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Download 01-19-20_TUESDAY_6AM  01-19-2021 (21.67 MB)


  • News and open phones, later Michael Hartmann, Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Strategic Giving, Capital Research Center. We discuss¬† What Might a War With Big Tech Look Like

Download 01-19-20_TUESDAY_7AM  01-19-2021 (17.18 MB)


  • Open phones and later Attorney Bob Robertson and Cindy Broadwater. Cindy held the lease for the Lost Creek Marina until the end of December. She had been promised to be able to extend it. Still closed, - Jac Co might take it over, too.

Download 01-19-20_TUESDAY_8AM  01-19-2021 (20.16 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has the stock news for this morning, then George Gilder, financier, author, high-tech visionary, and author of LIFE AFTER GOOGLE - says the high tech tyrants are going down, their business model will not survive, and we discuss it.

Download 01-18-20_MONDAY_6AM  01-18-2021 (22.53 MB)


  • Open phones and news start, Steve Milloy joins me later from, he has a big prob with Biden planning to run the EPA out of the White House, supposed to be an independent agency.

Download 01-18-20_MONDAY_7AM  01-18-2021 (20.86 MB)


  • Outdoor report and more with Greg Roberts, open phones, then Curry Co Commissioner Court Boyce - they have reopened dining, what about the rest of the economy?

Download 01-18-20_MONDAY_8AM  01-18-2021 (18.68 MB)


  • Brenda Stein from Seacrest Wealth Mgt with the stock news, Dr. Powers and I kick around the latest political news, and historical profile, too

Download 01-15-20_FRIDAY_6AM  01-15-2021 (21.99 MB)


  • News headlines and opinion, Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government is on with the Swamp Update news for the week

Download 01-15-20_FRIDAY_7AM  01-15-2021 (21.58 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, some open phone time, Brian Heikkila, Jac Co Republican Party chair updates us on the recent vandalism at their office, other party issues.

Download 01-15-20_FRIDAY_8AM  01-15-2021 (20.64 MB)


  • Brenda Stein with the stocks news, Congressman Cliff Bentz talks the DC happenings, impeachment, 1.9 trillion spending plan and more, Tim Winter joins me from ParentsTV - what happened to family friendly programming for all?

Download 01-14-20_THURSDAY_6AM  01-14-2021 (17.64 MB)


  • News and Open phones, Prof William Jacobson joins me from Legal Insurrection Blog - impeachment 2.0, AFTER DJT leaves office? Good discussion on this and other law issues

Download 01-14-20_THURSDAY_7AM  01-14-2021 (19.43 MB)


  • Open phones for Conspiracy Theory Thursday, impeachment, strengthening county government, protecting the people and other topics.

Download 01-14-20_THURSDAY_8AM  01-14-2021 (20.34 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has the latest financial news, Sgt. Mike McGrew, long term law enforcement specialist discusses law enforcement suicide, defund, ways to help. Open phones follow

Download 01-13-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  01-13-2021 (20.91 MB)


  • News and opinion, the lawsuit against the Stratford Inn...kind of, well, odd. Eric Peters at talks the importance of stocking up on maintainence items now, reviews the Ford F-250.

Download 01-13-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  01-13-2021 (22 MB)


  • State Rep. Mike Nearman from Independence talks the hot water in Salem. He is accused of letting protestors into the special session in Dec. Open phones follow

Download 01-13-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  01-13-2021 (22.05 MB)


  • Brenda Stein with the latest Stock news, Judd Dunning , Co-Creator of, Fox New Regular, Michael Loftus, Judd Dunning, is a political author, host, and producer, author of 13 and a half reasons to not be a liberal. Open phones then

Download 01-12-20_TUESDAY_6AM  01-12-2021 (18.57 MB)


  • Morning news, the Aidan Ellison death, is there an agenda to MAKE this a hate crime? Open phones for the rest of the hour

Download 01-12-20_TUESDAY_7AM  01-12-2021 (22.39 MB)


  • Brian Brooks, Executive Director of the Idaho Wildlife Federation talks with me abt salmon restoration, dam removal needed and other questions. Jo Co Commissioner Baertschiger talks about speaking to a group tired of the restrictions and other issues.

