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Download 05-17-22_TUESDAY_6AM  05-17-2022 (23.02 MB)

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  • Dinesh Dsouza talks the release of 2000 MULES to theatres this Friday, Open phones, I talk about why many conservatives have been effective at gaining power and influence.


Download 05-13-22_FRIDAY_7AM  05-17-2022 (20.56 MB)

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  • Gubernatorial candidate Bob Tiernan joins me to refute the dirty tricks text messages claiming he is for a sales tax. Bob says NOT TRUE. Later, Comm. Baertschiger talks the Courier, funding, The fish hatchery problems, visit with Sen. Merkley


Download 05-17-22_TUESDAY_8AM  05-17-2022 (20.93 MB)

Duration: 50:11 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 58.293214746808 KBPS - Frequency: 32000 HZ


  • Stocks news with Ron Gordon, Commissioner Court Boice weighs in on the fish hatchery troubles, a replay of the Dinesh D'Souza interview, Open for business with Matt Allen from Reverse Mortgage Funcing LLC.


Download 05-16-22_MONDAY_6AM  05-16-2022 (19.99 MB)

Duration: 48:13 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 57.986135483951 KBPS - Frequency: 32000 HZ


  • Open phones and news and opinion, later Tony Lyons is the president and publisher of Skyhorse Publishing, he publishes the JFK Jr Covid book on Anthony Fauci. Sen. Warden wants Amazon to stop carrying the book, government censorship?


Download 05-16-22_MONDAY_7AM  05-16-2022 (23.09 MB)

Duration: 57:12 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 56.428865114328 KBPS - Frequency: 32000 HZ


  • Vance Day, court of appeals Position 3 candidate for Judge talks about the issues in play, making a difference on the state court is a real possibility. Glenn Archambault, Farm Services Agy Rep - baby food shortage, more food shortages to come?


Download 05-16-22_MONDAY_8AM  05-16-2022 (19.17 MB)

Duration: 47:46 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 56.118576578614 KBPS - Frequency: 32000 HZ


  • Ron Gordon from Edward Jones has the financial News, Dr. Powers with Where Past Meets Present - How electricity came to the valley, plus a dig into the current news, your calls later.


Download 05-13-22_FRIDAY_6AM  05-13-2022 (20.4 MB)

Duration: 51:21 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 55.55485446536 KBPS - Frequency: 32000 HZ


  • News and Open Phones, talk on the election, Rick Manning from Americans for Limited Government, the undeclared war, the 40 billion, what is going on here?


Download 05-13-22_FRIDAY_7AM  05-13-2022 (20.56 MB)

Duration: 50:52 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 56.491467254779 KBPS - Frequency: 32000 HZ


  • Mr. Outdoors, good news on the water front, outdoor report. A talk with Curry County Commissioner and gubernatorial candidate Court Boice, some open phones, too.


Download 05-13-22_FRIDAY_8AM  05-13-2022 (20.85 MB)

Duration: 50:24 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 57.820969431483 KBPS - Frequency: 32000 HZ


  • Ron Gordon with the market news, so far an up day! Gubernatorial candidate Bridget Barton talks the candidacy, the attacks, the pushback against Christine Drazan and other issues, open phones follow.


Download 05-12-22_THURSDAY_6AM  05-12-2022 (22.1 MB)

Duration: 51:49 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 59.624733672997 KBPS - Frequency: 32000 HZ


  • MOrning news and commentary, and later a talk with Dr. Jane Orient MD from Association of American Physicians and Surgeone - who gets to define disinformation?


Download 05-12-22_THURSDAY_7AM  05-12-2022 (21.45 MB)

Duration: 51:48 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 57.89495146081 KBPS - Frequency: 32000 HZ


  • Open the Books Dot Com CEO and founder Adam Andrzejewski talks about the huge 350 million bucks in royalties to gov scientists and Fauci. Jo County Commissioner Baertschiger talks his issues with Daily Courier, talk on political lobbyists and influence


Download 05-12-22_THURSDAY_8AM  05-12-2022 (20.23 MB)

Duration: 48:19 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 58.553872137499 KBPS - Frequency: 32000 HZ


  • Stocks and financial news with Ron Gordon, GOP gubernatorial candidate Marc Thielman discusses his education plan, open phones follow.


Download 05-11-22_WEDNESDAY_6AM  05-11-2022 (22.81 MB)

Duration: 52:18 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 60.982953632964 KBPS - Frequency: 32000 HZ


  • News and open phones, the 2020 election steal, a bad issue for the GOP to run on in OR, Eric Peters Wheels Up Wednesday segment, politics, car reviews and a great talk.


Download 05-11-22_WEDNESDAY_7AM  05-11-2022 (20.46 MB)

Duration: 49:30 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 57.781505678719 KBPS - Frequency: 32000 HZ


  • An hour of open phones, what about the stolen election, why I think this is a danger for the GOP to wrap itself around in the governor race, along with other topics all hour.


Download 05-11-22_WEDNESDAY_8AM  05-11-2022 (23.02 MB)

Duration: 53:59 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 59.617254448656 KBPS - Frequency: 32000 HZ


  • Ron Gordon brings the stocks report from Edward Jones. A free-wheeling talk on the political races with Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms Federation, open phones follow.


Download 05-10-22_TUESDAY_6AM  05-10-2022 (21.44 MB)

Duration: 52:46 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 56.793086981239 KBPS - Frequency: 32000 HZ


  • Open phones and conversation on Pebble in your shoe Tuesday, later a talk with CO2 Coalition E.D. Gregory Wrightstone...High levels of CO2, and Greg says that is a GOOD thing? Yep.


Download 05-10-22_TUESDAY_7AM  05-10-2022 (18.61 MB)

Duration: 44:58 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 57.867641564818 KBPS - Frequency: 32000 HZ


  • Open phones, the push to raise Medford fees, look out. Jo Co COmmissioner Baertschiger talks how the Menstrual Equity Bill, horrible as it is, came to become law.


Download 05-10-22_TUESDAY_8AM  05-10-2022 (21.28 MB)

Duration: 53:40 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 55.441712784393 KBPS - Frequency: 32000 HZ


  • Stock news of the morning with Ron GOrdon at Edward Jones, open phones, then State Sen. Linthicum - the fight against the liberty stripping DHS disinformation office, state politics talk, why so many bad bills produced by the Oregon House?


Download 05-09-22_MONDAY_6AM  05-09-2022 (20.79 MB)

Duration: 49:49 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 58.359946524708 KBPS - Frequency: 32000 HZ


  • News and open phones, the GOP gubernatorial race, a lot of conversation about that and other news and commentary.


Download 05-09-22_MONDAY_7AM  05-09-2022 (22.48 MB)

Duration: 57:24 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 54.760842523389 KBPS - Frequency: 32000 HZ


  • Cheryl Chumley, Washington Times journalist and author of LOCKDOWN, The Socialist Plan to Take Away Your Freedom, then back to back gubernatorial candidates, Bridget Barton, and Bob Tiernan.