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Download 05-25-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-25-2022 (20.67 MB)


  • News and commentary, the school shooting, your calls, Eric Peters at EPAutos, and we talk the shooting, gov reaction, car review of the new Mini Cooper

Download 05-25-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-25-2022 (22.15 MB)


  • An hour of open phones and comment on the TX school massacre and other topics as they arrive.

Download 05-25-22_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-25-2022 (17.29 MB)


  • Dr. Sayed Haider from My Go To Doc, a Califonia Law would criminalize doctor speech against the quote, narrative. Open phones follow.

Download 05-24-22_TUESDAY_6AM  05-24-2022 (20.59 MB)


  • Open phones and news starts, the Dr. Carole Lieberman MD, and we talk Monkey Pox, the Buffalo incident and other mental health news of late.

Download 05-24-22_TUESDAY_7AM  05-24-2022 (23.79 MB)


  • Taxes masquerading as fees, a critique from Scott Henselman, and we discuss it. Comm. Dotterer talks about the Ashland Gun Club Law Enforcement Appreciation Day June 4th, Comm. Baertschiger talks wildfire possibilities and policies.

Download 05-24-22_TUESDAY_8AM  05-24-2022 (16.67 MB)


  • 05-24-22_TUESDAY_8AM

Download 05-23-22_MONDAY_6AM  05-23-2022 (22.11 MB)


  • MOrning news, commentary and open phones, what are your thoughts...recession right now, later, or not? Good conversations on that.

Download 05-23-22_MONDAY_7AM  05-23-2022 (18.12 MB)


  • Dr. John Staddon, formerly of Duke University, has studied the concept of systemic racism for years. In his new book Science in an Age of Unreason we discuss this, and other critiques of science. Tim WInter from ParentsTV goes after Netflix, not 4 kids.

Download 05-23-22_MONDAY_8AM  05-23-2022 (21.53 MB)


  • Ron Gordon with the financial news at Edward Jones, Dr. Powers with Where Past Meets Present, today the profile is race car driver Art Pollard. Open for Business with Cheriess at No Wires, and a catchup with Southern Oregon Veterans Benefit - wall funding

Download 05-20-22_FRIDAY_6AM  05-20-2022 (23.17 MB)


  • Morning news and commentary, the drive to re-envision Highway 99, look out folks! Rick Manning has the DC Swamp Update, we talk the OR primary, political news.

Download 05-20-22_FRIDAY_7AM  05-20-2022 (19.18 MB)


  • Greg Roberts with Rogue Weather Dot com with the Friday Outdoor report, Dr. Richard Amerling MD - The Nazification of American Medicine. He illustrates how doctors today are like the Germans of the 1930s, giving up their power to government control.

Download 05-20-22_FRIDAY_8AM  05-20-2022 (20.25 MB)


  • Another wild day and stock news with Ron Gordon from Edward Jones, Andy Pollack from Lake Creek, author of WHY MEADOW DIED, discusses his latest Townhall Piece, the Mass Shooting Lessons we Wont Learn, oprn phones follow

Download 05-19-22_THURSDAY_6AM  05-19-2022 (19.38 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy THeory Thursday, Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch discusses the overlook Jihad threat, and the focus to replace the national number one terror threat with the White Male.

Download 05-19-22_THURSDAY_7AM  05-19-2022 (20.97 MB)


  • I talk with Hubert Smith of Jacksonville about his challenge getting letters to the editor published, State Senator Dennis LInthicum talks election integrity and more from his latest newsletter.

Download 05-19-22_THURSDAY_8AM  05-19-2022 (21.72 MB)


  • Ron Gordon at Edward jones with a breakdown of the latest market news. Allan Stevo joins me, promoting the Humanity Against Censorship Dot Org livestream by the Facebook HQ, Later Open for Business with Jamie Batte at Truhome, how is the R.E. market?

Download 05-18-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-19-2022 (21.9 MB)


  • News, election results, Wheels Up Wednesday with Eric Peters, we talk the election, latest diaper report, Dodge Durango review, a lot more.

Download 05-18-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-19-2022 (24.8 MB)


  • Open phones and election discussion, Commissioner Colleen Roberts reports on her observations at the troubled fish hatchery.

Download 05-18-22_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-19-2022 (22.54 MB)


  • Market report with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, Tom DeWeese at American Policy Center talks the WHO medical tyranny treaty, Open for BUsiness with Anthony Boyd from Collaborative Publishing, rolling out a new industrial and manufacturing guide in S. OR.

Download 05-17-22_TUESDAY_6AM  05-17-2022 (23.02 MB)


  • Dinesh D'souza talks the release of 2000 MULES to theatres this Friday, Open phones, I talk about why many conservatives have been effective at gaining power and influence.

Download 05-13-22_FRIDAY_7AM  05-17-2022 (20.56 MB)


  • Gubernatorial candidate Bob Tiernan joins me to refute the dirty tricks text messages claiming he is for a sales tax. Bob says NOT TRUE. Later, Comm. Baertschiger talks the Courier, funding, The fish hatchery problems, visit with Sen. Merkley

Download 05-17-22_TUESDAY_8AM  05-17-2022 (20.93 MB)


  • Stocks news with Ron Gordon, Commissioner Court Boice weighs in on the fish hatchery troubles, a replay of the Dinesh D'Souza interview, Open for business with Matt Allen from Reverse Mortgage Funcing LLC.

Download 05-16-22_MONDAY_6AM  05-16-2022 (19.99 MB)


  • Open phones and news and opinion, later Tony Lyons is the president and publisher of Skyhorse Publishing, he publishes the JFK Jr Covid book on Anthony Fauci. Sen. Warden wants Amazon to stop carrying the book, government censorship?

Download 05-16-22_MONDAY_7AM  05-16-2022 (23.09 MB)


  • Vance Day, court of appeals Position 3 candidate for Judge talks about the issues in play, making a difference on the state court is a real possibility. Glenn Archambault, Farm Services Agy Rep - baby food shortage, more food shortages to come?