Download 01-12-20_TUESDAY_8AM  01-12-2021 (22.22 MB)


  • Stock News with Brenda Stein, Kevin Starrett fm Oregon Firearms on the anti-gun bills to come, the purge, other news you need to know.

Download 01-11-20_MONDAY_6AM  01-11-2021 (20.24 MB)


  • Open phones and news start, Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and current founder of, and we talk the Capitol issues, and his book, IT TAKES A REVOLUTION - Forget the Scandal Industry

Download 01-11-20_MONDAY_7AM  01-11-2021 (22.58 MB)


  • Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors, weather and outdoor report, open phones then.

Download 01-11-20_MONDAY_8AM  01-11-2021 (20.93 MB)


  • Stock news with Brenda Stein at Seacrest, Dr. Powers joins me for history, and the news breakdown, and then Cherisse at - saving you big bucks on internet, phone, tv and more

Download 01-08-20_FRIDAY_6AM  01-08-2021 (20.92 MB)


  • 01-08-20_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 01-08-20_FRIDAY_7AM  01-08-2021 (18.25 MB)


  • 01-08-20_FRIDAY_7AM

Download 01-08-20_FRIDAY_8AM  01-08-2021 (20.97 MB)


  • 01-08-20_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 01-07-20_THURSDAY_6AM  01-08-2021 (19.87 MB)


  • 01-07-20_THURSDAY_6AM

Download 01-07-20_THURSDAY_7AM  01-08-2021 (21.89 MB)


  • 01-07-20_THURSDAY_7AM

Download 01-07-20_THURSDAY_8AM  01-08-2021 (21.65 MB)


  • 01-07-20_THURSDAY_8AM

Download 01-06-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  01-06-2021 (21.73 MB)


  • News and opinion on the election start, I talk with Eric Peters on his take on the new Ford electric truck and other transportation news.

Download 01-06-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  01-06-2021 (20.86 MB)


  • Open phones, then Jason Dudash, Oregon Director of the Freedom Foundation, which is working to defend businesses defying Governor Brown's Covid orders

Download 01-06-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  01-06-2021 (21.6 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has the stock news, we talk with Asst. City Manger of Medford Kelly Madding about a business grant program to save Covid-stressed businesses, prog problems in 549C policies, Open for Business segment with Randall from Advanced Air.

Download 01-05-20_TUESDAY_6AM  01-05-2021 (21.17 MB)


  • Open phones start, later Attorney Thomas Renz from, and he's filed several Covid lawsuits that we discuss.

Download 01-05-20_TUESDAY_7AM  01-05-2021 (20.03 MB)


  • Open phones, then State Sen. Baertschiger - county response to restrictions, what could be done?

Download 01-05-20_TUESDAY_8AM  01-05-2021 (22.08 MB)


  • The latest stock and financial news with Brenda Stein, Gregory Wrightstone of the CO2 Coalition is on, and we discuss the Bill Gates plan to dim the sun! Yes, to save you from global warming. Open phones follow.

Download 01-04-20_MONDAY_6AM  01-04-2021 (20.09 MB)


  • Catching up on the news and opinion, later Scott Garliss is the editor of Stansberry NewsWire and Stansberry NewsWire Premium - we talk how things are looking in the markets for 2021

Download 01-04-20_MONDAY_7AM  01-04-2021 (20.61 MB)


  • Mr. Outdoors is on, we dig in weather, snow, and also remember KRWQ morning personality Larry Neal, open phones for the rest of the hour

Download 01-04-20_MONDAY_8AM  01-04-2021 (21.41 MB)


  • Stock market news with Brenda Stein, Dr. Powers and I talk the election and other news, open phones later.

Download 12-22-20_TUESDAY_6AM  12-22-2020 (20.84 MB)


  • Open phones and news, Steve Milloy, founder of on the plan to make you pay more for air conditioning to save the planet...yeah, right.

Download 12-22-20_TUESDAY_7AM  12-22-2020 (20.76 MB)


  • Mr. X - why we should ask the county to NOT approve Ashland exemption to the smoke plan, Sen. Baertschiger - session recap and more

Download 12-22-20_TUESDAY_8AM  12-22-2020 (21.94 MB)


  • Brenda Stein with stock news, open phones, Phil Grammattica, firearms trainer, offers free CHL training for first responders, and he brings the details.

