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  • Ron Gordon has the financial news of the morning. Capt. WIlliam E. Simpson concerned that the land around the Klamath Dam Removal is being rezoned and given away to the Green interests. Open phones and emails of the day follow.


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  • Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors has the report for this weekend, Ward 3 Grants Pass city councilor Dwaye Yunker talks the real meaning of Memorial day and other news.


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  • Morning news and opinion...okay a bit peeved at DC justice. DC swamp update later with Rick Manning...good talk on debt ceiling and the DeSantis v Trump tweet fight.


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  • Financial news with Ron Gordon at Edward Jones, Dr. Steven Greenleaf, Steve the Marine, his topic is the public debt...and it is constitutional to repudiate it. Your calls, Open for Business with Ken from Prestige Sr. Arbor Place.


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  • Listener Kim from Copco Lake, the Klamath Mitigation Fund is making offers to property owners at the dam removal site...are they good deals? Richard Emmons, Jo Co Eagle Publisher, we talk Sen. Ron Wyden town hall questions and impressions.


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  • Morning news and opinion of the day, Dr. Murray Sabrin PhD joins me for an economics talk. His book is From Immigrant to Public Intellectual. We talk debt, default, all of it.


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  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones has the stock news of the morning, Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms Federation. What is the real story behind this so-called paramilitary bill and why is it so dangerous?


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  • State Senator Dennis Linthicum...still on denial of quorum...and what about the news that the Senate might come back for the final day of the session? Open phones follow.


Download 05-24-23_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-24-2023 (22.96 MB)

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  • Morning news headlines and opinion and calls then Eric Peters from EP Autos dot com, we talk the 2023 Sequoia, How the cars smarten, while we dumb down, Is Trump the modern day Franco?


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  • Ron Gordon market report with Edward Jones, Open phones on pebble in your shoe Tuesday, Open for Business, latest deals from Cheriesse at NO Wires NOW


Download 05-23-23_TUESDAY_7AM  05-23-2023 (21.61 MB)

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  • State Rep Kim Wallan, HD6, has the latest in legislative session news and views. Jo Co Commissioner, former ORP Chair Herman Baertschiger weighs in on quorum, what equity really means, other political news


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  • Morning news and headlines, response to the Daily Courier editorial...we disagree a bit on M113, for sure. Marie Fischer with Project 21 dot it true that FL is dangerous for blacks?


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  • Ron Gordon has the latest market news, Dr. Powers talks the latest, we profile Table Rocks in the history segment. Buffy Pollack from the RV-Times - BIG series on the Death of Bobbie Kolada, danger posed to caregivers.


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  • Cal Martin Joins me, ballots going to motels for non-citizens? Sure looks that way, we discuss it all. Open phones.


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  • Open phones, I talk a bit about the demise of AM broadcast...from the business side of things, your calls and opinion on the news of the day


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Download 05-17-23_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-17-2023 (23.04 MB)

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  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones - market report. Wayne Allen Root in from Las Vegas, his book THE GREAT PATRIOTIC BUYCOTT, and we discuss DJT, political odds and much more. Your Calls, Emails of the day segment.


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  • State Sen. Linthicum and we talk the denial of quorum now in the 12th day, going to the mat? Plus your calls.