Download 05-16-22_MONDAY_8AM  05-16-2022 (19.17 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones has the financial News, Dr. Powers with Where Past Meets Present - How electricity came to the valley, plus a dig into the current news, your calls later.

Download 05-13-22_FRIDAY_6AM  05-13-2022 (20.4 MB)


  • News and Open Phones, talk on the election, Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government, the undeclared war, the 40 billion, what is going on here?

Download 05-13-22_FRIDAY_7AM  05-13-2022 (20.56 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoors, good news on the water front, outdoor report. A talk with Curry County Commissioner and gubernatorial candidate Court Boice, some open phones, too.

Download 05-13-22_FRIDAY_8AM  05-13-2022 (20.85 MB)


  • Ron Gordon with the market news, so far an up day! Gubernatorial candidate Bridget Barton talks the candidacy, the attacks, the pushback against Christine Drazan and other issues, open phones follow.

Download 05-12-22_THURSDAY_6AM  05-12-2022 (22.1 MB)


  • MOrning news and commentary, and later a talk with Dr. Jane Orient MD from Association of American Physicians and Surgeone - who gets to define disinformation?

Download 05-12-22_THURSDAY_7AM  05-12-2022 (21.45 MB)


  • Open the Books Dot Com CEO and founder Adam Andrzejewski talks about the huge 350 million bucks in royalties to gov scientists and Fauci. Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger talks his issues with Daily Courier, talk on political lobbyists and influence

Download 05-12-22_THURSDAY_8AM  05-12-2022 (20.23 MB)


  • Stocks and financial news with Ron Gordon, GOP gubernatorial candidate Marc Thielman discusses his education plan, open phones follow.

Download 05-11-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-11-2022 (22.81 MB)


  • News and open phones, the 2020 election steal, a bad issue for the GOP to run on in OR, Eric Peters Wheels Up Wednesday segment, politics, car reviews and a great talk.

Download 05-11-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-11-2022 (20.46 MB)


  • An hour of open phones, what about the stolen election, why I think this is a danger for the GOP to wrap itself around in the governor race, along with other topics all hour.

Download 05-11-22_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-11-2022 (23.02 MB)


  • Ron Gordon brings the stocks report from Edward Jones. A free-wheeling talk on the political races with Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms Federation, open phones follow.

Download 05-10-22_TUESDAY_6AM  05-10-2022 (21.44 MB)


  • Open phones and conversation on Pebble in your shoe Tuesday, later a talk with CO2 Coalition E.D. Gregory Wrightstone...High levels of CO2, and Greg says that is a GOOD thing? Yep.

Download 05-10-22_TUESDAY_7AM  05-10-2022 (18.61 MB)


  • Open phones, the push to raise Medford fees, look out. Jo Co COmmissioner Baertschiger talks how the Menstrual Equity Bill, horrible as it is, came to become law.

Download 05-10-22_TUESDAY_8AM  05-10-2022 (21.28 MB)


  • Stock news of the morning with Ron GOrdon at Edward Jones, open phones, then State Sen. Linthicum - the fight against the liberty stripping DHS disinformation office, state politics talk, why so many bad bills produced by the Oregon House?

Download 05-09-22_MONDAY_6AM  05-09-2022 (20.79 MB)


  • News and open phones, the GOP gubernatorial race, a lot of conversation about that and other news and commentary.

Download 05-09-22_MONDAY_7AM  05-09-2022 (22.48 MB)


  • Cheryl Chumley, Washington Times journalist and author of LOCKDOWN, The Socialist Plan to Take Away Your Freedom, then back to back gubernatorial candidates, Bridget Barton, and Bob Tiernan.

Download 05-09-22_MONDAY_8AM  05-09-2022 (19.84 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the market news..a wild Monday, for sure. Dr. Powers tke on the SCOTUS leak, Katherine Green from Childrens Defense Fund, we talk her appearance in Ashland tonight, and a great fundraser at Knox Classical Academy, Ben McReynolds has details

Download 05-06-22_FRIDAY_6AM  05-06-2022 (20.52 MB)


  • Morning News of the day, DC Swamp update with Rick manning, we talk the jobs report, inflation, interest rates, even our undeclared Russian war!

Download 05-06-22_FRIDAY_7AM  05-06-2022 (21.62 MB)


  • Greg Roberts - Outdoor Report, weather, the latest on the Wolf Packs in southern Oregon. Brad Bennington exposes a real danger to affordable housing, Climate Friendly Equitable Communities, yep, the Gov Brown Woke mob in housing?

Download 05-06-22_FRIDAY_8AM  05-06-2022 (19.8 MB)


  • Ron Gordon at Edwards Jones, big market and jobs report news, Gary Richardson is running for Josephine County Commission, and we get into some of the issues, open phones

Download 05-05-22_THURSDAY_6AM  05-05-2022 (21 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, later a talk with CEO Andrew Crapuchettes of, a free speech job board.

Download 05-05-22_THURSDAY_7AM  05-05-2022 (21.75 MB)


  • Mark Cavener, candidate for Congress, Oregon District 2, he is challenging Cong. Bentz in the primary. Later, Bill Hunker, Merlin resident, talks of why he believes Jo County resident should not elect another commissioner from the city of Grants Pass.

Download 05-05-22_THURSDAY_8AM  05-05-2022 (21.52 MB)


  • Markets have a rough day, Ron Gordon from Edward Jones has the latest, and then some open phones, later Larry Kendrick, local author talks of his latest novel Cattle Drive 1882.

Download 05-04-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-04-2022 (21.72 MB)


  • Open phones and news to start...water to cost more, Eric Peters talks Musk, great car reviews and politics on Wheels Up Wednesday

Download 05-04-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-04-2022 (20.94 MB)


  • Judge Vance Day, candidate for OR Court of Appeals Pos 3, Antifa candidate lies about his record, we set the record straight. Open phones follow.