Download 12-21-20_MONDAY_6AM  12-21-2020 (20.34 MB)


  • Race and Wu shots...what could go wrong? other news and your calls in this open phones hour

Download 12-21-20_MONDAY_7AM  12-21-2020 (20.21 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather Dot Com, and later a fascinating talk about a gorgeous book, HOPE IN THE ASHES, co-authored by Indy Pederson and Micheala Quinn - The Sept fires, Antifa, their investigation and thoughts

Download 12-21-20_MONDAY_8AM  12-21-2020 (19.59 MB)


  • Brenda Stein brings the latest financial and stock news, Dr. Powers and I talk history, the pioneer Christmas of old, the amazing excess of Neiman Marcus for today, and other news and views

Download 12-18-20_FRIDAY_6AM  12-18-2020 (20.91 MB)


  • Open phones, and then Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government, dig into the Swamp update - How to help the Georgia Runoff, other news

Download 12-18-20_FRIDAY_7AM  12-18-2020 (16.52 MB)


  • Outdoor Report, and later Mr. X and I talk over why Ashland SHOULD NOT get an exemption from fire smoke rules regarding prescribed burns

Download 12-18-20_FRIDAY_8AM  12-18-2020 (18.22 MB)


  • Dr. Jerome Corsi, author and founder of CORSI NATION dot com - We talk China, the Bidens, the possibility of martial law, and some pretty intense breaking news re Hunter, Biden security briefings revoked and more. Open phones follow.

Download 12-17-20_THURSDAY_6AM  12-18-2020 (19.02 MB)


  • Open phones start, Cynthia Fisher from - New rule, hospitals have to tell you how much your procedure will cost.

Download 12-17-20_THURSDAY_7AM  12-18-2020 (28.59 MB)


  • Open phones start for conspiracy theory Thursday, Brian Wilson of Medford tells me the city told him to take down the Trump FLAG or else. We discuss it.

Download 12-17-20_THURSDAY_8AM  12-18-2020 (17.72 MB)


  • Dr. Michael Rectenwald, author of THOUGHT CRIMINAL - a 1984 for the Covid Era. Rectenwald is a former NYU professor, cancelled out by the mob, Thought Criminal explores not only big tech, but also social media censorship, media propaganda, the virus,

Download 12-16-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  12-16-2020 (21.35 MB)


  • The truth, needed more than ever. I talk this, and not give the lies any power. Later, Eric Peters at and I talk covid, new cars, Affirmative Motors - yep racial quotas in the car world

Download 12-16-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  12-16-2020 (21.22 MB)


  • Open phones, is it selfish to want electricity on ALL the time...a Rutgers professor says yes...serioiusly. Dr. Eric Fruits, VP of research at the Cascade Policy Institute and I discuss who should pay for all that Covid Damage

Download 12-16-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  12-16-2020 (15.67 MB)


  • State Sen Linthicum joins me for a talk on the upcoming session, how renewable energy REALLY works, other issues, open phones follow

Download 12-15-20_TUESDAY_6AM  12-15-2020 (20.43 MB)


  • Open phones start, later David A. Ridenour (from Eagle Point) is president of the National Center for Public Policy Research, has a breakdown of the election fraud and irregularities

Download 12-15-20_TUESDAY_7AM  12-15-2020 (20.59 MB)


  • Open phones, then Sen Baertschiger talks the upcoming session and economy issues

Download 12-15-20_TUESDAY_8AM  12-15-2020 (17.78 MB)


  • Cap William E. Simpson discusses the wild horse situation and the final solutions needed...a real win-win plan. Open phones later

Download 12-14-20_MONDAY_6AM  12-14-2020 (19.78 MB)


  • I talk with Tracy Beanz, investigative journalist at re the Texas suit and developments. Tom Gresham, host of GUN TALK joins me for the runoff election news, range reports...ammo.

