robin 05-26-21

  • The Dr. Robin Miller show on KMED and KCMD for Wednesday 5-26-21

Download 05-27-21_THURSDAY_6AM  05-28-2021 (21.54 MB)


  • News and open phones, then a talk on growing inflation issues with David Morgan, is the Chief Editor of The Morgan Report, and Co-author of Second Chance: How to Make and Keep Big Money from the Coming Gold and Silver Shock-Wave

Download 05-28-21_FRIDAY_6AM  05-28-2021 (22.45 MB)


  • News of the morning starts, we talk about Nat Guard, should it go after the pot grows? Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government - weekly swamp update - future of GOP and other issues

Download 05-28-21_FRIDAY_7AM  05-28-2021 (21.72 MB)


  • Greg Roberts has the outdoor report, then - Dr. Andrew Myers, co-author of Simplifying the COVID Puzzle: How Two Essential Vitamins Fortify the Immune System.

Download 05-28-21_FRIDAY_8AM  05-28-2021 (17.6 MB)


  • Guest is Pedro Gonzalez, a Chronicles contributor and Senior writer of American Greatness and a Mount Vernon Fellow of the Center for American Greatness. His latest - The GOP Milks the Voters It Hates

Download 05-27-21_THURSDAY_8AM  05-27-2021 (13.11 MB)


  • Portland-based journalist Daniel Forbes joins me to discuss his thought-provoking article in the Washington Spectator - Oregon Health Authority Condemned by Scientists For Scrubbing Report on Wireless Hazards in Schools

Download 05-27-21_THURSDAY_7AM  05-27-2021 (20.69 MB)


  • Jackson County Commissioner Collen Roberts talks the board letter to Gov. Brown protesting businesses being turned into vaccine police, also other issues. Open phones follow.

Download 05-26-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-27-2021 (20.22 MB)


  • News of the morning, Auto Journalist Eric Peters at EpAutos talks Wu, latest on the EV push, other transportation news

Download 05-26-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-26-2021 (21.19 MB)


  • Open phones, later State Sen. Linthicum, the latest on the battle for liberty over medical privacy bill HB3284.

Download 05-26-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-26-2021 (18 MB)


  • Oregon FIrearms Federation head Kevin Starett - We talk the legislative news, the continued battle against gun rights, and Kevin answers questions from listeners, too.

Download 05-25-21_TUESDAY_6AM  05-25-2021 (21.23 MB)


  • Catching up on the Covid news, Randy Petersen is a senior researcher for the policing initiative at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, the hypocrisy between the Babbit shooting, and other BLM killings

Download 05-25-21_TUESDAY_7AM  05-25-2021 (20.88 MB)


  • Sen. Linthicum joins me - HB3284, huge battle over medical privacy - Fmr Sen Baertschiger, Jo Co Commissioner, Boatnik happiness, the difference between equality and equity

Download 05-25-21_TUESDAY_8AM  05-25-2021 (20.3 MB)


  • Hal Jones from MSD 549C - Fantastic job fair on, and a good year for the kids to snag a sweet summer job, later attorney Thomas Renz - Filing suit to ban Covid-19 shots for kids.

Download 05-24-21_MONDAY_6AM  05-24-2021 (21.76 MB)


  • News of the morning...I rant about disinformation about non-profits, phones for the hour.

Download 05-24-21_MONDAY_7AM  05-24-2021 (20.83 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, Hannah Petersen - Mom Fighting to, Rachel Dawson from Cascade Policy - Chance of rolling blackouts in our area increasing

Download 05-24-21_MONDAY_8AM  05-24-2021 (17.72 MB)


  • Dr. Powers with Where Past Meets Present segment, profile of Wildlife Images, other news discussed

Download 05-20-21_THURSDAY_6AM  05-20-2021 (19.84 MB)


  • Open phones, the craziness of CTT, Rick Manning, Americans for limited Government - Great DC swamp update

Download 05-20-21_THURSDAY_7AM  05-20-2021 (21.77 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, some wolf news, too, and there's a push to withdraw mineral rights from S. Oregon Lands, Jay Meredith, of American Mineral Research fights this, and we talk the new Electric Ford F150, too.

Download 05-20-21_THURSDAY_8AM  05-20-2021 (17.91 MB)


  • Jack Phillips (Christian Baker, Masterpiece Cakes) tells his story of Christian Faith, people attacking his faith and business, has written a book about this, THE COST OF MY FAITH, open phones follow

Download Dr Robin 05-19-21-podcast  05-20-2021 (27.33 MB)

Dr Robin 05-19-21-podcast

  • Dr Robin 05-19-21-podcast

Download 05-19-21_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-19-2021 (24.61 MB)


  • News of the morning, later a talk with Eric Peters on face fiapering, the Jeep 392, attacks on antique vehicles, and other transportation talk

Download 05-19-21_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-19-2021 (18.72 MB)


  • My guest for the hour is citizen activist Mr. X - How does the home rule charter work? What do WE have to do to have our voice heard and empower the commissions to do the right thing?

Download 05-19-21_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-19-2021 (18.82 MB)


  • My Pebble in the shoe experience, your calls and opinion on the news, and I check in with Brad Bennington from the Builders Association talks the home show, plus how the rebuild from the fires goes.

Download 05-18-21_TUESDAY_6AM  05-18-2021 (22.68 MB)


  • News, interesting stories from SCOTUS, a win for gun rights, then Dr. Carole Lieberman - the psychiatric damage to America from the masking/lockdowns, what is next?

Download 05-18-21_TUESDAY_7AM  05-18-2021 (19.2 MB)


  • House District 6 State Rep. Kim Wallan catches us up on the latest session activity - Jo Co Commissioner Herman Baertschiger brings the news BOATNIK IS BACK , parade, too...liberal mask priivilege?

Download 05-18-21_TUESDAY_8AM  05-18-2021 (17.84 MB)


  • Capt. William E. Simpson - BLM to use motorized vehicles, helicopters to corral wild horses, has a better plan. The Crew from Prestige Arbor Place is on for OPEN FOR BUSINESS - What makes them different? We discuss.

Download 05-17-21_MONDAY_6AM  05-17-2021 (23.46 MB)


  • How will the great unmasking play out? Later, economist Dr. Michael Busler, PhD, talks of whether it is inflation yet.

Download 05-17-21_MONDAY_7AM  05-17-2021 (20.3 MB)


  • Greg Roberts has the latest outdoor report, and open phones for the hour follow

Download 05-17-21_MONDAY_8AM  05-17-2021 (16.64 MB)


  • Dr. Powers with his Where Past Meets Present profile, RV Zipline is the one for today. We also talk the Supreme Court taking on an abortion case, what about the 2nd A protection ordinances and other issues.