Download 05-04-22_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-04-2022 (22.23 MB)


  • Stock News with ROn GOrdon from Edward Jones, Gubernatorial candidate Marc Thielman digs into the issues, Open for business with the crew from Advanced Air talking openings, new housing codes.

Download 05-03-22_TUESDAY_6AM  05-03-2022 (22.85 MB)


  • News and open phones, the SCOTUS leak, etc. Later, GOP U.S. Senator candidate Darin Harbick discusses issues in the race.

Download 05-03-22_TUESDAY_7AM  05-03-2022 (20.21 MB)


  • Open phones for the first segment, then it is politics, what it takes to be governor, and other discussions with ORP chair and Josephine County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger

Download 05-03-22_TUESDAY_8AM  05-03-2022 (17.56 MB)


  • Stock news with Ron Gordon from Edward Jones, then Constitutional Attorney Johnathan W. Emord - The SCOTUS Leak, and the DHS Disinformation rich environment. Open phones, then Open 4 Business with Cheriess from No Wires Now Dot Com

Download 05-02-22_MONDAY_6AM  05-02-2022 (18.88 MB)


  • News headlines start the morning, then Chad Davidson, film producer, talks about a new documentary series a ministry is producing detailing the Satanic influnece of the DC and Marvel Comics Universe.

Download 05-02-22_MONDAY_7AM  05-02-2022 (22.46 MB)


  • Dr. Michael Robillard is an independent Catholic scholar and co-author of the forthcoming book, Dont Go to College - A Case for Revolution. Open phones follow. John West, candidate for Josephine County Commission talks about the County issues.

Download 05-02-22_MONDAY_8AM  05-02-2022 (18.75 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the latest financial news, Dr. Powers with the history profile for this week, News and COmment

Download 04-29-22_FRIDAY_6AM  04-29-2022 (19.88 MB)


  • Open phones and news for the hour, should we restrict water like CA? Other issues and conversation, governor race and more.

Download 04-29-22_FRIDAY_7AM  04-29-2022 (10.18 MB)


  • Gubernatorial Candidate Bridget Barton joins Bill in studio. A talk on education, crime, homelessness, other campaign issues.

Download 04-29-22_FRIDAY_8AM  04-29-2022 (12.22 MB)


  • Farmer and Farm Services Rep Glenn Archambault talks farming, gardening bang for the buck, water and ag policy.

Download 04-28-22_THURSDAY_6AM  04-28-2022 (18.77 MB)


  • Open Phones on Conspiracy Theory Thursday, can we regain trust in our newspapers, what about that amazing mea culpa the Mail Tribune recently ran regarding the ORD2 Indivisible attack on the Jackson County Commission?

Download 04-28-22_THURSDAY_7AM  04-28-2022 (18.68 MB)


  • Can trust be restored to newspapers? I talk with Holli Morton about that, Randy Sparacino, Medford Mayor, running for State Senate District 3, and later Dr. Naomi Wolf, author of THE BODIES OF OTHERS, the new authoritarians.

Download 04-28-22_THURSDAY_8AM  04-28-2022 (20.73 MB)


  • Stock Market News with Ron Gordon from Edward Jones, Vance Day runnning for Oregon Court of Appeals Pos 3, we talk about the race and the timber/county lawsuit the court came out against the counties. Open phones follow

Download 04-27-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  04-27-2022 (21.67 MB)


  • News and some open phones, Wheels Up Wednesday talk with Auto Journalist Eric Peters from Ep Autos.

Download 04-27-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  04-27-2022 (19.74 MB)


  • Open phones and news, later Cynthia Oliver, Jackson County Resident concerned about a mining operation near Trail which is appealing a land use plan rejection.

Download 04-27-22_WEDNESDAY_8AM  04-27-2022 (19.65 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the latest on stocks and financials then Christopher Bedford is a senior editor at The Federalist, the chief communications officer at RightForge. How Elon Musk could pull it off, and some pitfalls to watch. Open phones, rock mine talk.

Download 04-26-22_TUESDAY_6AM  04-26-2022 (20.36 MB)


  • News open phones, then Dr. Michael Busler, Ph.D., is a public policy analyst, economics expert and a professor of finance at Stockton University, how Biden admin is using woke is a real issue...

Download 04-26-22_TUESDAY_7AM  04-26-2022 (17.73 MB)


  • Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms the debate went with Rep. David Brock Smith, Jo Co COmmissioner Baertschiger talks politics, the gun range issue, GOP reps not following the party platform.

Download 04-26-22_TUESDAY_8AM  04-26-2022 (20.89 MB)


  • Ron Gordon with the financial news at Edward Jones, Open phones, Real estate segment on Open for Business with Jamie Batte from TruHome.

Download 04-25-22_MONDAY_6AM  04-25-2022 (23.55 MB)


  • Open phones and news - is it too easy to run for Governor? Later, Nathan Lewis—co-author of INFLATION: What It Is, Why It's Bad, and How to Fix It

Download 04-25-22_MONDAY_7AM  04-25-2022 (19.65 MB)


  • Greg Roberts has the outdoor report for the day, we talk the firebug arrest, too. Holli Morton, Jo Co Rep. Party Chair, talks of the Friday Gubernatorial Candidate Voters Forum.

Download 04-25-22_MONDAY_8AM  04-25-2022 (21.97 MB)


  • Market starts off lower, Ron Gordon has the report, Dr. Powers has the WHERE PAST MEETS present for today, TID and other news we discuss, more emails of the day and open phones.

Download 04-22-22_FRIDAY_6AM  04-22-2022 (21.79 MB)


  • Open phones on the news and opinion for the hour

Download 04-22-22_FRIDAY_7AM  04-22-2022 (21.63 MB)


  • Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government and we discuss the Oregon Gubernatorial Race, Some Open phone call time, Brad Bennington from the Builders Association of southern Oregon - President affecting houring costs for the worse.

Download 04-22-22_FRIDAY_8AM  04-22-2022 (20.16 MB)


  • Financial news with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, GOP gubernatorial candiate Bob Tiernan digs into the issues, and a bit of open phone time later.

