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Listen to the Bill Meyer Show, weekdays 6am-9am.  With National news from Fox News Radio, and local news from NBC 5.

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  • The 9th Circuit tells GP and all our towns to coddle the bums or else, we talk about that, Swamp Update with Rick Mannint - Why Biden mental state is truly a threat to not just u.s. but WORLD security.


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  • Outdoor Report with Greg Roberts from Rogue Weather. Dr. Glenn Gumaer updates his fight against the red light camera problem he has documented in Medford.


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  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones, interesting times in the market news, hmm? Then Farm Services Agy Rep Glenn Archambault, Hurricane goes after the food supply, other ag and food/grocery cost news.


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  • Hey, Conspiracy Theory Thursday conversation, and we talk with Dr. Michael Busler, economist and professor at Stockton University - 9 trillion in stock wealth vaporizes, what is next?


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  • Open phones for conspiracy theory Thursday...State Sen. Dennis Linthicum talks the gubernatorial race in Oregon and more.


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  • Ron Gordon with the stock and financial news, open phones on CTT, Open for business with Ken McLean from Prestige Senior Living Arbor Place - today Ken has tips on dealing with the cognitive decline of a loved one.


Download 09-28-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  09-28-2022 (22.84 MB)

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  • Some open phones, a talk with FOOD NETWORK top chef JET TILA, Eric Peters from EP AUtos, we talk how the car rentals hold their EV renters responsible for everything...even battery fires??


Download 09-28-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  09-28-2022 (22.48 MB)

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  • A short talk with Holli Morton, GOP chair of Jo County, about the current state of party activies, some open phones, then Dr. Jane Orient M.D., executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons,we talk myocarditis in children.


Download 09-28-22_WEDNESDAY_8AM  09-28-2022 (23.14 MB)

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  • ROn GOrdon has the latest market news, John M. Ellis, a professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz, talks his book, The Breakdown of Higher Education. It is not an attack on academic freedom to tone down WOKE, like the woke claim...


Download 09-27-22_TUESDAY_6AM  09-27-2022 (21.68 MB)

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  • Open phones for Pebble in Your Shoe Thursday, then an interesting talk from Scott Spacek, china analyst and author of CHINA HAND. Is Xi in a coup? WHat is the politicl structure like there? interesting talk...


Download 09-27-22_TUESDAY_7AM  09-27-2022 (20.86 MB)

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  • Bob Hart talks about the SB762 this evening at Jac Co Library , 5:30. Jo Co Commissioner Baertshchiger talks about his endorsement of Betsy Johnson for governor, and we dig into the pros and cons.


Download 09-27-22_TUESDAY_8AM  09-27-2022 (21.4 MB)

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  • Ron Gordon has the stock and financial news for the morning, open phones on Pebble in Your Shoe Tuesday, and Gubernatorial Candidate for the Constitution Party, Donice Smith.


Download 09-26-22_MONDAY_6AM  09-26-2022 (21.36 MB)

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  • Open phones for the hour...a fun free-wheeling exchange.


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  • Greg Roberts of Rogue Weather Dot Com and I talk over the Outdoor report, Later we dig into the evil known as Measure 114, which would effectvely ban most firearms purchases in Oregon. Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms Federation has the latest.


Download 09-26-22_MONDAY_8AM  09-26-2022 (20.11 MB)

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  • Where Past Meets Present segment with Dr. Dennis Powers, and the founding of Phoenix and other news of the day, some open phones and we wrap with the market report with Ron Gordon.


Download 09-22-22_THURSDAY_6AM  09-22-2022 (21.93 MB)

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  • Day 2 of Hold Their Feet to the Fire Live from DC. Guests are Dan Stein, President of, and John and JoBeth Ladd, Arizona ranchers - 500,000 illegal aliens caught just on their ranch alone.


Download 09-22-22_THURSDAY_7AM  09-22-2022 (24.63 MB)

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  • Hold Their Feet to the Fire Day 2- I talk with Chris Chmielenski, deputy director of Numbers USA, the largest grassroots immigration-reduction organization. Spencer Raley FAIR Director of Research - What are the harms of illegal immigration?


Download 09-22-22_THURSDAY_8AM  09-22-2022 (22.61 MB)

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  • Day 2 Hold THeir Feet to the Fire - Ron Gordon has the market news, Ken Cuccinelli, former Trump DHS and CIS official talks the issue, and a DC Swamp update with Rick Manning from Americans for Limited for Government.


Download 09-21-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  09-21-2022 (9.31 MB)

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Download 09-21-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  09-21-2022 (21.13 MB)

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  • Hold Their Feet to the Fire continues with Dan Carter, Pro-English Director of Government Relations and why English should be our official language. Then a frank discussion of Islam, Immigration, and terrorism with Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch.