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Listen to the Bill Meyer Show, weekdays 6am-9am.  With National news from Fox News Radio, and local news from NBC 5.

The Bill Meyer Show 6am-9am

Join Bill Meyer each weekday for LIVE Local Talk on southern Oregon's KMED FM 106.3, 106.3 HD1, 106.7 FM in S. Jackson County and 99.3 KCMD in Grants Pass and Josephine County. Streamed on

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  • Capt. William E. Simpson - more on the Klamath. Saw a TV piece talking about how healthy the Klamath River this true? Bill digs into the problems with the dam and what he believes is a cover up of the truth. open phones follow.


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  • Greg Roberts, Mr. Outdoors is on with the Friday Outdoor Report. Some open phones and discussion


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  • Morning news, should the county surveyor work TWO county surveyor jobs? Rick Manning is on, American for Limited Government. Why is it so hard to get a conservative vote in Congress...Rick digs into the weeds so we understand.


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  • Kevin Starrett at Oregon Firearms...GOOD news on M114 and we dig in...and then politics rears its pretty head. Open hones and emails of the day.


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  • Dale Maharaidge, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author of AMERICAN DOOM LOOP talks about how he sees the 1980s as the start of the decline...Christine Herbert, candidate for Jackson County Circuit Court Judge position 5 talks the issues.


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  • Conspiracy Theory Thursday News and Kali Fontanilla, senior fellow at Capital Research Center digs into whether math guessed it...RAAAAAAAACIST.


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  • Karen Straughan joins me from Canada, She is HUGE on youtube girlwriteswhat channel and is an anti-feminist and advocate for mens rights. The Idaho transgender teen ban upheld by SCOTUS...we dig in. Open phones follow.


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  • Open phones and more, a great talk with Sec of State candidate Dennis Linthicum.


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  • Morning news headlines, the Late Great Golden State update, Wheels up Wednesday with auto journalist Eric Peters, Germany looks to ban driving because, carbon, Mercedes pulls Erics privileges, grey market vehicles that are cool, and much more.


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  • Wow, caller shares how difficult it is to get paid on the state leave program. Then a talk with Dr. Noah Robinson, State Senate GOP primary candidate for SD2. D62 quiz, Open 4 Business with Cheriesse from No Wires Now, and some emails of the day, too.


Download 04-16-24_TUESDAY_7AM  04-16-2024 (21.83 MB)

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  • Open phones for Pebble in your shoe Tuesday, Jo County commissioner Baertschiger digs into what are The Lobbies, and pretty surprising how small donors do not really get reps and senators elected.


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  • Morning news starts, Bill Pascoe from Tea Party Patriots Action, updates the Trump Trial, Jo County Republican party chair Holli Morton responds to Rep. Christine Goodwin claims in her Monday interview.


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  • State Rep HD4 and State Senate District 2 Republican Primary Candidate Christine Goodwin talks about the race and other issues.


Download 04-15-24_MONDAY_8AM_1  04-15-2024 (8.93 MB)

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  • Dr. Dennis Powers talks the Trump Trial, FISA renewal, and a big WIN in Scotus for the people and developers.


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  • Andrew Riddaugh, CEO of Liberation Technologies Services. Maybe freedom web hosting services like his are the future?? Open phones follow.


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  • Tax Day...should a free people put up with it? Melissa Hensonjoins me from ParentsTv, new study points at phones and social media making mentally ill kids.


Download 04-12-24_FRIDAY_8AM  04-12-2024 (21.87 MB)

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  • Open phones for the Americans deserve to be they WANT to be Free?? That and other topics.


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  • Greg Roberts with the Outdoor report, we opine on M111 and what will REALLY happen with a right to healthcare. Shady Cove Mayor Jon Ball talks the potential Kotek Veto of water system money and other property, housing, VRBO issues, too.


Download 04-12-24_FRIDAY_6AM  04-12-2024 (22.73 MB)

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  • Morning news and opinion, will Congress vote to NOT spy with FISA on Americans?? Rick Manning and I talk a lot on that in the DC Swamp Update.


Download 04-11-24_THURSDAY_8AM  04-11-2024 (19.58 MB)

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  • Jack Ryan, co-founder of REX homes, co-authored a book - Bringing Adam Smith into the American Home: A Case Against Home Ownership - certainly cutting against the conventional wisdom, open phones, D62 quiz, too.