Download 04-21-22_THURSDAY_6AM  04-21-2022 (21.82 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday - the plane hoax, an indicator of a weakening U.S.? Open phones for the hour on the news and views.

Download 04-21-22_THURSDAY_7AM  04-21-2022 (19.19 MB)


  • Former White House Chef ANDRE RUSH talks of his experience and new book. GOP gubernatorial candidate Bridget Barton talks issues with me.

Download 04-21-22_THURSDAY_8AM  04-21-2022 (23.6 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones with the stock news, Jac Co Commissioner Roberts - what about that smear against the Commission from ORD2 Indivisivle? Open phones, and a catch up on Dancing with the Rogue Valley Stars, Matt from the Sparrow club with more.

Download 04-20-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  04-20-2022 (16.7 MB)


  • News and opinion of the day, and our WHEELS UP WEDNESDAY segment with automotive journalist Eric Peters with Ep Autos dot com

Download 04-20-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  04-20-2022 (20.98 MB)


  • We fly back to the swinging 60s with Nell McShane Wulfhart, author of THE STEWARDESS REBELLION, a really interesting look at when the stews started standing up and demanding respect. OPen phones follow

Download 04-20-22_WEDNESDAY_8AM  04-20-2022 (22.25 MB)


  • Ron Gordon with the latest stock and financial news, then the national security reporter for the EPOCH TIMES, Ken Silva, a deep investigative piece on the call to reopen the Oklahoma City Bombing, Megan Jiles with Hearts WIth a Mission

Download 04-19-22_TUESDAY_6AM  04-19-2022 (22.04 MB)


  • News and open phones, then Patrice Onwuka from Independent Womens Forum - a critique of the plan to forgive student loans.

Download 04-19-22_TUESDAY_7AM  04-19-2022 (21.93 MB)


  • Jason Beebe is my first guest of the hour, running for U.S. Senate to unseat Ron Wyden, then a dig into local and state politics with Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger - considers the Daily Courier not too friendly

Download 04-19-22_TUESDAY_8AM  04-19-2022 (18.83 MB)


  • Ron Gordon with Edward Jones, latest financial news, Kevin Christman, candidate for State Senate District 3, then OPEN FOR BUSINESS Matt Allen, Reverse Mortgage Funding. How a reverse Mortgage on a free and clear home could be BIG with high interest rates

Download 04-18-22_MONDAY_6AM  04-18-2022 (22.4 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour, including my comment on a smear, in my opinion, about county commission Covid Leadership.

Download 04-18-22_MONDAY_7AM  04-18-2022 (19.01 MB)


  • GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Sizemore talks about his race, the issues, why he is running. Captain William E. Simpson, naturalist and journalist, discusses the latest on the Klamath Dams commenting controversies.

Download 04-18-22_MONDAY_8AM  04-18-2022 (19.8 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the financial news, Dr. Powers with Where Past Meets Present, some good news on a free speech case and other news, Cheriesse from NO Wires Now has some more savings for tv, phone, internet services.

Download 04-15-22_FRIDAY_6AM  04-15-2022 (22.36 MB)


  • 04-15-22_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 04-15-22_FRIDAY_7AM  04-15-2022 (20.55 MB)


  • 04-15-22_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 04-15-22_FRIDAY_8AM  04-15-2022 (19.35 MB)


  • 04-15-22_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 04-14-22_THURSDAY_6AM  04-14-2022 (16.04 MB)


  • News and open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, an update to the FOREVER CHEMICALS in the farmland story from the other day, Matt Roberts from The Greenway Recovery Project talks of the Pacific Pride fire, connection to homeless, current situation.

Download 04-14-22_THURSDAY_7AM  04-14-2022 (18.47 MB)


  • Open phones for CTT, then an update from the City of Phoenix with Mayor Terry Baker...a discussion on the rebuilding and redevelopment Post-Almeda fire.

Download 04-14-22_THURSDAY_8AM  04-14-2022 (18.41 MB)


  • A conversation with Oregon 2nd District U.S. Congressman Bentz about the drought, the politics, farmers, Klamath Dam commenting and more. Open phones follow.

Download 04-13-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  04-13-2022 (17.88 MB)


  • Update on the Tuesday night fire and other news, headlines, Wheels Up Wednesday with Eric Peters at EP Autos Dot Com, review of the Ford Bronco, oil for you older vehicle, what about the Biden Ethanol new rule, more auto news.

Download 04-13-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  04-13-2022 (22.43 MB)


  • Mr Outdoors from Rogue Weather Dot Com - fire reaction, weather discussion, then Aaron Ott, Emergency Management Coordinator from Medford updates the Pacific Pride Fire news, Court Boice, Curry County COmmissioner wants your vote for governor!

Download 04-13-22_WEDNESDAY_8AM  04-13-2022 (22.57 MB)


  • Ron Gordon breaks down the stocks news from Edward Jones, Dr. Sayed Haider MD from My Go To Doc Dot Com - the best antibiotics to store for prepping. Open phones follow

Download 04-12-22_TUESDAY_6AM  04-12-2022 (17.35 MB)


  • Welcome to Pebble in your Shoe Tuesday, and interesting talk on that, then Tom DeWeese talks the CO2 Pipeline Biden is pushing, and property rights talk.

Download 04-12-22_TUESDAY_7AM  04-12-2022 (19.38 MB)


  • Open phones for the first segment, talking politics, the county and more with ORP chair and Jo Co Commissioner Herman Baertschiger

Download 04-12-22_TUESDAY_8AM  04-12-2022 (16.67 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the stock news, Dr. John Lott digs into the Biden Ghost Gun plan, and Vance Day stops by to talk his run for Oregon Court of Appeals Position 3. A conservative judge in OR? Bring it on, I say.

Download 04-11-22_MONDAY_6AM  04-11-2022 (21.88 MB)


  • Open phones and news starting the morning, Dr. Merrill Matthews from talks inflation, the fed funds rate, what it really means, also the Russians fight OUR fracking industry from within.

Download 04-11-22_MONDAY_7AM  04-11-2022 (18.77 MB)


  • Jo County Commissioner candidate Mark Seligman discusses Sheriffs FUnding. Open phones follow

Download 04-11-22_MONDAY_8AM  04-11-2022 (20.34 MB)


  • 04-11-22_MONDAY_8AM

Download 04-08-22_FRIDAY_6AM  04-08-2022 (20.88 MB)


  • News headlines and open phones, DC swamp update and political talk with Rick Manning from Americans for LImited Government

Download 04-08-22_FRIDAY_7AM  04-08-2022 (20.52 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Mr. Outdoors, Gavin Guyette and Sophie Grow from the Hop To It GEMS 4H club, talk about the world of 4H, their fundraising eggstravaganza Sunday. Mr. X talks Klamath Dam, and a bio sludge story I had talked about earlier.

Download 04-08-22_FRIDAY_8AM  04-08-2022 (21.48 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones has the latest financial news, John West, candidate for Josephine County Commission talks the issues, a Mike Gee Britt Update, too.

Download 04-07-22_THURSDAY_6AM  04-07-2022 (19.63 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday calls, the news, what about the Alba Gazebo, is there a war against truth and beauty? Many other calls this hour.

Download 04-07-22_THURSDAY_7AM  04-07-2022 (19.98 MB)


  • Ben McReynods is one of the founders of KNOX CLASSICAL ACADEMY, and I talk with him about his experience in helping find this area microschool. Dr. Terry Winters co-author of Sex, Diet and Tanning - quite the story about a new line of miracle drugs.

Download 04-07-22_THURSDAY_8AM  04-07-2022 (18.69 MB)


  • Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms Federation talks with me about the latest candidate ratings on the 2nd amendment issues, and the incoming criticism from many establishment GOP folks. Open phones follow.

Download 04-06-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  04-06-2022 (21.23 MB)


  • News and open phones for the morning then transportation and politics with Eric Peters at Ep Autos dot com

Download 04-06-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  04-06-2022 (19.51 MB)


  • Brandon Merritt is running for Oregon Governor, we talk the issues, open phones later.

Download 04-06-22_WEDNESDAY_8AM  04-06-2022 (20.09 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the Edward Jones financial report, Elana Freeland, researcher and author of GEOENGINEERED TRANSHUMANISM, appears Friday night at Belleview Grange in Ashland, then Randall from Advanced Air on Open for business, what is new in HVAC and biz

Download 04-05-22_TUESDAY_6AM  04-05-2022 (20.4 MB)


  • Into the news and opinion of the day, Preston from discusses the border issues surrounding the repeal of Title big is the problem?

Download 04-05-22_TUESDAY_7AM  04-05-2022 (20.73 MB)


  • Pebble in your shoe Tuesday conversation and open phones. Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger on politics, the gun range giveaway and much more.

Download 04-05-22_TUESDAY_8AM  04-05-2022 (19.83 MB)


  • Stock news with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, then Part 2 of my talk with Matt from Grants Pass on education indoctrination...we start on the Sexuality Newsletters and more.

Download 04-04-22_MONDAY_6AM  04-04-2022 (14.67 MB)


  • Morning news and open phones leading into a great talk with Inez Stepman of the Independent Womens Forum - Time for a Bill of Rights to define women?

Download 04-04-22_MONDAY_7AM  04-04-2022 (17.97 MB)


  • Open phones start, and later it is Matt From Grants Pass, researching the sewer known as the Oregon Department of Education.

Download 04-01-22_FRIDAY_6AM  04-01-2022 (20.35 MB)


  • Are Medford Planners GIDDY for multi-family in single family neighborhoods? Listener Steve weighs in on that, I'm digging into other news withi Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government. The Truth about those jobs numbers...

Download 04-01-22_FRIDAY_7AM  04-01-2022 (18.5 MB)


  • Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather Dot Com with the Outdoor Report, Fuel prices and food...look out, the latest from Farm Services Agency Rep Glenn Archambault.

Download 04-01-22_FRIDAY_8AM  04-01-2022 (22.15 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones has the market news, Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms Federation has a free-wheeling discussion on the Gov race and OR politics, Open phones follow.

Download 03-31-22_THURSDAY_6AM  03-31-2022 (21.73 MB)


  • News and open phones on Conspiracy Theory Thursday, I talk with Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center about their fight for your property rights, in addition to their brand new NEWS portal to help keep you up on the fight - Catching Fire News dot com

Download 03-31-22_THURSDAY_7AM  03-31-2022 (19.85 MB)


  • More open phones on CTT, we catch up on the issues with Marc Thielman, a Oregon GOP gubernatorial candidate.

Download 03-31-22_THURSDAY_8AM  03-31-2022 (21.22 MB)


  • Some open phone talk, Captain William E. Simpson digs into the Klamath Dam Project, why it shouldn't be removed, Wild Horse and Fire, open phones follow.

Download 03-30-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  03-30-2022 (20.64 MB)


  • Jackson Cty Board makes a beautiful dam comment, News and open phones to start, Eric Peters joins me from EP Autos dot com...we discuss the danger in the connected car, why small cars today get lousy mileage due to weight, other auto news and views.

Download 03-30-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  03-30-2022 (23.29 MB)


  • State Senator Linthicum talks the Klamath Dam issue, and the indoctrination shown from comments wanting the dam removed...all from a Portland middle school class. Commissioner Roberts discusses the dam comment further, board submited a great one.

Download 03-30-22_WEDNESDAY_8AM  03-30-2022 (20.45 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones breaks down the market news today, we get to know more about Kevin Christman, GOP candidate for state senate, open phones follow.

Download 03-29-22_TUESDAY_6AM  03-29-2022 (18.06 MB)


  • News and open phones, pebble in your shoe Tuesday calls. Attorney Thomas Renz joins me, talks of vaccine-damaged military and the coverups.

Download 03-29-22_TUESDAY_7AM  03-29-2022 (19.49 MB)


  • Open phones and later political talk, Sheriff department talk and more with Jo County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger.

Download 03-29-22_TUESDAY_8AM  03-29-2022 (17.02 MB)


  • Market news with Ron Gordon from Edward Jones, State Senator Dennis LInthicum discusses the government Pit Of Vipers...about everywhere you look. Open phones follow.

Download 03-28-22_MONDAY_6AM  03-28-2022 (19.76 MB)


  • News and open phones for the hour

Download 03-28-22_MONDAY_7AM  03-28-2022 (23.13 MB)


  • Outdoor report and Bigfoot talk with Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather Dot Com, later the talk is law enforcement with Jackson County Sheriff Nate Sickler.

Download 03-28-22_MONDAY_8AM  03-28-2022 (20.46 MB)


  • Ron Gordon has the latest stock news from Edward Jones, Dr. Powers talks news with me and Where Past Meets Present, history of the mineral springs in Ashland, Open for Business with No Wires Now and Cheriesse.

Download 03-22-22_TUESDAY_6AM  03-22-2022 (21.93 MB)


  • News and Pebble In Your Shoe Tuesday conversation, Dan Gainor digs into the rampant censorship of the RIGHT and what to do.

Download 03-22-22_TUESDAY_7AM  03-22-2022 (23.97 MB)


  • Professor Benjamin H. Barton discusses his latest book THE CREDENTIALED COURT - Inside the Cloistered, Elite World of American Justice. Says we need more background diversity of our justices. Jo Co Comm Baertschiger - range talk, county concerns, more.

Download 03-22-22_TUESDAY_8AM  03-22-2022 (16.6 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones has the market news, Open Phones, Sandy Ficca from USE YOUR GIFT FOUNDATION - fundraising concert at Craterian featuring PABLO CRUISE in May. Open for Business - Jamie Batte with TruHome - how is the market, reverse mortgages.

Download 03-21-22_MONDAY_6AM  03-21-2022 (23.01 MB)


  • The War on Avista, natural gas, REAL energy, and you...other headlines and open phones to start the week.

Download 03-21-22_MONDAY_7AM  03-21-2022 (20.06 MB)


  • Kenny Xu, author of AN INCONVENIENT MINORITY - He battles the wokeness at American Express, petition them at UnAmericanExpress dot com, open phones, Mr. X comments on Avista and the consensus process war on natural gas and you.

Download 03-21-22_MONDAY_8AM  03-21-2022 (19.45 MB)


  • Ron Gordon, Edward Jones, has the stock news of the morning, Dr. Powers, Where Past meets Present. The history of LITHIA WATER, Lithia Springs, interesting, other topics. Matt Duste from Dustys Transmission updates folks on OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

Download 03-18-22_FRIDAY_6AM  03-18-2022 (22.78 MB)


  • A rant on Covid, Ivermectin, Biden Laptop, the Empire of Lies...have we learned our lesson? Open phones, too.

Download 03-18-22_FRIDAY_7AM  03-18-2022 (20.82 MB)


  • Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather with the Friday Outdoor report, Gubernatorial GOP candidate Christine Drazan is in studio for talk on the issues in this race.

Download 03-18-22_FRIDAY_8AM  03-18-2022 (22.79 MB)


  • The market news update with Ron Gordon from Edward Jones. Adam Hardage is CEO and co-founder of Remote Health Systems . Adam is hiring hundreds of healthcare workers fired for not taking the Covid Jab, and we discuss why and his business model.

Download 03-17-22_THURSDAY_6AM  03-17-2022 (23.16 MB)


  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday, news and comment, hey...who knew that mortgage interest deduction is RACIST! Later, geologist Gregory Wrightstone, author of INCONVENIENT FACTS, and we blow up a CNN lie about natural gas, and the CO2 problem.

Download 03-17-22_THURSDAY_7AM  03-17-2022 (19.97 MB)


  • Historian Craig Shirley joins me to discuss his time in the Reagan administration, and his latest book APRIL, 1945, the Hinge of History. Open phones follow, we talk the proposed Jo Co Sheriff tax and other issues.

Download 03-17-22_THURSDAY_8AM  03-17-2022 (19.33 MB)


  • Open phones on Conspiracy Theory Thursday, Darcy Mann talks about the kickoff to Pear Blossom.

Download 03-16-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  03-16-2022 (18.59 MB)


  • DIscussion on Unkraine President requests of the USA, later it is WHEELS UP WEDNESDAY with Eric Peters at EP Autos Dot Com, the mobile matric, Let Them Drive Teslas, Santa Cruz review and more!

Download 03-16-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  03-16-2022 (24.29 MB)


  • Community activist and researcher MR. X talks with me for the hour about the Gang Green Push to remove the Klamath Dams. We dig into the issue, public comment is open at the FERC website, and how should you comment?

Download 03-16-22_WEDNESDAY_8AM  03-16-2022 (21.18 MB)


  • Ron Gordon with the market news from Edward Jones, GOP gubernatorial Kerry McQuisten is on, talking some issues, at the Jac Co Republican Party HQ tonight at 6pm. Open for Business, Matt Allen from Reverse Mortgage Funding, LLC.

Download 03-15-22_TUESDAY_6AM  03-15-2022 (20.17 MB)


  • Open phones for Pebble in Your Shoe Tuesday, very interesting.

Download 03-15-22_TUESDAY_7AM  03-15-2022 (22.83 MB)


  • An hour of digging into political laundry, so to speak, first with Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation, the latest on his political surveys. Oregon Republican Party Chair Herman Baertschiger talks of the Heard resignation and party issues.

Download 03-15-22_TUESDAY_8AM  03-15-2022 (20.64 MB)


  • Market news with Ron Gordon from Edward Jones, open phone for Pebble in Your Shoe Tuesday, How is the real estate market? Jamie Batte from Truhome has the latest with the Real Estate Spotlight.