Download 12-14-20_MONDAY_7AM  12-14-2020 (20.17 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, open phones rest of the hour

Download 12-14-20_MONDAY_8AM  12-14-2020 (17 MB)


  • Dr. Dennis Powers, where past meets present segment, and we also dig into the accusations against Judge David Orr by defense attorney Julian Rosas

Download 12-11-20_FRIDAY_6AM  12-11-2020 (20.64 MB)


  • 12-11-20_FRIDAY_6AM

Download 12-10-20_THURSDAY_7AM  12-11-2020 (18.84 MB)


  • 12-10-20_THURSDAY_7AM

Download 12-11-20_FRIDAY_8AM  12-11-2020 (20.85 MB)


  • 12-11-20_FRIDAY_8AM

Download 12-10-20_THURSDAY_6AM  12-10-2020 (20.36 MB)


  • Diane Randall, General Secretary, Friends Committee on National Legislation, a look back at Congressional progress. Later, Larry Klayman, Chairman of Freedom Watch - Book is It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry - Pure corrupto government!

Download 12-10-20_THURSDAY_7AM  12-10-2020 (18.84 MB)


  • 12-10-20_THURSDAY_7AM

Download 12-10-20_THURSDAY_8AM  12-10-2020 (22.09 MB)


  • 12-10-20_THURSDAY_8AM

Download 12-09-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  12-09-2020 (15.98 MB)


  • Morning news starts, the media STILL distorts how the aquatic center is funded, auto news with Eric from EP Autos, too.

Download 12-09-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  12-09-2020 (20.97 MB)


  • Open phones start, then Robert Kosch, a real estate and financial guy, ex-con, and has an interesting take on where the economy is headed. Has an upcoming book, RESET, find out more at

Download 12-09-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  12-09-2020 (22.1 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has the stock news update, then Kevin Starrett of Oregon Firearms Federation - we kick around the evil mall Santa, the tax credit, and all the nasty stuff the legislature wants to give you good and hard.

Download 12-08-20_TUESDAY_6AM  12-08-2020 (20.45 MB)


  • Headlines - opinion, people getting wound tightly...whew, open phones for the hour

Download 12-08-20_TUESDAY_7AM  12-08-2020 (20.84 MB)


  • Paul Prescott from the New California project, will it succeed where SOJ has stalled. Laurie Zook, GP bar owner talks protests and economic carnage from the gov orders, and State Sen. Herman Baertschiger on where it is all headed

Download 12-08-20_TUESDAY_8AM  12-08-2020 (19.51 MB)


  • Brenda Stein on stock news, Allan Stevo, author of FACEMASKS in ONE LESSON and Dr. Paul Thomas, Portland pediatrician, has lost his license...was it for putting out a study claiming un vaccinated children were healthier...

Download 12-07-20_MONDAY_6AM  12-07-2020 (22.19 MB)


  • News and opinion start it all, and how would a Green go about eliminating pesky humans on the planet. That is the premise behind THE TRACKERSERIES, and I discuss these books with author John Graves.

Download 12-07-20_MONDAY_7AM  12-07-2020 (19.92 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, Chronicles contributor and American Greatness asst editor Pedro Gonzalez discuss Divining the future of America First after the Trump era

Download 12-07-20_MONDAY_8AM  12-07-2020 (19.32 MB)


  • Stock Report with Brenda Stein, Dr. Powers with a news breakdown and the history profile of Medford Football glory days. Open for business - Cherisse from NoWiresMedia saving you money.

Download 12-03-20_THURSDAY_6AM  12-03-2020 (21.3 MB)


  • News and headlines, how do we best protest tyranny and push back against abuses? I talk about this along with the take of Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government, election challenge news and more

Download 12-03-20_THURSDAY_7AM  12-03-2020 (19.91 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, open phones for the hour after

Download 12-03-20_THURSDAY_8AM  12-03-2020 (21.15 MB)


  • Brenda Stein digs into the latest stock news, GP Mayor Roy Lindsay updates the struggles with Riverside Park homeless issues, more open phones

Download 12-02-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  12-02-2020 (22.34 MB)


  • Open phones - media piles on Jac Co, unfairly imo, re Wu response, Eric Peters joins me later from - The new Chevy Blazer, is it a worthy successor to the classic, and other transportation news.