Download 03-14-22_MONDAY_6AM  03-14-2022 (20.88 MB)


  • News and open phones, weird drives and more. John from Sustainable Freedom Lab has a great take on the Covid Lessons leerned.

Download 03-14-22_MONDAY_7AM  03-14-2022 (22.05 MB)


  • Open phones and other issues, then Christine Drazan, former House Republican leader and current GOP candidate for Oregon governor!

Download 03-14-22_MONDAY_8AM  03-14-2022 (20.69 MB)


  • Market news with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, Where Past Meets Present with Dr. Powers and the historical profile of Jim Parsons and Parsons Pine in Ashland, and some financial talk near the end.

Download 03-11-22_FRIDAY_6AM  03-11-2022 (21.11 MB)


  • Morning stories and some open phones, into the DC Swamp update with Rick Manning, president of Americans For Limited Government

Download 03-11-22_FRIDAY_7AM  03-11-2022 (18.98 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoors with the Outdoor report, and general weather the drought going to be broken? Open phones follow.

Download 03-11-22_FRIDAY_8AM  03-11-2022 (20.02 MB)


  • Another interesting day on the market coverage with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, RJ Haumann from Federation for American Immigration Reform and how way more border security goes to Ukraine than the U.S. in the latest monstrosity spending bill.

Download 03-10-22_THURSDAY_6AM  03-10-2022 (21.29 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday!

Download 03-10-22_THURSDAY_7AM  03-10-2022 (21.04 MB)


  • Christopher Hall talks of an amazing report he conducted for the Illinois Valley Soil and Water Conservation District - the impact of Cannabis on Water and more. OR Republican Party chair Dallas Heard joins me, he is quitting and we talk why.

Download 03-10-22_THURSDAY_8AM  03-10-2022 (13.34 MB)


  • Ukraine, Russia, the supply chain issues, and how does it affect our food supply and pricing? A big deal, Glenn Archambault, elected Farm Services Agency rep, discusses it with me. Open phones follow.

Download 03-09-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  03-09-2022 (20.65 MB)


  • News, Merkley green plan...yikes, open phones, then more on Merk and the other craziness in cars and politics with Eric Peters at EP Autos.

Download 03-09-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  03-09-2022 (17.82 MB)


  • Steven Mosher, author of BULLY OF ASIA - says China is about to do an invasion of its own. Sherry Lomelino, fired from her monitor position at a local school, tells her story...and it all started with a LETS GO BRANDON tee shirt.

Download 03-09-22_WEDNESDAY_8AM  03-09-2022 (21.73 MB)


  • Making sense of the wild market swings - Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, Patrick Wood, and Citizens for Free Speech. We talk the battle for your life that the Technocrats are waging, and how CFFS can help you fight back.

Download 03-08-22_TUESDAY_6AM  03-08-2022 (19.95 MB)


  • Morning news headlines, calls, update on the menstrual equity in gov schools question, Nan Su, political reporter for the Epoch TImes talks with me about why China is THRILLED with Russia action in the Ukraine.

Download 03-08-22_TUESDAY_7AM  03-08-2022 (18.93 MB)


  • GOP gubernatorial candidate Jessica Gomez talks about her campaign and the issues in play, hey...a road diet in Medford? Politics and more with Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger.

Download 03-08-22_TUESDAY_8AM  03-08-2022 (19.09 MB)


  • Another interesting market day and report with Ron Gordon, open phones on the issues, then a campaign update from GOP gubernatorial candidate Dr. Bud Pierce, who visits Grants Pass, K. Falls, and Medford tomorrow.

Download 03-07-22_MON_6AM  03-07-2022 (17.12 MB)


  • Recap of the weekend news, the Rally around the flag, gov schools, John OConnor, Deep Throat Lawyer, aurhot of POSTGATE, and an interesting look back at Watergate, and we talk the accusation that DJT engaged in crimes January 6th.

Download 03-07-22_MON_7AM  03-07-2022 (18.67 MB)


  • Open phones then a legislative update with State Rep. Kim Wallan of Medford.

Download 03-07-22_MON_8AM  03-07-2022 (19.09 MB)


  • A wild morning at the markets, Ron Gordon has the Latest. Dr. Powers Where Past Meets Present and the Celia House. Cheriesse from NoWiresNow saving people money on internet, phone, satellite TV and much more.

Download 03-04-22_FRIDAY_6AM  03-04-2022 (21.94 MB)


  • Drought, Climate Change, other news stories, Rick Manning with the DC Update, and why are BOTH dems and repubs not willing to defund vaccine passports, other mandates.

Download 03-04-22_FRIDAY_7AM  03-04-2022 (17.73 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, Holli Morton, chair of the Jo Co Republican Party, we talk of the rally around the flag tomorrow, news in the political races, other issues.

Download 03-04-22_FRIDAY_8AM  03-04-2022 (16.3 MB)


  • Tim Winter fm Parents Television Council - HBO, AT and T pushing teen smut for teens via EUPHORIA, and he has a problem with that. Open phones and more, and Mike from Britt Festival gives an early update on the show schedule.

Download 03-03-22_THURSDAY_6AM  03-03-2022 (19.07 MB)


  • News, headlines, and an outlook on the show for today, CAT is looking for the best equipment operator, BIG contest, and Alfredo Ortiz from the Job Creators Network digs into the Biden SOTU gaslighting.

Download 03-03-22_THURSDAY_7AM  03-03-2022 (18.42 MB)


  • A talk with Mark Seligman, candidate for Jo Co Commissioner, financial news update with Ron Gordon, and the latest legislative carnage...Whew, Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation with that news.

Download 03-03-22_THURSDAY_8AM  03-03-2022 (15.47 MB)


  • In Depth conversation with Martin Armstrong, ArmstrongEconomics dot com, and what is the REAL backdrop to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and that it is really a financial war... Also discuss his uncannily accurate SOCRATES predictive model.

Download 03-02-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  03-02-2022 (21.7 MB)


  • News and more including Pac Power wants more money from you! Eric Peters with EP Autos talks politics, cars, transportation, gov liars...the usual, huh?