Download 12-02-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  12-02-2020 (19.57 MB)


  • Dave Ray from - Biden wants amnesty on steroids, we discuss. Open phones for the rest

Download 12-02-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  12-02-2020 (20.93 MB)


  • Stock news with Brenda Stein, and Vlad Yurlov of the Cascade Policy Institute - Why the state restricts hospitals...supposedly for your own good. Open for business talk with Atrio Health Systems, Humphrey and Pace big savings on Medicare policies there

Download 12-01-20_TUESDAY_6AM  12-01-2020 (22.18 MB)


  • News and open phones start, then Charlotte Hays of the Independent Womens Forum discusses who really wins if we forgive government college loans

Download 12-01-20_TUESDAY_7AM  12-01-2020 (18.44 MB)


  • Open phones and topics, Sen. Baertschiger talks Gov Brown Covid policies

Download 12-01-20_TUESDAY_8AM  12-01-2020 (21.08 MB)


  • Brenda Stein brings the market news, then Dr. Jerome Corsi - brand new ebook - Says SCOTUS must kick this election to congress, and Trump wins. Open for Business segment with Randal Lee with Advanced air - OSHA air rules for business, big deals.

Download 11-30-20_MONDAY_6AM  11-30-2020 (20.56 MB)


  • News headlines and open phones, Steve Milloy, former Trump-Pence EPA transition team member says DJT should submit the Paris Agreement to order to kill it.

Download 11-30-20_MONDAY_7AM  11-30-2020 (21.08 MB)


  • Listener has an odd election robocall, Greg Roberts has today's outdoor report. Open phones on homeless issues, bathrooms in GP, vandalism of local infrastructure and more

Download 11-30-20_MONDAY_8AM  11-30-2020 (20.93 MB)


  • Morning stock info with Brenda Stein, and Dr. Powers with the Where Past Meets Present segment. Sports writer Tim Trower is the profile today. We also dig into the possible election challenge path for DJT.

Download 11-25-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-25-2020 (21.4 MB)


  • Open phones and talk on the news, Eric Peters joins me from and we talk about the changes in the car world, President-elect JoeMentia pushing EVs.

Download 11-25-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-25-2020 (19.56 MB)


  • Anthony Smith from NFIB talks with me about the need to REALLY support our local businesses during this season, Mr. Outdoors has the Outdoor report, open phones, too.

Download 11-25-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-25-2020 (22.15 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has the stock news, then Pacific Legal Attorney Joe Luppino-Esposito, Deputy Legal Policy Director at Pacific Legal Foundation, who writes in the Hill about saying no to the mask mandates and more

Download 11-24-20_TUESDAY_6AM_1  11-24-2020 (9.25 MB)


  • Open phones and news, the state claims to know the right price for Covid masks?

Download 11-24-20_TUESDAY_6AM_2  11-24-2020 (10.22 MB)


  • Dr. Chad Savage founder of YourChoice Direct Care - What would a Biden administration mean for health care, and we discuss the advantages of Direct Primary care...a growing trend.

Download 11-24-20_TUESDAY_7AM  11-24-2020 (18.34 MB)


  • Jo County commissioner candidate Ron Smith weighs in on the board plan to approve international green building codes - thinks it will hurt property rights. Later, Sen. Baertschiger on the Covid Freeze, plan to reshape state GOP, other news

Download 11-24-20_TUESDAY_8AM  11-24-2020 (17.26 MB)


  • Guests include Clay Clark, host of ThriveTime Radio - prophecy, Trump, his talk with Lin Wood and more. Later Cap. Bill Simpson from N. Cal defends the benefits of keeping the Klamath Dam system intact.

Download 11-23-20_MONDAY_6AM  11-23-2020 (21.22 MB)


  • Open phones and comnebtary. Later I have a great talk with Rich Higgins, former NSA guy, author of THE MEMO. Fighting the deep state, the election irregularities, his take on the Sidney Powell claims

Download 11-23-20_MONDAY_7AM  11-23-2020 (20.94 MB)


  • Greg Roberts with the latest outdoor report from, and then Dr. John Zmirak, senior editor at the Stream, He knows Sidey Powell, and believes in her quest to get to the bottom of alleged voter fraud and corruption.

Download 11-23-20_MONDAY_8AM  11-23-2020 (21.52 MB)


  • Brenda Stein breaks down the stock news of the morning, then Dr. Dennis Powers segment WHERE PAST MEETS PRESENT, and a take on the current news, too.

Download 11-19-20_THURSDAY_6AM  11-19-2020 (12.44 MB)


  • Guest is Sam Anderson, retired educator and researcher. How the push for Communism in the U.S. has been going on for a LONG time.

Download 11-19-20_THURSDAY_7AM  11-19-2020 (19.72 MB)


  • Jackson County Sheriff Nate Sickler joins the show - we discuss the Covid orders of Gov Brown, and enforcement. Open phones follow

Download 11-19-20_THURSDAY_8AM  11-19-2020 (21.25 MB)


  • Stock news with Brenda Stein, State Sen. Linthicum on the lawsuit challenging Gov Brown authority overreach, Klamath Dam agreement. Open for business segment with Matt Duste from Dustys transmission.

Download 11-18-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-18-2020 (48.92 MB)


  • Brenda Stein weighs in with the stock news, Jared Rosenthal CEO of Health Street, a company that does drug and background check screenings, what about legalization in Oregon? Open for Business with Mike Robinson, President of Pacific Bible College

Download 11-18-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-18-2020 (48.42 MB)


  • I dig into the scam known as the Klamath Dam Removal plan, they want YOU to pay for the problems. Later, Yamhill County Commissioner Mary Starrett and I talk Gov Kate covid rules, the calls for Starrett to be arrested for being un-masked, other issues

Download 11-18-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-18-2020 (21.49 MB)


  • Dan Gainor, VP of MRC Tech Watch is on for analysis on the big tech titan grilling from Tuesday. Eric Peters updates the face diaper fiasco and our area rules, and transportation talk.

Download 11-17-20_TUESDAY_6AM  11-17-2020 (20.94 MB)


  • Open phones and news start, then Taxpayers Protection Alliance President David Williams talks with me about what is at stake in the Georgia runoff

Download 11-17-20_TUESDAY_7AM  11-17-2020 (22.89 MB)


  • Open phones start, Sen. Herman Baertschiger joins me later - the new Covid Rules, his talks with the Governor for perspective

Download 11-17-20_TUESDAY_8AM  11-17-2020 (21.49 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has stock news, Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firerams and I talk about the spreading tyranny of covid v. your rights. Open phones later.

Download 11-16-20_MONDAY_6AM  11-16-2020 (18.64 MB)


  • Open phones start, news and opinion, I talk the election irregularitites with Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, which is offering 10,000 dollar rewards for election fraud tips.

Download 11-16-20_MONDAY_7AM  11-16-2020 (21.58 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts and a look ahead at the winter weather, Andy Pollack, new President of the Crime Research Center (lives in Lake Creek) You may remember his daughter died at the Parkland shooting. We talk a robust 2nd A defense.

Download 11-16-20_MONDAY_8AM  11-16-2020 (20.43 MB)


  • Latest market news with Brenda Stein, Dr. Powers profiles HEAVEN ON EARTH, we talk some on the election challenges. Lindsey McCauley from Humphre and Pace and Tim Myers from Atrio health plan on Medicare, and Nate Custer from FEMA - fire help deadline

Download 11-06-20_FRIDAY_7AM  11-06-2020 (20.96 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, some open phones, Allen Ehr, local election observer, takes issue with some of the local election procedures

Download 11-06-20_FRIDAY_8AM  11-06-2020 (21.75 MB)


  • Stock News with Brenda Stein, Michael Betrus, is a coronavirus researcher author of COVID-19 Lockdowns on Trial. Sen. Herman Baertschiger analyzes state results of the election, your calls

Download 11-06-20_FRIDAY_6AM  11-06-2020 (21.22 MB)


  • Election talk and we look at where the President stands with Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government,

Download 11-05-20_THURSDAY_6AM  11-05-2020 (19.47 MB)


  • My Inner Klingon strengthens at the open fraud...later Trent England is the founder and executive director of Save Our States, and a ringing defense of the Electoral College

Download 11-05-20_THURSDAY_7AM  11-05-2020 (21.67 MB)


  • Steve Milloy, Former Member of the Trump Pence EPA Transition Team and Founder of talks of what lifestyle China Joe wishes you to transition to. HD6 and minority whip Kim Wallan talks of the D-R power balance after the election

Download 11-05-20_THURSDAY_8AM  11-05-2020 (19.83 MB)


  • Brenda Stein brings the stock and financial news, and open phones on Conspiracy Theory Thursday

Download 11-04-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  11-04-2020 (21.75 MB)


  • The election news, Rick Manning joins me for analysis from Americans for Limited Government - your calls

Download 11-04-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  11-04-2020 (21.74 MB)


  • Stock and financial news with Brenda Stein, then Terry Baker, Mayor-elect of Phoenix, Open for Business with Randall Lee from Advanced Air

Download 11-04-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  11-04-2020 (20.66 MB)


  • Congressman elect Cliff Bentz is on, Eric Peters, automotive journalist talks of what kind of car you elect, if Joe wins.

Download 11-03-20_TUESDAY_6AM  11-03-2020 (21.73 MB)


  • 11-03-20_TUESDAY_6AM

Download 11-03-20_TUESDAY_7AM  11-03-2020 (19.94 MB)


  • 11-03-20_TUESDAY_7AM

Download 11-03-20_TUESDAY_8AM  11-03-2020 (22.65 MB)


  • 11-03-20_TUESDAY_8AM

Download 11-02-20_MONDAY_6AM  11-02-2020 (21.2 MB)


  • Headlines and morning news, Dr. Merrill Matthews, institute for policy innovation resident scholar, talks with me about the challenge of escaping a wildfire in your EV, which might be official state policy soon.

Download 11-02-20_MONDAY_7AM  11-02-2020 (20.5 MB)


  • The outdoor report with Greg Roberts, Rick Foster in Grants Pass has an interesting Covid run-in with Jo Co Health, and Art Robinson and I talk about get out the vote, and problems at the top of the state Republican Party

Download 11-02-20_MONDAY_8AM  11-02-2020 (20.64 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has the stock and financial news, and then our history and policitcal segment with Dr Dennis Powers

Download 10-30-20_FRIDAY_6AM  10-30-2020 (19.16 MB)


  • Open phones and headlines, Rick Manning from digs into the DC Swamp Update, the Biden Scandal, economic news

Download 10-30-20_FRIDAY_7AM  10-30-2020 (19.32 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, state 2nd district democratic party candidate Jerry Allen discusses the issues in the race

Download 10-30-20_FRIDAY_8AM  10-30-2020 (20.65 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has the latest stock and financial news, Mike Hammond, legislative counsel at the Gun Owners of America - ATF goes rogue, and vote like your gun rights depend on it...because they do.

Download 10-29-20_THURSDAY_6AM  10-29-2020 (21.42 MB)


  • Open phones and news comment, Public intellectual, author and filmmaker Dinesh D-Souza is on, we talk his new film, his former political prisoner status, too.

Download 10-29-20_THURSDAY_7AM  10-29-2020 (17.83 MB)


  • Senator Baertschiger discusses hotels for homeless, E Board tyranny and other state issues. Former antifa activist Gabriel Nadales, author of BEHIND THE BLACK MASK

Download 10-29-20_THURSDAY_8AM  10-29-2020 (17.7 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has the stock news and economic numbers, Open phones for the rest of Conspiracy Theory Thursday

Download 10-28-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  10-28-2020 (21.53 MB)


  • Morning news and headlines, Eric Peters joins me from for a talk on cars and it is the war on the hybrid car.

Download 10-28-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  10-28-2020 (16.28 MB)


  • Chad Miller, candidate for Medford City Council Ward 3, and later open phones

Download 10-28-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  10-28-2020 (19.93 MB)


  • Stock news, rough day on the markets, Brenda Stein breaks it down. Professor John M. Ellis talks about his amazing book The Breakdown in Higher Education. He says defund it, and defund it NOW.

Download 10-27-20_TUESDAY_6AM  10-28-2020 (19.11 MB)


  • News headlines and later Preston Huenneker, Government Relations from the Federation for American Immigration Reform - what is the Biden immigration plan and what it would do

Download 10-27-20_TUESDAY_7AM  10-28-2020 (19.29 MB)


  • Guest is Paul Preston is the Founder and President of The Movement for a New California State. Paul is also the host of the Red State Radio talk show Agenda 21 Radio. Sen. Baertschigger and I discuss the ballot measures and why to vote NO on all of them

Download 10-27-20_TUESDAY_8AM  10-28-2020 (20.78 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has the stock news report, and then open phones for the hour

Download 10-26-20_MONDAY_6AM  10-26-2020 (19.18 MB)