Download 03-02-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  03-02-2022 (18.33 MB)


  • Open phones for the hour, and conversation about the State of the Union...which is frankly bizarre with Joe...

Download 03-02-22_WEDNESDAY_8AM  03-02-2022 (18.78 MB)


  • THe market news with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, then Mr. X and I start the conversation about getting ready to comment against the removal of the 4 Klamath is an existential threat here. Open for business with Randal at Advanced Air!

Download 03-01-22_TUESDAY_6AM  03-01-2022 (21.06 MB)


  • Open phones and news headlines, Steve Milloy digs into the Monday Supreme Court oral arguments...can the EPA legally regulate carbon? Does not look to be the case.

Download 03-01-22_TUESDAY_7AM  03-01-2022 (18.73 MB)


  • GOP candidate for U.S. Senate Jo Rae Perkins talks with me about the race to replace Ron Wyden. (and that would definitely be a GOOD thing) Jo County Commissioner Herman Baertschiger talks Ukraine, effect on politics and more.

Download 03-01-22_TUESDAY_8AM  03-01-2022 (21.12 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones - latest stock and financial news, open phones, Open for Business and a catch up on the current real estate markets with Jamie Batte, broker with TruHome.

Download 02-28-22_MONDAY_6AM  02-28-2022 (18.35 MB)


  • News and open phones start the show, Cyberwar is in the air, I talk about this with Tom Kelly, CEO of www.idx dot U.S., a company in Portland that offers numerous protection suites from the hackers and scammers.

Download 02-28-22_MONDAY_7AM  02-28-2022 (19.84 MB)


  • More open phones for the early morning, an update on the legislative session with State Rep. Kim Wallan.

Download 02-28-22_MONDAY_8AM  02-28-2022 (19.35 MB)


  • Busy day on Wall Street, latest with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, Dr. Powers - Porters restaurant histocical profile. Car Worden from the S. Oregon Militia - is water unnecessarily being flushed out of Lost Creek Lake?

Download 02-25-22_FRIDAY_6AM  02-25-2022 (19.74 MB)


  • News and open calls start, then the DC swamp update with Rick Manning - update on the Defund the Mandates push, Ukraine, other issues.

Download 02-25-22_FRUDAY_7AM  02-25-2022 (22.83 MB)


  • Calls, Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, and a talk with Bob Tiernan, former state Rep, ORP Chair, running for Governor! Michael Campbell, owner of Sis Q Cellular with a quick shout out on the S22 Galaxy rollout and other phone deals on now.

Download 02-25-22_FRUDAY_8AM  02-25-2022 (20.08 MB)


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones taps the latest market news, Glenn Archambault - What Ukraine means for farm and food prices, and Open for Business with Ken McLean with Prestige Arbor Place - a big focus in March to help seniors prevent falls.

Download 02-24-22_THURSDAY_6AM  02-24-2022 (19.78 MB)


  • News and open phones, Ukraine, and more for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, Harvard University top Astronomer Avi Loeb, author of EXTRATERRESTRIAL - also, how much power did Gang Green provide in our cold snap? Not much...

Download 02-24-22_THURSDAY_7AM  02-24-2022 (20.66 MB)


  • Open phones start, markets with Ron Gordon. Jo County gets to decide if it wishes to join Greater Idaho Movementm, and I talk with Mike McCarter about it.

Download 02-24-22_THURSDAY_8AM  02-24-2022 (17.22 MB)


  • Moe open phones for CTT, Larry Klayman talks the Truckers Protest, and I check in with anthropologist Scott Violette, (studying sasquatch) who will be at the Sportsmans Show this weekend.

Download 02-23-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  02-23-2022 (20.45 MB)


  • Open phones and news, WHeels up Wednesday with Eric Peters at EP, an electronic replica of a manual transmission for electric car drivers? Yep, other crazy stories.

Download 02-23-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  02-23-2022 (25.23 MB)


  • RVCOG wants to give elders a robot pet? Yep, and other craziness. I catch up with recording artist LOBO, new album, still going after 50+ Years. Will Reishman and I dig into Ukraine and Putin.

Download 02-23-22_WEDNESDAY_8AM  02-23-2022 (22.22 MB)


  • Ron Gordon with the latest Edward Jones news on finance, More Open phones, Lisa McCleese Kelly from Kellys Automotive, two more days to wipe out hunger with Peanut and other nut butter donations for the food banks.

Download 02-22-22_TUESDAY_6AM  02-22-2022 (21.83 MB)


  • Open phones and news for the hour, Ukraine, mandates, much more.

Download 02-22-22_TUESDAY_7AM  02-22-2022 (20.22 MB)


  • State Rep. Kim Wallan with a legislative update, the bills, the carnage, what is being done to slow the process down. More local and state political talk with Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger, Covid, Daily Courier, other issues.

Download 02-22-22_TUESDAY_8AM  02-22-2022 (21.35 MB)


  • Congressman CLiff Bentz talks gas prices, marijuana issues, Covid Mandates...can they be blocked, American River Democracy Act and more. Jamie Batte from TruHome with Open for Business and the Real Estate Spotlight - how gov influences real estate.

Download 02-21-22_MONDAY_6AM  02-21-2022 (21.73 MB)


  • Welcome back from the weekend, an hour of open phones, Lincoln Day Dinner thoughts, your calls.

Download 02-21-22_MONDAY_7AM  02-21-2022 (21.81 MB)


  • David Legates, research fellow at the Independent Institute and co-author of Hot Talk, Cold Science: Global Warmings Unfinished Debate. Then I talk with Joel Skousen, editor of World Affairs Brief Dot com, conspiracy, conscience, WW2 starting in Ukraine?

Download 02-21-22_MONDAY_8AM  02-21-2022 (16.41 MB)


  • Dr. Powers with the latest Where Past Meets Present, Omars Restaurant. Ukraine, other news, open phones follow.