  • News headline and opinion, later Larry Klayman, author of It Takes a Revolution: Forget the Scandal Industry! Klayman, is founder and former chairman of the successful non-profit foundation Judicial Watch, and current chairman of Freedom Watch

Download 10-26-20_MONDAY_7AM  10-26-2020 (18.99 MB)


  • Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors brings the Outdoor Report, and I also talk with Don Libby, candidate for Medford City Council Ward 3 about his race and the issues he believes are most important

Download 10-26-20_MONDAY_8AM  10-26-2020 (20.8 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has the latest stock news fm Seacrest Wealth Mgt, and Dr. Powers, Where Past Meets Present Segment - history of GP Downs, ACB news and more

Download 10-23-20_FRIDAY_6AM  10-23-2020 (20.84 MB)


  • Open phones and debate talk, Rick Manning with Americans for Limited Government, with more on these matters

Download 10-23-20_FRIDAY_7AM  10-23-2020 (20.47 MB)


  • Outdoor report with Greg Roberts, also talks of his Discovery Channel work re fire victim phones

Download 10-23-20_FRIDAY_8AM  10-23-2020 (20.9 MB)


  • Market Report with Brenda Stein, and a talk with Phoenix mayoral candidate Terry Baker, open phones later

Download 10-22-20_THURSDAY_6AM  10-22-2020 (22.22 MB)


  • Open phones and news discussion for Conspiracy Theory Thursday - Tim Winter from Parents TV on the pressure building on Netflix to stop the smutty, child-exploiting series Cuties.

Download 10-22-20_THURSDAY_7AM  10-22-2020 (22.06 MB)


  • Dr. Jay Richard - the excellent book THE PRICE OF PANIC - How the Tyranny of Experts Turned a Pandemic into a Catastrophe - great talk on this issue - open phones follow

Download 10-22-20_THURSDAY_8AM  10-22-2020 (19.7 MB)


  • Brenda Stein weighs in on the latest stock and financial news, open phones continue, and later HD4 state representative Duane Stark is on

Download 10-21-20_WEDNESDAY_6AM  10-21-2020 (22.89 MB)


  • Morning news opinion and headlines, then Eric Peters, auto journalist at EP Autos dot com, and the push to fire sale the green vehicles and other transporation and politics

Download 10-21-20_WEDNESDAY_7AM  10-21-2020 (19.72 MB)


  • Nate Custer joins me from FEMA, and digging into the housing and fire recovery issues, open phones follow

Download 10-21-20_WEDNESDAY_8AM  10-21-2020 (21.52 MB)


  • Stock news with Brenda Stein, and then policy analyst Rachel Dawson from Cascade Policy Institute reacts to the closure of Boardman Coal Plant - where is Jackson and Josephine County electricity coming from in the green future?

Download 10-20-20_TUESDAY_6AM  10-20-2020 (21.52 MB)


  • News headlines start, Dan Gainor, VP of Media Research Center Tech Watch discusses new report detailing the double standard of Antifa-type street violence

Download 10-20-20_TUESDAY_7AM  10-20-2020 (19.29 MB)


  • This hour it's talk with the candidates - Jim Rafferty, candidate for Josephine County Treasurer, later Kim Wallan, HD6 state representative

Download 10-20-20_TUESDAY_8AM  10-20-2020 (20.4 MB)


  • Brenda Stein has the stock news from Seacrest Wealth Mgt, Kevin Starrett talks the elections and firearms rights, and State Sen. Linthicum and others sue Gov Brown over covid over-reach, he talks abt the lawsuit

Download 10-19-20_MONDAY_6AM  10-19-2020 (19.86 MB)


  • News headlines and open phones for the hour

Download 10-19-20_MONDAY_7AM  10-19-2020 (22.68 MB)


  • Some open phones, Greg Roberts in for the outdoor report, Dan Stein, president of Federation for American Immigration Reform - the election and immigration, and HD6 rep Kim Wallen is on discussing the issues.

Download 10-19-20_MONDAY_8AM  10-19-2020 (21.46 MB)


  • Stock news with Brenda Steine, and Dr. Powers on with a local history profile and SCOTUS hearings and analysis, open phones follow.

Download Clear Connections 03-29-20  03-30-2020 (27 MB)

Clear Connections 03-29-20

  • Clear Connections Public Affair Show for March 29, 2020